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Underground Associates [NQ | Venus]

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#1Odin † 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Tue Aug 11, 2020 5:52 am

Odin †

Lucas was sitting on a bench on one of the numerous side streets in Hosenka, awaiting the arrival of another. He was tense. The actual meeting point for both the mage and whoever was joining him was actually a few benches further down on the other side of the road, currently empty, but the former fairy tail mage had a good view of the location from where he was. The street had some footfall, but not so busy as to block his view for more than only a moment at any time. From here, as he sat reading a book on the history of the Illumin faith, his eyes could glance up at the bench, never betraying his intentions but allowing him to keep watch. After all, he had no idea who was joining him.

The reason for his tense demeanour (and all the theatrics that he was currently undertaking to stay hidden) was because of the note he had received earlier that morning. For all intents and purposes, it was a simple note asking for him to complete a request with the assistance of another. In any other town, it wouldn't be an issue whatsoever, but Hosenka wasn't like any other town. The specifics of the quest specified the name of a crime boss, a man who apparently went by the name 'Lucifer'. Hence the tension. Odin couldn't work out if this was some sick joke from someone who had known him in a previous life, or an attempt for the authorities to bring him out of hiding and arrest him.

He hadn't even considered the possibility that, perhaps, this was just someone with a request to deal with a crime lord who had heard of a powerful mage in town who could be of use. Being paranoid is what had kept Odin alive all these years -well, that and being immortal- and he wasn't planning on changing that any time soon. All he could do, for now, was wait until someone sat on that bench and, depending on who it was, he would act. Thankfully, with a book in his hand and a magical ring on his finger, no one thought anything of him. He was simply an elderly man who was reading a book on one of the streets of Hosenka during a beautiful day.


#2Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:40 am

Venus Rosé

This was one of her days where Venus was careful and precise with every single thing she did, from pouring the exact amount of coffee into her cup to counting the number of steps she has to take down the stairs to the entrance of the inn. It was only a few hours before her assignment began, which was to assassinate a powerful crime lord in town. Despite the appearance of a vibrant, liveable city, who would have thought that there would be illegal doings in the city that she considered the utmost beautiful? The Siren had gathered all the information that she needed about her target prior to this day, achieved by visiting the shadiest places that existed in town and listening to the rumours. Venus had even gone through the trouble of tracking down his location to predict the danger she should be expecting in doing this request, the possible number of reinforcements that could arrive, and the like.

It was a habit of hers to go all out in assignments like these, especially when her life hung on the line as well. She couldn’t risk getting caught in the midst of her work – she might be better off dead rather than locked up in prison. ”Locked and loaded.” She nodded at herself, patted down her body to confirm that she had all her equipment worn. ”Go all out or go home.” With that, she departed the building and travelled to the destination where she was supposed to meet another Fiorian wizard that was assigned to work alongside with her.

The Siren exhausted a sigh out of her lips, she preferred working alone in missions like these, especially when she wasn’t sure whether or not she would coordinate well with the person but nonetheless, she didn’t have any other choice at this point but to go along with the specifications of her client.

”Lucas, is it?” she approached a middle-aged man seated by the bench, flipping through the pages of the book while waiting for her to show up, she assumed. ”Venus.” She quickly exchanged the pleasantries, without needing to stress further. It was only then her vampiric eye began to work wonders on this stranger she’d just met and his true appearance would be revealed. ”Well, well, look at this surprise.” A wicked grin masked upon the line of her lips. ”I wasn’t told I’d be working together with a Lich.”

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#3Odin † 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 1:08 am

Odin †

A beautiful, red haired woman approached Lucas, calling him by his name as it was revealed that she was the other mage called on for this job. There was a mild sigh of relief as the man didn't recognise her at all, suggesting the validity of this request. Perhaps he'd been lucky, and all this 'Lucifer' business was just a really unfortunate coincidence. Sticking out a hand by way of greeting, Lucas smiled and spoke, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Venus. I look forward to working with you today." Now that it seemed he was safe from discovery, Lucas was more relaxed, happy to speak to Venus and tell her about himself, as well as learn about her. After all, they were to be working together.

