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Homecoming [Kyorari]

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Homecoming [Kyorari] Empty Wed Aug 05, 2020 7:43 pm


It had been quite sometime since Manzo had visited the guild hall he had once called home. A few years at least. The white wolf couldn't put off a visit forever. Being on of the leaders of the guild and all that. It was in the deal that made him an Ace that he had to visit once and a while. As he walked up the steps of the guild hall a flurry of memories rushed through his mind.

The first time he set foot in this place was a cool fifteen years prior. So much had changed since then. But, a lot had also stayed the same. One thing he had going for him, was the none of the newer members of the guild aside from Liana knew who he was. So there was likely to not be a big fuss over his return. Which meant he could settle back in at his own pace.

Placing one hand upon the door, he pushed it open. Crossing through the threshold he could only thing of one thing. "Home, sweet home." Perhaps he would make this a longer stay than he originally thought. The site of new members going about their business with the friends that had made was certainly a pleasant one.

#2Kyorari Yotsujiki 

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Kyorari Yotsujiki
The Blue Pegasus guild is now within the blonde girls reach. The time to experience a new chapter of her journey is about to begin. Kyorari was focused on putting up a worthy first impression. She's prepared to face whatever that's, behind those doors. There had been one thing that, she isn't prepared for. It's the feeling of finding a new home. The young blonde wasn't too thrilled about searching for a replacement. Ever since the incident several years ago, the day it happened had delayed those feelings. The feeling of knowing there's a chance to be accepted into a group of strangers. The idea of having random people one could potentially call a family, never sat well with her.

It would mean that, Kyorari had to put forth the effort to feel comfortable, in this new environment. Kyorari's amber eyes, lingered their sight onto the set of doors. She stood there, like a street sign. No sudden movements were made, it's as though she was waiting for some type of greeting. But, instead she felt the need to supress the feelings that's been bothering her since, the moment Kyorari had discovered this guild. "Will there be too many people? I don't want to look like a complete mess. How should i greet myself?" Kyorari had muttered to herself on how to be approachable, and presentable. However, while Kyorari had been standing in front of the entrance for a few minutes now. She hadn't considered in staying for too long. Kyorari isn't the type to hang around and be someone's buddy. Despite being broke and a lost cause. Kyorari had the looks of a wealthy figure, but at the same time, she looked like a girl who would fit to be a mascot for the underworld. Not to mention, Kyorari lacked a pair of pants. Her legs were bare, with only a single stocking covering the left side of her leg.

She wore a purple cape that, covered the shoulders. A noticeable detail is the golden skull in the middle of her black dress. The skull seemed to be tied to the cape; which it had kept itself from having her to hold the cape together. "I shouldn't keep them waiting for too long" with that out of the way, Kyorari pressed onward into a new world. Her hands laid waste to the doors, and once Kyorari had opened them. She would find herself inside of the Blue Pegasus guild hall. Kyorari held a brooding expression on her face, just as the blonde girl made way into the guild hall. She wasn't sure if anyone is expecting a new member. The sound of her heels, clicked and clacked across the the hall. She haulted, before anchoring the blondes eyes at a male figure. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything...ummmm..." A sweat dropped from the side of her face, just as she began to make herself feel noticeable. Kyorari wasn't sure who the man is.

"Could you perhaps be, the one I'm looking for? I mean, the leader...Not like that!" Kyorari hurried and pulled the purple hood from the cape, concealing the embarrassment that can be read by, the redness of her face. Kyorari had hoped that, the man hadn't misunderstood what the young girl said. "This is stupid, I should've never came! What use would i be in a place like this." Kyorari whispered frustratingly at herself. She didn't feel like the young blonde would be of much use to them. Kyorari had no talent to speak of, nor any offerings to give. She felt like a useless, lost kitten underneath a cardboard box on a rainy day. Kyorari felt frustrated that, she wouldn't be able measure up with the rest.

The short blonde, shifted her body, allowing for male figure to view from behind the girl, as Kyorari had a hood over her head. In order to conceal the feelings written on her face. She wasn't expecting to stay for long, as she had more concerning matters to attend to. But, at the moment the young blonde has not an ounce of experience with magic. The goals she set out to attempt at achieving them, would end up being a waste of time. If her body and spirit isn't, ampt up to par with some of the most talented wizards across the land. Kyorari can kiss those wishes good bye. She needed their help, but the young blonde couldn't muster up the ability to ask. "I heard much about you, and i-i was wondering if I could....Be apart of your guild." Kyorari's voice is gentle and silent, but enough to be heard.


