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Lone Spark, Wanting to Remain Bright.(Open)

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#1Judina † 

Lone Spark, Wanting to Remain Bright.(Open) Empty Sat Feb 15, 2020 2:36 pm

Judina †
To a more figurative and with held into self reflection Judina seemed to have while she roamed, after all she was now taking in what all she would now have to do, What all things she would deal with alone, all things she knew she had to do, All of the things she would forced herself to.

She had no right to end other planets, Even if it was to keep hers alive, What of the life that lived there? it seemed pointless to care about them, When in reality she did it because she cared about the life on hers.

It was conflicting, Even in some manners it mentally was a bit straining on Judina, Just if anyone would ask she was roaming about Crocus, They would not get answer from her that would piece together she was feeling that, No one else needed to know or deal with this aside from her.

At least that is what she thought anyway, Far stuck in her own ways to seek out anything else that could really help her. This mission, Judina felt was entirely all of her own to deal with it.

It was kind of what hurt a part of her the most was the fact she just assumed she had to deal with this alone. Who else would believe her that she was trying to stop a something from eating Earthland? the only other person who knew of this being was gone.

Times that these Judina felt a bit alone and for once in her life even if fighting her own emotions away, she carried a bit of fear, normally not one to be scared she was now, Having yet to do anything she needed to and she feared it already. This was the kind of luck she was stuck with.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
"Aaaahh.. This is just what I'm talking about" A satisfied smile passed through Kenzo's lips as he gave another sip to the cold beer in his hand. He had just arrived to Crocus, actually to Fiore as well. Even if he had spent the last two weeks travelling through the fields of Fiore all the way from the border with Bosco, he had not spent any time in a place where he could enjoy a cold pint. As a face of happiness struck his face, he chugged down the remainder of the liquid in his glass and slammed it on the bar's counter after finishing. "Baaah! Another round mister!" With a smirk on his face, the bartender refilled the now empty glass as the blue haired man eagerly awaited. Kenzo had just had a bad day. While taking care of a guarding mission in a small villa just outside of Crocus, he had suffered an injury on the right part of his torso. However, the money reward was more than enough to make him forget about it for the moment. After all, he was now enjoying what he considered to be fair and necessary. Nothing better but a cold drink to forget the pains of the day.

As the man was absorbed on enjoying his new pint of beer, a big guy next to him bumped him from behind as he got closer to the counter himself. Hitting Kenzo's fresh wound with his knee made the blue haired mercenary twitch in pain. Letting go of the glass unconsciously, the beer fell to the floor and splashed the big man next to him and everyone around. Immediately standing up from his chair in a fit of anger, the stranger towered over Kenzo as he sadly stared at the delicious beer that just had gone to waste. ”Oi, idiot. What’s the big idea?!?” Still absorbed in his thoughts as he checked to see if his wound had opened again, Kenzo ignored the stranger. To no surprise, this angered the standing man even further. As his eyebrow twitched, he suddenly grabbed Kenzo’s shirt by the collar and got closer to him. Before he could mutter a retort, the man noticed the jawbone that protruded from his cheek. Immediately, he spoke with a threatening and dismissive tone. ”Are you deaf you freak? Don’t tell me you’re also one of those shitty demons that roam around lately. I’ll spill your brains out!” Kenzo slowly faced at the man and looked him in the eye. A sinister smile painted on his lips little by little. ”Who’s a freak?”

CRAAAASH!!!!! A thunderous noise echoed through the empty streets of Crocus. Splinters and shards of wood burst out of seemingly nowhere. Where once the entrance to a bar stood, now the remaining pieces of the door flew to the other side of the street. Along them, the body of a large man flew past by. Unknowingly, a lone figure that walked by the place had just barely avoided being hit with the debris that flew out of the bar on the sidewalk. Had she walked just a single step further, she would have most probably become collateral damage. As the dust settled, silence filled the air once again. No one muttered a single word as the eyes were all directed at Kenzo who now stood on the frame where the door once was. Chugging empty the remaining beer of the glass he held in one hand, he threw the empty container at the sidewalk as it shattered in a thousand pieces. Shaking his bloodied hand, Kenzo muttered to himself in an almost imperceptible voice. ”Damn. Thicker skull than what I thought.” Turning his head to the lone woman that now stood before him, Kenzo shrugged at her as he pointed with his left thumb to the now unconscious man at the other side of the street walk. Still with a smirk on his face, he calmly spoke. ”He said my smile was ugly”

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#3Judina † 

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Judina †
While she seemed to think about to herself. Judina would slowly now try to focus her mind back into a normal state of being then what she was at during this moment of time, For now she would want to keep her problems to herself. She could manage for the most part just that almost entire quiet period of alone helped her mind just kind of stay in one place long enough to finally keep it thinking what she needed it to be, some how normal. She was still a knight outside of what just she had thrown on to her.

