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Mistaken Identity [Shichiro]

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Mistaken Identity [Shichiro] Empty on Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:54 pm

Nero aimlessly roamed around the streets of Crocus, arms raised with his fingers interlocked behind his head as he thought about what he had just been told by that old crone a few hours ago. His fortune wasn't exactly good, but it wasn't exactly bad either. For all intents and purposes you could even say it was a good experience for him. If the fortune was true he'd probably have to find that old crone again and get a few more answers, but the likelihood of it was close to none.

The only real downside of the fortune was that his card The Hanged Man foretold some bit of misfortune. It wasn't exactly specific but that was to be expected from a random roadside fortune. Nero began to whistle lightly as he made his way towards the marketplace, lightly whistling as his heels clacked against the cobblestone-esque pathway. The sun was still high in the sky and people covered the streets in packs going about their daily chores, jobs, etc. Nero's only real concern though was whether or not he could find a new book at his destination.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

Mistaken Identity [Shichiro] Empty on Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:38 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Getting a lead of a potential bounty, Shichiro figured this would be a fun job for him to take as well as since it has been a long time since he's tracked somebody down. According to his sources, he heard a minor criminal was last spotted in the area. Now, Shichiro didn't have anything important to do today so he figured he'd take on this job and see what it was all about. Sniffing around aimlessly, he was hoping on picking up a peculiar scent or smell. He's never met the person but he figured it wouldn't hurt to be cautious. All he could smell though was scent of the crowds of people walking back and forth which frankly, doesn't help his case one bit.

He figured it was worth a shot as he placed his hands into his pockets and walked down the streets of Crocus. He started to daydream like he normally did hoping to see some sort of action too when suddenly, Shichiro violently collided into another person roaming the streets of Crocus. Feeling irritable and irrational, Shichiro decided to blame and snap at the person he had bumped into despite him being the one to lose himself in thought. "Oi man, watch where you're going, moron! The hell is your problem? What a minute...I think I've seen you around before." Shichiro pulled his right hand out of his pocket to dust himself off but kept his eye on the kid in front of him.


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While lost in thought Nero happened to crash into someone rather violently. He felt his body twist sideways abruptly and was instantly brought back to reality as he stumbled forward. It took him a moment to regain his balance as he heard the person he crashed into shouting at him from behind. Embarrassed, he quickly turned and smiled sheepishly at the person whom he'd caused trouble for before it could turn into a scene, speaking as the man was mid-sentence.

"I'm really sorry about that! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going!.."

Only as he neared the end of his sentence did the man's words click in his head. Apparently he had seen him before, but from what he could recall he'd never actually met the person in front of him. His memory was decently good and he had a knack for remembering faces so he could discern that the person in front of him wasn't an acquaintance. Maybe a simple passerby perhaps? No. Nero immediately threw that idea out the window. Something about the man's actions made him seem wary of him, a reaction that seemed a little too over the top for their simple collision. But he wouldn't judge a stranger so deeply for something this minor. He did his best to try and placate the man's anger and apologized once more before he turned to leave, keeping his guard up this time more so to avoid another collision than for worry of the man he'd be leaving behind.

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Mistaken Identity [Shichiro] Empty on Fri Jan 17, 2020 5:28 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Clearing away any potential dust off of his clothes, Shichiro continued to stare at the boy as if he had known him from somewhere until it clicked in his head why. The boy tried to apologize but Shichiro was paying attention to that situation anymore he was no focused on the boy in front of him who may be worth some sort of monetary gain. "You, you're that wanted person i saw on a poster the other day, aren't you? Hm, your bounty is kind of low but I'll bite anyways since we're both here."  Watching the boy, it seems there was some kind of misunderstanding or confusion between the two of them. Noting that, the boy had apologized once more and turned to walk away.

This action irritated Shichiro further as if the boy didn't understand the situation he was in and Shichiro reached out to place his hand on his shoulder instead, halting him from going any further. "Woah there, not so fast buddy. Let's take a trip and talk about this," Shichiro said as he slid his arm around the back of the boy's neck, positioning himself next to the boy as if he was an older brother roughhousing with his younger sibling. They were in the streets of Crocus and there was no point in causing a scene here where everybody could see them. He also figured he kid wasn't dumb enough to draw attention to himself.


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Nero was slightly confused as the man he had just bumped into mentioned something about a bounty and had immediately gotten friendly with him, placing his arm around his neck and over his shoulder. His body was practically screaming danger as he felt a mysterious sense of pressure from the person next to him. He felt a lot stronger than he looked, and was definitely someone Nero shouldn't mess with at this point, considering how he'd lost his magic. With the most composure he could muster he smiled lightly once again and posed a question to the man while maintaining his guard against him.

