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Fairies & Roses [Zane]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Fairies & Roses [Zane] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:15 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

To say the very least, her day could have been better. Venus could have woken up earlier for her grocery run and perhaps if that were to happen, she wouldn’t be in this situation where she was running for her life. Fuck, she cursed in dismay, in silence and in the hopelessness of the circumstances that she had brought herself into. The reckoning speed that she was travelling had caused her to stumble over a carton of fruits and stepped on some of the fresh oranges that had spilled over while she gathered her balance. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the old man’s mouth agape as his produce went to waste. As much as she would’ve loved to pay the expenses for the man, she hardly had enough time to react to anything when she was only a few meters away from the clutches of hell.

It was not that she feared getting caught by these desperate bounty hunters, rather she hated being locked up in prison, rotting in jail. She would rather choose the option to die or even have her head chopped off on a guillotine than being imprisoned. The woman clutched onto her sheathed weapon around her waist and gritted her teeth as if to control all of the emotions that welled up inside her. If they were in a secluded area, away from the crowds, Venus wouldn’t have any problem dealing with them on her own albeit, if she were to do anything to them now, it would only end up being a bigger problem for her and reinforcements would come in, which then would increase the probability of her getting caught.

From a short distance forward, the hunter caught sight of a new batch of bounty hunters, weapons in their hand, chasing for her head. ”FUUUUCKK.” This time, she screamed out loud and for a moment, it felt better to let her frustrations out. When her mind had ceased its unproductive buzz, she was able to start thinking her way out of her mess. If she ran, the hunters will catch her, if she stayed then she was as good as dead, so the only option she had was to climb up – up the stone wall of a building to buy some time for herself, but even then, it wouldn’t take them long enough to find her.

Pacing back and forth over the flat roof of the building, her eyes were attracted towards the direction of a maiden with bubblegum pink hair within the streets and there was only one person she knew out who was also the owner of that striking hair colour. ”Raquel,” the words escaped her lips. Who would have thought the resemblance to her guildmate would give her the brightest of ideas? With the blessing of the power of her own guild, she closed her eyes for a brief moment and recalled all of her memories she spent with her sisterly figure. The beauty fluttered her eyes open and immediately looked down at her hands. They were different; different from her own. Venus had never used this ability of hers before hence, it was necessary to know whether it worked or not. Grabbing her hair, she witnessed it change from scarlet to pink – the transformation was successful.

The Siren navigated the tricky surface of a town’s roof structures, leaping off from the opposite end with ease now that her abilities had been better tailored thanks to the significant growth in power, an achievement that she quietly mulled over, time and time again.


Fairies & Roses [Zane] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 8:37 pm

Months Ago... wrote:It was a while back - the month of April to be precise. Zane was still in the fine city of Magnolia, having been staying there for a while and spending quality time with the guild. While on a walk with one of his guildmates, a person who's name that Zane's memory could simply not recall, the two passed by the bathhouse on the street. "Ooooh, this place is pretty nice! Wanna stop by later?" Zane's guildmate asked, excitement in his voice. Zane's head turned to the place as his face turned to a bit of a displeased look, as if he was grumpy simply by the mention of such a place. "Nah. Last time I was there, someone busted down the door while I was in the bath! Their security is basically non existent."

Zane's companion gasped a bit. "Oh, damn! Did they ever arrest the guy who did it?" Zane only found it natural the guy would assume it was another male who broke into the bath. Unfortunately, such a thing could not be further from the truth in Zane's experience. Dramatically, he looked up to the sky. "No, it was a lady. She kicked down the door while I was in there bathing. She yelled at me too." The guildmate blinked, surprised that Zane was so bothered by such a thing. "I would thought that you'd be overjoyed to have a girl do that, Zane! You sure you're not just trying too hard to seem dramatic or something?"

