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Unchain your Heart (Training)

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#1Joshua Graham 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:23 pm

Joshua Graham
The cherry blossoms of the forever springtime park made Joshua's smile grow as he saw them float to the ground. He had put his weapon away at the guild, and had been come here for a break. He breathed softly as he removed his suits main cover and laid it down. He wore a red suit vest over the long sleeved white button down he also wore. 

He breathed in deep and took in the energy around him, as he said a prayer to his God hopping for his blessing on his training. Once he was done praying he stretched, his clothing stretchy enough not to be easily damaged by full body motions. 

He yawned as he stretched and launched into a series of warmup exercises. Between jumping Jack's and ladder crawl movements, he made sure to keep his leg muscles loose, he dropped into a weighted handstand, his legs lashing out as he forced his body to spin in a break dancers style before jumping up and landing on his feet ready to train. 

"Right, let's get started." He began to train unaware there was another in the same area as him. He stopped as a withered nagging sensation poked at his neck, making him look around. "Someone there??...weird..."

#2Ezekiel II 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:22 am


It's been quite some time since Ezekiel had actually used his magic so when Mlezi brought up the idea that the young elf needed to practice, he wasn't too surprised. In order to survive in this world, you needed to know how to fight. Granted Ezekiel was naturally strong and durable without exercising, he really wasn't up to part magic-wise. It wasn't like his magic was that different from other nature magics anyway, his healing ability was just much stronger than most peoples. That was another problem; his lack of confidence in magic. While being the Ainko meant that he was naturally talented, according to his former superiors he was the most unimpressive Ainko in history. You know what though? That was a pretty fair statement because he literally hardly tried when he was growing up. Everything was always so forced on him when he just wanted to play with the other kids, or get into trouble sometimes. Nothing about Ezekiel was normal. Now that he was well aware of his missions, and now that he's finally embraced his role as an Ainken training his magic was one of the first steps to becoming the force he needed to be for the things he cared about. As he and his companion strolled into the park, there was an aura of confidence that could be felt around him. Ezekiel was usually pretty confident about everything these days, but it was safe to say that today he was fired up.

His golden cape flapped like the wings of an eagle in the wind, his bow was on his back under it. This bow was an important item if he wanted to be able to protect himself as a healer. He'd need to be stealthy, like the hunter he always was. Today he would be working on his build with his giant guardian Dardian; Mlezi. As the two entered the beautiful blossoming park the first thing he noticed was a man with red hair training. Zeke raised an eyebrow but continued to walk more into the park with Mlezi by his side. The Dardian seemed interested in what the man was doing too. To be quite honest, he looked quite silly training in business casual attire. "I wonder if he's hot..." he whispered towards his companion as if the man couldn't actually hear them. The distance between them was only about 10 feet as the wood-elf stood behind the man. The Dardian grunted quietly as if he was wondering the same thing. "Someone should tell him that he is looking very silly? Maybe he is anemic? Or maybe he is just mentally impaired..." Ezekiel rubbed his chin, still whispering loud enough for the man to hear him.


#3Odin † 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Thu Sep 03, 2020 2:46 pm

Odin †

It was hard, at any time of day, to find a secluded area within the confines of Hosenka City. From its busy day-to-day to its bustling nightlife the name 'city that never sleeps' sprang to mind as Odin wandered through the alleyways, trying to shake his tail of guards who had caught him cheating at a game of poker. While the easiest way to do this would've been simply to find a dark area and put on his ring, changing his appearance entirely from the notorious Lich and wizard lord to the meek old man with incredible style and an even more impressive moustache, that was a lot harder to do when every nook and cranny in the city had at least someone there, and getting caught cheating was a far easier crime to get away with than getting caught becoming a Fairy Tail mage. Besides Odin had missed the thrill of the chase and the guards were simply local militia, not quite as intimidating as the rune knights of old who would've presented a much greater set of problems.

It only took the Lich around twenty minutes of navigating the streets of Hosenka to lose them, the latter half only occurring because everyone he ran past insisted on screaming 'monster' at him, which was incredibly rude to do when a man is clearly trying to stay hidden. Watching the guards make a wrong turn, and hearing their voices fade away into the distance, Odin turned to take see what kind of area he had found himself in. At first thought, it was quite pretty. Would've been a whole lot prettier if not for the three figures standing around, one looking ready to fight with a bow strapped to his back while the other looking like he was getting ready for a meeting. Walking up towards them, his back aching from carrying around his shield as he fluffed up the collar of his cloak, the skeletal Lich raised his gauntleted right hand, hoping his presence would be enough to make the two men, and whatever the fuck that other thing was, run away scared and let him relax in peace for a moment.