Her next words chilled Lucas, and Odin, to the bone. The only kind of fear possible for a Lich to experience. His eyes quickly darted around, wondering if anyone had heard Venus' exchange and, when he knew he was safe, he scanned the woman once more, looking for any sign that revealed how she could know. She hadn't noticed before, it had 'switched on' and allowed her to see through. It was then that he noticed her eyes. Much like Odin, with his copy eye, she too had one that was a different colour. Perhaps it also came with power, and wasn't simply the condition known as heterochromia. Perhaps her power, unlike copying spells, was true sight: the ability to see through illusions, which would explain her knowledge of the Lich.

It was only when Lucas started speaking to her that he realised, to his dismay, that he hadn't even bothered trying to deny it. He hadn't laughed it off as nonsense, he had instantly assumed it was a set up and had sprung to action, no doubt giving away the truth of her previous statement. It seemed unlikely that she had been making it up, especially since one of her eyes figuratively screamed 'I am a magic eye', but it should've been something he had tested first. "You weren't told because you're the first person to have seen through the illusion in public. To the world, I am Lucas, simple human, and that is all you need to know, Venus." Sitting his book down on the bench -he could steal another one if he really wanted and, if he was honest, he wasn't particularly interested in the history of the church that sought his demise- Lucas stood up and smiled, reaching his hand out once more to greet her. If she took it, or not, afterwards it would be time to visit the client, and find out exactly what it was that they would be doing today.


#4Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Sat Aug 22, 2020 7:08 am

Venus Rosé

The fiery red-head smirked. Today is going to be fun, she thought to herself as she shook Lucas’ – or rather, a skeleton’s hand firmly as a form of sharing pleasantries. Exchanging greetings formally wasn’t her thing but today was an exception, simply because a very interesting ally came to be a part of the scheme for the day, and she was surely more than willing to involve herself when such an opportunity came to present itself. ”Pleasure’s mine,” the woman gave him a near lop-sided grin. Perhaps, it was a good thing that she had come to discover his true nature, it would put him to ease and make him feel comfortable working with her, at best.

”I suppose I’m honoured to be your first,” spoke the female, a wicked smirk playing along the lines of her lips as she turned on her heels and began heading for their destination.

The man was a handsome one himself, despite his growing age and the grey-white hair and wrinkles that occupied his features that were once young before. Along their way to the destination, she would fill in some details to her partner that she’d collected prior to their quest. ”I already got some information on our target from the client.” She flipped open the yellow parchment paper kept inside the pocket of her pants and read the notes that she’d jotted down on the page. ”Name’s Diablo. Mafia Boss and also a drug dealer. Spends the majority of his time at gambling halls and was last seen at a brothel.” The features of her face turned sour, almost pretending to gag reading the last bit, but she couldn’t help but grin at the idea that popped into her head at that moment.

Usually her plans of execution were smart and bold, albeit very terrible in terms of danger but with a lich by her side, the entertainment she could have was possibly tripled, which also included the risks. ”You wanna have some fun at a brothel?” The opportunity she had was massive, this would also show her the kind of lich Lucas was and perhaps he might even morph into his true form; a wish that was unlikely to be fulfilled. ”You’re the first Lich I’ve met so far. Am I worthy of your autograph once this is all done?” teased the female, though unconsciously she was serious about it.