Zane shook his head. Well, he was trying too hard to be dramatic. That was definitely 100 percent true, no doubt. But his experience certainly wasn't a pleasant one. While many men would be happy to have a girl bust in on them during a bath, Zane wasn't. While the girl who did was insanely attractive, having his privacy disturbed like that bothered him, regardless of the gender. "Nah, it was still just as bad. The baths are a sacred place! There are rules! I tried to be polite to her back when it happened, as much as I could anyways. I realize now that perhaps I shouldn't have been. If I ever see that lady again, I'm going to give her a piece of my mind! A huge lecture!"

In the current day, Zane sat on top of a cafe balcony in Hosenka. The fine establishment had outdoor seating, complete with small umbrellas. One could see the rooftops of the neighborhood from here, as well as the streets. Sipping his cup of coffee, Zane read the newspaper. "Oh, look! Bottom page!" As he heard the demon's voice within the confines of his own head, Zane's eyes moved towards the bottom of the page to see just what it was Beelzebub had noticed. "See? 'Popular Joyan Idol Group D-21 Breaks Up'! That makes me really sad... they were definitely within my top 5 J-pop groups." Getting annoyed with Beelzebub's fascination with Joyan culture, Zane closed the newspaper. "At least you won't make me listen to their albums all the time anymore."

As Zane went to take another sip of his coffee, a distant "FUUUUCKK." was heard in the distance. Blinking at the odd occurrence, Zane looked around. It didn't seem like it came from anywhere he could see with his own eyes right now... oh well. He was certain it was just someone losing some big gamble or something. Finishing up his cup as he tucked in his chair, Zane got ready to leave the cafe. "Another restaurant down! Having everything in the world means eating everything in the world, after all!" Zane wasn't sure if that was EXACTLY how greed was supposed to work, but he supposed it was close enough. Leaving a tip on the table, Zane was almost set to leave the cafe. Looking out to the distant, he decided to get one last look at the view. How nice.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Something was up. Zane spotted a familiar face running across the balconies. The face he remembered every time he stepped in a bath house. The face he had meant to give a piece of his mind to should he ever see them again. Raquel! At least someone who looked an awful lot like her, anyways! Running towards the end of the balcony, Beelzebub freaked out a little. "Hey, hey! I dunno if we can transform that fast!" Zane would need to cross over the street to get the rooftops Raquel was running on if he had any chance of catching up with her. The only way was to jump. All Zane had to do was transform, use their power, then cancel the transformation. Easy, right? "Avaritia."

Zane transformed into Beelzanebub as he jumped across the gap, soon using Rush Hour as he pushed his hand back against the edge of the building. This managed to propel Zane forward with the wind he was blowing onto the solid surface, and it managed to be enough to send himself across the gap and onto the roof at the other end of the street. Barely landing, Beelzanebub managed to just barely catch their footing as they continued on running. "Holy shit, I can't believe we made that!"

With another "Avaritia." Beelzanebub would transform back into Zane, Beelzebub freaking out in Zane's mind. "Give me more time to prepare if you're gonna do that in the future, my god! Why are you chasing after her anyways?! Are you really that desperate for women?!" Zane shook his head as he ran. "N-no, I'm not! It's a long story, I'll tell you it later! For now, we need to follow her!"

Zane wasn't the best at leaping on roofs, but he at least was decent at it. He was certain the woman would outpace him though. Calling out to her, Zane yelled in front of him to try and get her attention. It was probably the only way he was going to be able to catch up with her. "Raquel! It's me, Zane!" he managed to blurt out between catching his breath at points. This was some heavy exercise. Zane was more polite than most people would be during his initial meeting with Raquel, so he hoped that was close to enough to convince the rooftop runner to stop and give him a chance to talk to her.