"Alright you two. I don't know why you're here but it's time for you to run away now and go play someplace else. " As much as he could Odin tried to play it civil, waving the two men, and again that other thing, away. Then again if the trio of people, was that thing even a person?, decided not to follow his rules and do as he said then, as Odin looked them up and down, they could potentially make for some fun and easy target practice.


#4Joshua Graham 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Fri Sep 04, 2020 6:56 am

Joshua Graham

Joshua turned to address the first presence he had felt. He was shocked to see such a large beast just casually walking with someone. But thankfully it was calm and didn't make joshua feel like it was unsafe. However, before the other could turn around to see the lich joshua had put himself between the lich and the two new comers. 

The magic circle that formed in his hand was a grayish color tinged with the powers of necromancy. Joshua wasn't aware that he was using it, but as he formed the magic circle he felt anger flash in his mind.  'An Imposter... he must die. There can be only one.'

But just as soon as those words formed in his mind, Joshua pushed them back to where they belonged. The magic circle clicked into place as he raised his hand to point at the skeletal lich. The circles runes were intricate and unique, each once converging into the binding sigil in the middle. From the circle itself the tip of the chain grew and gleamed in the light. 

"Leave here now Lich, before I have to deal with you myself." He was sweating softly. Half from training and now half from nerves. How the hell did a lich get this far into the city without the alarms being rung? He used his other hand to slowly reach for his lacrimal phone. He needed to get a message out to his guild. 


#5Ezekiel II 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Fri Sep 04, 2020 12:52 pm


"Hm?" Ezekiel turned to face the voice he heard from about 10 meters behind him. The voice seemed to come from an elderly man, and boy oh boy did he sound like a grump. Mlezi immediately turned around to face the mysterious being, frowning and he balled up his large brown rocks of fists. Zeke raised an eyebrow as the suited man jumped between him and the old man, shouting at him. In a matter of seconds, the elf learned that this guy was a Lich. For a second Ezekiel wondered what his dick looked like. Then he remembered that penises didn't have a bone so he probably had nothing there. Perhaps that was why he was so grumpy. Nevertheless, the red-headed weirdo sprung into action. The Dardian threw his arm over Ezekiel as both of them leaped back about five meters. The man with the suit was 5 meters away from the sophisticated Lich, while the pair of Savannans were now 15 meters away from him. As the fairy moved back, he drew his bow. It was better to play it safe, though his guardian probably would disapprove of him fighting. "Wha-?" Suddenly the business mage sprung into action, conjuring grey magic circles that. "Jeez...I just wanted to train. Then again, what better way to train then fighting a warrior of darkness? Then again, I can not just fight someone because of their race..." He said in a whisper. Joshua was obviously racist. "I do not know what this man is talking about, but I for one do not want any trouble." Ezekiel frowned slightly. "And I am sorry, but are you the owner of this park?" That was probably the most important question right now really, because who the hell did this old -probably white- white privileged ass man think he was? Ezekiel wasn't going anywhere. He wasn't one to pick a fight, but depending on how things went right now he may just have to use violence to protect himself. He never ran, no matter how challenging things seemed. Still, he had absolutely no reason to fight.


#6Odin † 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Sat Sep 05, 2020 12:10 pm

Odin †

Life never went well for Odin. Nothing ever fell in his favour. The moment he made the decision to become a Lich, it seemed like everyone then decided that he was always going to be evil. Even during his time just relaxing as a bartender, the number of times Rune Knights had appeared at his door, looking to 'destroy the Lich' and 'claim glory' for themselves. Scrubbing up blood had become almost a weekly occurrence at this point, and it seemed that wasn't going to be changing any time soon. The red haired man, the one wearing a suit and the closest to the Lich, didn't hesitate to send a spell out directly towards Odin: a chain that collided directly with his cloak, dealing minor damage but, interestingly enough, also doing its best to limit his movement. The cloak still survived, still with a lot of damage left, and the Lich simply sighed.

"You guys are never gonna make this easy for me. Oh well." The first man had made a mistake already. He had revealed his magic to the Lich, and now Odin was at an advantage in terms of information. As for the other man, he had a bow and a friend, meaning that he likely enjoyed staying as far away from the danger as he could. That alone was enough for him to work with. The only one who was still an unknown factor was the non-human creature, who stayed close to the archer and was likely an ally of his. And so it only made sense that he would be the first to go.

