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Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Travel.

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#1Joshua Graham 

Worth Woodsea to Dahlia Travel. Empty Sat Jul 18, 2020 10:55 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua made his way quietly along side the men he was following to Dahlia, a mission he had been put on with other members. They were going to be raiding an enemy camp and burning it to the ground. He wasnt quite sure what the full mission was, as he hadn't been trusted enough despite his ranking. He knew he was already on shaky ground with the guild but to be treated like a new comer like this made his blood boil.

He was also on edge because something felt off. Maybe it was just nerves but Joshua had the sneaking feeling hed end up getting into a fight with one of his traveling companions. He felt like he had the day he met Luis father. He gritted his teeth in anger on that day but if he had known... he wouldnt have taken it out on the man like he had. He lowered his head, his white mask covering part of his face. The large cross on his back was heavier then even and he was reminded of how he came of it. It was from there that he joined the guild thanks to his desire to learn more about the weapon...but he was questioning weather he recalled belonged

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