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From Port Hargeon To Myras City [Foot Travel]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

From Port Hargeon To Myras City [Foot Travel] Empty Mon May 25, 2020 2:33 pm

Daiko Flayme
It was, perhaps, time to go out and serve the country again. As a member of Blue Pegasus, Daiko couldn’t fall behind on his duties as a Legal Wizard, and summer was approaching them here in Hargeon, so at the very least, he wanted to have the feeling of visiting a tropical vacation spot when he returned again. He wouldn’t really want to get used to the heat and exotic atmosphere in Hargeon Town, for he believed that it took away its magic. Instead, he had been hearing about a city built on a mountain about north-west of Hargeon Town where the rocky climate dominated.
“I’ve heard that some of the other guildmates are there, already,” Daiko informed his birdy companion, Coda, who cawed and squawked in response to his words, “They probably need help! So don’t be lazy! We’re going, and we’re going now…!” He would rise up on his feet again, having finished tying his shoelaces and donning his backpack as always before shrugging his shoulder to invite Coda. The raptor flapped her wings and elevated herself for a second, resting her claws on Daiko’s shoulder as a perch. He didn’t mind the sharp claws as they couldn’t penetrate his skin, so when she was comfortable, he would walk out of the guild hall and be sheltered by the blue sky.
The roads were often small adventures on their own. Upon his way to Myras City, he sparred with a little kid who wanted to become a wizard and had run away from his parents to pursue his dream. Daiko asked him to go back to them after having subdued him, and the young boy reluctantly did so. As they approached the northern mountains, a bear made its presence known to him and Coda by growling behind a boulder, but a single flare of fire scared it away. Poor bear was probably just desperately hungry and found it necessary to maul down a human being.
As Daiko walked up the arching roads up to Myras City, he was almost buried under a rocky avalanche. That was uncalled for, but he persevered and came out with minor injuries - nothing too serious that he couldn’t patch up with some bandages.
And at last, when the gate invited him with its openness, Daiko eyed the city stuck to the base of the mountain, Myras City.

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