His motion was swift and without mercy. In the instant that it took the far away man to ask whether or not Odin owned the park, the Lich pushed through the chain spell's bind -which did nothing to impede his movements whatsoever- and dashed towards the duo, supplying mana into his gauntlet to allow the range of motion to double. With that, clearing the required fifteen metres to reach the companion was simple, and the fluid motion towards him ended with a shotgun fist into the companions face, followed by two more before anyone could have a chance to react. As far as Odin's strength went, he was confident he could deal enough damage -two punches with his gauntleted hand with a single punch from his off-hand in between the melee combination, a quick one, two, three- to take out the companion, which would only leave the two remaining mages.

Recovering quickly from the attacks, Odin would dash beyond that point once more, not using the ability of his gauntlet this time, and turning to keep both the mages in his sight. Chain mage and archer, with the companion defeated, assuming all went to plan. Who would be next to react.




#7Joshua Graham 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Sun Sep 06, 2020 11:32 am

Joshua Graham

The lich acted quickly, using a gauntlet of some kind to amplify his movements. However Joshua’s Chain, while no longer binding his movement was still active on the ground. He didnt have much time to think, but instead he immediately tried to intercept. He raised his other hand and after pointing it at the ground shortly infront of the liches path and touched his own hip in one fluid motion reminiocent of a quickdraw. Despite the lich having doubled his speed, Joshua was only 5 Meters away.

As the chain pulled him toward the path of the lich, he grabbed the chain on the ground and jumped above the liches head using the momentum of his spell to help him do that. As he flew over the Liches head he took note of the Shield on his back. He quickly snapped the chain with his wrist, causing it to loop in on itself to try to wrap around the liches neck. If it had managed to land, he would land so that he was actually on the shield. Using the chain to support himself and put as much pressure on the base of the Liches skull as possible.

Spell 2:

IfJoshua managed to get that far, he would cast yet one more spell. He kept his chain around the Liches neck as tight as possible as he pulled and aimed one of his fingers away from the archer and companion before attaching the anchor point to the back of the liches head. “Your not going anywhere Lich!” If the Lich wasnt able to fight back against it, the two of them would be sent flying toward the first anchor point nearly 10 meters away. Joshua gritted his teeth as he tried to keep his grip on the chain as suddenly the momentum he and the lich were moving at made him almost lose his grip.

Following that, Joshua would attempt to jump off the lich, and land beyond where the anchor point ended, using the chain hed try to pull the lich down with a mighty battle cry.

#8Ezekiel II 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Tue Sep 08, 2020 1:27 am


Oh, how the universe worked in mysterious ways. Ways that didn't always make sense. One day everything could seem as though things were nearly perfect, then the next it could all crash and burn like an unstable airship. Unfortunately, a fight between the three mages would have to happen if Ezekiel hoped to defend himself from danger but the suited man had first dibs. Chains. This could have just been a specific spell stemming from a metal type of magic, but Ezekiel assumed that it was specifically magic that dealt with chains. Still, he could never have been too sure. Not that it mattered anyway. The redhead wasn't the enemy. The being of darkness was the only threat right now, so the wood elf had to be on guard. After chains were placed upon him though, nothing happened. The chains proved to be weak and brittle as they immediately broke. By then, Ezekiel had been in the middle of asking his question. Nonetheless, he, of course, would still be able to react accordingly. That gauntlet on the Lich's hand was dangerous. Out of all the gear worn by the monster the gauntlet and the shield on his back stood out the most. However, both were more obvious than that eye in his head but he didn't find them as intriguing.

At incredibly inhumane speeds the skeleton moved forward towards Mlezi. Within moments, the Lich had approached the creature and delivered three blows to him. Thump, poof, boff... Ezekiel's eyes widened. When the first punch landed, he could have sworn he heard cracking. Even as the other punches landed he could hear snapping. The Dardian hadn't been fully ready to counter such a swift attack. He expected the man to deal with the business mage first. Hell, Ezekiel did too. Lich man had no intention of dealing with them separately it seemed and because of that... "Mlezi!" Ezekiel screeched. The golem-like creature was stunned. In sheer pain, he roared. Mlezi had never shown signs of pain...ever. Something was wrong. The look in his eyes made it clear as day that he was fearful at this moment.

Ezekiel didn't just watch as the attacks happened. He wasn't dumb or useless. Far from that, in fact.  He quickly drew his bow as the lich attacked his mate and held it until the right moment came. It was coming soon. He just had to be patient just like the elders taught him and... Now. he thought as Mr. Bonehead dashed once more. This time the bag of bones moved away ten meters. As he moved with his back turned, Ezekiel released the arrow towards him. By the time it'd turn to face both him and the other random dude, the arrow would likely hit him directly in the head. That's where Ezekiel had precisely aimed; directly in the center. More specifically, the arrow was aimed at between both of his eye sockets. Zeke could have aimed for that special eye of his but his curiosity got the best of him. Quickly he glanced over at his Companion and what he saw next was...