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The silence Manzo had enjoyed was broken. Broken by a petite blonde no less. What was it with blondes lately, it was as if he was a magnet to them. But it would seem that this was in the business of blurting out the first thing that came to her mind. The marker of a young one. Which was fine, in the grand scheme of things we all had to start somewhere. Nothing that couldn't be corrected with a bit more life experience.

"I'll save you the trouble of finding new was to embarrass yourself. I'm the Ace, the mistress isn't with us at the moment." He said with a chuckle. This girl seemed like someone who was dragged in with the rest of the stray cats in the city. But there was nothing wrong with that.

"Before we continue this little heart to heart. I'm gonna have to ask that you turn to face me. As well as look me in the eye. I don't typically make conversation with the back of someone's head." He said with a small smile.

In the moments after exchanging those words with her, he would reach into his pocket and pull a cigar case from it. It was truly as if nothing had changed around here. The young ones were as awkward as always. He slowly and methodically opened the case and put a cigarillo to his lips.

With a quick snap of the fingers he lit it. Taking a draw off of it and exhaling the smoke through his nostrils.

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Kyorari Yotsujiki
The man who the young blonde had turn her back on, didn't seem all to bad of a person. From her perspective, the silver haired male appeared to Kyorari as laid back, as the sorceress could've guessed. "You're the ace?" The young girl repeated, before she would pull the purple hood down from where it had rested. While, the absence of a leader isn't to be expected. Considering how busy the head of this guild would be. Kyorari had an ounce of patience to wait, but the ace is more than enough. "When do you think she'll be able to return?" Kyorari had asked, while standing and awaiting an answer.

"Your presence is more than enough i assure you, i did mean what i say--about waiting to meet you of course." Her voice had began to shift into a more calm, and familiar one. The sorcerers wasn't held hostage by her own nervousness anymore. There is a desire to be recognized as a figure to be acknowledged. But, someone like the man before the petite blonde. It would take more to impress him.

"I can't believe i made a fool of myself! Kyorari had a dissapointing look, as the sorceress eyes anchored towards the floors of the guild hall, before shifting them back to meet the male's eyes. "What you did just a second ago, was that magic?" Kyorari's eyes had witnessed something odd. The way he had lit up his cigar, didn't pin on the idea of normal. It could've been magic, or perhaps some kind of illusion that, appeared to be magic. Like a magician trying to convince a crowd of normal bystanders that, it's real magic and not some trick to reel in cash.


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"Yeah that was my magic." She was as green as they came. Impressed by the simplest of things. Which was adorable in it's own right to be completely honest. It had been such a long while since someone had been that amazed by something so simple. Though he'd venture to wager that if he spent more time in the hall, he would have moments like this far more often. But every once and while was enough for him. It would probably get more than a little boring, or even somewhat annoying.

"There are those who can manipulate magic, and those who are the magic themselves. It comes from within. I am the second." It was not as simple as he made it seem but, for someone just learning he would not overwhelm her right away with all the knowledge that came with being a sorcerer.

"I am what is known as a god slayer." He said with a smile as black lightening crackled all around him. A small demonstration for the young one. Perhaps this would spark her curiosity more, there was nothing better in this world than an excited student.

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Kyorari Yotsujiki
The girl couldn't help but recieve a bit of enthusiasm from a viewing a skillful mage. The trick is what made it look interesting, and as someone who doesn't get the basics yet. One should expect a certain level of excitement, though Kyorari didn't recieve a level of excitement akin to that of a child at a birthday party. The sorcerers held off any traces of possessing a childish side. Kyorari remained level headed, just too curious about a simple gimmick. "Magic....from within? I-im not quite sure what you mean. Is it like a spiritual practice of sorts? Perhaps you need to meditate more to achieve magic or something?" The way he had said that, it's something from within. It would have to imply that, Kyorari would be requested to figure out more as to what she wants. In a spiritual sense rather than, in a literal sense. However, she's clueless against the entire picture.