"Bounty? What is it I've done exactly?"

He placed his hand on the man's arm, grabbing his wrist as he continued to walk with him, sensing that the man didn't want to cause a scene either. There were a lot of people on the streets at this time and starting a fight here would cause the scene to devolve pretty quickly. Doing anything rash could make matters worse for Nero, and at this point, he needed more info before he decided to do anything. He had to be cautious, especially with a strong person like this already within a dangerous distance for himself.

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Mistaken Identity [Shichiro] Empty on Sat Jan 18, 2020 5:03 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Deciding it was best to get away from prying eyes, Shichiro lead the male towards a more secluded spot away from prying eyes. Leading him down an alley way, they came across an open, empty lot that seems to be devoid of people but surrounded with enough structures to prevent people from easily peering in and seeing what was going on. This was perfect for Shichiro or so he thought. He couldn't really be sure since anybody else to stumble up on this location. If he was gonna take this man in, he'd have to do it quietly in order make sure he'd draw as little attention to himself as possible.

When he was sure nobody else was around to witness what he was about to do, he shoved the boy a few feet in front of him before he began to speak. "Alright buddy, playtime is over. Let's get this over with," Shichiro said, ignoring the male's previous comment. He's sure he knew what he did but is trying to feign innocence. Shichiro got that a lot during other endeavors but he'd like to think he's good at spotting people through their disguises.


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When they had reached a secluded area the man shoved him forward and he stumbled a few feet away from him. As he was stumbling to a stop he looked to be off-balance, his body leaning forward for just a moment as his arm whipped around from his front towards his back. His rusty dagger slipped out from his sleeve as he expertly threw it in the man's direction. He had no intention of actually harming him gravely, but considering the gap in power, he was feeling as well as the man's current attitude he couldn't risk him getting the first hit in.

"If you won't listen then I'm just going to have to convince you!"

As Nero threw the dagger he twisted his body as he leaped forward. His palms were placed against the ground as he kicked one leg forward to give him momentum to turn 180 degrees so that he would be facing the man whom he'd just spoken to. His body was crouched on the ground so as to minimize how much of a target he could give the man, as well as hide his vital areas. His left hand grabbed at the dirt underneath it as he balled it into a fist and tensed his muscles, preparing to move in any direction that would prove to evade the rage that he knew would follow his sudden attack. Despite how dire the situation looked for him Nero couldn't help but grin a little as he grit his teeth, being on the cusp of life and death was rather exciting when it was by your own choosing.

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Mistaken Identity [Shichiro] Empty on Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:14 am

Shichiro Uchida
When Shichiro pushed the male forward, it seems he decided to maneuver in a way that would allow him to access a hidden dagger Shichiro didn't know about to throw at him. Shichiro wasn't sure if he was trying to hit him or not but it seems the dagger had missed him. This only cause Shichiro to blink in response before he sighed and assumed his combat stance. He wished this could be easier than it actually was but alas, they always had to choose the hard way. Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart and taking one step back with his right foot and orienting it so his feet are at right angles to each other. His left leg was relaxed, with the majority of his weight on their right foot, keeping his body straight but maintained the same angle. 

He brought his hands in front of his face, curling them whiling lean his head forward behind them for better coverage of the face and holding his elbows forward so he could maneuver his arms to block body shots to his ribs or liver. This was a basic stance for a person that primarily used kicks in fights because it lends itself well to kicking and allows for greater mobility and stability. Standing off at only a meter away, Shichiro decided to begin by stepping forward on his left leg, dragging and bring his right knee towards the face of his opponent. His opponent was in a low enough position to attempt this strike in order to incapacitate him.


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With the dagger having missed its target Nero could only watch as it flew a meter or so behind him. It wasn't wise to throw one's weapon away but Nero felt that both discarding it and using it to gain some distance was worth the action. He only hoped that his opponent would notice how he chose not to attack him with weapons in such a situation where a criminal would put their life on the line to escape. Although the act of attacking could bring about a negative reaction Nero felt that words would be lost on the man in front of him and that his only course of discussion would be through actions.

With the well-placed knee strike hurtling towards his face Nero could only choose to dodge to his left to evade it. In doing so it would open up room for him to retaliate with a leg sweep as he maintained his semi crouched state and swung his right leg out to meet the man's stationary left as the knee would pass. It was a bit of a gamble but if he could pull it off he would be able to knock the man off balance and should he force him to fall forward he would attempt to restrain him by leaping onto his defenseless back and putting him into a headlock. However, if the man were to react Nero was prepared to move at a moment's notice to at least block an oncoming blow should he fail to dodge by having his left arm raised to cover vital areas of his neck and jaw.