The world suddenly stopped...

It was a beautiful and bright day in Savannah. As always, the weather was warm. The sun didn't give young Zeke and Mlezi any mercy as it beamed onto their bodies. The two were inseparable, despite only have known each other for a few months. Even though the Dardian was assigned to the six-year-old boy, he had grown very fond of him. They did everything together. At this moment in time, Ezekiel was trying to create a fire out of twigs and rocks but the boy began to grow impatient. The golem folded his arms like fresh laundry, tucking them in the corners between his arms and shoulders. Like a father or an elder brother, he watched the wood-elf become frustrated as he slammed the tools together. The Dardian knelt down and gently put his solid hand over Zeke's calming the child. "Ugh! I don't want to do this anymore, Mlezi. Why can't you just do it!" He hollered in the native tongue. Then, he threw the pieces of nature onto the ground and folded his arms. Pouting. The Golem stood up and grunted. It seemed like he was scolding the boy a bit. He motioned with his hands like he was about to fight someone, then pointed to Ezekiel. He was telling him that he needed to fight if he wanted to get it right. And when the boy complained again, he sighed and shook his head slowly. Then he tapped Ezekiel's chest.

Never give up...


From his peripheral, he could still see his enemy, but his friend was far was more important. If Odin would allow him just a moment, without a hesitation Zeke would dart towards where his companion had been standing just moments before. Even if Odin didn't, it wouldn't matter. What remained of his guardian...his best friend...was... "M-Mlezi..." Dust. Nothing but brown "Dust?" The elf felt his knees buckle for he dropped to the ground beside the pool of brown ash. The bow slipped from his grasp like it had a mind of its own. The boy's body began to shake uncontrollably as he reached to place his hands in what remained of Mlezi "No..." Water formed beneath his eyeballs like clouds before pouring. "No no no no no no no!!"

With nothing but pure anger in his eyes, he turned towards his new arch enemy. Never in his life did he have the urge to kill...but that all changed just now. How did he manage to kill the only person that he had left that quick? "WHAT DID YOU DO!?"



#9Odin † 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:23 pm

Odin †

The first attack went off spectacularly. Not only did Odin make it past his foes at a blinding pace, but he struck the golem-like creature with his combo, and learned something that he had not been expecting. The golem creature was apparently a lot more brittle than it had appeared. From his attack, perhaps one fist would crack an important bone or, in the best case scenario, maybe the Lich would punch straight through the creature's body, grasping its heart and ripping it out in killing of biblical proportions. Instead, the creature broke and snapped with the first two attacks, and the third rendered it into nothingness. It collapsed as dust on the floor, not even a trace of life remaining. Realising that it must have had something to do with its composition, Odin quickly reacted to the death and moved to his intended destination, turning as quick as possible to assess the remainder of the situation. He was now around ten metres from the creature's remains, and around twenty five from the red haired man.

He had no time to react as he spun, with an arrow embedding itself in the Lich's skull. It had been mere millimetres from the magical eye which allowed him to copy any magic he witnessed, something with greatly pissed off the Wizard Lord. Ignoring the pain and breaking off the arrow, removing the point and shaft from his skull as it left a slight crevice in his otherwise perfectly white bone system, a deep breath was exhaled. There was a slight bit of time to relax, if someone in battle could even do such a thing. The closest combatant, the archer, was more concerned with the dust pile that had once been his, presumably, closest ally. He had the classic human response, denying it as he roared in anger at the Lich, trying to understand why it had been done. Odin, who at this point was moving his shield from his back and strapping it onto his left forearm, couldn't help but allow his laughter to escape.

He spent a few minutes laughing, his eyes constantly switching between the archer, his bow, and the red haired mage should either of them try anything. He wanted the boy to know just how little the Lich cared about his pain, and his tone conveyed that exact sense of indifference with a shrug, "He attacked me first", Odin began, pointing directly at the red haired mage, "If you want to blame anyone for the, and let's be honest here, complete obliteration of your pet, that's on him not me." Raising one hand to his skull and rubbing the slight crater left in his skull, he finished, his tone changing to one of mocking incredulity, "But sure, blame the Lich. It's obviously all my fault."

There was a chance that, from the way he'd phrased it, the archer would now see the red haired man as the true enemy. It was a slim chance, but it would be funny to watch if it were to happen. And if not, Odin had his shield equipped now and, at this distance, he'd be able to use it very easily against any angry spells sent his way.


