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(Quest - Steel) Little Bit of Mischief

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(Quest - Steel) Little Bit of Mischief    Empty on Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:27 am


Steel was wearing his quest gear. Superhero suit, leather jacket, black boots and a pair of sunglasses. It was hot outside. The sun was blazing in the sky. Most people that worked this day were drinking lemonade to chill the heat to make the heat more bearable. Steel had gotten a request to help a young woman Rosalia. She was a part of the noble Syllas family in Marigold and lived in their family home castle Syllas. The castle was an ebony colored castle with a tall wall protecting the main structure.

Steel had been asked to help Rosalia sneak out of the castle on the bounds that she was bored being locked in the castle everyday all day. Steel felt that he wanted to help the woman. And so he snuck up on the castle where in one of the windows he saw Rosalia. Who waved at him and signaled towards the guards who stood at the castles gates. Steel understood the message. He had to distract them so that she could sneak out.

Steel promptly walked over to the guards and started chatting them up. He said he wanted to get in to see the lord of the castle but the guards promptly told him that he was busy. Steel insisted. They started to get slightly annoyed with him and then he showed his sword still in its hilt. They took offense to the action even though Steel had not drawn his weapon. Steel promptly told them he was getting in one way or another and walked to the side eyeing the edge of the wall. He would have to climb. The guards saw this and started walking for him. Steel kept walking back and they started walking faster finally they started chasing him for real and Steel started running. He ran away from them and saw them panting as they ran after him. He kept them at a perfect distance so that they would keep chasing. After a while a horse ridden by a cloaked figure made its way out of the castle at a fast pace. The four guards looked at Steel who smiled at them before they slowly realized what had just happened. And started running after Rosalia who was on horseback away from the castle.

A person in maids clothing obviously one of the castle servants ran out of the castle and up to Steel. She told him that he had done a good job but that he had to run away from the castle fast before the guards returned. They would surely be angry. Steel took his payment and snuck away from the castle. He did not want to get catched by the four guards whom as he got a fair distance he saw return to the castle kicking the dirt road out of anger. Steel made his way back into the city having succeeded in doing what he was supposed to do. He grabbed a glass of lemonade from a shop stall. Drank it and felt happy with what he had accomplished.


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