Transformation: Beelzanebub
Buff: Intelligence
Details: After transforming, Zane and Beelzebub become one entity, their minds and personalities coming together in a process one could describe as a fusion of sorts. Zane retains his normal physique, but his hair turns green and his face drastically changes. His teeth become sharper and his eyes become black. A large pair of fly wings protrude out either side of their back, a skull-like symbol at the end of each. While transformed, Zane's body emits a green color.
Resistance: Wind, Minor
Effects: 1 Post Cooldown Reduction (When the user is B & A Rank) 2 Post Cooldown Reduction (When the user is S Rank & Onwards)

Name: Rush Hour
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Demon Soul: Beelzebub
Type: Supplementary
Element: Wind
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user swings one of their arms in a direction. From their palm emits a a gust of wind in the exact shape and size of their palm that knocks anything in its path backwards. The wind is a continuous gust until it has lasted long enough to travel the full 5 meters, so if it were to hit something that was not able to be backed the user would be pushed back with recoil as well.

Current Mana: 2150/2175

#3Venus Rosé 

Fairies & Roses [Zane] Empty on Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:40 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The Siren looked nervously around her. No one stirred from fear when they looked upon her, nor did they freak out and called upon the guards or whoever that would save their lives from the grasp of a fellow red-head (as though she was going to do anything). A sigh escaped her lips; this time of relief being satisfied that she was no longer being chased and it was only then she realised that she had been holding her breath for God knows how long. Her heart continued to pound against her ribcage, threatening to lunge out of her throat after all the running and climbing she did – the only positive thing she gained from this was having her workout done for the day.

Venus pulled the hood of her cloak back up once again, a habit of hers to conceal her visage even if others couldn’t recognize her with her new appearance, with the belief that she was finally free from the bounty hunters – for now. It wasn’t long before she’d started walking back into the streets to blend in with the crowds until someone called out for her; not her name, but Raquel’s. The woman froze within her steps for a moment, anxiety slowly washing over her features. She hadn’t taken into account that there could be people who knew her beloved friend's face, not that there was any need for her to mention all the people she befriended with to Venus.

Was Raquel that popular or is this just a coincidence? – was what she thought to herself, nearly rolling her eyes to the back of her head. She whipped her gaze around to meet the eyes of a stranger; a pair of bright blue eyes owned by a particular young blonde man. The huntress had considered ignoring his calls after her and silently sneak away from him, but there was still the possibility of him continuing to chase her down and she certainly didn’t want to spend her entire day playing tag with strangers. By the time she’d come to a decision, the man had already caught up to her hence, there was no other choice but to put her best acting skills on show.

”U-Uh, hey dere. Good to see you again—“

What was his name again? Crap.

”—Zack, a-haha.”

Venus had never wanted to slam her face right into a cement wall more than anything at that precise moment. God, that was horrible. Perhaps even the award-winners of movies and shows were judging her extremely hopeless performance from the empyreans above. ”What ya doing here?” She wondered if she had overdone it, she wasn’t sure how Raquel talked to strangers but at the very least, Venus could have acted a little less anxious instead of making it so obvious. At this point, the shock-stricken Daeva Eye mage could only wonder if she had just been exposed or if the man was actually dumb enough to buy her extremely inadequate acting.


Fairies & Roses [Zane] Empty on Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:33 pm

Zane's pursuit of Raquel made him have to go from the rooftops back down the streets below, the little jump required to do such a thing being one that almost made him sprain his ankle. He was fine though! He'd have to have a lot worse done to him than a little fall to actually injure his foot. It still hurt like hell however... approaching Raquel, Zane noticed the woman turn to face him. Perfect. Zane walked towards the girl with determination, ready to tell her off. Zane was sure this woman would regret the things she had done months ago. Now only a few feet away from the woman, Zane was about ready to give his lecture. It was only after he heard the woman's words did he pause.

