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Worth Woodsea to Dahlia City [Travel]

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Once Nasa was satisfied with flying around, she found Kaiser quite easily since she just had to look for her owner while flying over the trees. After finding the vampire who was just wandering around, Nasa landed close by so that her owner could climb on her fluffy white back and then took off in the direction of Dahlia City, back home. Kaiser made a mental note to take Nasa out on these kinds of rides more often, since she evidently enjoyed them. Besides, that encounter with that random merchant was a win for her. She now had a cape that was pretty useful for her, since she did not really specialize in defensive techniques, this would help her at least not get blasted in one move by a powerful enemy. After becoming a guildmistress, Kaiser also made it a goal to be much more powerful than she was. She was...second most powerful in the guild. It was subconsciously a goal to become the strongest in the guild, so that she could better protect it. She liked being a person who people depended on. Knowing that she had that power was good for her self-esteem, which was ever growing.

The flight back to the city of Dahlia was longer than the flight to Worth Woodsea. Nasa made sure of that because she likes spending time with Kaiser. She knew that after getting back to Dahlia, Kaiser was going to get back to her guild responsibilities and have no time for Nasa as usual. Before Daeva Eye became a thing, Kaiser was always traveling around the country and never really stayed in one spot for longer than a few months and that meant that she had a lot more time to bond with the wyvern and ride with her. But she had been in Dahlia for like a year now and this was the first time after a whole freaking year that Kaiser was taking Nasa out for a ride. Knowing that Kaiser was doing this without a real need to travel, and just to spend some time with Nasa, really warmed the wyvern’s heart. Who knew big beastly creatures like Nasa could feel that way, right? After arriving back in Dahlia, Kaiser prepared food for the wyvern herself since she felt like doing so, gave the beast a few pats and a rub and then returned to the guildhall.

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Worth Woodsea to Dahlia City [Travel] Sigbys10

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