Maybe it was time for her to go back and maybe sleep? Maybe it was time for her to linger into an void of never ending darkening  thoughts? there seemed to be many things. So much and so little to think about and not want to as well. In some manner for now Judina felt it was good to look over the city. Even in Crocus the city and home for the rune knights. Part of her just hoped no one would do anything too horrible this evening, Judina kind of wished that every evening for the most part.

Not too long after she slowly took her walk into the more towards the area where she would be going to consider a minor patrol Judina would see a wood splinters and some one go through a door. Judina given the Rune Knight she was would have her eyes meet with whom she had to assume this point had done this to the man on the ground. Judina could admire the fact he was calm about it but that still did not change one thing about the situation.

So Judina would raise a single eye brow and say."Of all places the main city of rune knights."Judina mentioned casually but would follow it up with."At least not leave him there and bring him inside, So he does not freeze to death." Then again Judina did not expect him too, He just seemed like the type not too.

"Never mind, I'll do it myself."So she would do it herself walking over and taking this knocked out drunk man and lifting him off of the ground himself and just bring him into the building. Judina was place this knocked out man sitting some where out of the way."You are paying for the wall."That did not sound like a request, That was her making sure and telling him he would."That or after I figure out all that happen, I take either him, you or both to jail."All signs pointed that Judina was in fact a rune knight from this.

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#4Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo immediately noticed that the woman was different from the rest of the people that he had met so far in Fiore. One would imagine that if something like that had happened to a woman in the middle of the night, she would be scared at the very least. However, the girl didn't even blink. Raising an eyebrow, she made a comment about some sort of knights. Apparently Crocus was their main headquarters, but Kenzo knew nothing about that. Raising an eyebrow, he asked. "Rune Knights?" It was true that his mother was from this country. But this was the first time he had ever set foot on it. Living most of his life between Bellum and Joya, what was common sense for many people in Fiore was completely different for him. After all, he had been raised and lived thousands of kilometers away from this land. After she told him to at least take him back, Kenzo looked around and behind him. Puzzled if she was talking to him. He sure as hell was not helping the man back up. As he barely thought that, it seemed that the woman could read his mind, and told him she would take him inside herself. ”Scary.” he thought.

As she dragged the body inside, Kenzo knew this was the perfect opportunity. He made his timely escape into the city as he walked slowly with both arms raised over his head. "Tsk. What a way to kill the mood" Before he could take a couple of steps away though, he heard the woman tell him that he'd have to pay for the wall. More than telling him, it sounded like a demand. Turning around, Kenzo was ready to reply in a witty manner, but before he could do that he was now threatened to go to jail if he didn't comply. What a mess. Who the hell was this woman? The mercenary had certainly gotten himself into a sticky situation. Lucky for him, his years as a street orphan had taught him a thing or two. The only money he had was the pay he was given earlier that day for protecting a villa just outside of Crocus. However, he had separated the money into two parts. One of them held almost all the money, while the other was put inside a small pouch just in case something happened.

Begrudgingly, Kenzo took out the small pouch and threw it to the bar keeper with an upset expression. He made sure his reaction seemed as authentic as possible. The pouch he threw had around 10,000 jewels inside at most. However, Kenzo was still not familiar with the value of Jewels, so he genuinely had no idea how much that was. The only thing he knew, was that it was a minuscule amount of money compared to what he actually held. "Not sure who you are miss... but what a bother... Here mister, it should be more than enough to even buy a prettier door this time" Even if he had no idea if the money was enough, Kenzo acted like he was one hundred percent sure he had given the man more than enough money for the repairs. It's not like they would count the money in front of him at the moment, would they? Not wanting to find out, Kenzo didn't stop in his tracks as he continued walking away from the scene. He was not in the mood to get himself into more trouble now. The beer had left him a sour aftertaste. Before he was able to turn right in the corner though, the blue haired man felt a sharp pain on his torso. Looking down, he noticed his wound from that day had just opened and started bleeding again. Rolling his eyes, he sighed as he slightly limped away from that place. "Just what I needed"

