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Underground Associates | III. [Quest]

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#1Ezekiel II 

Underground Associates | III. [Quest] Empty Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:08 pm

Hinoki Theatre. Known for hosting all sorts of shows ranging from music performances to plays, Hinoki was a hot spot for tourists in Hosenka City. The last time Ezekiel had been here he himself put on quite a show. He met Gunter who had a Dardian of his own, like the wood-elf but the two didn't get to speak much. Nobody but the desiertan was to blame for that though. Zeke had been in a rush to go home and rest after using his voice to please others, it was only natural that he go seek his resting place. The six foot wood elven mage slowly walked into the theatre as people rushed to find their seats. The show was beginning in just a moment so everyone was excited, like little children first experiencing a playground. Ezekiel himself wasn't actually there to see the show. His only purpose was to meet with the woman who had been giving him jobs for the past week. The pay was excellent from what he experienced, so he was sure that once again he would be paid handsomely. This quest was a bit different, said the woman in the letter she wrote to him. Apparently Ezekiel was supposed to be tracking one of the actors. There was suspicion growing around him for being some sort of underground ring leader.

It was Ezekiel's job today to figure out if he actually played the part or not- no pun intended. The theatre was packed when he gazed upon the crowd. Women, men, and children filled up nearly every row. Ezekiel scoffed at the sight. He was getting tired of seeing humans. His love, however, was far stronger for life than his anger toward it was so somehow he's still managed to crack a smile. His eyes scrolled over the rows of seats, looking for the pink-haired woman until boom. There she was all the way on the other side of the theatre but in the last row. He figured she would pick a seat where they could talk and remain hidden. Picking up the pace, Ezekiel made his way towards her and slipped in the set beside her. The chair fit his body like a glove. It provided the comfort he anyone would need to sit for an hour or two. The woman beside him still hadn't given the Savannan her name though he didn't exactly mind, it just piqued his interest.

Today she wasn't wearing her usual hooded cloak. In fact, this was the most of her Zeke had ever seen. The woman wore a long, fitted, strapless, black dress that stopped just below her knees and black heels to match. She sported a gold jeweled necklace and a watch that looked pretty expensive. Though there wasn't much light in the auditorium, the little bit of light that was inside the building glimmered off her jewelry as the stars did in the night sky. How elegant she looked today. Ezekiel nodded towards her with a smile. She was a human who seemed different from the rest. Then again, that may only have been because the elf didn't know much about her, to begin with. Still, he couldn't help but compliment her beauty. The former Fairy Tail mage didn't dress up for the occasion. He wasn't too fond of clothes in general. This evening he was wearing the basic gear he usually wore with only his cape to add a hint of personality. The woman smirked and thanked the mage for the compliment then told him that they would start talking once the show began.

All Ezekiel really needed to know was the face of the person he was supposed to be finding more info on. Once he received that information, he could enjoy the show- or not enjoy it depending on the quality of the content. This was the first time Ezekiel had been to a play too, and it was only for a lump sum of money. Perhaps this job would prove to be just as easy as the last and the night could pass by smoothly. The wood-elf didn't find himself in the face of danger or any other sort of battle often so he was hoping that the pattern would remain the same. That goes without saying that he expected trouble always. The two talked much about how they were enjoying Hosenka and what their next moves were. Ezekiel explained to the woman that he left Fairy Tail but didn't tell her much of his other plans. One, because he didn't trust her with any sort of information regarding his future, and two, he didn't know where Aizo or the other gods would take him next. At this very moment, he was still formulating a plan on how to move forward. Without Mlezi by his side, he was not so sure that his goal was the same as it was when he first came to Fiore. Zeke learned that the woman would be leaving the city of Hosenka tomorrow morning. Her boss had apparently stationed her elsewhere. She explained that out of all Fiore's city's, Hosenka was by far her favorite one. That was understandable. Hosenka had beautiful men, beautiful women, plenty of great places to dine and drink, and multiple places of tranquility where one could just simply stargaze.


#2Ezekiel II 

Underground Associates | III. [Quest] Empty Sun Sep 13, 2020 11:45 am

Now it was time for the show to begin. Ezekiel turned his attention to the front as the lights in the auditorium began to fade, turning into almost complete darkness except at the center of the stage. The wood-elf smiled, excited to see what was about to happen. Quickly, he turned to the woman who was to give him the job and reminded her that the show was about to begin as if she couldn't obviously see that. It goes without saying that Ezekiel was excited. The woman nodded and smirked facing forward as the two readied themselves for the show that was about to come. He didn't have much context to go off of, but he knew the show was going to be about the king. Apparently a play of the nobles and royalty was the most popular. He learned that on this same day every week they premiered the same show. According to the reviews, it was an amazing show too. Zeke would be the judge of that. Suddenly music began to play. It was soft but had an adventurous feel. The first character revealed herself as the Queen of all Fiore, dancing her way to center stage as her voice harmonized with the playing music. The elf looked over to the well-dressed woman beside her, essentially asking with his actions if that was the target. The woman shook her head but whispered some information regarding who this actress was. Apparently she was filthy rich. Her character was the most popular amongst men. That came as no surprise to the former Fairy for multiple reasons. Firstly, she was extraordinarily beautiful, and secondly, she had an amazing voice.