#10Joshua Graham 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:00 pm

Joshua Graham
Spell 2:

The air was filled with the dust of the creature. A sad thing to see the majestic creature killed. Joshua would have to say a prayer for it later. Right now he was dealing with a monster and could not afford to allow his thoughts to be distracted. The last time he had run into a lich it had almost killed him with a single touch. Despite the death of the creature, it would seem that the lich wasnt immune to damage. Perhaps he was just stronger then Joshuas magic Bindings. He noticed that the lich had placed itself between the two of them to keep both in his sights.

Despite wanting to yell at the other man, Joshua would let the lich get his words out before strongly and with confidence and as much truth as possible in his voice joshua warned the other man.

“Dont listen to him. Liches are created by Evil wizards using the Souls of their Victims to keep them alive. Their nothing but cunning monsters.” He slowly moved around the lich. He needed to get out of the Skeletons vision range. He didnt trust what ever that eye was. If he was allowed to, he would begin to prep two spells. He would need to play this carefully. He still wasnt completely sure of how to use his magic, having only aquired it recently after yet another incident of almost being taken over by the dark powers of the Lich he had met before hand.

The first spell was relatively easy to do. A simple movement technique he had developed after seeing how skilled the sailors of his boat had been with their chains and ropes. The other spell however needed to be directly tweaked with. He began to formulate the magic circle for the second spell as he pointed his other hand at the back of the lichs body. He brought his hand to his hip, but didnt allow the finger he had used to touch his hip. He kept it chambered and ready like a Pistol. If the lich tried to move, tried to do anything other then let Joshua and the other man simply destroy him, he would touch his hip, shooting a chain to imbed itself in a magic circle where Joshua had pointed on the liches back. It wouldnt cause damage, but it would allow Joshua to Follow the lich as the chain would reel him in at high speed.

spell 3:

The Magic circle Forming in Joshuas hand was a Jumble of Algorithmic designs and Symbols that only he would understand in his magical Short hand. He was thankful to not only have been a Priest for illumin, But also to to have been a Hunter. When it came to needing to Improvise on the fly with magical combinations, Joshua was thankful to be as well read as he is on the topics he knows. The knowledge had proved invaluable time and time again.

He began to form the outer most ring of the circle. It was made of holy runework, each rune had been designed by his father as symbols containining entire stories of Illumins Saints and Serephims. Each Rune held the power of those stories within it. As the runes formed He Began to tweak the Circle for the Next line, As soon as the First circles runes were complete he immediately moved onto the next Circle. He transcribed, using the runes once more the true nature of an undeads being within the runic magic formations. Each rune was Designed to hinder and Hault not onlly the living, but the undead as well.

#11Ezekiel II 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:30 am


In all of Ezekiel's years of living, he tried to do everything possible in order to avoid conflict. Yet time and time again Mlezi always found himself having to put someone on their necks for overstepping boundaries. At this exact moment, Ezekiel was sure about one thing; beings of earth land thrived of violence. If he ever wanted to get ahead, violence was usually one of the only options. It was a sad conclusion he made, but nonetheless the truth. This fight had nothing to do with Ezekiel. It was the chain mages' own fault that a fight even began. It was the chain mage's fault that the Lich attacked them, but it was the Liches fault for targetting someone who had nothing to do with it. Mlezi didn't deserve to be taken out this way. So easily too? Boy was the wood-elf the angriest he had ever been in his life. The Lich was the first living breathing creature that he had ever wanted to murder. The red-headed mage on the other hand was only utterly stupid. Ezekiel was angry at him too, but he didn't dictate the actions of the Lich.

For the Lich to believe that Ezekiel would turn his attention to the man who didn't kill his best friend was naive and quite frankly, disrespectful. Ezekiel wasn't some fool who could be swayed by empty words. He didn't already have darkness in his heart for the skeleton man to prey on. He was offended, truthfully. The Lich presented his case, but the wood-elf still knelt beside the dust pile. What was he to do next? Without Mlezi it was like had no clear direction. Without Mlezi he was a bit more fearful about his future. Ezekiel wasn't a fighter- despite having the skills to fight. As the chain mage attempted to convince the Savannan mage that the Lich was merely trying to start something between the two, Ezekiel licked his finger before dipping it into the pile of dust that was Mlezi. Then, when the dust was on his finger, he drew a circle with it on his forehead. This was so that Mlezi's cycle of life could continue on within himself. Today was truly a bad day. In the beginning, it was going swell until of course, he came across other living beings who thought the answer to their problems was fighting. Typical.

