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Underground Associates II - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”So he paid you to infiltrate our Baishan family huh? Tell me… What stops me from killing you right here in the spot?” The large figure sitting at the other end of the table asked in a menacing manner. The man was smoking a large Cuban cigar as he adjusted his dark shades. It was quite interesting. Even if they were inside and it was night outside, most of the males in the room wore black shades. The boss at the table sported an elegant white blazer with thin black stripes. He had short and sleek hair, sporting a couple of scars along the face. Even if he didn’t wear much in the way of chains or so, his ten fingers were full of rings on each hand. Well… except for the noticeable lack of right pinky. Kenzo had heard about this kind of Yakuza practice back at Joya, but he still wasn’t sure what the specifics behind it were.

As the older man expected a reply from Kenzo, the mercenary simply scoffed lightly. Throwing his arms back in the air, he angled them before placing them both at the back of his head. Kenzo looked around for a second, scanning once again the room where he stood. He had been escorted by the gorillas that now laid unconscious in the floor, leaving another dozens of them that stood guard at various points of the place. ”To be honest. Do you even have someone that can stop me here? Let’s not kid ourselves old man. The one that should be answering that question should be you” Kenzo let out a devilish grin as he rebuked his threat. The mercenary wasn’t usually this way, but all the excitement over this yakuza stuff had him feeling more excited than what was normal.


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#2Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
A twitch ran across the boss’s forehead, vein popping noticeably as his anger increased more and more. ”You really have a death wish, don’t you bitch? Punks like you need to be taught a lesson” The anger was evident in the oyabun’s voice. Perhaps Kenzo had gone too far? Regardless, he sure as hell had managed to make him angry. Three of the guards standing behind him started to crack their knuckles and reach for their weapons. Unphased by their presence, Kenzo continued with his usual carefree tone. ”I merely jest, boss.” The warrior’s voice was full of condescension. ”I’ve told you already. The only thing that moves me is money. I know you’ve heard about me, lest all those informants you pay a pretty penny for are actually ripping you. You and I both know that having me by your side is way more beneficial than making me your enemy in this moment” The Bellan was full of himself. It had been long since the man had acted so bashful and cocky. However, it was the language of these kinds of people. They knew about nothing but strength in a weird manner. Even if they were a criminal organization, yakuza had a twisted sense of honor that puzzled Kenzo. He knew they would go to great lengths to sacrifice things for the sake of their honor. Now that he had besmirched that honor, he knew the mafia boss in front of him had no choice but to make a sacrifice to save face. The older male knew that as well, gritting his teeth in anger over having received a losing deck. Swallowing all of his pride, the old tiger spoke his verdict.

”Very well… If you are so keen on insulting the Baishan you may challenge us for it.”


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#3Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”My pleasure.” Kenzo answered with a grin. He had them where he wanted them. As he formed a devilish smile with his lips, he looked forward to what was to come. ”You shall be allowed to enter the Baishan. However, you must be able to beat three of my best men.” The three brutes standing behind the boss took a step forward. From a single glance, Kenzo was able to distinguish the fact that they stood a head and shoulders above the rest of the yakuza mobsters hanging around the casino grounds. ”However, your reputation precedes you, Espada. There are only two conditions if you agree to fight against the best of my men.” The older yakuza rubbed his temples as he tried to calm down the head ache that the mercenary was proving to be. ”Number one: You may not kill any of my men.” Kenzo scoffed at the cowardly rule. Sure, he had no problem on sparing them, even if they would hold no punches back to try and save him from certain death on the other hand.

Nodding in agreeance, Kenzo waited to hear for the second rule. ”Rule number two: You are not allowed to use your weapons or any of your equipment. If you are as powerful and skilled as rumors claim you to be, there is surely no need for you to degrade yourself to the realms of mere mortals, right?” The Bellan laughed at the preposterous odds that he was offered. He wasn’t allowed to kill the men he fought, and also had to do it barehanded. ”Not to kill your dudes and use only my fists?” Kenzo chuckled before continuing. ”Those odds are good enough for me” A cocky smile grew on his lips. ”One last thing… My men can use magic”


Underground Associates II - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#4Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
After the rules had been laid, it was time for action. The men left the opulent office of the boss and took the private elevator at the end of the hall. The complex was built with a casino as a façade. Kenzo had familiarized himself with the casino by now, but he knew that the actual construction was way bigger than it let out to be. As he wondered what kind of location the boss had chosen for their fight, he was soon reminded of times past. The elevator descended the levels quickly, notifying the riders of the lift with the hum of a buzzer. For each floor they went down, a single *Foom* sounded. One, two, three, four…. Ten, eleven, twelve… Finally, the thirteenth time the elevator hummed would be the last. Kenzo could hear the trail of deafening cheers and roars from an unseen crowd. They were a couple of dozen meters below ground, meaning there could only one place that ticked the two boxes. Once the doors opened, the warrior was brought once again to his early days at Fiore.