Zack? Like, Zackary? Did she really mess up two names simply because both of them started with a Z? Zane was furious at this development. The least she could do was remember the names of people she met! Zane made sure never to forget the names of the many mages he met in Fiore. Like Kaiser, or Erebus, or Iceflake. Or was it Snowflake? Probably the latter. Clenching down on his teeth with an annoyed expression, Zane closed his eyes as he tried to calm himself down. He needed to make sure that he didn't completely flip out, or else his lecture wouldn't hit as hard. Zane needed to show he was calm. "You can do it, Zane..." Beelzebub noted nervously in Zane's mind, perhaps a bit afraid of how the man was so uncharacteristically frustrated with this. Zane wanted to be famous! That was what Eternal Nightmare was for, after all! He couldn't just have people call him Zack! And what was with Raquel's weird way of talking? Was she really that nervous to see him again?

Finally managing to get a grip on himself, Zane opened his eyes with a sigh to once again look into the woman's, her face being admittedly as beautiful as he remembered it. "It's Zane, not Zack." The words came out of his mouth attempting to seem calm, but the bit of frustration in his voice was still pretty apparent to anyone who listened to it. "I was hoping to see you again, Raquel. There were some things that I was hoping to say you last time. We've got another chance now, right?" Zane leaned closer to the woman, pointing his finger up at her accusingly. "First of all, you never properly apologized for breaking into the baths in Magnolia!" Raquel actually DID say sorry, but it was such a half-assed one that Zane refused to count it as a real apology. "I don't think you understood the weight of your actions, just barging in on me when I was naked in there!" Zane's words were drawing some attention from a number of people passing by, some captivated by the sudden allegations that came to light. Who wouldn't turn their head at such a sight, after all?

Even Zane was realizing just how much people noticed his loud words, so he took a moment to quiet it down. Crossing his arms and tapping his foot, Zane realized doing this would only completely humiliate the girl. He had to handle it in a calmer manner. "Look, I just want a proper apology..." It was true. Zane just wanted to hear the words come out of her mouth, this time in a genuine nature. "You don't seeeem like too bad of a girl, after all. I'd be willing to forgive you if you promise not to do something like that again." Holding out his hand to Raquel, Zane seemed to be hoping for a handshake. She wasn't all bad after all. While the experience was overall uncomfortable, Zane didn't think playing the detective that one time with her was all bad. Plus, she was fairly attractive. Uhhh, it was definitely the former that was more important to him! Definitely!

#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The obvious irritated expression on Zack’s face was enough to tell her that Venus had gotten his name wrong. Zane, it is, she nearly rolled her eyes out of her own stupidity and the ridiculous timing of the situation. It seemed that her guild ability worked perfectly without any flaws that even the stranger was completely fooled by her trick despite the slight error on assuming his name. The spell was perfect for a hunter like her in nature; one where she could easily conceal herself in public and prey on her targets and while she would love to dwell on the wonders of the exquisite ability that the guild had gifted her, she was running out of time. What’s more, the stranger even decided to fill in the details of the last time he met Raquel.

The woman raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Raquel, out of all people, had walked into the men’s bathhouse – even more so, saw the man naked with her own bare eyes. She hadn’t known her sisterly figure was that sort of person who was that bold to do something as such, but of course, she wasn’t one to judge. Venus nearly failed to contain her laughter or the surprise upon hearing that her vampire friend had walked in on a naked man.

Albeit, all of that changed when this stranger named ‘Zane, not Zack’ demanded an apology from her. It was as though something snapped in her head and the expressions she wore on her face turned grim, if not, like a grizzly bear. Venus Rosé was a prideful woman, confident of herself and was often referred to as a 'snotty bitch' by some people she’s met and hunted down before and they weren’t wrong, for there was no way in hell one would easily get out an apology from her – if she wasn’t at fault, that is.

An arrogant set of ruby eyes dominated her visage as she peered down through her thick, dark eyelashes at the hand offered to her, refusing to shake his hand and instead, folded her arms across her chest and shifted her gaze to his. ”Look, young man,” she nudged a finger at the blonde’s shoulder, edging him back slightly due to the strength behind her arms. ”You don’t ask an apology from me, and I’m certainly not apologizing when I wasn’t the one who walked on your little naked ass,” she barked, snapping her fingers at certain parts of her sentence to emphasize her facts.