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Lone Spark, Wanting to Remain Bright.(Open) U8W6XVS

The Voidling exhaled sharply at the sound of voices being raised and chairs being pushed aside; the night had been uneventful thus far and somehow the shabby bar she had chosen to have a drink at would soon offer more entertainment than she had hoped for. Nuala took a sip from her ale and slowly turned around on her stool to watch the situation unfold. The woman was dressed entirely in black – a cloak covered up her appearance and her features remained hidden beneath a hood she had pulled deeply into her face. She sat with her legs crossed and watched with mild amusement as human men got into a brawl – like they so often did.

It seemed as though two of them had bumped into each other; this happened all the time and while the fight that followed was fairly predictable, the outcome wasn’t. Nuala’s amethyst eyes locked onto the man who stood out between them – he had bright blue hair and fancied himself some fairly unusual accessoires, but those weren’t what caught her attention. It was the scent of blood filling the air, a scent that no one else seemed to have notice, as well as the hint of pain on his face that he swiftly brushed aside in order to stand his ground.

Taking another sip from her drink, Nuala watched with delight as he threw the other man (who was obviously way too drunk to put up much of a fight) straight out onto the street, shattering the bar’s door in the progress. A look over her shoulder revealed that the barkeeper – and owner of this place – had paled visibly by now. “Don’t make that face,” the woman said to him, her voice low and laced with amusement.

What conspired next was most unexpected, but made the situation all the more interesting. A woman, tall and with impressive features, had been crossing the street and almost got hit. She seemed rather unfazed by everything, however, and soon demanded for payment in regards to broken property and even scolded the blue-haired male who went to apologize to her (in his own peculiar way at least), which then led to him throwing a bag of coin towards the bar counter, where it landed with the owner who immediately began counting. Her affiliation to the Rune Knights became pretty obvious after that and Nuala could feel a sudden shift in the atmosphere.

“Actually, that’s not enough I think–,” the bar owner began, but before he could continue Nuala turned to speak to him, removing her hood in the progress. “Actually,” she said with a firm voice, “I think that’s just about enough to get you a perfectly new door. Besides, shouldn’t you offer the Lady Rune Knight something to drink and eat in exchange for her services? It would be rude not to.” Nuala’s words were sweet, but if he was smart enough he would hear the threat in it. And much to her satisfaction, the bar owner understood. “Of course, of course. Please, Ma’am, have a seat.” His words were directed at Judina.

In the meantime, Nuala’s gaze shifted back to the injured male, who was now making an effort to leave the scene. With that open wound on his abdomen she didn’t expect him to make it very far though. Dealing with the Rune Knights was never much of a pleasure and if she had helped this one getting out of a tricky situation with one, perhaps he would owe her a favour someday.

#6Judina † 

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Judina †
Calling her a mood killer seemed to be not do much to Judina, She was rather callous to such words. After all She slayed demons in for these people, She fought criminals who have done far worst then a drunken fight, She had seen many things."I am law enforcement to the people here and this country."Judina mentioned in reply right away."With that you have to be the mood killer sometimes."So she could admit it right away with out a second thought about it. She was at least honest about it, Her duty was to the people sober, drunk or anything else.

But with in hearing who owned this place speak Judina would hear another woman speak. So now she would try in some way remain in control of this situation, So far Judina did not think or have much worry about this woman. Before Judina would take up the owners offer all she said was."Answer a few questions about what happen, You may have an easier time then you assume."Judina would not admit she really was not in the mood to chase anyone, Even if it was easy to get other Rune Knights to be on the look out for him. After all he stood out quite well."Be wise with your actions in this moment."It was honest advise, Even if for stubborn people, there was some kind of value in it.

Now Judina would take the owner upon his offer slowly walking over to by woman and the owner. So at least Judina take a moment to settle in. She would finally take a second to look at the second woman, So far she had rather nice black hair and oddly alluring purple eyes, Judina could avoid seemingly like she was staring.

One thing she would say to maybe show, She was just doing her job. She would mention."If that is what is believed should be enough, All I will want to know what exactly happen, from everyone who saw the situation or in it."She was trying not to seem to hostile but given her work she knew to at least one person she came off that way, For now it was a waiting game."I won't need much....A mere glass of water would be wonderful thank you."So it seemed her attention would now be to the man still at the door, She waited to see if he would run, He had a even more of a chance now, Judina wanted to be proven wrong but expected him to run for some reason, In that case she would most likely start thinking up a plan to do then, But that was not worry until he took that first step away from them or towards them.