"Huh? God slayer?! Is that some sort of fancy title that you won at a tournament?" Her mind had went off the grid, once the phrase; God Slayer casually slipped out of his tongue. The way that, this man referred to himself as, sounded foreign. A term that, the young sorceress had never heard of before. "Explain!" Kyorari directed an index finger from the girl's right hand where the man stood. The amber colored eyes from the young girl, stared as if she's awaiting an answer from him. The sorcerers had a rather curious expression, there's alot she wishes to know. In order to factor in a particular role to fullfill, and prepare herself for future possibilities. Kyorari sensed a desire to learn from a man who has yet to say his name. As well as to know about the rest of fiore. What is a God Slayer? And What does it take to become one. Kyorari had figured that, even if those questions were to be answered. And depending on what type of answers she'll receive, if it's some sort of high rank blessed by the gods. Then a future so bright, would be nothing more than an illusion to the young sorceress.


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It would seem she was as green as he thought she was. But thankfully she was the inquisitive type. "God Slayer, is a type of magic. An ancient one at that." He said whilst taking another drag from his cigar. Now how to go about truly showing her what all this means, that would be a task in and of itself.

"God Slayer magic was given to the people of this land to do one thing. Kill deities. I am the current master of darkness and lightening magic.I happened upon an ancient tome when I was much younger, and it was instilled into my mind."
He said as he inhaled upon his cigar once more. A tad bit concerned that he was indeed going over her head just a bit. Of course there was yet another simpler way to get her to understand. But that's only if she had an aptitude for casting spells at this point. Those odds are quite slim just given her reactions to his explanations so far.

"One other way to show that someone is a god slayer, is by a marking on their body." He took his robe off of one shoulder to reveal the scarred body underneath as well as pentagram on his left pectoral with demonic etchings in it.

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Kyorari Yotsujiki
It had been a long time since, the sorcerers had first learned of something she grasp no awareness about. There's still much to explore, and with the ability to set out and accumulate the wonders of a land filled with possibilities. It wouldn't take the girl an insane amount of time to establish a name. A sorcerers who knew little about, desired to understand everything. The first step is to understand more about magic and it's qualities. However, the idea of an ancient magic piqued her interest. It had done so by, implanting a sense to explore the idea of an ancient magic. An opportunity to possibly one day possess such a magic lost in time. Though, what a young sorcerers didn't know is the amount of training and dedication. Kyorari had no idea if someone like her, has the chance to reach a height as divine as his magic. The sorcerers couldn't help but have a sense of excitement come creeping up on her, like a serial killer to his prey at the dead of night. It gave her goose bumps thinking about an ancient magic.

There's a trace of wonder and anticipation as she awaited more information to flow inside of the girl. But one aspect of what he explained, didn't quite compute. "Why does it have to explicitly kill gods? Are they all that bad?" Kyorari sounded like a child being told a bed time story, the girl felt a bit emberassed to have asked such a question. Kyorari used her right head to press against the girls face. "Nevermind..." Just as she was feeling defeated by her own emberassment. Kyorari felt attracted by the word darkness that, escaped from his mouth. "Master of darkness, huh? Well, luckily you're staring at someone who is training to become a wielder of darkness. Though, I've yet to properly control or even use my power." Kyorari sensed proudness as the sorcerers had announced one of her traits as a mage. The sorcerers had her amber eyes scanning across the guild hall. "By the way, who's the strongest of the guild? Besides you and the guild master...You guys don't count." Kyorari noticed that it had been only them within the halls and no one else. She's never been a fan of quiet places, even though the sound of him puffing out smoke gave some sort of life to an ambient place.


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"Darkness is one of the more versatile elements one could be blessed with in all honesty. But it does require a bit of a level head." He said with a chuckle, knowing all too well what kind of trouble he got into with such magic back in the early days of his youth. Couldn't quite get anything to come out right. But that was due to his lack of patience. Patience was indeed one of the very most important things to master when pursuing a life in magic.

But of course that would come later, she said she could not even master conjuring her magic at this point. So her focus and concentration were what needed to be worked on the most it would seem. That would have to wait another day. She was full of questions and it didn't seem he could afford not answering them all as quickly as they came. "To be completely honest, not all God's are benevolent, and not all demons are malevolent. Weird I know, but that's how it goes. These slayer magics are here to keep them all in check." Now as far as who was the strongest in the guild, that was a subject he wasn't touching with a ten foot pole. Not now, not ever, too many fragile egos.