Her anger had blown off by the time she reflected on what she had said, it was too late – she’d exposed her cover, by herself. Dumbfounded by her own mistake, her eyes nervously darted around, and only then she realised that they’d garnered a few curious onlookers in the streets. The timing possibly couldn’t be any worse than this: the blonde stranger was delaying her escape and even had the audacity to ask an apology from her while it was near-death situation for her; it was no surprise that she was losing patience. It was either abandoning him in the middle of the streets or punching him in the gut so that he would stop bothering her, but violence was certainly not the answer so, she yanked him by his hand without bothering to ask or listen to his response and pulled him into the nearest alleyway she could find.


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Zane felt near instant frustration at the woman's actions, the crossing of her arms causing his expression to grow visibly agitated at her behavior. He couldn't believe how rude some people were! Zane would never do anything truly horrible like that. Except for the time he teamed up with a man who the dragons hated, an evil skeleton who was one of the most infamous men in country and a few other less than morally correct people. Now that Zane thought on it, maybe he was the type to do something just as rude...

The term "young man" wasn't exactly one Zane was fond of either. It was actually not too inaccurate, though. He'd been an elf for most of his life, and 29 was a pretty damn young age for a wood elf. The way he acted made it clear that he was younger mentally than most humans were. While his mysterious and sudden change in race made him look somewhat close to 29, it did not affect his mental maturity in any way. "What do you mean you weren't the one who walked in on me?!" Zane couldn't believe that Raquel had the audacity to try and play dumb. She would very clearly remember walking in on him, wouldn't she? There was no way that any woman could forget walking in on him, right? R-right? "Don't play dumb with me! You remember, right?"The answers to this would have to wait as Zane was very quickly grabbed by the hand and yanked by Raquel towards a nearby alleyway.

Zane couldn't help but blush at her sudden actions. This was just like how it was in all of those romance novels! Here he was, getting whisked away by his princ- err, princess. In this case the princess was replaced by a pervert and the castle by a dusty alleyway, but Zane figured such small changed were not worth trifling over. "I can't believe I had to share a head with you of all people..." Beelzebub seemed less than adamant at Zane's far too active imagination. Perhaps it was the fact he was a demon that caused him to be so cold, or the fact that Zane (potentially) falling for some girl would most certainly get in the way of their greedy ambitions. How could Zane and Beelzebub have everything in the world if he was too focused on matters of the heart?

Settling into the alleyway, Zane attempted to free himself from Raquel's grip and made way to lean against the wall of the alleyway opposite to her. "D-don't think that romantic gesture was enough to get out of an apology." It was clear by the expression on Zane's face that he clearly took Raquel's actions in a way that was most likely not intended. Still, what was she dragging him for anyways? Peeking slightly into the streets, Zane could not help but notice that there were some men searching around. Uh oh. Did they know about him? Perhaps saying the name "Zane" out loud in public was most likely not the best option. Zane had only recently learned that his actions at Zagan's Dungeon had made his name known as a traitor of Fiore. Seeing the men looking around turned Zane's face to an expression that looked much more serious, a far cry from the goofy-ish annoyance he had been exhibiting only a minute ago. "Uhh, I think those guys might be looking for me..." Zane didn't realize that the men were in fact NOT looking for him - but it was still possible that others would come searching for him in due time, given his name was said out loud in a large crowd of people. "Wait wait, lemme see..." Reaching into his pocket, Zane pulled out a small notebook.