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#7Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo had hit it big time. And by big time, I mean big time bad luck. He’d only expected to grab a nice drink before passing out cold in some inn for the night. Now his plans were thrown out of the window. Even if it was such a bother, for some reason this didn’t quite displease the man as he’d have thought. The imposing woman before him was none other but part of the law enforcement of the country. ”Ho, so they’re called rune knights then.” He thought for himself. Quite a cheesy name for his taste, but perhaps perfectly fitting for a country with such a strong mage tradition.

His first real night in the country was proving to be a more interesting one than what he’d expected. Part of it came from the sudden help of an unknown stranger. Kenzo had not noticed her before, but seeing her attire made it obvious why. As he heard the owner beginning to grumble about not being enough money, Kenzo turned around just in time to see the woman next to him take off the hood that covered her face, effectively shutting the guy down with just a few words. Clearly exposed now, the purple tints amidst her midnight black hair made quite the impression. However, it was her piercing amethyst colored eyes that struck Kenzo the most. For some reason, the warrior instinctively chuckled quietly as he nodded his head slightly at her. He was not normally someone to owe something to others. If a stranger had gone out of their way to help him, it was their choice. For some reason though, Kenzo had a feeling that he’d want to remember this favor.

As he tried to get away from the bar, Kenzo stopped for a second as he heard the rune knight lady press further for answers. Without saying a single thing, he continued walking and turned to the right after crossing the door’s frame. He had now effectively escaped the field of vision of the people inside the place. In other conditions, he would have honestly tried to escape the scene in the middle of night. He had experience with losing pursuers in an urban environment. He’d done it countless times as he stole food from street vendors as a kid to survive. However, the sharp pain in his torso was too much. There was more blood than he expected. Kenzo was stubborn, but not stupid. The best course of action would have to be to cooperate with the woman.

It would have been five seconds at most, between Kenzo leaving the place and suddenly emerging from the door again. He approached slowly the rune knight with a playful smile, trying his hardest to hide the pain of his opened wound. ”Well, if that’s the way it is... I guess it won’t hurt telling you, miss….?” Asking for her name, the blue haired man took a seat right next to her. Now that he observed her calmly, he noticed that she had some pretty impressive features. She was tall compared to most women, and her armor and attire gave her a dignified look. Her outfit matched perfectly with the noble air she projected given her soft yet penetrating greyish eyes. Two interesting people in one night. Without stopping, he directed his gaze at the other woman. ”Care to join us too? I bet your insight might prove very useful for miss rune knight here.”

As Judina got her glass of water, Kenzo made a gesture to the keeper asking for another beer. He might as well enjoy the chat now. Looking around, he noticed that the rest of the bar still looked at the three of them. Bothered by the idea, he rose his voice a bit so the bar could hear him. ”I’ll pay for another round of drinks if you all get back to your business. As he spoke, he fixated his gaze at the owner with a devilish smile. ”There should be even more than enough money in there to also pay for it. Right?” Spoken with an almost imperceptible hint of a threat, the bar keeper understood the message. Before he could reply or refuse in any sort, the deafening cheers of the rest of the people in the place drowned any and all willingness argue. With that out of the way, Kenzo finally looked at the woman. Slowly passing his finger through the outlines of the jawbone that protruded his cheek, the man caressed one it’s sharp outer teeth. “Now to begin then. Do you think I’m a demon miss?”

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Lone Spark, Wanting to Remain Bright.(Open) U8W6XVS

Nuala’s gaze fell on the female knight; she appeared dressed appropriately for her role and her build only complimented her rugged charms. She stood taller than most women – Nuala included – and was blessed with fair skin and lovely, long hair. The Voidling didn’t fail to notice that she was equally beautiful as she was stoic and stern; the Rune Knight’s grim features showed little compassion or even interest and while she was dutifully resolving the situation, Nuala couldn’t help but think that Judina wanted to be everywhere but here right now.

She even refused the alcohol, which was a smart call in her opinion.