The sound was impressive. Nowhere in his wildest dreams had he imagined such a huge complex had been built under one of Hosenka’s biggest casinos. The Crimson Quarter was a bag full of surprises. Full of the most exotic and dangerous of vices for men. Truth be told, there was no vice as sickening and as popular as human fighting. The yakuza of the Baishan were businessmen above anything else. If Kenzo wanted to fight to earn a spot in the family, they were definitely turning it into a show that would profit them as they never had before. Rows upon rows of people littered the spectator seats, full to the brim. Had they planned this beforehand?


Underground Associates II - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#5Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo entered the ring amidst the rumbling and roaring of the people. Many of the spectators cheered his name. Others cheered his epithet, a quite curious moniker he’d earned from a short time by now. He wasn’t entirely sure why the people of Fiore had decided to name him that way. The word was definitely of Stellan origin, while he was from the country of Bellum. Perhaps to the commoner of Fiore, Stella and Bellum were equally distant lands, indistinguishable from one another. Nevertheless, he couldn’t say he hated it. On the contrary, the mercenary found it had quite a charm that he liked. Surprisingly for him, there were only a few numbers of cheers that booed the male. Kenzo had come a long way since he arrived at the western country around a year ago. This was a far cry from the reception he received at Crocus’s underground arena tournament, back when he met his friend the wind mage. Now that the warrior had made a name for himself, he was pleasantly surprised to find that he even had fans.

Kenzo entered the arena as soon as he was instructed, not trusting the organizers to keep their word over safeguarding his equipment. Kenzo had settled on wearing the pocket dimension ring on his neck, tied by a piece of lace that one of them had laying around. They had offered to take care of it, but the once thief knew better than that. ”Kill me if I ever accept that offer, since I’ll either be senile or a poser” was the remark the male told them, before putting the improvised collar on.

As Kenzo made his way to the center of the circular, 50-meter radius, sand arena, he could hear the voice of the showman starting to present him.


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#6Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”Ladieees aaaaand gentlemen…. Please gather around and take your seats!!! Tonight!! The Baishan family has prepared an extra special show for your enjoyment!!!! For a single night only! Please engrave the fight you are about to experience today!!” Kenzo rolled his eyes as he heard the man’s flair and pomposity as he spoke. He was a pragmatic man, one that got easily irritated by that kind of nonsense. ”Hailing from far distant lands, making his way up the ranks of power as the deadliest swordsman in Fiore. The Baishan family presents to you!!!! Kenzoooo… the Espada, Valeeens!!!!” The roars of the crowds were moving, even for the usually cold mercenary. Even if he was not someone to borrow himself for the show, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment over his name being so known through the land. He still remembered the promise he made to himself when he first came into Fiore. As the crowd chanted his name, he couldn’t help but feel closer to getting to his goal.

As he was lost on his thoughts, Kenzo unconsciously missed the rest of the showman’s presentation. Truth be told, he was itching for a battle, so he started focusing on it. He could see the three men in front of him getting ready. One of them had brought out a large golden spear, reminiscent to the one that his previous guildmate Juni Anastos held. Kenzo’s heart skip a bit, wondering if that could lead to a clue about her whereabouts. Another one held a large bow and quiver completely made out of silver. Kenzo had seen his guildmate Shichiro Uchida fight in the Grand Magic Games. Although it was similar, this one at least was not the same one. However, the last of the men stood out most.


Underground Associates II - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#7Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Holding on his hand an ominous looking axe, the leader of the three was positioned the furthest away from the mercenary. Kenzo could feel a powerful aura emanating out of the weapon, seeing the fiery sparks and plasma of energy that covered entirely the weapon. In short, it had been a long time since the male had seen such a unique looking weapon. The mercenary’s heart started beating faster, enough to make his blood boil. He remembered that feeling. It was the same as that time. It had been a year since that fated day the gods had decided to bless the Bellan. Everything felt like a déjà vu. What? You may ask. Well… the feelings overcoming Kenzo’s body as he saw the axe the third man was holding were the same as when he first set his gaze upon Masamune. It would seem that the stupid little contest of the mafia boss would prove to be more interesting than what he first expected.

Once the men were into position, a loud honk from a speaker signaled the start of the battle. The man holding the bow drew at the air, materializing an arrow seemingly out of thin air. Firing a shot at Kenzo, the mercenary tilted his body to the left to avoid being struck. As he did so, he lunged forward, looking to meet first the male with the spear. Upon closer inspection, Kenzo finally noticed that it was not in fact Juni’s spear, but something really close to it. Dodging the strike of the first thrust, the male grabbed the long body of the spear with his right hand, pulling it towards him and throwing the owner through the air. As he was still in the air, Kenzo took aim and threw it like a javelin, hitting him straight in the leg. There was no way he was standing up soon.



Underground Associates II - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS

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