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The Day [Kenzo Valens]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”Kenzo.. Have you ever heard about the デイウォーカー?” A soft, soothing female voice asked at the man. ”Huh? Is that ancient Joyan? Remember I just don’t get that nonsense” A small chuckle left Kenzo’s lips as he turned his face around to look at the woman next to him. Two young figures were tumbled face up in the cool grass. Deep in a clearing of the forest, alone and away from any distraction from the outside world. The girl extended her hand as she tried to grab something in her fingers. The final rays of the sun seemed to play with her twirling fingers. She had an absent expression, as if her gaze was seeing something beyond the limits of space and time. It was as if she could definitely see it. Her face shone with a bright light as the image became clearer inside her mind. The man was left out of it though. He turned once again after her lack of answer and faced to the sky himself. He squeezed his eyes, as if trying to see the invisible thing that had captivated his partner’s attention. Evidently, he failed.

As if she remembered all of a sudden to ask the question, her eyes widened while she came back from her trance. ”Oh. Hah. Sorry, I always forget you’re not from here.” The girl placed her closed hand in her chest while she turned her face to look directly at him. A charming smile painted her lips as a small chuckle filled the air. ”It’s been so long since you came here that I always forget that you’re not from Joya.” Her tone was gentle, and spoken in a low volume. It was almost pronounced in a sigh, quite like a whisper.

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo paired his eyes to hers. He firmly stared at her beautiful golden colored eyes. Two round, amber eyes held their gaze at a pair of light blue colored eyes. The mercenary grabbed the girl’s hand carefully. He caressed it as he brought it near to his face. The man planted a gentle kiss in the back of her palm, before smiling at her. ”I know…”.

Letting go of the man’s hand, the girl slowly caressed the man’s face. Her fingers traveled from right and down to his chin. Pausing for a second, her fingers stretched to touch the cold bone jawbone that protruded from the man’s cheek. Flowing gracefully, her finger outlined piece by piece the silhouette of the bones. Pressing lightly against the sharp teeth that lined up the outer part of his face, the girl became bewitched by her job.

As her finger left the last teeth of the row, she spoke once again. ”I think the best translation in this case is Daywalker.”

Turning his body around, Kenzo once again rested on his back while looking at the golden rays of the sun. ”Hmmm… Daywalkers. Can’t say I have. Is it a clan?” Sometimes the girl spoke in riddles; it was a habit she had, one that Kenzo found quite charming. She was aware of the fact that she spoke in that manner sometimes. Specifically, when holding deeper conversations. However, she was self-conscious about it and constantly apologized for doing so. For the man, this was rather cute. ”Nnn.. Not sure if you could call them a clan, but they are a special group of people.” Extending her hand once again and trying to catch the sun, she continued. ”They are people chosen by the sun goddess. According to the legends my grandpa told me, night never sets for them.” The girl sighed. ”I wish I was one…”


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Kenzo Valens
The man suddenly opened his eyes. His shirtless chest was drenched in cold sweat. The first thing he saw as he focused was the now familiar sight of his room’s ceiling. The wooden beams that held together the structure of the floor above were visibly getting old. Some cracks were starting to show on the surface of a couple of them. However, the place was really well kept. It was obvious that the room had been remodeled at least a couple of times in the past. Not for nothing, Batra’s Inn was the most famous place in the grand capital of Crocus. The man himself was quite the work of art. He had a really strong personality. However, he was also a friendly and very helpful bartender who always looked out for others. As owner of the most popular Inn and bar in the city, he needed to have the character to deal with all sorts of drunken customers.

Kenzo was really comfortable with his stay at his inn. It had almost been two weeks since he started sleeping in the place. Sure it was more expensive than what the rest of the inns of the city charged, but the price was more than justified. The beds at the place were amazing. However, waking up was not the usual delight for Kenzo that day. Trying to wipe his sweat, he abruptly rose his torso as he laid sitting on the bed. Little by little, his brain pieced together the fact that the previous scene had merely been a dream. ”Shit… This was way too real.” A somber expression filled the man’s face. Unwillingly, he had remembered something that he wanted to forget. The dream was a perfect recreation of one of his most precious moments.


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Kenzo Valens
Nostalgia took over his senses as he remembered the sunset he spent in the quiet forests of Joya. He could still feel the touch of the sun, bathing his skin in a warm embrace. For the first time since arriving at Fiore, the mercenary remembered the days before crossing the border. The trip had been long. It had taken him around two months to travel from Joya to the lands of Fiore. For all intents and purposes, he had completely blocked his memories from the previous weeks. His stay in the country of magic had been filled with distractions to fill his mind. However, he was now forced to confront his past for the first time.