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#5Odin † 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Sat Aug 29, 2020 2:42 am

Odin †

She was cheeky, almost flirty, as she spoke to Odin. I guess the Lich had to just count himself lucky that she didn't expose him in front of the general populace. Then again, she'd just look crazy if she tried that, which would've been ideal for the Lich. Looking at her once more as she said she was 'glad to be his first' Lucas realised where he knew her face from. She was the Venus, the Burning Rose of Daeva Eye, the same guild as Kaiser Bo and Nuala who Odin had had the pleasure of meeting in the past. The once frost mage, who now used some kind of crazy strong sword. Her reputation preceded her, and she was famous. That also meant she was not someone Odin could deal with. She was incredibly powerful, and was definitely someone better to have as an ally instead of an enemy. Hell, Daeva Eye was full of far too many of these powerhouse mages, it was becoming difficult to keep track of them all.

She produced a flip book, where she'd written notes that she'd gathered on the target from the client already. Someone seems eager, was all the Lich thought as Lucas listened to her words. Diablo, mafia boss and drug dealer. He didn't seem too impressive, but there must've been a reason they were being paid to take him out. Apparently his last known location was a brothel, which prompted a grin from the woman. Whatever was going on in her head, she had some kind of tricky plan which would no doubt involve Lucas, or even Odin, in ways that he probably wasn't going to enjoy.

"I know the area around the brothel, we can walk into a nearby bar while we plan, since Diablo will likely stay there for a few hours." Standing up, and straightening his jacket, Lucas would chuckle as he started walking in the direction of the bar, one he knew was full of ne'er-do-wells and scoundrels that would make it the best place to plan an assassination. "No can do I'm afraid. Can't have someone running around with any kind of evidence like that. I'm Lucas Wright, Fairy Tail mage. Unless something goes drastically wrong, that's all I am."


#6Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:10 am

Venus Rosé

Venus didn’t like the formality she received when encountering strangers. They were usually so polite, that it made her feel uncomfortable; unlike the persona she has, often sarcastic or was at ease about anything or everything. She presumed it was the disadvantages of the bounty and fame she held and though her renown had its own perks, so far it had proved nothing but a liability to her. The woman pouted when her quest partner refused to reward her with his autograph. If she wasn’t going to get his signature, she might as well make this assignment one hell of an experience; one that she would remember and share the adventurous tales with her random drinking buddies at bars.

”I see, you visit these brothels often, huh?” A playful woman as she was, Venus couldn’t resist teasing the lich upon his remark of knowing his ways around the brothel and it certainly didn’t help that he was such a serious man that she wanted to crack that image of him. ”Fairy Tail – that’s a very bold choice of the guild for a lich to join,” said the fiery redhead, arching a curious brow in an attempt to fill the time with some idle some talk while they head towards the destination.

The bar they had entered was extremely average at best, even the beverages were nothing impressive, after she’d taken a sip from her glass of scotch that she’d ordered the moment she found a vacant table for them. Nonetheless, having something was better than nothing. ”So,” she began, propping her elbows onto the wooden table. ”I kinda have a rough plan that could work for us, but it could also end up really wrong.” She twiddled with her fingers as she thought about the things that could go wrong and that included her either being caught and sent to prison or tortured to death by the mafia gang. The latter was more likely, but neither of the options looked any good to her.

”Here’s what we should do: enter the brothel as guests and get the information on which room Diablo is staying in. He’s bound to be heavily guarded so I’ll disguise myself as one of the escorts and get inside the room while you keep them distracted. Secure the kill and get rid of the rest of the guards.” The huntress laid out her very brief strategy and once she was done, she’d take a good sip of her scotch. It was definitely easier said than done and she wasn’t sure if everything would play out as planned.

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#7Odin † 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Fri Sep 04, 2020 2:04 pm

Odin †

The more Venus spoke, the more Odin came to the understanding that he was gonna have to be more laid back to get through the day. The formalities were no longer necessary. If he were honest, Odin only became the gentleman and stood on ceremony when portraying the face of Lucas. Even though he was still using that body, there was no reason that he had to use the personality of Lucas when talking to Venus. After all, that personality wasn't him, it was simply a facade, and sometimes it could be damn exhausting to keep it up.