“Not much happened here,” said Nuala and even though she had something to drink already, the woman’s voice remained clear; the accent with which she spoke otherworldly and clearly setting her apart from the rest. The Voidling’s alien appearance was often overlooked by many, as the markings on her face were usually mistaken as tattoos and magic often caused dysmorphia and such – of course Nuala was neither human nor was she a sorceress, but none of that was obvious.

“A simple bar fight seems below the duty of a Rune Knight anyways,” she continued almost innocently. It was true though – the military already had their hands full dealing with demons, angels and dark guilds. “It’s over already. And this happens all the time here, right?” Once again she eyed the poor bar keeper, who merely nodded and dished out a bunch of drinks to them.

By now, the blue-haired man had returned as well. Kenzo’s movements were slow-paced and he seemed irritated at the fact that he had to return here, when his intentions clearly had been to leave this place swiftly and without causing any more trouble. Nuala couldn’t help but notice how strangely he addressed the money he used to pay for things, making her wonder if he was drunk or actually unfamiliar with the country’s currency.

It would make sense, considering how carelessly he spoke about demons.

When he spoke to her directly, she just shook her head. “I can hear you perfectly from over here.” Truth be told, Nuala didn’t want to sit any closer to a Rune Knight than necessary. It wasn’t anything personal, but the woman had learned that the majority of them were cold-hearted, suspicious of outsiders and loyal to no one but themselves – nothing like Kazimir. The handsome Captain had left a good impression, but she knew that this was far from being the norm. “Besides, if you continue to let your wound bleed out like that, it won’t be much of a conversation anyways.” The stench of blood, which previously had been drowned out by the scent of alcohol and sweat, had become more prominent once he moved closer to where she sat.

The bar keeper had learned his lesson by now, as he was listening closely to what they had been saying and quickly moved over to hand Kenzo a relatively clean cloth which he could use to cover his wound, should he wish to do so.

#9Judina † 

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Judina †
So it seemed her job would take a shift, Maybe just being stuck in her moment Judina would not notice other things. She would generally forgot about the fact she order a glass of water. Just for a simple reason, He was bleeding and Judina did kind of could not just let him stay that way. She would not forget what was mentioned by the woman."If one thing becomes below a Rune Knight, what else will be?"She asked it more of an honest question she asked in return."Minor or major, I would rather look into these things myself to be sure...Even if it seems silly that this problem is over."It seems the reality of it was not numb to her either, But she was honest about it.

Maybe at this point Judina was different then most of the other knights people would assume. So now what would Judina do to answer this man question. She would get up from her chair, take that clean cloth and when a stare right at this man, Sure it was strange what she was about to do, That was just she how she was."Before I answer, Can you trust me to bandage your wound?"That was a more pressing manner to her, It did seem weird for her to do, But always how Judina just wanted to focus on other things, Rather then just an oddly timed and seemingly odd question and made no sense to ask right away.

But there was a reason behind this moment and she was not revealing it. Her mind was in another place rather then oddly placed and time questions, It almost seemed more silly to ask. After all Judina has fought and killed actual demons in the past, She was just going about this situation more of a way of she wanted to rather then just being always so cold and callous. After all she knew and hated she was this way, She also did not want to admit this situation was happen stance, Judina wanted to clear her head of other things.

But for now, It was back to the stale waiting game that seemed. Almost rather strange to be playing a waiting game over a situation that had already ended, But fate had a weird way working with people.

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#10Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Despite Kenzo’s best efforts, he was ultimately unable to hide the fact that he was bleeding. His confident expression was instantly frozen when the purple haired woman addressed the fact that he was wounded. He instantly looked down, noticing that blood was starting to seep into the fabric of his shirt and white coat. If he did nothing, he would be in serious trouble. As he took a seat, he sighed as a clean fabric was being handed down. The upside of all of this was that further questioning by the Rune Knight would-be put-on hold for now. However, Kenzo now visible looked more uncomfortable with the whole situation. Beneath his forged somewhat arrogant and confident persona, the man was deeply insecure about some things. Specially with showing others his torso.

For that reason, when the knight asked him to trust him with the wound, Kenzo was cornered. ”I-I…” Words have left the usually witty and sarcastic joker. As he grabbed his right arm and bit his lip in discomfort, Kenzo looked away as he answered as best as he could in a now serious, insecure tone. ”Okay.”