Typical, typical, typical. The Desiertan wood-elf could feel himself giving up on humanity. He could hear his own thoughts changing about how to move forward in life in general. Perhaps the way to seek justice and true peace was to end the violence period. Perhaps the only way to achieve that was to get rid of the very people who sought to use violence to get ahead... but that seemed to be every being with highly developed consciousness. These beings were already killing the world... perhaps they needed to be wiped off of the earth as a whole. Aizo... if you are here with me now...please give me an answer. What am I to do? He thought. He knew his god only responded through imagery in his dreams, so he didn't expect an answer now. What he had to do was for him to decide and nobody else. The Lich stood 10 meters away from him, while the red-headed man stood about 15 meters away. Meaning Ezekiel stood between them both. Without another moment of hesitation right as the stupid chain mage was speaking, Ezekiel pointed his left hand towards Odin and raised his right hand into the air simultaneously. Once the magic circles appeared in front of his finger another two would also appear above his hand and over Odin's head. Once both magic circles appeared, a beam of green energy would shoot towards the liches Ezekiel swiped his hand downward for flower petals to fall at 20 meters per second. Both of these were spells that Ezekiel himself never used offensively. His spells were meant to heal people- to save people's lives. Alas here he was using them to hurt someone.

My, how things change so quickly. The first spell was only used so that Odin could pay attention to the beam in front of him. The Wood-elf didn't know if his shield was magical in nature, but he expected that it could defend against a lower-ranking spell. In the case that it couldn't hope it would do some damage. However, that wasn't the point. If the bone head looked up to the magic circle 5 meters above his head, he probably would have a harder time reacting to the beam. If he paid attention to the beam and defended himself, then he would have an even harder time reacting to the spell above him. Whatever he did was surely not enough to take someone like him out. If he was able to completely destroy his dardian guardian with just a few punches, he better had been able to put up a fight. Right now, Ezekiel wanted a fight. The spirit of the Savannan and Desiertan warriors was driving him right now. Mlezi was gone. That was all he could think about. Later, when he was alone he expected himself to weep like a baby who's favorite toy was taken away from him.

Everything happened for a reason. That's what he told himself every time something unpredictable happened. That's what he was taught by the Ainkens. That's what he was taught by his mother. Surely Aizo allowed this to happen for a great reason. Did his god seek to break him? Did his god seek to make him stronger or turn him against the path he was so convinced was necessary for him to walk? What was the fucking reason? This pain was different. Maybe there was no reason and all along Aizo was a damn lie. Maybe he was schizophrenic? The Lich's actions had Ezekiel questioning everything but of course, he would figure it out. He always did. The chain mage on the other hand was moving his way around the Lich though Ezekiel couldn't see him, it probably was a senseless move. The skull body being was 25 meters away from him. It'd take a blind man not to see him coming. As far as the elf was concerned, this fight was between the Lich and himself. Hell, if the chain mage fucked this up just like he had fucked Mlezi's life up, he probably would fuck him up.



#12Odin † 

Unchain your Heart (Training) Empty Fri Sep 11, 2020 8:57 am

Odin †

As much as he himself did it quite a lot, Odin loathed interruptions. Especially interruptions that ruined what could have been a beautiful moment. The red haired man, clearly having never spoken to a Lich in his life before, had the audacity to claim he knew where they came from, and the gall to suggest that Odin had been created by a different evil wizard, before being cut off by the archer. Ignoring the interruption for a moment, the red haired mage's words were honestly just rude and, quite frankly, offensive and if Odin were any other race this could've easily passed for a hate crime. But of course, he was the big bad Lich, so everything was his fault provided he was even remotely in the area. What a tiring old tale.

But Odin's mind, and his eyes, weren't watching the red haired mage. He was reacting to the archer, with his shield facing the man and his dust pile. He was the one who had, currently at least, caused the most damage to the Lich, having almost taken his eye out. That was the part that angered him the most, as a 'what if' scenario came and went in the blink of an eye. However, the moment Odin saw any magic circles appear on the man's hand, he acted. Supplying mana once more into his gauntlet, Odin moved almost immediately after witnessing the first suggestion of a spell being cast. He was only moving towards the man, but he moved at incredible speed speed.

As he moved, the man's spells occurred, and a blast came directly from the man towards the Lich. Odin had no time to react, but luckily he didn't need to. The spell impacted with the shield, instantly absorbing the effects of it without slowing the Lich down. It was his first time officially using the shield in combat since having found it hidden within the confines of Zagan's Treasury, no doubt just another relic from ancient times that the demon had uncovered and kept during his century long imprisonment. The spell's impact and effect would be completely absorbed and rendered useless by the effects of the magical shield, but the Lich was not finished there.