"Alright you got me. But it's not really like someone in my position goes to the brothels for the same reason as most clients. It's a good place to learn more about shady individuals, and sometimes they have the best booze in the city." Making conversation was great, but Odin had to make sure he didn't give anything about himself away. Currently, Venus was at a disadvantage. Odin knew a lot about her, but she didn't know as much about the wizard lord. Perhaps she could put the title and Lich together to recognise his name, but that still wouldn't give her as much. She'd have no idea about his magical abilities, or anything to that extent. Best to keep it that way. "Well, if I'm going to do it to anyone, why not go all out and do it to the fairies. Although, seems likely I won't be heading back there any time soon." A sigh mixed in with a chuckle, if that were even possible, escaped the man's lips. It was the cruel irony of the world. He'd never admit it, but playing the role of a good guy had been fun, a nice breath of fresh air. But it was simply a role to fill, one set out by his goddess, by HER.

When they reached the bar, Venus ordering a scotch and Odin sticking to habit with a bottle of red wine and a glass to pour, the latter would listen to the 'plan' that the former was suggesting. It was, for the most part, not a bad plan. Infiltrate the establishment, find the target, and then get into his room using Venus' womanly charms while Odin distracted the guards. Then just kill them all, a classic plan to put it mildly. There was just one issue. "If you were anyone else, then perhaps that would be a perfect plan. However, and I mean this in the nicest way, you stick out like a sore thumb. Your bright red hair is already a big 'look at me' signal to anyone nearby, and that's ignoring the fact that you're basically famous. They'd recognise you instantly, or at least quickly enough to ruin us." Pausing for a moment, Odin took a drink to think about an alternative plan they could employ, "How about we use that though? Suggest you're here to make a deal with him. Your reputation should at least garner some interest and, if we're lucky, get us through the door. I can be your entourage, hell I could be your sex slave given what we're walking into." Chuckling at the idea of walking around a brothel in his underwear, concealing one impressive, if illusory, piece of genitalia, Odin would take another few sips.

This was not how he'd expected today to go.


#8Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Sun Sep 06, 2020 6:35 am

Venus Rosé

"Word,” spoke the huntress, cocking her head slightly with her brows perched upwards. Venus didn’t visit brothels often, although she did have the experience of being there a number of times, which was to hunt down her targets – naturally – without looking suspicious by using her womanly charms. Of course, it worked every single time because men were perverts and only did their thinking with their ‘little man’ down there. But, that was when she was working as an assassin within the shadows, known by no one. The tides have changed now and just as Odin mentioned, the Siren stood out like a sore thumb given her flashy appearance and especially with her reputation, she would already been noticed at a glance.

”Aright, fine.” The woman heaved out a sigh of frustration and sank back into her seat, folding her arms across her chest. Venus listened to Odin’s suggestion of their newly found plan while she finished up her glass of scotch and nodded. ”Think it could work.” A wicked grin danced along the line of her lips. ”Sex slave sounds better.”

The woman rolled the jewels over the table, which was more than enough to pay for the drinks that they had ordered and stood up to prepare for their commencement of the assassination. She adjusted her cloak as her hand reached down to her thighs to confirm that her daggers were strapped onto her legs. Usually the huntress carried her flaming sword, her signature weapon that she carried around with her at all times like her own child, but the just like her appearance, the blade was too eye-catching and she didn’t want unnecessary attention specifically on an assignment like this, so she resorted into wielding her trusty daggers instead. It would do the job well enough, anyhow.

The brothel was filled with women, no doubt, naked and stripped walking around flashing their womanly assets like there was no tomorrow and Venus raised an eyebrow at how straightforward the place was. The woman quietly nudged at her quest partner and whispered, ”You’ve got to strip if you’re going to act as my sex slave.” A small smirk emerged onto her lips and once he was done, she’d tie his hands with the belt that she’d obtained from a man at the bar at knifepoint to fully engross into acting. Approached by the one of the maidens, she began, ”I’d like to use your services. I don’t need your whores. I have my escort. Just give me a room.” She slowly turned to introduce her ‘sex slave’ without breaking eye contact with the woman.