Even if he wanted to do it by himself, he was now too weak to treat his wound. As the right side of his waist bled, he could feel his fingers getting numb. Nervousness had now taken control of his body, and yet for some reason he felt that these two women were people he could perhaps trust. He had no proof, but he’d always trusted his gut throughout his life. Slowly, Kenzo unbuttoned the black shirt he wore from the top to the bottom. As he got to the middle, he stopped for a second before looking away once more and continuing. As the buttons came undone, a hole the size of a big grapefruit was revealed where his belly button should be and went all the way through his body. The walls of the hole were pitch black, but one could easily see through it. Ever since the day his family was attacked by a demon as a young child; his father killed and his mother kidnapped, the blue haired man had to endure countless stares and rumors. Anyone who saw the man’s body had the same reaction. As if they’d just seen a devil. For this reason, Kenzo could simply fake a half smile as his body was revealed to both girls. His whole body was stiff. In an almost sad manner, he spoke as if almost expecting from both of them the glares that he’d now seen countless times. ”Hope you don’t mind” With a serious tone, he continued. ”I’m Kenzo by the way”
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Lone Spark, Wanting to Remain Bright.(Open) U8W6XVS

After pointing out the wound on his abdomen, the Voidling turned her attention back to her drink. The Rune Knight was willing to take care of it and while Nuala found it rather curious how she operated without showing as much as a drop of emotion, she figured this was no longer any of her business. The blue-haired man’s demeanor, on the other hand, had once again shifted completely. He no longer carried himself with that obnoxious sense of over-confidence and he became weirdly quiet the moment he was forced to take off his shirt in order to reveal his ailments. The sudden change of personality was laughable, really.

Nuala had seen this before and it seemed as though this type of behavior was almost common in young, male humans. Therefore she paid it no mind. It was only when he unbuttoned his shirt entirely, finally revealing what he was so embarrassed about, that Nuala’s interested sparked up again and she tilted her head around to get a better look.

In the lower part of his torso, where a belly button and organs would otherwise be located at, a deep black hole could be found instead. Now, odd body shapes and such were not uncommon on Earthland and even less in Fiore – a country where magic had such a strong presence. Still, the hole in this man’s body was quite unusual. Nuala wasn’t one to make groundless assumptions, but from the very moment he had first raised his drunken voice up until now, she had thought of him as nothing but human. And she still did. She had never seen anything like this in particular, but it did remind her of a few things that she was familiar with.

“You..You have been cursed?”

#12Judina † 

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Judina †
It seemed this man would yield, That would give him his answer. Judina would just at least finally mention."Bare no shame in needing help."This was a turning point she did not seem so, It seemed to be an honest piece of advise."It is hard to ask for it sometimes,Even if the thought is distasteful."She was speaking from experience from that even if it seemed monotone.

It was interesting and Judina so far seemed to have anything largely to comment on it, Wanting to save it until she had finished patching up the wound. Even as Nuala comment would be noted. She was not expert upon the subject. But when names where mentioned Judina seemed to not hide hers.

After all that was broken into her to be polite enough to return the favor."My name is Judina, I do not mind at all, If you had not I most likely mentioned my name first."Judina would mention, Taking her time placing the cloth over the open bleeding wound, But where her emotions seemed to had faded her humanity had not.

After applying the patch she would tear off a piece of the red cloth section of her armor, It would show the bare steel under it, But the cloth was long enough to wrap around his entire waist line to keep the cloth in place, Judina would take her time time and even tie a neat bow with it as well.

Content with what exactly she had done Judina would finally answer her question."I do not believe a demon as at all."She would just taking her time answering the question."Your behavior is far from one,After all I have killed demons before."this maybe put into context some of her life and what Judina maybe has deal with aside from silly drunk people and whatever else most people assume rune knights did, It could eventually be another topic of conversation if any of these people met one another after this day.

"In a land where use magic, odd looks will happen. I would have assume it was that case here."but she was now getting to Nuala's mention."What miss purple eyes here mention."Then Judina would just casually turn around and finally ask."I am sorry, My mother would be unhappy if did not use manners here, What is your name?"She would ask Nuala, then continue the conversation a moment after, She found her piece of information pretty good."I would have found it a case of you wear something, to catch the eyes of people and stand out, You had that personality for the most part."

"But it seems with what you have now,I can agree with her. You might be in fact cursed."Weather that was something he already knew that up in air but she was assuming that was case here and was just kind of keeping it in her almost typical way blunt. Going back to the table Judina would pick up the glass of water of her and take a moment to drink from it.