Trying to clear his mind away from these thoughts, Kenzo quickly stood up from the bed. Slapping both cheeks, he encouraged himself. ”C’mon. It was only a dream. Let’s get going for the day.”

After giving himself the short pep-talk, Kenzo washed his face with cold water. Taking a look at himself, he decided he needed a shower. It seems the dream had taken a toll on his mental state, considering the amount of sweat he produced whilst sleeping. Purposefully taking a cold-water bucket, he scrubbed every corner of his skin before pouring the water over himself. His state of mind quickly recovered, and soon after getting out of the stall he was a new man. ”I better go and grab breakfast.. It looks like it’s getting late.” The male took a look out the window to see the sun shinning over the streets of Crocus. From the intensity, he could guess that it was close to noon, just before the lady at the kitchen stopped serving breakfast. ”I’ll get the usual granny”


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Kenzo Valens
”Ah! Boy. I thought were had left earlier today. Wondered if you were getting back in time for breakfast.” The old woman in charge of the kitchen at Batra’s Inn was a sweet lady. She was a bit overweight and short, but she was the fiercest woman the mercenary had met. You’d better not tell her you didn’t like x or y ingredient. You’d be in for a scolding you’d never forget. ”Had an early job today?” Kenzo grabbed a tray and plate from the counter and handed them over to her. ”Hahah, none of that unfortunately. Seems like I was more tired than usual. I just woke up.”

”Hoh. Nothing to do about it then. You younglings need to sleep more from time to time. You’re still growing after all.” The woman smiled as she finished cooking Kenzo’s breakfast. ”Here you go. Just like you like it.”

Hot plate in hand, the mercenary found a free table near a window and sat to enjoy the breakfast. The thing he loved the most of Batra’s Inn was the food. Sure, the beds were great; far superior to what most inn’s offered in the market. The booze was really nice as well. Batra really knew his alcohol, serving only the highest quality of brew available in the capital. However, the food the lady cooked beat everything by a large margin. She was someone blessed with the skill to cook. From what Kenzo heard, she had worked in the royal kitchens many years ago. Due to an incident when a royal told her she didn’t like her Coq au vin with mushrooms, the lady lost her job after instantly and strongly scolding her. Taking a mouthful of his breakfast, Kenzo chuckled as he tried to picture the scene in his mind. Moving a bit from his position, the man tried to evade the glare of the sun reflected in the window.

”Hmm… Is it me, or is the sun brighter today?”


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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo walked aimlessly through the street that day. It had been a while since the man took a day off, so he wanted to explore part of the streets he’d never seen before. He had yet to think of a specific thing to spend his time that day. For the moment he’d see where the flow of the crowd took him. ”Hopefully I’ll find some shade. Quite a shitty day to take a stroll outside.”

Before long, the man saw a small stand in the middle of Crocus, right in its heart. People came through here every day and were surprised to see just who had set up a shop. He had passed through the place a couple of times but had never seen the tent that covered the sidewalk. A strange old crone no one had ever met or seen before could be seen seated in a small wooden chair smack dab in the middle of the busy street. The tent was dark purple and looked as if it had seen many years.

A sign was posted outside telling everyone to come on inside for their fortunes to be told. There was no fee listed by the board, as the readings were free. Just what kind of reading was the old crone offering? Intrigued by this, the man entered the place. A deck of cards was placed upon a small table, two chairs on either side with the crone seated in one. The crone appeared otherworldly, human but not quite. White long grey hair dressed in an old blue robe. Her eyes were black and appeared like the void, not a hint of life could be seen. Kenzo thought how her appearance was the perfect description of what many people in other countries thought of the mages and witches of Fiore. Turning her head to face him, the crone stared directly at the mercenary that entered the place. Kenzo couldn’t describe it, but it was like she could see everything. Those black eyes pierced straight into his soul.


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Kenzo Valens
The old witch cracked a sinister laugh as she gestured her hand at the man, inviting him to take a sit in the empty chair. "Please do come in. This old one shall tell you your future. The cards before me shall reveal your fortune. They say Tarot Card Reading is an art as old as the existence of magic. He he he… But be warned! My fortunes are both good and bad, there is no telling what may happen. Will your luck prevail or will you be cursed? What events lay for you in the future? Perhaps it is fortune or misery? He he he he he." The old crone spoke in a raspy voice just barely audible. The laugh came back once she finished talking. A chill ran down Kenzo’s spine after hearing it for a second time.

