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Even A Lich Needs Some Lovin' [Love is in the Air | Kaiser]

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#1Odin † 

Even A Lich Needs Some Lovin' [Love is in the Air | Kaiser] Empty Tue Feb 18, 2020 12:57 pm

Odin †

Even A Lich Needs Some Lovin' [Love is in the Air | Kaiser] 9zq6jAg

The Starlight restaurant. A five star, extremely wealthy establishment, almost impossible to reserve a table and even harder to afford the meal itself, but one thing could not be faulted: it was the best food in Fiore. Naturally situated as close to Mercurius as was allowed, which made people so uneasy when a Lich walked in, having reserved one of the most romantic tables on the third floor with a view all across Fiore. At the time of evening, the stars shone brightly in the night sky, further adding to the already surreal and picturesque night that Odin had intended. He had reserved a table on one of the most romantic nights, all he needed now was for someone to dine with him.

"Can I interest you in a drink while you wait, good sir?" the server asked, his voice slightly fearful but his words spoken with the confidence of a thousand repetitions. He had never served a being of darkness before, but damn he knew how to serve, and he was going to make sure this being had the best dining experience he could ever have.

"A glass of the house red wine please, I believe my companion will be here soon."

~~Four hours ago~~

To whoever may read this,

I wish you a happy day of romance. As this is a day many spend with their closest love, I have decided to offer someone the chance to have a night they might never again experience.

My name is Odin, I am a Lich and known ne'er-do-well. If this concerns you or your safety, feel free to return this flyer to wherever you found it, but I can swear on my death that I will not cause you harm, nor do I intend this night for any malicious purpose.

I will be sitting at the finest table in the Starlight restaurant this evening at eight o'clock. The booking name is under 'Morningstar'. As this is a day of celebration, I invite whoever is currently reading this to join me for an expensive night of fine dining and drinks, all paid for by myself.

As you can imagine, it is hard for one such as me to find anything remotely akin to love, and so I wish to prove to at least one person that I can be just as romantic as the next person, despite my undead appearance.

I hope to see you soon,

Odin Morningstar
Proprietor of the Swineherd Pub, Oak.

With the flyer beautifully written with ink and quill, Odin signed his name and placed it on a bulletin board in the very centre of the city. It would be impossible for it to be missed: someone was going to see this.

"Well, let's hope I'm not alone tonight."

He would leave the flyer where it was as he ventured out to buy a new outfit for tonight. He ended on a pair of black, loose, trousers, and a relaxed, somewhat open jacket, which showed off his skeletal figure while remaining smart. He had admitted today that he was a Lich, it would be wrong to then try and hide behind a shirt.

After all, he deserved to have fun.



Even A Lich Needs Some Lovin' [Love is in the Air | Kaiser] Empty Thu Feb 20, 2020 7:36 am


Wandering about casually in the capital brought the curious vampire to a bulletin board that had none but a single flyer attached to it. Assuming that it was an advertisement for work, she plucked the flyer off the board and scanned what was written on it, not at all expecting it to be a date request rather than a job request. This put an amused smirk on her face as she re-read the writing. A lich huh...what a coincidence. Kaiser couldn’t help but remember the incident with a lich back at Old Ma’s gambling house. This led her to wonder how many liches were there really in this crazy country. Free dinner and a chance to meet a lich, most likely the one she crossed paths with before, it was honestly quite tempting. Kaiser’s curiosity to learn new things had no limits, and it was important nowadays to find out as much as she could about the inhabitants of this country as her profile and business connections were significantly expanding.

Kaiser was dressed in her ‘This is my normal attire, but I may be trying to look a bit cute’ outfit, exuding an alluring fragrance that was from her favorite—and most expensive, might I add—perfume. The venue was definitely going to put a giant hole in this lich’s wallet, but it was pretty impressive to her. He had really outdone it with the choice of restaurant. Kaiser was one of those people who, although being a criminal, didn’t do things like avoid going to places swarming with rune knights and such, so it didn’t bother her at all that the eatery was situated dangerously close to the King’s residence. Besides, this was a chance to observe how nobles and rich people behaved and their interests. This interaction was going to be more than just a date for her.