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#13Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo clenched his fist as he waited the reaction from both women. The hole in his chest was something to look at. He had lived with it for years now, along the jawbone in his cheek. He knew what sort of impression it caused in people that saw it for the first time. It was, after all, certainly unnatural. Heck, Kenzo wasn’t even sure how his own body worked. He could eat normally, and his bodily functions worked just like a normal person’s. Yet, he was able to pass his own hand through the spot all the way to the back of his body. Unconsciously, Kenzo had accepted the fact that it was now part of his physical traits. He had stopped trying to look for an answer years ago. Every single lead he found before had simply helped to falsely fuel his hopes. As such, he now lived without any expectations of reverting his body back to its original state. However, wasn’t that exactly the reason why he’d come to Fiore in the first place? Now, a new spark would be lit in front of him.

As the black-haired rune knight began treating his wound, her poker face prevailed through. Kenzo didn’t know whether to be amused by her ability to remain unfazed by anything that came her way or worried. Either way, the tension in his body was instantly met with a profound sense of intrigue. Far from the reaction that he expected, the woman gently wrapped Kenzo’s wound with care as she introduced herself as Judina. The blue haired man knew that beneath that expressionless face, she was a kind girl. Slowly, his tension vanished from his body. Truth be told, the man was starting to get a bit embarrassed by his previous reaction. He had always lived in the defensive. People would scream and try to distance themselves from Kenzo, hurling words like ”Demon”, or ”Devil”, whenever they saw the gaping hole. However, the lack of strong reaction from both girls sent his mind into confusion. It was as if he’d been greatly worked up by something that held no importance to both of them. Their visible calm in contrast to the tension he had displayed made him redden a little. Trying to remain composed, he wondered to himself. ”Is this perhaps normal in this country?” The answer to that, would come shortly after.

The purple eyed woman broke her silence as she asked him if he’d been cursed. Kenzo simply looked at her with an intrigued expression. ”Cursed?” Truth be told, he didn’t know the reason why his body was this way. The memory that held the secrets behind his condition had eluded him for years. As the conversation kept going, Kenzo slowly started confirming the fact that what had attacked his family that night had indeed been a demon.

As Judina finished taking care of the wound and even taking a piece of her own suit to tie it around his torso, she told Kenzo that she didn’t believe him to be a demon. The comment that followed suit, instantly made the man feel a surge of excitement within him. ”So, th-they really exist and can be killed then?” If what the woman said was true, this would change everything. Her following words seemed to agree with what the still unnamed woman had said. Both of them agreed that he seemed to be cursed.

This night was proving to be more valuable to him than what he’d ever expected. As he tried to calm himself once again, shrugging off his embarrassment from being startled before, he continued with as composed of a voice as he could craft. ”Truth be told, I don’t know myself what happened. The only thing I know is that my family and I were attacked many years prior. After passing out, I woke up with this hole in my body, and these bones in my cheek.” Kenzo paused for a moment as he once again passed his hand through the outer teeth in his cheekbone. He purposefully omitted the fact that he had also lost his ability to use magic that night. ”My mother was a mage from this country, yet I lived most of my life in the east in Bellum and later in Joya. For years I’ve debated with myself whether what I saw that night was indeed a demon or not. They are naught but fairy tales and occult subjects in those places. And still…” Taking yet another pause. Kenzo’s eyes filled with determination as his usual confident smile returned to his lips. ”You two seem to know about them.” Shifting a gaze between both women, Kenzo continued. ”Can a curse be lifted?”

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Nuala’s fascination with Kenzo’s body deformities promptly turned into aversion as the conversation between the man and the Rune Knight continued. She introduced herself as Judina (a name Nuala would surely remember) before proceeding to explain her thoughts on whether or not Kenzo appeared to be anything but human – and in spite of his looks, he didn’t. Nuala knew that humans, especially the citizens of this country, didn’t think highly of other races, with the exception of elves. She could only assume as much previously, but their discussion just now made it clear that Kenzo and Judina harboured negative feelings towards demons.

And while Nuala wasn’t a demon, she had been born in the same place as one. And she definitely wasn’t human anymore.

Judina turned towards the Voidling and politely asked for her name, effectively ripping her out of the cloud of thoughts she had drifted into. “Nuala,” she murmured quietly. “My name is Nuala. Pleasure to meet you.” And with that, the focus of everyone was back on the unusual foreigner Kenzo. He was drunk (and probably in a lot of pain), so when he began to tell them about the tragedy that was his life, Nuala couldn’t take him serious and the irony wasn’t lost on her. His lack of knowledge about demons (even though he looked like one), creatures and general things that were going on in their world really surprised her and his cluelessness led her to believe that he was young and inexperienced.

