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See ya later, Fairy Tail?

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#1Ezekiel II 

See ya later, Fairy Tail?  Empty Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:01 pm


Either God was playing tricks on him, or Ezekiel was reading the signs wrong. Either way, he learned something new. He learned that Kazimir had chosen not to be the chosen one Ezekiel thought him to be. His decision was so simply made. The young elf found himself confused and nearly discouraged. He joined Fairy Tail to get closer to Kazimir but all he did was scare him away? Maybe? Before the guild master of Fairy Tail left, he left the guild in the hands of the Desiertan but it wasn't his job to lead a guild. Hell, he knew nothing of Fairy Tail. After all, it had only been a couple of weeks since he joined. Precious time wasted on walking into the guildhall, talking to people who ultimately didn't matter. And for what? So that he could present his theories to a man who had no interest in playing the part? Kazimir was supposed to be the Knight piece in this game of chess. Humans. Humans were silly selfish creatures. How could Kazimir just up and leave after knowing what was to come? He may have been a good man but he was self-centered in that aspect. One thing was for certain though; Ezekiel would not be able to carry out his own mission if he had ties to a guild that didn't support it. With a sigh he folded the piece of paper he had been writing on into a tiny piece, then placed it inside of a capsule, and slipped it between the claws of a crow. Someone from Fairy Tail would receive it and spread the word because that's how humans worked. If it was as clear as Hargeon's waters by now the life mage was losing hope in humanity. Violence, depression, pride, greed, lust...all humans seemed to embody the seven deadly sins. It was sickening. Was there even a way for him to save them from themselves?

Then it clicked. Aizo was the god he served. The Universe to put it simply. Aizo was all-knowing and he wouldn't be guiding Ezekiel down this path if it wasn't to open his eyes. This could only mean one thing. Aizo was showing Ezekiel everything wrong with humanity. He was showing his disciple that humans didn't need to be saved but it was the earth that needed saving. Humans were killing it. The brown boy opened the window and gently threw the crow into the sky, watching it fly off as if it were chasing the moon. He leaned on the windowsill and nibbled on his bottom lip. "How do I heal the earth if the very thing that is destroying it remains. Surely Aizo does not want me to kill off living beings. Even if they did, I could never bring myself to do it..." He began. Once he realized what he had been saying, he quickly shook the thought off of his mind. "No. Do not even think like that, that is horrible. I will find a way."

Zeke threw his hand to where his guild mark was. On his lower back, like a tramp stamp. Closing his eyes for just a moment, he focused a bit of his mana into his hand and healed the skin where the tattoo was, covering it completely. "Well...that was short-lived." he murmured. Once again he was a mage that didn't belong to a guild. Once again he was back on the road. Once again he would have to find another way to complete his goals. Who knows, maybe he would come back to Fairy Tail later in time but for now...he needed to get to work.

Bye bye Fairy Tail

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