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#9Odin † 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:37 pm

Odin †

No surprise to Odin, the relaxed Venus was more than up for the idea of having an elderly sex slave and go along with his plan. Perhaps it was the idea of Odin having to change his act from the old gentleman to a bondage slave, but either way they now had an agreed upon plan to get into, and eliminate, Diablo. Rolling his eyes and running two fingers through his moustache, Odin gave a menacing grin and finished his drink, just in time for Venus to pay for the both of them. Even if he played the role of the gentleman whenever anyone was around him, he wasn't going to say anything if she wished to pay for their drinks. After all, she knew he wasn't Lucas, so there was no reason to keep it up. Instead, he might as well have fun with this unique situation he had found himself in.

As they entered the brothel, Odin took all his orders from Venus, as would be proper. He removed his cloak, his shirt, and even his gauntlet as he stripped down to his underwear. He handed his clothes, weapon included, to the front desk as Venus was talking to a maiden, and even accepted a pair of complimentary handcuffs as their room was ordered and sorted. The maiden led Venus and Odin to the room, and the elderly man would simply follow his mistress, his head held low as he obeyed her commands.

Odin simply needed to wait now. Perhaps they would gain access to Diablo's room, which would give them the ability to take him out silently. Or maybe Venus would require some kind of distraction, regardless Odin had his role to play, and he would play it splendidly.


#10Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:27 am

Venus Rosé

Venus would let Odin do his deed; stripping himself down to his underwear, which wasn’t to do anything appropriate (obviously) but rather for the sake of their assignment, while she occupied herself with a light conversation with the maiden at the brothel before they were led into the room. Along the way, her eyes were peeled for any suspicious activity, more so, to look out for any familiar faces that might bring her to Diablo. As they turned into the corner, they passed by a room with guards standing firmly right outside, some loitering around the area as if it were their own place. She had to admit that the amount of security in the place was excessive for merely just one person that it only proved to her that this Diablo person was quite an important figure in the underworld.

The woman stopped right in front of the room, overhearing the loud giggles of young girls through the door. Their room was located just a few spaces down Diablo’s and before they reached, Venus quickly dismissed the young lady and headed towards her target’s room. The blunt edge of the dagger strapped to her thighs prodded her skin as she walked; the weapon ready to put to use for her assignment. Having her path obstructed by Diablo’s security men, Venus indicated clearly to the men that she was only here to strike a deal with the mafia boss – a random excuse she’d come up with using the suggestion that Lucas gave her earlier.

Unsure with her reason, the guards confirmed with the men inside the room and finally, the door was opened before them, letting them inside. Here we go. The woman thought to herself, sighing out of relief under the impression that Diablo had bought their ridiculous excuse.

”Well, well, isn’t this the Daeva Eye’s Burning Rose? Coincidence running into you at a brothel out of all places,” greeted a middle-aged bearded man, leaning back in his seat with escorts laying on each side of his arm.

The woman nearly scoffed.

”A deal from a woman yourself, now what could that be?”

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#11Odin † 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:33 am

Odin †

Walking around, looking more naked than he felt due to the powers of his ring, Odin followed behind Venus, acting as if he was her thrall, and she was his Goddess. Of course, that was utter nonsense, as Venus couldn't come close to even comprehend the beauty and power of HER but, for the purposes of the request, this was what they had to do. The both followed the maiden up to their room, noting the guards standing outside the room that could only belong to Diablo himself. Between the two guards at the door itself, and the rest all hanging around the brothel, either drinking or fucking themselves into a frenzy, it was clear that Diablo was important, but also that his men were unorganised. They held no specific loyalty to their boss, otherwise they wouldn't be enjoying themselves so feverishly. Provided they survived the day, Odin hoped that they would learn from this mistake and better protect their employer in the future.

Provided they survived the day.