The restaurant was too fancy for her liking. She would certainly never dine here if it was at her expense, but she still needed to taste the food to make her final judgement. Everything from the roof to the floor was dazzling and literally sparkling due to the lighting while each guest pranced around with an air of significance, as if every one of them had an important role in the country’s superior ranks. It was amusing, but not unforeseen. The nightwalker made her way to the table where she spotted a lich all dressed up and situated herself in the chair opposite to his that was initially empty. Whipping her brunette locks back to expose her delicious neck and chest area, the vampire shot the lich a charming smile, immediately recognizing him from the incident back in Era. “You know we’ve got to stop meeting like this,” she would say.

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Odin †

There were a few different things Odin had been expecting from his date flyer. The first, and definitely the one he considered most likely, was that a holy knight or squadron of rune knights came to arrest Odin, thus leading to a fight in this fancy restaurant and a general disruption of everyone’s dinner plans. Given that Odin would be blamed for it all, despite the fact he was just here to enjoy a meal and, to his knowledge, hadn’t actually broken any laws recently, he was glad that wasn’t the outcome that his notice had caused. Besides, he was looking forward to trying some of the food, even if he knew what to expect from the taste of ash.

The other possibility was just some random person appeared, but the worry there was that it was either someone extremely boring, extremely geeky, or some weird mixture of the two. The genuine worst would be someone with some sick fascination with Liches that came here because they ‘loved Odin and wanted to spend eternity with him’ and would beg him to turn them into a Lich, even though that wasn’t how it worked at all.

A great sigh of relief left the Lich’s mouth as he saw who came to join him for a meal. Not only was it someone who looked the part for the occasion: exceptionally beautiful with a sense of style that made even the most wealthy of customers turn their heads, but she was also a familiar sight, and someone Odin knew would make the evening much more fun that he had even considered it being. He hadn’t managed to give his name or get hers during their last encounter, which had taken place in a much more affordable establishment, but he was about to rectify that. The looks of disgust at the presence of a Lich had turned to those of envy, of lust. But a quick glance at the men (and women) who were ogling the reserved table from Odin sent shivers down their spines, and caused them all to go about their business. After all, this was a date. Only two people were involved.

”I wouldn’t think you’d be complaining, if I’m honest. I’m certainly not.” As he spoke Odin stood up from his chair, greeting his date for the evening in a polite, if a bit confident, manner. Before becoming a Lich, Odin had shared his body with the demon Lucifer. And if there was one thing the demon Lord had passed on, it wasn’t power, looks or knowledge. It was how to flirt.

The waiter arrived with Odin’s glass of wine, seemingly surprised that the Lich had actually been joined, and by someone as beautiful as the elegant woman before him. As the glass was placed the dark mage’s table, the waiter then looked to the woman, his level of professionalism still impressing Odin, ”And for you, madam?”


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Kaiser let out a soft chuckle after hearing her date’s response. “Oh no, not at all,” she smirked. Her mind was racing with about a thousand questions she could think of to ask the lich, but she kept her cool and smiled charmingly. The server for their table returned with the lich’s wine and seemed to be surprised for some reason. It would be rude of him if he thought that the lich was going to have to spend the night alone. That would be being racist, right? “You know I was secretly hoping that I’d get to meet you again,” she giggled like an easily excitable teenager.

The look on the server’s face was priceless at this moment. He looked like he was trying to wake up from a very strange dream which was exactly the kind of look she was aiming to get. But then he returned to his duties as a waiter and asked Kaiser for her order. “I’ll have whatever he’s having,” she said, beaming at her date. The waiter just nodded and moved away from the table. Kaiser looked around once again, wondering if this was the type of place he liked to dine at or if it was just for this special occasion.

“I don’t remember exchanging names the last time we met,” she began, leaning onto the table to give her date a nice view of her cleavage and twirling a lock of brown hair around her slender index finger. “They call me Kaiser, but you can call me ‘Miss Bo’ in bed.” With a wink, she leaned back into her chair as the waiter returned with her drink. She gave him a small smile that said, ‘You can leave us alone now.’ She picked up her wine glass and raised it for a toast. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she would say before their glasses clinked against each other and she would take a small sip, allowing the flavor to awaken her taste buds. Straightening in her seat, the vampire inhaled sharply, as if she just rose from the dead. She hadn’t had a drink in a while, and a good one. The wine tasted expensive, just like she imagined it would being sold in a place like this. It was definitely worth it.