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Mistaken Identity [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:58 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Attempting to collide his knee with Nero's face had grown to be a worthless endeavor as the boy evaded it with ease. This was fine for Shichiro as he shouldn't suffer too much damage. Falling forward towards the ground after the sweep hit, Shichiro outstretched both of his arms forward to the floor to prevent his body from fully crashing into the ground, pushing off of his left arm to his right into a quick roll to evade a potential follow up attack from his opponent before positioning himself into a kneeling position, left knee bent on the ground whilst positioning his other knee bending forward. 

Turns out his opponent tried to jump on his back when he anticipated his fall to the floor. Luckily for him he had managed to cut his fall short in order to slip way just in time. "Alright Ningendo, you're making this harder than it has to be, don't make me start using my spells," Shichiro said before slowly standing up to eye his mark properly. Hes felt enough time has been wasted here and would really like to take him in now. He doesn't really want to resort to using spells but he will if he has too.


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Nero sighed lightly at the man's retort as he looked him in the eye to ensure he wasn't making anything up. For some reason this man was truly convinced that he was a criminal of some sort, and it seemed like he'd confused him for someone else. Nero only wished he could chuckle at the irony of it all as he remembered the fortune he had been told previously, it was entirely possible that it was correct. However proving that was something that would have to take a back seat to his current predicament.

"My name isn't Ningendo. It's Nero Walker, a former mage of Blue Pegasus. I'm now a rogue under their employ while I work towards getting back my lost magic.." his voice was a bit solemn as he spoke his last few words, his face showing the truth very plainly for the world to see.

While the situation was pretty tense Nero felt that honesty was the best medicine in this case. In truth the move was a bit calculated on his part, but the intent was still there and he didn't play up anything he said for an act. The man in front of him wasn't someone he could toy around with so his only real option after having lost his chance at restraining him was to reason with him. With that in mind Nero dropped the dirt in his hand that he had prepared to blind him with and raised his hands to show he meant no harm. Slowly he stood up and turned his back to the man as he spoke.

"Hopefully this mark can prove it to you." he said as he tugged on the shoulders of his shirt and lifted it to reveal his guild mark on his back, just below the neck. In doing so he was essentially unable to move his body freely less he fully throw the shirt off and it was his intention to show that by leaving himself defenseless that he was taking a gamble to prove the truth. The mark he had wasn't something that could be faked and could be easily verified with magic. Hopefully the man behind him could see reason and they could solve this problem once and for all.

#12Shichiro Uchida 

Mistaken Identity [Shichiro] Empty on Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:53 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Losing his patience, Shichiro began his advance once more. Slowly inching towards the other male, he assumed his fighting position once more. Planning his attack pattern, he noticed the boy beginning to speak. According to him, he claims his name was Nero Walker that's a member of the Blue Pegasus Guild. Wracking his brain, Shichiro desperately tried to recall anybody under that name whilst he was affiliated with Blue Pegasus back in the day. He couldn't pinpoint anybody of note and decided the man was lying. He continued to inch towards the man albeit a bit slower now before the man revealed the tattoo on his back. 

This caused Shichiro to halt completely to observe what the man was showing him. Well, it seems his story checks out whether Shichiro wanted to admit it or not. Letting out a deep sigh, he relaxed his stance and just stared at the man as if it was his fault for this misunderstanding. "Well this was a haphazard waste of time, I'm getting out of here. Getting hungry anyway. Later." Shichiro said, a bit irritated at the events that had unfolded. Placing his hands back into his pockets, Shichiro turn back to the alley way they had entered from and decided to head to a dinner or something before attending the ball.



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Nero let out a deep breath as he calmed his nerves. With the man giving up in his pursuit he had realized that he had won the gamble. That did not, however, change the fact that he had really left himself open to danger by literally showing his opponent his back. Thankfully the man was able to see reason and thus had lost interest in taking him in when he confirmed the guild mark. Nero wasn't exactly ready to see the inside of a cell again.

"That was nerve-wracking.."
he said as he put his shirt back on and checked the surroundings for his dagger. He quickly dusted himself off and made his way back towards the main street, making sure to see if anyone had noticed the altercation. He really hoped that such an incident wouldn't happen again, but he couldn't be certain. He knew that to solve this issue he'd have to find out who the bounty was truly for and make sure they had posted it correctly so that he wasn't attacked once more. With this in mind though it also made him curious as to who it was that had first attacked him.

"Guess I'll have to ask around then.." he said as he set off to gather information.


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