This notebook had been with Zane since he began traveling in Fiore. He hadn't been using it as often recently, but when he did he would often litter it with useful info. Recipes, maps, small pieces of useful info and even crafting instructions for basic objects were within its pages. The many of the pages clearly a bit faded. an unfortunate consequence of the book's age. While Zane obviously had no way of knowing, the person who had dragged him into this alleyway had technically witnessed the sight of this book before, even getting a page from it gifted to them by Zane himself. Flipping past recipes, Zane made his way to the section where he kept his maps. He had been in Hosenka sparingly so far, so the map he had was for the most part incomplete. Looking through the areas he had charted, Zane found relief in knowing he had a basic layout of the current neighborhood he was in. Lining up where he was on the map, Zane quickly took note of a route that could lead them to somewhere a bit more lowkey.

"Follow me, I know a little soup place where nobody will bother checking. You're gonna apologize to me once we get in there." The way Zane spoke seemed considerably more reliable than before. Beelzebub had noticed this too, concluding it was a sign that Zane was significantly more intelligent than his goofy persona would often let on. Zane stepped forwards down the alleyway, hoping that Raquel would make the choice to actually follow him rather than simply ditch him. Should Raquel actually follow him, the two would find their way to a small ramen shop in one of the thinner streets, only a few turns away from the alley they were currently in. "After you." Zane requested of Raquel (should she still even be with him) figuring that making her open the door would be a good (and extremely petty) way of tormenting her for the previous misdeeds she had committed upon him.

#7Venus Rosé 

Fairies & Roses [Zane] Empty on Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:45 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The day couldn’t get any worse, with bounty hunters chasing down for her head (or her ass even) and with this idiotic buffoon disguised as a human, who couldn’t take a hint that she clearly had no time for this silly argument. Despite nearly blowing her own cover, the stranger was so gullible, or rather – very dense – that he didn’t notice Venus was truly no Raquel, but it seemed the wonders of her spell had completely fooled the wits out of this man. Not only was he naïve, he even had the audacity to make the entire situation a romantic gesture when she compelled her from his position as though she was moving a checker to another square. Venus couldn’t resist rolling her eyes as she escaped from the crowds into an alley, muttering irritably under her breath, ”Bloody idiot.”

When the blonde pointed out something about someone looking for him, the woman instinctively looked around and saw the same men wandering through the streets, possibly still hunting for her. At the very least, she bought herself some time through her disguise and hiding out herself in an extremely shady alley, where people might be under the impression that they were doing some form of inappropriate misdeed in public if they saw them. The woman was fidgety, unable to stand still as she paced back and forth while the stranger flipped through his notebook. He didn’t know who she was, nor did she know of his identity, but she figured she could use this to her advantage. So far, the man had been fooled from her disguise, thinking that she was Raquel, a former acquaintance of him it seems, which meant that he would technically go out of her way to help her and it only required her to keep up with this acting until she was assured of her own safety.

Venus remained silent whilst he gathered some information from his notebook and followed his lead into what he called a ‘soup place’ and he was still adamant about receiving that apology from her. The duo eventually arrived at what she would assume a ramen shop, located in the hidden and smaller streets that away from public view. Oblivious to his petty way of tormenting her, Venus pushed the door open tiny restaurant, cozy and comfortable enough for her to let her guard down a little.

The Siren glanced around the place, familiarizing herself with the environment before settling herself at a vacant table. The shop wasn’t filled with that many customers either, perhaps due to its hidden location. The saying goes – the rarer the better – so she was hoping that they would have some amazing food. ”This place seems like a great find,” she began, starting a light conversation although the situation that they’d involved themselves prior still hung above her head like a dark cloud.

”Since we’re already here, I might as well just tell you the truth.”

It was almost as though she was admitting to a confession; she was nervous about revealing her identity and apprehensive at the same time, that this stranger would suddenly hand her over to the bounty hunters after recognizing her and take the prize for himself. ”Those men you saw earlier – they’re bounty hunters, and they’re after my head.” She made sure to whisper, leaning slightly over the table as she did so. ”I’m not Raquel, I’m just using her appearance as a disguise to escape from them.” The woman sank back into her seat, heaving out a long sigh as if the burden was lifted from her shoulders. ”So, stop trying to get an apology from me.”

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