Venus didn't waste time in walking towards Diablo's room, revealing who she was to the guards so as to gain entry and 'make a deal'. After a few moments, the door swung open and the two were led into the master room by even more guards. Inside there were perhaps five more guards, four women and, between the women, a bearded man who could've only been Diablo. He spoke with the arrogance of a man who had used other men to get what he wanted for years, having manipulated but rarely getting his hands dirty. He welcomed the 'Burning Rose' of Daeva Eye, causing a light scoff to come from Odin. He was promptly punched by one of the guards, who presumed the laugh was directed at his boss and not at Venus' title.

Ignoring the conversation between Venus and Diablo at this time, allowing them to do whatever kind of deal they desired, Odin looked at the guard, who simply laughed at the old man in his underwear, thinking there was nothing he could do and punching him again. That was the last straw.

Odin may not have had any of his weapons on him, but that didn't mean that he was powerless. He smiled at the man, the kindest smile one could give before murdering someone, and removed his ring. His flesh melted away, revealing the beautiful white of his bones as he grew. The scene was revolting, as the human being morphed into the Lich. In the time it took the guard to realise his mistake, Odin had gripped the man's neck, and had removed his spine through his throat. He was dead in an instant, and the other guards soon followed. Odin let the women run out, and left some for Venus herself should she wish. He disposed of any guards left to him quickly and, with their mission completed, Odin would collect his reward, ignoring the screams and horror around him as his bounty was increased. His name was out there, maybe it was time to throw away the ring?



#12Venus Rosé 

Underground Associates [NQ | Venus] Empty Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:57 pm

Venus Rosé

The duo had put up with this ridiculous acting so far to this point without failure, and though the ending to the scenario was drawing close, Venus couldn’t deny that she had her fun while it lasted. All hell were to break loose the moment they stepped foot inside. Within the shadows of her visage emerged a wicked smirk that grew on the line of her ruby-red lips; a similar shade of her own hair and eyes. The ‘Burning Rose’ – was what she was known as and roses were certainly not roses without thorns. The Siren didn’t bother replying to the question that was directed to her, after all, she was here to make a deal, but Diablo wasn’t aware that it would be one-sided.

With a swift movement of her arm, her black cloak swished past billowing behind her, revealing her exposed thigh together with a small dagger strapped to it. The guards sprang into action but they were too late. The tables were already turned the second they stepped foot inside and not even the numbers would be enough to take the two of them down. She flicked the blade out of its strap, pressing it against the throat of her target before slashing across the skin. The room was instantly painted red while she watched his lifeblood flowed out in slow pulses, each weaker than the one before. The man’s eyes were wide open from shock, tears flooding perhaps from sheer agony, or the embarrassment for having his life ended in this way.

”Shh, it’s alright. This will be over soon,” Venus leaned over to Diablo, whispering the words into his ear while she caressed her fingers gently against his face. She didn’t worry about having their last moment being interrupted, for Lucas wasted not a moment unleashing the unholy side of him as he stood before her entirely bare in bones. The hunter gasped, gazing upon his Lich form in awe, almost a twinkle within her eyes for witnessing such an explicit yet also priceless transformation in front of her. She saw through his disguise the second her eyes landed on him, but it didn’t compare to what she perceived right at that moment.

Of course, the things he did to the guards was unbearable that left Venus recoiled like a little girl. She was vicious but never near as harsh as she was seeing with her bare eyes. Odin – the name was familiar to her eyes and ears, for she’s seen it pasted on the bounty flyers alongside hers, Noel’s and many others. It was only then a pang of nostalgia struck her and she recalled seeing his name on the board, albeit she found it strange that for a man that was as malicious as him, his bounty wasn’t considered big. Perhaps she was a fool and it only made her wonder what other things that he’d done that hasn’t been brought to surface yet. By this time, Diablo was lifeless and dead in her arms, and before her was an art of red, painted by the artist himself, Odin.

”Oh, dear Odin. We’re going to be in so much trouble.”

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