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Cherries & Knives [Kaiser]

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Cherries & Knives [Kaiser] U8W6XVS

Nuala’s eyes flickered as she watched the building across the street; everytime she spotted a hint of light or movement through the first floor window, she increased her focus – her amethyst orbs glowing every so slightly in the darkness of the night.

The contract that had been assigned to Nuala was quite particular and the item her client had requested was strange and unique – certainly not something you saw every day. A Potion of Blood was a rare liquid used by vampires as a supplement to human blood. The Voidling could only assume that it had other, more beneficial traits seeing how it was quite rare and difficult to create.

The woman had no clue how the people she was going to steal from had come to acquire such a unique item, nor did she know what use her client (whom she had not met yet) could possibly have for it. Unless they were a vampire, of course. Their breed was so rare and frightening that Nuala tried not to think too much about it; the reward had been too generous of an offer for her to turn it down anyways. She would get the job done and disappear, like she always did.

When the lights finally went out, Nuala made her move. Swiftly, and with the shadows preserving her, the Voidling crept towards the building and climbed up to the windowsill; here, a slim crack had been left open and the woman slithered inside without making even the smallest of sounds. Once inside, it didn’t take very long for her to find what she was looking for – an ornate, corked vial filled with with a deep red liquid. It had been stored away in one of the cupboards inside the office and although the door to it was locked, picking said lock proved to be no problem for the skilled thief.

Nuala was in and out of the building in less than ten minutes.

With the potion carefully stored away into her bag, Nuala took the same way out she had taken in by skillfully somersaulting through the window and landing on both her feet – a Rogue’s grace. The client who had contacted her through a messenger requested to meet at an underground establishment, a casino of some sorts. It was a popular place for gamblers and dealers to gather and she had met up there with clients more than once.

Nuala entered the place and was immediately caught by one of the staff members. “Table NR°21,” she requested, giving away the only information she had been left with. “This way, please,” the staff member responded and began to guide her through the masses, “she’s already expecting you.”


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After many long years of taking part in underground business, Kaiser has earned an infamous title for herself among the criminals of Fiore, though not notorious enough to be recognized and targeted by the opposition...yet. She decided to spend this evening at the casino. Anytime she arrived, there was always a table reserved just for her and anyone she brought along. She didn’t have friends though, so the people she brought were usually business associates or people working for her. Other times it was someone she wanted to eat or fuck.

Lately she hadn’t been doing a lot of work, just a few jobs here and there. She did hire a mercenary to steal a Potion of Blood for her because she was too lazy to do it herself. It was pretty much a suicide mission for anyone who wasn’t a vampire, so the thief was probably dead at this point. No one has ever completed that job for her because they died every time. Those little fuckers had tight security and not a hint of mercy.

Sitting very unladylike at her table all alone, Kaiser puffed an expensive cigar as she observed the gamblers around her. Maybe in a while she would join them, but she was expecting a delivery of cash from one of her clients, and the exchange would happen...any minute now actually. Patience wasn’t one of her virtues, and everybody who knew her well knew that. Fortunately for the courier, they arrived soon after. It wasn’t known to Kaiser whether they were a female or a male...or a human at all. Upon seeing the person who just arrived—for the first time—the vampire placed her cigar on an ashtray and leaned forward, watching her take the seat opposite to hers. The lack of anything that looked like payment on her profile caused an eyebrow to lift.

“Where is the money?” she asked.


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Cherries & Knives [Kaiser] U8W6XVS

While Nuala was being led through the casino, the woman let her gaze wander. It wasn’t a crowded night, but the majority of tables were occupied. The Voidling herself wasn’t a gambler at all; she stayed away from most things that humans were addicted to – drugs, excessive amounts of alcohol and games of luck were not for her. Not only did she find very little pleasure in participating, but the company was almost always rotten. These were the people she chose to work for, not because she wanted to, but because she had no other choice. Mankind was sceptical of her race, as the Void she was created within was very close to the Abyss – the birthplace of demons.

In hindsight, it was almost ironic how the ‘worst’ kind of people had no problem with accepting her for who she was and most times, it was even better than that: they simply did not care.

Another reason why Nuala didn’t mind working for crime lords.

Nuala was dropped off at one of the nicer lodges within the casino and seated at it was a singular woman. When the Voidling looked her up, something about her made the blood in Nuala’s veins freeze. With long, chestnut hair and sapphire eyes, she was a beauty to behold. There was something about her, however, that immediately seemed off to the perceptive thief – her aura wasn’t quite right and it did not match with anyone else in this room. This was the kind of establishment were beautiful women were never to sit by themselves, unless the men were terrified of them and it gave Nuala a lot of things to think about.

She had nothing to worry though, since the desired item had been retrieved as requested.

“I brought something more interesting,” the Voidling said as she seated herself and removed her cloak; Nuala’s voice was clear and almost deep for a female: the woman spoke with a strange, otherworldly accent that matched the rest of her unusual appearance. The purple marks on her face were glowing in the dim light. “It is the Potion of Blood you asked for,” Nuala pulled the bottle from her bag and placed it onto the table between the two of them. Now, while retrieving this had been easy enough, Nuala had to admit that shadowing the place had taken quite some time – there was a lot of security around that location and she had to time her infiltration perfectly, or else it could have gone wrong.

“A lot of patience was needed for me to steal this, so I hope you are happy with it. I believe you owe me payment.” Although her statement may seem bold, this was how things worked down here. If you got the job done, you got paid. Nuala hesitated for a few moments before she continued speaking to her client. “An item like this is quite the rarity – what use do you have for this, if you don’t mind me asking?”  

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