She looked around once again as if she was still amused by the whole setting, but she just wanted to take another good look at who was there and if anyone was keeping a close eye on her table. After turning back to face the lich, she pursed her lips and asked, in a hushed tone so that she could only be heard by the person sitting across from her. “So I don’t think you’re the type of person who wants to finish the date here in this boring place? No offense. Do you perhaps want to continue somewhere else?” she suggested.

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Odin †

Without missing a beat, the two mages hit it off once more, much to the confusion of the waiter serving Odin his wine. He was quickly dismissed by the Lich's date, who requested the same drink that he himself had just ordered. Hopefully she would be a fan of the wine, which was very rich in flavour, and would be the perfect accompaniment to a juicy steak, while likely not something one would drink on its own. Odin needed the strong flavours, as it was the only way he could have any, albeit brief, enjoyment of the liquid. Something Lucifer had imparted onto his vessel was a love of fine, red wines, and it had become something of a preference to Odin, despite now being unable to truly sample their delights. He would be laughing if he could see me now, unable to sample the finest food and drink of Fiore, yet still pretending to. That asshole, he thought, as he looked at his date once more, pleased that she was glad to meet him once more, having even hoped for the outcome.

This time, however, she would make sure that they exchanged each other's names, as they had not done so during their previous encounter. Kaiser, or 'Miss Bo', was an interesting character, as she flirtatiously spoke and moved to Odin. A younger Odin would hate him right now, but the Lich's eyes never looked down from Kaiser's own. As a Lich, physical lust was no longer as insatiable a desire as it may have been previously, "Well, Miss Bo, if I ever regain the ability to take you to bed I'll be sure to keep that in mind, and then we'll both be in for an interesting evening." One of the ethereal orbs that made up Odin's eyes disappeared for a moment. It was more difficult without eyelids, but the wink was something he expected his date to pick up on. She was more observant than the rest, and not just because she was good at cards.

After the two raised their glasses, sampling their wines and wishing one another a happy valentines day, Kaiser then spoke once more. Odin had expected the question from the moment he had realised who had been joining him, and it was fairly straightforward to answer. The real question was what would come of it, after all, anything could happen. "When I put up the flyer, I had every intention of treating whoever approached to a nice meal, and generally having a boring old time. However", at this the Lich lowered his voice slightly, "with it being yourself, Kaiser, we could definitely have a lot more fun. I am more than happy to continue this somewhere else. After all, how difficult could it be to break into the castle? It's not far from here after all, and it would this night...truly unforgettable."



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The way Odin spoke about taking her to bed made it sound he was not capable of doing that and that led the vampire to wonder if that was true. If it was, then that would be a bit upsetting considering it was Valentine’s Day and she didn’t really plan on ending it without going all the way. Being an expert of observation, Kaiser caught one of the flickering orbs in his eye sockets disappear and then reappear, as if he was…winking. This brought out a giggle from the almost always serious porcelain princess. Of course there were a lot of things that still amused and excited her, but it was rare that she expressed it publicly. You would think that she was doing it just because she was in the presence of a male, but there were times when she—almost as if accidentally—slipped up and revealed a much more youthful, excitable version of herself that was otherwise hidden underneath layers of masked emotion.

Reflections of the lighting above them danced about in her wine glass, off the glistening walls and round and round with the mahogany liquid as it sloshed back and forth in its container. Without a second thought, the nightwalker downed it just as Odin was speaking of leaving the place. “Fuck a nice meal. I don’t think human food will satisfy your hunger either, am I right?” Even though what she said may have sounded disrespectful considering the lich was paying for their time here, that wasn’t how Kaiser meant for it to sound at all. She was just too straightforward unless she needed not to be. Now this was her first reveal, apart from her name, about herself. From what she said, if Odin was smart like she expected him to be, he would understand that she was not human. Although if he studied her carefully since their last meeting, he would have noticed that she was unnaturally cool about the gambling house turning into a scene of gory bloodshed.

