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I Need Booze [quest]

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#1Venus Rosé 

I Need Booze [quest] Empty Tue Feb 25, 2020 3:22 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

One would say it was extremely strange for someone to be day-drinking at a bar albeit, a young female in particularly bright, red hair would heartily disagree – along with the middle-aged men hanging out with their mates drinking beer and ale as they chattered about their work lives and their tales of adventures.

Venus on the other hand, sat on one of the vacant seats at the counter bar, observing and listening all the conversations held around her, just like she had been doing the past few days ever since escaped that place. She wouldn’t call it as stalking people’s conversations, but doing so helped her gain some knowledge about where she was at; the country, the town, the people and all the necessary information she needed to know about while she was here. And, one of the best things that she discovered was the existence of alcohol.

Apparently, people here – Fiorians, as they like to call themselves – tend to drink to relieve stress, usually after a long day of work but, that wasn’t the case for her. She’d drink whenever she felt like it, and now was one of the times. Having said that, her attempt to overhear conversations kept being interrupted by the long sighs that the bartender had been releasing for the past fifteen, to the point that she was beginning to get irritated so she had no choice but to voice her curiosity.

What’s with the long face? Not satisfied with the customers?” she began, placing her chin onto her palm as she swirled the glass in her hands, the ice cubes jingling inside the cup.

”Nah. It’s just…I’m just bothered about something.” He responded as he continued to mix the drinks for the incoming clients.

”Care to share? Promise I’m a good listener.”

The man smiled, ”I’m supposed to collect a shipment of beverages the other day but I forgot, and my full time employee couldn’t make it today, so I had to cover his shift.” He frets, his brows furrowing deep into the middle of his forehead. The customers aren’t getting any less either, I might have no choice but miss the collection again today.”  

”Well, where’s the shipment location?”


#2Venus Rosé 

I Need Booze [quest] Empty Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:39 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

Seeing the bartender being so upset about not being able to retrieve his collection, Venus couldn’t bear watching it any longer and decided to opt in to help. Every day the local market was always hustling and bustling whenever she passed by and she would drink in the colours, the aromas and the atmosphere like an elixir. She thrived on interacting with the stall holders, each one almost a caricature of bubbly friendliness; another factor she liked about Fiore aside from the good beverages.

There she was, weaving through the crowds as a new face, edging through the dense flow of people. The air was perfumed with produce, the ground was gritty stone and the air a perfect winter chill. Somehow, the thought of landing in this country despite not knowing how made her feel grateful to have all of this around her. It was different, but a good different: something she enjoyed.

When she’d arrived at the coordinates that the bartender had given to her, whom she had forgotten to ask his name, she awaited with her slender arms crossed over her chest as she impatiently tapped her feet against the pebbled ground. There was nothing to check the time, except for an enormously large clock hung on top of a tower far off in the distance she could barely even see anything on it. Albeit, when the clock strikes exactly an hour later, the chime was so loud it could be heard through the entire town. Well, at the very least she knew what hour it was then.

The appointment time is drawing close, she thought and soon before she notices, the merchant arrives at the location carrying a wagon of barrels which she assumed were the beverages for the tavern. ”Delivery for…uh, the bartender?” she asked.

The merchant confirmed, flicking the cloth further to show more barrels beneath. ”Alright, thanks. Here’s your payment.” She tipped off the merchant with what little money she had and took a hold of the handle of the wagon. ”I’ll be taking the wagon as well, don’t mind if I do.” Without bothering to hear a response, she drifted off into the crowds, back to the bar to make sure she had a final good chunk of her drink and return his collection. This time she made a note to herself to ask his name.



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