If all went to plan, Odin would be standing directly in front of the man having sustained no damage. The moment he completed his dash he would begin his assault, with a swift kick from Odin's right leg straight across the man's temple, knocking him further to the ground and allowing the Lich to get atop him, pushing the heavy shield into his torso to make his breathing more difficult as the right fist of Indra's Gauntlet would eternally pummel the man, bruising and breaking him until he either died or fell unconscious, which entirely depended on how soon after the latter occurred Odin would notice. Then again, the man had been intriguing, and his elven ears were something of an oddity within Fiore. Perhaps he could be useful, if for nothing else than a couple of potentially very fun experiments.



#13Ezekiel II 

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Everything had been taken away from Ezekiel. Over the span of 100 years, he had lost everything dear to him. Though that may not have been a long time for simple humans in Elven time one hundred years was not even close to a lifetime. Ezekiel was fighting for his honor. He was fighting for Mlezi's honor. The one person who did not leave his side was gone because of a fight that broke out over nonsense. The red-headed man was racist and the Lich was cold and heartless. He disliked them both very much and probably would never forgive them. If a Lich could be killed, then Ezekiel would find a way to make it happen. There was no room for such evil to thrive in a world that was set on a path towards peace. Borderline hatred is what his ancestors would call it, but the Desertian in him would say otherwise. Ezekiel often paid no mind to battle or the glories that came along with it but my oh my how good he knew it would feel to hold the skull of the very being who took his best friend away from him. He wanted to ball up in a corner and cry. Alas, there was no time for such childish activities. Violence was never the answer unless you were protecting yourself, is what he told himself. He remembered a time when he had faith in all of humanity because his mother taught him to see the good in all life.

He remembered a time where he was Naive to believe that humans could change. Time and time again they proved him wrong. Yes, he was considering Odin to be a human because no amount of dark power could make someone evil unless it was already in their heart. The Skeleton man was willingly following this path of darkness and now he must pay the price in blood. Luckily, Ezekiel was taught how to fight. As much as the Ainkens believed that peace was the only way to prosperity, they taught him to defend himself because in Savannah there were many many people who would have wanted him dead. Even then he was sure that if he could just speak to them and show him the person he was, he could change their hearts. How foolish. The Ainko before him was a wicked man who was set on setting the world ablaze but surely he wasn't always set on that goal. The same people that raised Ezekiel had raised him. Perhaps they ere raising him wrong. For the sake of everything he held dear to his heart, the wood-elf would kill this man.

Wood-elves were protectors of the first and that meant they had to make sacrifices sometimes that other people could not and would not make. These people before him, engaging in battle with and alongside him would never understand would it took to defend nature. Ezekiel didn't know what the suited dude was up to at this point, but he stopped caring at the very start of all this. His target was mister Lich who had been waiting to attack him when he least expected it. So, Eekiel used two spells at the same time. One to hit him head-on regardless of what that shield could do, and another to divert his attention away from the magical seal above him. However, it seemed as though the Desiertan Life mage had been reacting out of anger and not using his head. This wasn't like him. As soon as he created the magic circles, the Lich dashed forward once again. His power mainly seemed to be coming from his gauntlet. On top of his crazy amount of strength, he was bound to end this fight in a matter of hits. As the enemy came forward the life spell crashed into the shield and completely absorbed all of its power as if it was nothing. As that happened, the flower petals rained from the sky just missing their target and allowing the Lich to connect with the smaller Elf. Once the Lich stopped moving there was a split second in which Ezekiel could have reacted. Hell, he could have leaped back as the Lich moved forward but something inside him didn't want that. Something inside him wanted to stare the demon in the eye fearlessly.

The creature swiped his foot and caused the wood-elf to fall onto his back. The result of this caused the Lich to pummel him while on top of him. One hit *crack*. Two hits, *bow*. The hits continued to come one by one, each of them slamming Ezekiel's head into the ground. This would have been another perfect time to strike...but...he wanted this. Because he could not weep for his fallen friend, he would instead endure the pain of every blow delivered onto him. One, by one until finally...his face began leaking a deep red liquid until finally, he could no longer feel each blow. Ezekiel kept his eyes open as long as he could, not once screaming like he wanted to from the pain of the Lichs incredible strength. Mlezi would have not wanted his dearest friend to have to go through something so cruel, but Ezekiel was doing this for him. Ezekiel deserved this for allowed Mlezi to die by the hands of someone so worthy. Ezekiel deserved all of it.

