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Underground Associates [NQ]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ] Empty Wed Sep 30, 2020 11:01 am

Venus Rosé


When the chime of midnight edged itself quietly into the background, the night’s weather started unbecoming for her standards. The wind was in a rush to get somewhere, and with it came the hushed sounds of a rough breeze, as if it carried something weightless in its tracks. The hunter would later come to revel in the fact that a storm glossed over Hosenka town at this ungodly hour, and she was frustratingly prompted to seek shelter with very little visibility considering the gusty winds that blew particles into her face every now and then.

It wasn’t often for the Burning Rose to be out and about at this hour – that is, if she wasn’t drinking or needed company for the night, but none of them were the case, for she was too solemn to be drinking at this moment and for the latter; Venus had a beloved beau whom she was devoted to. Instead, she was here for an assignment; an important one in fact, that it was utmost priority to be not caught seen in public. So, after the sun set down the horizon, Venus made her departure, waning through the hidden streets and alleys to arrive to her destination to meet her client.

Their guild had only recently moved to Hosenka, so it was natural that Venus still hadn’t memorized all the secret passageways of the town albeit, that was quickly solved when she was mailed a map of the location prior to this. The town was near-silent at this hour, with nothing but her boots clicking against the hard ground and the horned moon beaming above her, illuminating the vicinity with its brilliance. The Siren turned into the nearest corner, seemingly the last one that was listed on her map with a few steps away from the rendezvous location. A small wooden door stood before her: this must be it.

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#2Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ] Empty Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:47 am

Venus Rosé

Knuckles rapped against the wooden door three times and a moment later, the peephole slid open, revealing a pair of dark brown eyes peering down at her. The fiery redhead lifted her gaze through the hood that she wore over her head, her wine red coloured eyes crossing over the gaze of hazel and once her identity was acknowledged, she heard the lock behind the door unlatched. Her features were easily identifiable after all; red hair, red eyes, red lips – all aspects that stood out easily amongst the crowds, except that she wasn’t in the horde of people this time.  

”Come in.”

The oaken door went ajar, allowing her inside and only then she would uncloak herself from the hood that concealed her face. ”He’s waiting for you inside.” The man who stood guard by the door gestured her further inside the building, leading into the tiny loungeroom situated for visitors. The house was small and shabby; that was to be expected, she thought, after all the building was located in clustered passageways and secret tunnels, hidden away from plain sight.

”Ah, finally someone I expected to see – the Burning Rose,” spoke the man seated by the couch. His features weren’t familiar to her, so she quickly assumed that he was one of those underground criminals who knew of her name and hired her for her assassination skills. ”You’re as beautiful as they say.” The man grinned almost in a perverse way that Venus wanted to beat that smug off his face.

”If you know me at all, I like to get straight to the point.” She sank back in her seat and crossed her arms over her chest, scarlet pools glaring down at her client.

”Yes, yes. Seems like you’re as fierce as I was told as well.” He clasped his hands, leaning forward with his features on his face finally turning grim. ”I’ve heard that a rival criminal organisation has their target on my back. I want you to find out who and eliminate the threat. I’ll give you 2 days for the task – it should be enough for you.”

”Hell no, I need more than that. I don’t have that much free time lying around as you do at this moment.”

”4 days is more than enough, then. I want his head by sundown. You should know I put my trust in you, seeing how I’m in your presence with merely any guards; ones that you could easily take down. Don’t disappoint me.”

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#3Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ] Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:54 pm

Venus Rosé

4 days were still hardly anything to get any information out of someone, but she figured it was still possible if she committed herself to it. Anything was possible for the Burning Rose once she had set her eyes on something. And thus, Venus left the building with nothing but a target and a prize on her mind. Once the morrow drew its first sunrise the next day, the huntress set out on her venture to gather information about this organisation that her client has mentioned. The first location she decided to visit was a local bar. Inns and taverns were the places where the majority of the rumours could be heard. Men would be tired and from their labour work and the beverage would do its work of making them spill all the news that they’ve heard from elsewhere.

”Name’s Arthur. Seen him before?”

The woman pointed her perfectly manicured nails onto the yellow parchment paper with her target’s image roughly drawn on it before lifting her gaze up at the bartender. He shook his head and remained silent. From his bodily reactions, Venus could tell that he was lying. That was something she learnt from studying humans from afar; a mundane task that she committed herself to whenever she was bored.

”Come on, Jake. Why’re you acting as though I’m a stranger?” she cooed, as she put on her cutest act to sway the man. The bartender was a friend of hers, acquainted after she started to become a regular at his shop and kept contact ever since. She always had several connections over the country; it was important to keep them, after all, they were her source of information whenever she needed them and having information has always been her expertise. In exchange for it, she offers them her services, even running errands for them when required. It was almost like a contract, but with benefits.

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#4Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ] Empty Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:40 am

Venus Rosé

”You know I’m quite enjoying my life right now, so I’d like to keep my head. Thank you very much.” The bartender rambled on and Venus rolled her eyes. She had hoped that Jake would reconsider her request through her charms and though, it worked most of the time, her effort was to no avail.

”Jake, you know I will protect you with my life. So, just tell me where he is,” begged the female for the final time as she watched him scoop away the empty glasses away from the counter. ”Look, I’ll even reward you more than last time, okay?” In response, Jake settled his glasses in a sink and turned to look at her without saying a word.

”And a tip.”

The redhead rolled her eyes once more. And, that was the story of how she obtained the details of her target. It took her a bit, but she had to say it was worth her charming act and the extra jewels. According to the information that was given to her, Arthur was last seen near the housing of the owner who goes by Katherine Crawford. The woman was a wealthy lady so it wasn’t difficult to track down the address of the location. The only problem was that she didn’t know when Arthur was going to show up and the solution she could possibly think of was that to wait until he arrived at the building.

Patience was important on missions like these and though Venus was a woman with temperament, she always showed a sense of composure and tolerance on situations that were related to her profession, oddly enough. Several hours later, she spotted a particular young man with a mop of blonde approaching the estate, and out the door comes a beautiful wealthy woman dressed in exquisite clothing to greet him.

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