“Of course they exist,” the Voidling responded. “And of course they can be killed. Everything can be killed.” Nuala’s voice sounded sharper now and while she spoke she had gotten out of her chair and put her cloak back on, with the hood pulled deeply into her face. “I don’t know if a curse can be lifted, but if I had to take a guess then the one who is responsible for casting it also knows how to unmake it.” She had gotten ready to move and turned her back on both Judina and Kenzo before turning around to look over her shoulder and directly at him. “You should hurry about finding a cure. You reek of bad luck and it seems you’ve been attracting plenty of it.”

Not only was she referring to his poor childhood, his appearance and now the gaping wound in his abdomen, but also the fact that he was still entirely clueless and unlucky enough to run into a Rune Knight the moment he had started causing trouble. And frankly, the Voidling wanted nothing to do with it. Not with him, nor the demon-killing knight. Without another word Nuala turned on her heel and left the bar with quick steps, disappearing into the night.


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Judina †
It seemed to leave Judina with a sigh about the situation."I clearly unsure myself. But I do believe it can be cured, how I do not have that answer."Judina at did not know much else to do here.

So Judina would then walk over to her glass of water and just finish it up quickly, Nuala seemed to be on her merry way, Judina seemed to feel like it was about time to as well.

Her duty was done, For the most part. She would ensure one thing."I will come back to see the repairs of this place."But she would also not forget Kenzo with her departure.

"May we cross paths again, I wish to see how you have healed, as well as if you wish find anything about to rid your curse."Judina even gave a small smile about it, like she believed it was possible even if clueless to it.

"But since everything seems to clear, I will depart myself, Do not stir up any more trouble."Judina mentioned so casually, Quietly leaving herself, Judina figured she would not have to worry much else for tonight, After all a minor bar fight with a broken door/wall was kind of tame considering most things she dealt with.

Judina also for wanted a some time to herself to think about a few things on her mind. Maybe even get some sleep, Or a nap one of the two she would choose later when she eventually would arrive to where she was staying to actually choose.

But Judina seemed to not have any other problems that evening, no one else seemed to have caught her attention. It would be a good break to whatever else she had to come after all if lucky no one else for now needed to know.


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Kenzo Valens
The mercenary’s mind drifted as the lingering effects of alcohol still held a grip over him. His tongue had strongly loosened as a result and ended telling both strangers his life’s story. Weird for him to do so. For a normally reserved person that preferred not to mingle with others and didn’t care by stranger’s affairs, this was rather out of character. Be it the alcohol, or the simple need to have a release outlet to help him cope with the situation, Kenzo was rather glad he did it. At least, he now held a clue.

As the conversation developed, he could notice the purple eyed woman feel slightly more uncomfortable. For some reason, this talk about demons and killing them seemed to upset her. Introducing herself finally as Nuala, the voidling excused herself as she shot a sharp comment at the man before disappearing in the night. Truth be told, Kenzo couldn’t blame her. He was definitely cursed, and his bad luck was doing nothing but getting worse. At least, her words held a hint of truth, and a new indication on what he needed to do next. Either way, he would remember the favor he still owed to her if they ever met in the future. He was just too intrigued by Nuala’s secrets. She definitely knew more than what first met the eye.

As Judina stood up and prepared to leave herself, she wished the best to Kenzo. With a genuine smile on his face, he replied accordingly. ”Thank you very much. I promise I won’t be stirring up any trouble” Signaling at his wound as he spoke, the man continued. ”At least, not until this heals” Meaning it as a joke, the blue haired man was glad he’d met the rune knight that evening. She was a kind woman, Kenzo could tell that much. However, behind that impenetrable front of calmness he was sure bigger worries hid. This was not the time for him to know though, as he waved his hand at her while she left.

Still drunk, the man carefully stood up and walked to the counter. Handing the owner a bunch of extra jewels, Kenzo spoke with a satisfied tone. ”Sorry for all the troubles.” Why he decided to give him extra money? He blamed it on the alcohol. Either way, Kenzo was now in a good mood. His first night in Crocus proved to be more fruitful than expected. He now knew where to start searching for answers.


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