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Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:43 pm

Kenzo Valens
”Ku ku ku~ It is always a pleasure to play with gentlemen such as yourselves” Kenzo said with a sarcastic tone while he dragged all of the chips of the table towards him. The tall towers of chips fell apart as he was barely able to cover them all with the span of both his arms. The male held a smug face in his face the entire time, baiting his poor victims as best as he could into flaming and getting angry. The angrier they got, the easier it was for him to keep winning – Well… that and the fact that unbeknownst to them the blue haired warrior was actually cheating. It was quite a simple trick to be honest, but it had worked charms so farm for the merc. Also known as card sharp, Kenzo had become quite proficient at it back in his youth. By relying in simple sleight of hand tricks, he was able to stack the deck in his favor.

However, things wouldn’t work forever. The longer he stayed in the table, the easier it would become for the dealer and the rest of the players to notice. Something the blue haired swordsman wouldn’t want. Or would he?

As Kenzo started slowly standing up, the male bid his farewell with a faked smile ”Well… I think it’s best if I take my leave. It was such a pleasure playing against all of y-“ A set of strong palms kept the male from further standing up. Looking above his shoulder, the Bellan warrior noticed two huge gorillas standing behind him. Turning his head to the front once again, the male was able to see the raging look in one of the players. ”Going away so soon? But we’re just starting to have some fun… don’t you think?”


#2Kenzo Valens 

Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:44 pm

Kenzo Valens
The first question one might ask was the most obvious one. Why exactly was Kenzo provoking a group of mafia / cartel people? Surely Hosenka offered way less dangerous forms of entertainment within the same Crimson Quarter. Well, the question was quite simple. It was a combination of what Kenzo liked the most, or rather, it was a mix of the two biggest motivations for the Bellan. Money and Fun. Not the kind that came from gambling and playing poker. That was a different kind of fun. Instead, the male found the idea of infiltrating into a criminal organization while being paid handsomely something that made him flow with excitement in ways other things couldn’t. Furthermore, the male was offered a huge sum of money if he agreed to infiltrate the cartel and help dismantle the organization. The amount offered was more than enough to make him accept, but the prospect of helping to deal with a criminal organization and potentially pleading for a reduction in his bounty was also part of it.

You see, Kenzo had met someone quite interesting the previous day. After finishing a quest that Rania had picked up at the local bounty board, their contractor asked Kenzo to stay for a little while longer. The male was quite an interesting fella with an equally interesting name. Weirdlock Jones, considered to be one of the greatest investigators in Hosenka, famous for putting behind the bars several high-profile crime lords that had previously escaped incarceration for lack of proofs. After telling Rania he’d meet her later the merc stayed behind to hear what Weirdlock had to tell him. ”Hmph what a surprise that you have the balls to appear by my door..” The investigator told Kenzo once the two of them were finally alone. ”I like that”.


#3Kenzo Valens 

Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:44 pm

Kenzo Valens
True, going directly to the office of a person that was supposed to lock people behind bars was nuts, considering that Kenzo was technically a person that according to the law should have been locked behind the bars. The only reason he hadn’t been yet was because there were not many people in the whole country that could do so. It would require of someone straight from the capital’s royal guard or of better skill to best the skilled fighter after all. Certainly, Weirdlock was not someone that could take him on either. Crossing both of his arms, the blue haired male enjoyed the powerlessness present in the investigator’s tone. ”You can catch me if you want” The Bellan swordsman teased Weirdlock by showing him both of his arms, extended in front of him with closed palms up, as if offering the man to put a set of cuffs on him. A playful smile grew on Kenzo’s lips.

”Kyohuhu~” Weirdlock Jones burst into laughter as he took his hand to his mouth. ”God’s forbid I try. I value my life much more than the need for glory to try it.” It was evident that the male knew exactly who was in front of him. ”I’d rather make use of this blessing and ask for the previous master of Advent World in a certain job” Weirdlock had quite juicy information. ”Hoh? As expected from someone with your reputation. Color me interested. As long as I’m happy I’ll do anything for you” The Blue Pegasus warrior answered as he made a circle with his index and finger, showing it at Weirdlock. Considering Hosenka was more Joyan than Fioran in culture, the male was sure to understand that the symbol’s meaning was money. ”Ooh? Don’t you worry about it. There shall be plenty”


#4Kenzo Valens 

Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:44 pm

Kenzo Valens
Back to the present, here was Kenzo. Pissing off some head honchos of a prominent cartel in the Crimson Quarter. Weirdlock Jones job was quite straightforward. The mercenary needed to infiltrate one of the important criminal organizations of the city. Known as the Baishan, the criminal organization was known for controlling almost a 40% of Hosenka’s drugs and other illegal substances market. Being the third larges yakuza group in the city, they were definitely not someone you wanted to mess up with. Alas, here was the knuckle headed Kenzo doing exactly that. In his defense, his plan was working to perfection. He needed to meet with someone more important than your street level thugs. What better way to do so than piss of some of the people in charge of one of the Baishan casinos? The Bellan only needed to piss them a little further so he could successfully do so.