He was not sure whether it was a good idea to be there, but what she told him had piqued his interest. Upon hearing the word ”curse”, Kenzo was instantly taken back to the first night he spent in Crocus. He had met two interesting women that day. Judina, a tall, noble Rune Knight with a dignified look in her face all the time. Nuala, a mysterious woman that for some reason decided to go out of her way to help Kenzo get out of a sticky situation. Apart from that, Kenzo could feel that Nuala kept a great secret that she didn’t want anyone to know. After treating one of the mercenary’s re-opened wounds, the talk took a rather interesting turn. He had no prior information to the state of his body and the fact that his magic was sealed long ago. However, both women agreed that he had been cursed.


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Kenzo Valens
As the crone spoke, Kenzo’s mind instantly flew back to that night and the words Nuala spoke before disappearing in the middle of the night.

“I don’t know if a curse can be lifted, but if I had to take a guess then the one who is responsible for casting it also knows how to unmake it.” She had gotten ready to move and turned her back on both Judina and Kenzo before turning around to look over her shoulder and directly at him. “You should hurry about finding a cure. You reek of bad luck and it seems you’ve been attracting plenty of it.”

Even if Nuala was correct, he had no way of knowing what to do now. Sure, the crone of the tent looked suspicious, but she might be able to see something that could point him in the right direction. Swallowing saliva, the mercenary proceeded to take a sit right across the crone. Her lifeless pitch-black eyes pierced directly at Kenzo as she saw the man sitting. Her sinister laugh filled the tent once again.

“He he he… I see it…”
The woman shuffles the cards in front of him.

“A revelation…”
Her head moves slowly backwards as she rolls her eyes blank.

“It is a dark night… Aaah. The creatures of the void dance in the darkness…”
Her right hand begins to tremble.

“A spawn of hell manifests in a far away land. Yes… I see it-”
The cards begin levitating. They slowly float away from the table.

“AAH! The demon kills a man, kidnaps a woman… He he he.. She will not yield!”
Kenzo’s body trembles as a sudden chill travels down his spine. Drops of cold sweat form as the crone speaks.


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Kenzo Valens
Not a speck of doubt is cast in his mind. Without ever meeting Kenzo, never telling him a single thing about his life, she recalls the night that sealed his fate. Decades have passed from that night, the mercenary casted away the terrible memories of his childhood. Even if he wanted to remember, the lock that guarded his memories was stronger than his will. He could not remember the events that happened that night. His memory went up to a point but it went blank after a certain point. He doesn’t want to keep hearing, but he can’t stop hearing. The crone raises her hand with her palm open and facing Kenzo. In an instant, the 21 cards from the deck float abruptly and organize themselves in the air. 3 rows of 7, perfectly staying in place above the ground. The crone continued:

”A portal to the nether opens.. Aaah YES!! I see the depths of Hell inside… A sacrifice has been called for!”
The woman stops for a second. A distorted grin grows in her face. She no longer looks human. The smile in her face, is the smile of the devil.

”The lonely boy cries… The sacrifice crosses the portal!! HE HE HE HE! HER POWER CANNOT BE CONTAINED!!
The 21 cards glow in a blue hue. Trails of darkness emanate from each of them.

”The depths of hell will not yield! A lance of hatred has crossed the rifts of time! It pierces its mark.. he he. The soul of a kid fallen to void. Darkness that consumes all… Seals the light inside a life! Oooohhhh….”
Violent trembling overcomes the purple tent. The ground shakes in an aggressive dance.

”But wait… Ho HO HO HOOOO! Light will not surrender yet!!! The SACRIFICE has paid the heaviest of prices!! HE HE HEEE…. Just as darkness consumes everything in its merciless rage, the law of light shall never cede an inch! It fills the night with its warmth. It’s power… Invincible! DEATH POWERLESS BEFORE IT!!!
The trembling stops. The blank eyes of the crone turn back to its pitch black as she lowers her head and grabs a card. It shines in a bright light.

”The Sun.”
She turns the card around. Showing it at Kenzo, the crone pointing at him with her scrawny finger.

“He he he… I have seen it..”


