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Cleaning Duties [Q]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Cleaning Duties [Q] Empty Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:22 am

Venus Rosé

”Why…” she began, her nose flaring from anger as held the quest paper shakily in her hand, ”…do I have to do this?”

Cleaning Duties. – the title states, large enough for her eyes to see, located at the top of the yellow parchment paper. Even without reading the description of the quest, Venus could tell this would be one of the most boring quests that she has done in a while, especially when her strength and power could’ve been put to good use but instead, now they were some cleaning duties at some stranger’s office. Without having much of a choice left, the red head left to meet her client who hired her for this silly quest, Weirdlock Jones, at the Crimson Quarter. Meanwhile, she couldn’t help but think that anyone else other than her; other than an X-Rank mage, help him do some ridiculous cleaning job.

The ferocious beauty shook her head while she traversed through the busy roads, the expressions on her face might have looked intimidating perhaps, that people would glance at her direction, walking at a distance away from her and the like. The enormous bounty on her head didn’t help with the curious gazes either albeit, she had tried her best to cover up as much as she could so as to not stand out too much within crowds, especially her red hair.

The journey to the Crimson Quarter was shorter than she’d expected and with some proof that she was truly here to help Weirdlock with his tedious quest, she was permitted inside by some security guards. Since he was a detective, it was rather apparent that he would have guards for his own protection, naturally. Hesitant knocks resounded against the wooden door before she opened it ajar, only to find out that there was no one inside the office other than the piles of books and the mess left behind.

”Oh, lovely.”

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#2Venus Rosé 

Cleaning Duties [Q] Empty Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:12 am

Venus Rosé

There she was, dumbfounded in her client’s room who was nowhere to be found, at least not in this mess but her job wasn’t to find where Weirdlock was. So, the faster she finishes her work, the sooner she’ll be able to get out of this place that resembled a garbage can. For the sake of hygienic purposes, Venus had stopped by a convenience store along the way and bought some gloves so that she can do her job properly without being held back by disgust. Looking at the mess before her very own eyes, the hunter didn’t even know where she should begin cleaning. By the furthest point of the room was Weirdlock’s office table and though the piles of papers towered so much that they almost fell over, she decided to start from that point, slowly moving to the end of the room.

”Here we go,” she began as a form of motivation for herself and cracked her knuckles to get the work started. It was mostly just clearing out the paperwork and honestly, she didn’t care whether they were important or not, there were two options she could do with all of these; stack them neatly onto a pile or toss all of them into the paper shredder. With the little patience she had, you can say she had half of them sent into the shredder so if Weirdlock returned questioning where some of her missing paperwork was, that’s where it would be.

Over the ground were more paperwork and books, accompanied by bowls of noodles, some with leftover rice that was already starting to rot. ”Ew, gross.” She scrunched up her nose and tossed all of the plastic bowls into the bag that she’d found from the pile of mess. Two hours later, the mess was considerably cleaned and done other than the large pile of books at the other end of the corner. She grunted and stretched her back from having her back bent over for such a long time. Venus was never the proper housewife and possibly could never be one, but for the first time, she felt accomplished for doing the job well. Out of nowhere, the pile of books came tumbling down and a mop of purple hair popped out of the stack of books.

It ought to be Weirdlock because the person looked just as weird as his name. ”Oh, you finished it. Sorry, I must’ve passed out.” While she finished the rest of the cleaning, Weirdlock kept her occupied by filling her on the details with the case he was working on. Even though she was no detective, at the very least she was prevented from dying of boredom and once she was done, she’d be heftily rewarded for her hard work.

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