”Now, now.. gentlemen… Let’s not get so feisty. I really have to go back to my hotel. My wife is waiting for me, you know? I wouldn’t want to make her angry haha! You know how women can be sometimes right? Well.. I, erm. Better get going then! It was a pleasure playing with you– Don’t worry. Uh.. We can play again some time in the future?” Kenzo faked trying to weasel himself out of the situation. With what could only be described as masterful acting, the male managed to slip away out of the grip from the two gorillas restraining him as and was now patting their backs with fake laughter. ”Now. If you’ll excuse m-“

*Flop* Flawlessly, a couple of cards slipped out of the mercenary’s shirt by “accident” The male froze for a second before exchanging nervous glances with the other guys at the table. ”Oops….?”


#5Kenzo Valens 

Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:45 pm

Kenzo Valens
*BAAAAM!!!* Kenzo’s head crashed against wood as the two gorilla bodyguards slammed him against the table of a man waiting at the top floor of the Casino. Restrained by both hands, the big bouncers had made sure to take away his ring from him. They knew what dimensional storage pockets were. After all, the Baishan dealt in the traffic of illegal and especially powerful magical artifacts. Holding his head against the ebony of the finely crafted desk, Kenzo feigned resistance. Truth be told, the two people restraining him were quite strong. Some of the strongest people he’d met lately to be honest. Still, Kenzo had been developing his power till this day. Training day and night the blue haired swordsman had honed his physical prowess to almost an apex. He could feel it. Soon enough he’d be able to handle Masamune with one hand. For that reason, there was no way the two gorillas could actually restrain him. Shifting his eyes as best as he could, the male struggled against the grip of the one holding his head so he could turn his head towards the owner of the desk.

”A-Are you the oyabun?” Kenzo asked at the male wearing glasses. ”KEH!! Who gave you any permission to speak to the boss?!” One of the gorillas barked, pressing his body harder against the restrained mercenary. ”S-so he is t-the boss huh?” Kenzo doubled on his question, still acting a little bit scared. ”That’s right! And if you don’t shut up I’ll be cutting your finger off!!”

Kenzo sighed heavily for a second before changing his demeanor entirely. Instead of his carefree and playful tone, the male opted for a lower and calmer voice. ”Perfect” In a single movement, the mercenary broke free from his captors and knocked them out cold.


#6Kenzo Valens 

Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:45 pm

Kenzo Valens
Exerting just enough strength to overpower them, the male grabbed the two bouncers by their heads before slamming them together. Shaking both hands away in satisfaction, the mercenary straightened the wrinkles in his clothes before speaking at the boss. ”Well then… Now that I have your attention. I’d like to make a proposal to the oyabun of the Baishan” Kenzo bowed politely as per Joyan tradition. The Baishan was definitely of Joyan origin, following the laws of the famous yakuza organizations. What Kenzo had done was risky, but ultimately it had been the easiest way to reach the boss.

After rising his head, the blue haired male took his ring back from one of the unconscious gorillas and secured it in his finger. At the same time, the male took out the gambling chips he’d won out of the gangsters below and presented them to the boss. ”To be completely honest, my intention was never to get any money from this revered established. I merely figured that perhaps this would be the fastest way to get an audience with the boss.” Kenzo finished with a cheeky smile.

Through all this time the oyabun had remained silent. The man sported a pair of sunglasses, a large Cuban cigar and a discreet pompadour. He was smartly dressed, not too flashy like the mobsters beneath him, but more in a way that exuded that leadership aura. However, the flashiness his clothing lacked was more than made up by the amount and quality of the jewelry that he was using. Both in rings and golden and silver bracelets. After taking out a large puff from the smoke, the boss finally burst into laughter. ”BWAHAHAHA!! I like your style kid. I assume you’ve come knowing that if you waste my time you won’t leave breathing?”


#7Kenzo Valens 

Underground Associates I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:45 pm

Kenzo Valens
The question was poised more as a threat than anything else. A dozen of armed men protected their boss from all angles. It was a miracle they hadn’t intervened before when he slammed the two bouncers cold. ”But of course. I know that the esteemed oyabun of the Baishan is a pragmatic man. Most like myself if I may add.” Kenzo replied with a cocky half smile. Making himself at home, the Bellan warrior pulled the chair in front of the boss and sat nonchalantly on it. ”I presume you’ve heard of the investigator Weirdlock Jones, yes?”

The mere mention of the guy’s name brought a visible reaction out of the boss. Gritting his teeth, the large framed person in front of Kenzo slammed his fist strongly against the desk. A couple of decorations and other memorabilia jumped off from their place and rolled along the wood. ”Tche!!! That cocky bastard… He’s been nothing but trouble for us ever since he came to the Crimson Quarter. The only reason his head is still attached to his body is the amount of protection he receives from the White Dragon family.” A smile of excitement creeped on the mercenary’s lips. This job would be easier than what he’d thought.

”Well then. I’ll cut to the chase.” Kenzo crossed both hands over his chest as he puffed it out for a second, kicking back at the chair. ”Weirdlock Jones has hired me to infiltrate into the Baishan to provide him with insider information.” Kenzo waited for a second just to see the way the boss tensed at the comment. ”However. I am a man of principle.” Kenzo continued before the boss could say anything. ”I’ll only work for the biggest bidder.” A fierce gleam shone in Kenzo’s eyes. He was sure the mafia boss had understood his message. After a small chat, the infiltration had been a complete success.



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