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Kenzo Valens
Silence filled the purple tent once again. The old crone’s just barely audible raspy voice returned once more. ”You have been kissed by the Sun, young boy.” The woman passed Kenzo the Sun card she had just drawn from the Tarot deck. With trembling, unsure fingers, Kenzo picked it up as he brought it closer to inspect it. However, he could not stop thinking about something. A question had formed in his mind now. He was shaken right to the core, but he didn’t dare ask. Every cell in his body screamed at him not to do it. His hands still trembled as he barely managed to keep the card in place with his weak grip. He’d spent countless days searching for an answer, not once had he found a single clue. Yet, the answer was right before his eyes. He only needed to have to courage to ask.

”W-What was it that you saw?” The young warrior took a small pause as he lowered his gaze back at the sun card in his hand. ”Y-you know, don’t you?”

The crone grinned back at the male. ”Ah yes. I’ve seen it with my eyes my boy…”

Kenzo gathered his strength to ask again, gripping the card in his hand with conviction. ”Please! Tell me wha-“ His question was cut short. ”Cht!” The crone interrupted the blue haired mercenary as she made a gesture with her hand for him to stop. “Everything will come in time my boy.. But today is not the day for you to know…”

Kenzo sat back down on his chair. Unknowingly he had stood up in the burst of the moment. He lowered his head in silent resignation.

”Today… we have more important things to talk about.” The old witch pointed the Sun card getting rugged under the warrior’s strong grip. ”Today, the Sun calls to give its blessings upon you. It has waited for far too long.”


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Kenzo Valens

”What do you mean?” Kenzo was puzzled by the cryptic message. He didn’t quite understand a lot of what was going on. However, the stronger he held the card in his hand, the brighter it shone.

“They call your kind Daywalkers. People kissed by the burning fire of the Sun. Light shall never leave their side, as long as the have the power of the sun with them. It is dormant within you. You shall understand the rest with time.” The short woman had now stood up from her seat. Her words were spoken slowly, clearing her throat from time to time. Moving her old blue robe out of the way, she circled the table and got closer to Kenzo. Backing down instinctively, Kenzo now feared what the crone was to do now.

”Relax. Just lower your head.” As if possessed by something, Kenzo followed the old witch’s instructions. The woman folded the sleeves of her robe one by one. Rolling them up to her elbow’s height, she stuck her left hand inside one of the robe’s inner pockets. Rummaging through it for a second, she suddenly took an object out. An amber colored gem shone inside the dimly lit tent. Almost in unison, the Sun card resonated with the stone. Its bright yellow light instantly transformed into a blueish hue. Whispering an incantation at the gem in her left hand, the crone placed her right thumb in the middle of Kenzo’s forehead.

The spot where her thumb touched his skin began warming up. The words she muttered at the stone were a in a foreign language he had never heard before. With each passing word, the crone’s touch began getting hotter and hotter. Only a few seconds had passed, but her lifeless, cold touch began scorching the mercenary’s skin.



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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo sat alone in the silence of an abandoned corner of Crocus. Not a single soul was close. Everyone had finished their tasks for the day and had directed to their homes to rest, grab a nice dinner and prepare for the following day. However, the night that day had never come. At least not for Kenzo.

After the old witch pronounced the words, a blinding light filled the entirety of the insides of the tent. His head felt like it was about to explode. It was as if someone had lit a fire inside his brain and the flames had grown incontrollably to the point of melting his own existence. However, the pain had now subsided. The woman explained to him what he needed to do. "There is only one thing left for you to do." Putting away the amber stone and retrieving the Sun card from his hand, the woman continued. "Find a far away place near the city. Make sure there is no one in the vecinity and that no one sees you, for today you shall be witness to a miracle that a mere human cannot comprehend." Kenzo nodded in agreement as she continued. "Today's night shall not come for you. The sun will stay by your side and bathe you with its power. You shall stay awake tha whole night as you receive its power. Even if the rest of the world sleeps, the sun will not set for you. Meditate through the night. Once its over, you shall be known as a Daywalker for good."

Kenzo spent the rest of the day looking for a place. The spot he'd picked was perfect for the job. For the next hours, the warrior would meditate as the rays of an endless sun shed their light. He knew that the night would not that day, but he was still caught off guard by the reality before him. However, the deeper he meditated, the better he understood the nature of his newfound power.

As dawn grew closer, the mercenary had comprehended his place in it all. The crone had told him that he'd come to understand everything with time. Kenzo was now sure that the statement was true. With the come of the new day, the man stood up from his mediation pose and bowed in direction of the sun. He could feel it inside him.

"I'm a Daywalker now... Are you watching?" The mercenary's plea was washed away by the wind. The memories of that afternoon in the forest of Joya rushed through his mind. His only wish, was that his words could reach her...


The Day [Kenzo Valens] IgtZBYS

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