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Kyorari Yotsujiki
"In regards to ancient magic, how does one obtain it. Do you have to go through a certain trial?" She began to take notice once the sorceress eyes had gaze into his markings. It's certainly not a type of fate to be trifled with. A hand rested on the girls chin, as the sorceress began to ponder. A tomb, huh? She would wonder if that, tomb would still be around. Maybe one day she can check it out, see if the tomb around where he was, kept any treasure. Though, the sorceress had second thoughts on it. It would be a drag if she were to be caught by the law for tomb robbing. Besides, the girl had a policy; to never rob from someone. However, as a treasure hunter, some rules has to be compromised. In order to reestablish the family name, the girl desired to acquire all the money. Even, the money that was stolen from her.

"What made you decide in going through the risk of obtaining it? Is it for a loved one? To prove your worth? Where you weak to the point where you needed a power boost to rival that of a supreme diety?" There's a lot to put into thoughts, in order to form a conclusion. It is nice to know about different deities, as a majority of them aren't all bad. Even a demon that's born from a nagitive point of view, has to possess some positive qualities. The girl feared that, even with such a powerful magic. It shouldn't take a diety much effort to swat a useless mortal out of its domain. As if they were mere flies, buzzing about while discovering new a understanding about themselves.

The sorcerers held curiosity in her eyes, just before realizing that, Kyorari had been wasting his time by giving him too many questions to answer. "Sorry if I'm bother you with all these questions, there's just a lot I want to know." She spoke with sincerity as curiosity had came in a shape of a bullet. It would without fail, target the man in all sides. The sorcerers questions were like a dull blade, much to her suprise. "So" The girl straighten a little, after standing up and chattering longer than she could ever afford. "What do you guys normally do when a new member of the guild shows up?"


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"Don't worry we will have plenty of time to show you the ropes, there's a library here so you can be sure to dive into that soon." He said with a smile. Ah the burning of youth. Such a thing was lost on him, even though he was not so old himself. In experience he felt as though he was an old man. Which was quite comical in his mind. Though such things were neither here nor there at this moment.

"As for what we do when celebrating a new member. It usually involves a tour of the guild hall, as well as showing you to your quarters within the guild." It had been quite some time since he had given a tour, but he was sure he still remembered where everything was. If he didn't it wouldn't take him long to remember.

"After all that is said and done, i'll take you to dinner, get a feel for the city. That kind of thing." He said as he put his cigar back to his lips, taking a rather long drag off of it. Making sure that he did indeed exhale in the opposite direction of the girl.


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Kyorari Yotsujiki
A flowing current of wonder, began to form a steep hill of thoughts. The abundance of activities held within the guild, meant that a bored mage can experience tons of fun in the right places. The absence of other members, gave off a lounge area type of mood. It helped to have a few distractions here and there, she likes to have her eyes wander about as someone is discussing something. It isn't meant to be rude in any way then again, the uninterested look painted on the youths face had said otherwise. The sorcerers could picture what it would be like, if everyone was here. It wouldn't be as peaceful as it is now. "For now, I'd rather take things slowly. There's a lot to be explored, but in the meantime. I would rather find out what I want to do first. I'm not set on sticking around forever, I'm not the type to be stamped into one place." There's a lot that the sorcerers wanted to explore outside of Hargeon. However, staying here for too long will give birth to undesirable circumstances.

The girl is rather iffy about accepting a new life style. Kyorari isn't so quick compared to her sister, who she hasn't heard from in such a long time. "More importantly, I want to get to the bottom of my sisters whereabouts. It is why I came to this city in the first place" Kyorari held firm to her belief that, she will find her missing sister someday. For now, all the sorcerers could do is see what the world has to offer. More importantly, devise a plan to gathering up money. If she were to continue her stay as a member of the guild, there wouldn't be a problem and her goal is only but a stretch away. Kyorari had decided to stick around for awhile, until their parts have been fullfilled.

It will be a long journey, and a high toleration towards others is a must. The young sorcerers had enough seeing crystal blue waters for one trip, however she still feels like asking the man about lost magic. Or more specifically the tomb he mentioned.  "I apologize for not staying for too long, but i much prefer it if I can move around, Ya'know? But, I want to be remembered. That way, the name Kyorari Yotsujiki will never cease to exist" The young sorcerers shelved her blonde hair underneath the purple hoody. "I'll make my return, but for now I have other things that I must attend to"


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