The crowd was silent as she performed. She spun and jumped a few times, finally landing on her back as if she found herself in bed. All in all the play was a spectacle to behold but Ezekiel was not impressed. As the play went on more actors revealed themselves. The prince, the hand-maiden, and a few guards but the character he was supposed to be looking for didn't come forth yet. Ezekiel turned to the woman finally figuring out that this man he was supposed to be hunting was the king. The woman beside him confirmed that his thoughts were true and coincidentally the king came out in the following moment. Ezekiel watched him thoroughly, ignoring all of the other characters and focusing his energy directly on him. He was tall, white of course, but very very charming. When he quickly glanced around the room he could see most of the women drooling over him as if he was some sort of god-like figure. All excluding the woman beside him. She rolled her eyes as if she expected this to happen. Ezekiel later found out that he was using a form of charm magic that didn't work on people with greater magical power or who just weren't attracted to men. With that, he learned that his provider was a lesbian. How great was that?

The Wood-elf and the women both watched the show, but the woman finally began to explain the synopsis of the target story. He came from a fairly poor family and climbed his way to the top by using his charm magic. There was a rumor of him actually having an underground group that stole from the high-classed folks in Hosenka. Zeke's job as simple as always. All he needed to do was figure out if the rumors were true and report back to the woman so that they could shut it down. The Desiertan sighed. Some people just really had a hard time surviving in this world, and Ezekiel learned something about himself too. He actually wasn't against the poor stealing from the filthy rich. Often times the rich people were selfish and greedy and that was how they made their way to the top.


#3Ezekiel II 

Underground Associates | III. [Quest] Empty Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:51 pm

Another hour and the play was over. Now it was time for Ezekiel to move. The first step was not losing sight of the man who played the king role, but seeing as he was escorted backstage, Ezekiel would have to wait until everyone left including the woman so that he could follow the king. So, with that in mind, he waited outside of the auditorium for the cast members to come out. He had a hooded cloak that wouldn't reveal his face. The people left quickly, leaving some time for the cast members to exit but when they did he noticed the first one to leave was the man who played the King Role. He left by himself and so the woo-delf followed. He kept his distance at all times so he wasn't spotted. The King player seemed to be ina rush. To Where? he had no idea, but in moments he was sure to find out. Occasionally as he tried behind his target his target would look behind him to make sure that nobody as following him. Every time Ezekiel found something to hide behind. It wasn't long before the King player entered a motel. It was one of the less popular Inn's in Hosenka. So much so that it didn't even have a name. Fair enough though. Ezekiel waited for the man to walk inside first, then continued to enter the building. He watched the man speak to the receptionist who then allowed him to take the door that specifically said "Employees" only. So, Ezekiel entered and spoke to the receptionist as well.

The overly-hairy receptionist and Ezekiel argued for some time. He wasn't trying to allow the Savannan elf inside so the only thing left to do was force his way inside. He had no choice He hoped that hi following actions would have little to no repercussion but that was a risk he was willing to take. With a charming smile, he slammed the receptionist's head on the desk, then proceeded to enter the door he was protecting. Once he entered he was at face with about ten men in business suits. They were all sitting at the table with a shit-load of jewels on top of it, basking in the riches they had stolen. Once the elf entered, however, everyone stopped and stared at him. A few of the men stood and a few of them turned their attention to the King Player. Ezekiel raised his hand and told everyone not to move. Perhaps he should have evaluated the situation before entering the room but the harm was already done. The King player asked who Zeke was and he simply responded with his name and his business there. None of these men seemed to have any magic or weapons but Ezekiel pulled his bow from his back. Without hesitation, he aimed it at the King player and that's when they all knew they were busted.

The man spoke to Ezekiel begging him not to come between the work they were doing. He even explained why he was doing it. Apparently all this money they were stealing was going to the Crimson Quarter. Ezekiel himself knew how bad the people in the crimson Quarter needed it. The man pleaded and even offered more jewels then he was getting paid for by the women if he left him alone. The work they were doing here was to benefit the people and Ezekiel couldn't knock them for that. Sometimes the law wasn't always right. So with that being said, Ezekiel took the jewels before returning to the woman who gave him the job and told her that the King had nothing going on. The man she was looking for was in fact the king, but she would never know. It was for the greater good that Zeke lied even though it was something he hardly did. However, knowing that in the end hundreds of people were being saved, he walked away feeling good. Hell, he even got more jewels for it too.


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