Finally after constant pummeling, the Elf closed his eyes and took his last breath. Was he dead? Maybe... but he knew in his heart that if Aizo still wanted him then he would remain in the world of the living and if not, then so be it. Everybody had their day, some sooner than others. If Ezekiel was hit this bad he could only imagine what would happen to the dull-minded chain mage. Ezekiel pitied him really. So Naive, so quick to judge and so eager to get into fights that he could not win. Humanity...oh how with every passing day he was learning more and more about the humans in the world. What would the Lich do with his body next? Would he leave him there to rot- if he was dead- in some random Hosenka park? Or perhaps he would eat him? Truthfully there weren't many things that Ezekiel wasn't educated on, but he did not know much about how Lich's operated. In fact, not many of his clansmen did either. All in all, they were still mysterious beings too much of the world. It would be great if this was all just some bad nightmare or a vision of the future that Aizo was showing him. It would have been great if he was still in the hole in the ground mediating and now he was finally waking up. Everything happened so fast, it was almost unreal.

However, when would wake up wherever that was, he was sure that he would have a better idea of what to do next and none of that involved spreading his love to the humans of this world. Nor would it be spreading hate. His mission was to save the earth itself, by any means necessary.



Sunflower shower -trained-
Venus Barrier -Trained-
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#14Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
spell 3:

The Liches speed was once again an impressive thing. But all it had Done was place him closer within Joshuas attack range. Which is exactly what he wanted. He tapped the finger on his waist and with a sudden materialization of chain, Joshua began being pulled directly toward the Liches back. He moved fast and Fiercely being pulled by the chain he had made. At the last second he would Kick off the ground and throw himself above the Liches head. As he sailed over the Liches Bald Boney head, He Grabbed his main arm and fired off the spell he had just finished prepping.

He had taken note of the crack made by the Elf, and he would take full advantaghe of it. If he somehow missed from here, hed be a sitting duck. But should the attack hit, the chain would flash and the lich would immediately find himself covered by chains. While not a perfect covering, it made it hard to move for certain as the Chains flashed with their Runic Bind. But Joshua wasnt done yet. He yanked himself toward the lich and with the full force of his strength he dive kicked the Liches face, aiming for the eye with every heel strike he performed after the first.

He would follow up every kick with pulling the chain, to keep each kick as forceful and direct as the first. He wouldnt be able to Beat the lich, but he was going to take what ever that eye could do away from him. He didnt let himself let up, because doing so would mean a serious injury at this range. All he could do was hold out hope that the monster would give up upon losing its eye. But he knew he couldnt keep it up for much longer. His white shirt was slick with sweat, and his hand sore from holding onto the chain as fiercely as he was.

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Odin †

Not caring about the chain mage for a moment proved to be disadvantageous to the Lich. Not quite a fatal mistake, but likely still a mistake nonetheless, as he brutalised the elven archer and watched his consciousness fade away from him. It had been a long time since Odin had been able to cause any real damage, and he got lost in the moment relishing the feeling of not only breaking someone's spirit, but also crushing their body. It was cathartic, and it was incredible. However, it was about to be interrupted. Odin, as he had even thought earlier in this exact day, hated interruptions. The ones who caused them, they always paid the price.

He felt something in his back, a chain had attached itself to him but it didn't hurt, and Odin could feel his body being used as a stationary point. Whatever was happening behind him, the man was coming towards him. Then the chain disappeared, and something else struck the Lich. Another chain, this time one that was made to hurt him, attached itself to Odin, and the man appeared above him. The attack came with another bind effect, but this time Odin wasted no time in breaking it, supplying mana to instantly remove any bind and eliminate the chain. In that time, the red haired man had pulled on the chain to get a kick on Odin, but a slight twist from his head and the kick hit the skull, missing the eye entirely. However, the sheer fact he had aimed for the eye meant that Odin was pissed. How could two arrogant, insignificant bags of flesh infuriate him to this extent he did not know, but they had managed.

With the chain broken, and the red haired man having nothing more to hold onto, he started to fall... directly in front of Odin. There was no need to dash anywhere this time, he was right in front of the Lich. One punch from the Lich, hitting the man square on his stomach as he fell into it, would devastate him and knock him out of the way. With two unconscious bodies in front of him now, Odin would sling the pointy eared man over his shoulder, before walking in the direction away from the red haired man's unconscious body. He would wake up eventually, but for now he was not a concern. Odin was angry, and he intended on taking that anger out on the elf with a renewed fervour. If he were anyone else, he'd almost feel sorry for what he was about to do.

-Exit with Ezekiel-

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