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Basic Duties || Kyorari

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#1Kyorari Yotsujiki 

Basic Duties || Kyorari Empty Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:39 pm

Kyorari Yotsujiki
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It's been a busy evening today in hargeon, and the day has just got even busier as of recently. The authorities kept themselves occupied with the nuisances. Not a second to waste as, one after another. A series of tickets flooded the streets, reminding folks not to indulge in bad behavior. Tickets are like a slap in the wrist, against minor offences. While, it is a drag to witness the eyes of people doing whatever they want. How Kyorari views it, is based on freedom. There's always a set limit to how much freedom an individual possesses. Abusing that right, will produce unwanted results. Today in hargeon, Kyorari had the opportunity to aid in the officers efforts to teach some kids a lesson.

As a wizard starting out, Kyorari would receive the opportunity to seek out work. Purely for the sake of reeling in cash. However, she isn't those kinds of individuals who would do things for money in a dangerous fashion. Instead, Kyorari goes through cautious methods in obtaining money. "Oh, hey. I was expecting you to be here. You're a wizard right? The names Kenji! I really am glad you were able to make it." The officer with teeth reminiscing of a shark, held a bright smile. He looked like he had needed an extra pair of hands. "You see, things have been getting pretty busy around here as of late.

The higher ups aren't taking things too lightly. But, that's when you show up. There's these kids that's been spraying graffiti throughout hargeon. I'm requesting you to do this biiiiiig solid for me, and if you get the job done...well, you already know." The crimson haired officer who's name is Kenji, finished explaining the content of Kyorari's new job. "Children, huh?" Kyorari let out a small chuckle. "While, I am pretty new at this. It shouldnt be too hard." Kyorari had an assuring attitude behind her words. "But at the sametime, kids these days know how to be....strange." Kyorari lifted her right hand, as the young sorceress rubbed the right hand against her left shoulder. Kyorari isn't familiar with children so, she experienced a sensation of uncertainty.

"Tell me about it. But, hey! Don't sweat it, kid. I know you'll do a good job out there!" Kenji was attempting to boost the sorceress lack of spirit. The attempt is worth making, as Kyorari had a feeling that, her task may end up poorly. "By the way, where were they last sighted?" Kyorari stared at Kenji with a curious expression. "Not too far from here, they like to hang out at the back alleys. But, be careful not to get wet." Kenji joked before waving the girl off. "Alright, to the alleys." Her sight of the shark tooth officer disappears, as he had wandered off to patrol the business of hargeon. Kyorari never would've guessed people's ideas to hang out in alleys. She always thought that, many lowkey activities go around there. But, with officers rolling around. There shouldn't be too much shady stuff going on.

The smell of graffiti freshly drawn on a boat, had filled their noses. "Hahaha, I never knew how fun this is." An adolescent boy, spun the spray can around with a satisfying grin on his face. "How many is that so far? Asked the miniature blue haired kid. They were just about finished, touching up their newly painted design. They were certain that, the adults would be hella pissed about their boats being used as experiments for their art work. "I don't know, but we bet get going. Don't want to get spotted." He shook the can to see if there is anymore left to lay waste on this city. Just as he was about to declare that, it had ran out. A shadow had obscured the sun.

The shadow belonged to none other than Kyorari. The third youngling, frightened but the sudden appearance of a random girl. "Huh?" The leader of the fact began to turn his head, and screamed after seeing the skull on Kyorari's dress. "The grim reaper is real! It's out to kill us!" The adolescent blurted out. They were freaked out by the odd designs of Kyorari's outfit. Declaring her to be some kind of grim reaper. "Ouch!" Kyorari was stunned by a brief assault of an empty can of graffiti. It was their attempt of escape. "Don't take our souls you freak! We're only children. We're sorry for spraying graffiti everywhere don't hurt us!" Their teeths chattering together, like fingers collectively tapping on a wooden desk. Before, Kyorari had realized it. The kids who were terrorizing property, had been scared off. Kyorari wasn't able to respond, thanks to the throbing headache from the graffiti. "Bahahaha, that oughta teach em a lesson!"

A rough sounding voice came from behind the petite blonde. "I'm not sure if that's what you were attended to do, but you scared the living shits out of them." The man said joyfully. "I wasn't expecting something like that to happen." Kyorari rubbed her head, as the young sorceress turned to face the man. "Well, I'm sure you were set out to handle those punks. They've been nothing but trouble, but after realizing ur freaky lil get up. I'm certin` they won't do anything bad again." The older looking man gave off a relaxing sigh. "Well...i guess i should report this back to Officer Kenji then" Kyorari declared as she began to wave off, and searched for the shark tooth officer. "So, how'd it go?" As soon as Kyorari laid sight on him, he had noticed the painful expression on her face. "I guess i scared them off with this" Kyorari pointed at the golden skull on her dress. "Oh, yea? Well, better watch out. They might mess around and stir up a rumor about you. Well, anyway at least you did something to take care of it for me. Thanks!"

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