“The castle? Breaking into it?” The look on Kaiser’s face was unreadable. It would be difficult to make out what exactly she thought about what Odin said, but the tone was of disbelief until slowly a maniacal smile crept onto her lifeless face. She toned it down a bit, so as not to scare her date away...although she didn’t think she could scare away death himself. Unable to contain herself, Kaiser stood up a bit too fast and reached over the table to grab Odin’s hand, hitting their wine glasses in the process. The spilled wine was going to leave a stain in the probably super expensive tablecloth. “What are we waiting for?! Let’s go!” she said, pulling him away from the table and towards the exit. Pretty much everything on the table was going to drop to the ground and crash due to her sudden movements. “You’ll have to lead the way though,” she said with an excited grin on her face. She didn’t care about the mess she made. If they came after her for it, she would just trash the whole place another day or as the last item of her Valentines’ day schedule. That was the kind of person Kaiser was.

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Odin †

There is was. A crack in the otherwise perfect facade that was Odin's date for the evening. A sweet, innocent giggle escaped Kaiser's lips: she was having fun. It was one of those rare moments, almost forgotten during the dark times Fiore had faced. It was nice, and Odin would be truly smiling if the permanent grin wasn't etched on his skeletal face.

A deep chuckle bellowed out from the Lich as he heard Kaiser slander his date idea. Odin had thought it sweet, but he understood that it wasn't that kind of thing he was expected to enjoy. He was still the big scary Lich after all, so why not fuck up the royal castle?

Another interesting revelation also came from Kaiser's words. A 'human' meal, suggesting she wasn't herself human. Going by her appearance, the answer was obvious. She certainly wasn't a Lich, and it seemed unlikely she was a lycan -they always seemed more wild as people. The elegant, refined being in front of Odin could only be a vampire, which meant she had some powerful abilities herself: one of which would cause potential issues for the Lich in the future. "You may be right."

It seemed that Kaiser was very much up for the idea of breaking into the castle, dragging Odin along and rushing straight out of the restaurant, much to the staff's fury. There screams of rage were music to Odin's ears, as Kaiser asked for him to lead the way. Taking his vampiric friend's hand, Odin ran towards the castle, stopping in an alleyway just before the castle gates. Once he was hidden from view, with only Kaiser with him, Odin reached into a pocket and brought out an unassuming silver ring: a gift from HER. He slipped it on his left hand and, instantly, his entire body morphed. White hair, pale skin and a moustache (that was new). It was a human body, and came with everything. Touching his tongue to the roof of his mouth, Odin spoke, with a new voice that even he wasn't used to.

"You'll be one of the only people who can see through this disguise. It should get us through the guards, and I guess it means I can take you to bed after all, Miss Bo."


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To her delight, Odin did not object to her impulsive decisions and followed her straight out of the restaurant. Kaiser wasn’t aware of the exact location of the castle, so she allowed the lich to take her to it, and before they could even reach it, she was pulled into an alleyway, where Odin pulled out a ring out of nowhere. The look of bewilderment was evident on the vampiress, but it turned into an expression of complete awe as the lich transformed into a human. She knew that he probably didn’t turn into a human, but it was more like he took on the form of one.

Another amused giggle escaped her lips as she made a hushed comment, “That’s hot.” This was something that she didn’t expect at all and so her adrenaline just skyrocketed causing her cheeks to turn the slightest shade of pink. It was probably noticeable due to her extremely pale complexion. More excited than ever, she let Odin take her to the castle and they would simply break in. It wasn’t a difficult task, as the castle was basically deserted.

Once they were inside the establishment, Kaiser took the lead and dragged Odin as she searched for a bedchamber sort of room. Most of the castle was covered in spiderwebs but that didn’t concern the vampire at all. In fact, she was used to this kind of stuff, and expected the lich to also be unbothered by it all. After just a while of searching, the two of them came to a bedroom in the castle where there was still a bed at least. Kaiser pulled Odin into the room, since she was straightforward like that and pushed him onto the bed. Before undressing herself, she would take off his clothes first and for the rest of the night, she would let her feral desires take over her actions.


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