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On to Greater Things [East -> West] [Ezekiel]

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#1Odin † 

On to Greater Things [East -> West] [Ezekiel] Empty Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:22 am

Odin †

On to Greater Things [East -> West] [Ezekiel] HiH9y3o

A whistle from the depths of Odin's skeleton reverberated in the air for a moment, sending out a high pitched shrill that many likely wouldn't even be able to hear. It was a signal, but it wasn't intended for a human's ears as it wasn't a human the Lich was signalling. He had dragged the elf boy out of Hosenka, to a dark clearing where they wouldn't be found, but the would not be able to travel like that. Odin was heading towards Oak City, the closest place to a home he had known, and that meant traversing through a great many of Fiore's cities, including Magnolia once more, somewhere the Lich likely wouldn't be welcomed even if they weren't aware of his betrayal. So they would not travel by foot, they would go by sky.

In a few moments after he had called his pet, it would fly down. A majestic creature, an undead winged dhuilin, who's name had been given by the Lich as Nemesis. It could transport him, as well as one other, to wherever he desired without question or reluctance. He was quicker in the air than most were on land, and would allow the Lich to transport his quarry to the destination much quicker, and with many fewer concerns, than walking would entail. The blue eyes of the creature complimented Odin's own red, and it's decaying flesh was a reminder that life was fleeting, but the two beings were eternal. While one existed, so would the other, and that was why Odin had been gifted this being from HER, a testament to his faith and fervour.


#2Ezekiel II 

On to Greater Things [East -> West] [Ezekiel] Empty Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:25 pm


Ezekiel found himself caught in the hands of a demonic lich. The very same person who was able to so easily destroy his guardian was the very same person who had captured him. For what exactly? He had no idea. In fact, he didn't even realize that he was traveling with the Lich. He was still completely unconscious, stuck in a dream he was having with Safiya. Suddenly as he traveled through the sky behind the Lich, his body began to glow a vibrant golden color. Although completely unconscious, he was transforming into a new being at this moment. The light from his body was in some way healing him as if he was doing surgery on himself. However, the truth was that he was merging with the person he had met in his dreams. Right now his power was increasing greatly. His limbs were stretching, his hair was increasing in length and overall he was changing. Finally, his eyes shot open and he gasped for air as if he hadn't been breathing for minutes. "Where am I?" He asked as his hands were tied behind his back. His legs were strapped together as well. Then he turned his head to see the Lich riding in front of him as he lay across the back of a flying dead horse? "Kidnapping elves, are we? How classy." He grunted. Just great. With a roll of his eyes, he wiggled. If he jumped off of the horse right now, chances were that he wouldn't survive. The best thing for him to do was wait it out. "You kill my friend, then you kidnap me. You are digging your own grave, Lich." He sucked his teeth. There was something different about Ezekiel now. Perhaps it was everything, but he could feel more power in himself than before. He also seemed to have shifted his mindset a little. It wasn't a dream after all. I have become one with Safiya. He smirked.


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