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Cherries & Knives [Kaiser]

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Nuala’s eyes flickered as she watched the building across the street; everytime she spotted a hint of light or movement through the first floor window, she increased her focus – her amethyst orbs glowing every so slightly in the darkness of the night.

The contract that had been assigned to Nuala was quite particular and the item her client had requested was strange and unique – certainly not something you saw every day. A Potion of Blood was a rare liquid used by vampires as a supplement to human blood. The Voidling could only assume that it had other, more beneficial traits seeing how it was quite rare and difficult to create.

The woman had no clue how the people she was going to steal from had come to acquire such a unique item, nor did she know what use her client (whom she had not met yet) could possibly have for it. Unless they were a vampire, of course. Their breed was so rare and frightening that Nuala tried not to think too much about it; the reward had been too generous of an offer for her to turn it down anyways. She would get the job done and disappear, like she always did.

When the lights finally went out, Nuala made her move. Swiftly, and with the shadows preserving her, the Voidling crept towards the building and climbed up to the windowsill; here, a slim crack had been left open and the woman slithered inside without making even the smallest of sounds. Once inside, it didn’t take very long for her to find what she was looking for – an ornate, corked vial filled with with a deep red liquid. It had been stored away in one of the cupboards inside the office and although the door to it was locked, picking said lock proved to be no problem for the skilled thief.

Nuala was in and out of the building in less than ten minutes.

With the potion carefully stored away into her bag, Nuala took the same way out she had taken in by skillfully somersaulting through the window and landing on both her feet – a Rogue’s grace. The client who had contacted her through a messenger requested to meet at an underground establishment, a casino of some sorts. It was a popular place for gamblers and dealers to gather and she had met up there with clients more than once.

Nuala entered the place and was immediately caught by one of the staff members. “Table NR°21,” she requested, giving away the only information she had been left with. “This way, please,” the staff member responded and began to guide her through the masses, “she’s already expecting you.”


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After many long years of taking part in underground business, Kaiser has earned an infamous title for herself among the criminals of Fiore, though not notorious enough to be recognized and targeted by the opposition...yet. She decided to spend this evening at the casino. Anytime she arrived, there was always a table reserved just for her and anyone she brought along. She didn’t have friends though, so the people she brought were usually business associates or people working for her. Other times it was someone she wanted to eat or fuck.

Lately she hadn’t been doing a lot of work, just a few jobs here and there. She did hire a mercenary to steal a Potion of Blood for her because she was too lazy to do it herself. It was pretty much a suicide mission for anyone who wasn’t a vampire, so the thief was probably dead at this point. No one has ever completed that job for her because they died every time. Those little fuckers had tight security and not a hint of mercy.

Sitting very unladylike at her table all alone, Kaiser puffed an expensive cigar as she observed the gamblers around her. Maybe in a while she would join them, but she was expecting a delivery of cash from one of her clients, and the exchange would happen...any minute now actually. Patience wasn’t one of her virtues, and everybody who knew her well knew that. Fortunately for the courier, they arrived soon after. It wasn’t known to Kaiser whether they were a female or a male...or a human at all. Upon seeing the person who just arrived—for the first time—the vampire placed her cigar on an ashtray and leaned forward, watching her take the seat opposite to hers. The lack of anything that looked like payment on her profile caused an eyebrow to lift.

“Where is the money?” she asked.

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Cherries & Knives [Kaiser] U8W6XVS

While Nuala was being led through the casino, the woman let her gaze wander. It wasn’t a crowded night, but the majority of tables were occupied. The Voidling herself wasn’t a gambler at all; she stayed away from most things that humans were addicted to – drugs, excessive amounts of alcohol and games of luck were not for her. Not only did she find very little pleasure in participating, but the company was almost always rotten. These were the people she chose to work for, not because she wanted to, but because she had no other choice. Mankind was sceptical of her race, as the Void she was created within was very close to the Abyss – the birthplace of demons.

In hindsight, it was almost ironic how the ‘worst’ kind of people had no problem with accepting her for who she was and most times, it was even better than that: they simply did not care.

Another reason why Nuala didn’t mind working for crime lords.

Nuala was dropped off at one of the nicer lodges within the casino and seated at it was a singular woman. When the Voidling looked her up, something about her made the blood in Nuala’s veins freeze. With long, chestnut hair and sapphire eyes, she was a beauty to behold. There was something about her, however, that immediately seemed off to the perceptive thief – her aura wasn’t quite right and it did not match with anyone else in this room. This was the kind of establishment were beautiful women were never to sit by themselves, unless the men were terrified of them and it gave Nuala a lot of things to think about.

She had nothing to worry though, since the desired item had been retrieved as requested.

“I brought something more interesting,” the Voidling said as she seated herself and removed her cloak; Nuala’s voice was clear and almost deep for a female: the woman spoke with a strange, otherworldly accent that matched the rest of her unusual appearance. The purple marks on her face were glowing in the dim light. “It is the Potion of Blood you asked for,” Nuala pulled the bottle from her bag and placed it onto the table between the two of them. Now, while retrieving this had been easy enough, Nuala had to admit that shadowing the place had taken quite some time – there was a lot of security around that location and she had to time her infiltration perfectly, or else it could have gone wrong.

“A lot of patience was needed for me to steal this, so I hope you are happy with it. I believe you owe me payment.” Although her statement may seem bold, this was how things worked down here. If you got the job done, you got paid. Nuala hesitated for a few moments before she continued speaking to her client. “An item like this is quite the rarity – what use do you have for this, if you don’t mind me asking?”  


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The vampire’s caretaker Daryl glanced sideways at his employer, trying to read the situation that was certainly nerve-wracking for him. Kaiser giggled nonchalantly and leaned a few inches forward, her glossy lips curling up into a small smile. “Surprise me,” she said, widening her eyes. She was amused, and that was rare these days. The way her guest spoke was bold and provoking. It excited her. However in the case of the caretaker, it meant nothing but danger. Daryl proceeded to unleash some rapid-fire Boscosi that was a bunch of warnings about the guest and how he felt uneasy about her. “Daryl, stop making a fool of yourself,” was the bitter response he got, but both froze if only for a millisecond upon hearing the stranger’s revelation of what she had brought. It was impossible.

Kaiser blinked as a Potion of Blood was placed on the table between herself and the guest. She couldn’t believe her eyes. If this was some kind of illusionary trick then Kaiser was going to level the place, but...it wasn’t. Wrapping her slender fingers around the bottle, she felt the sanguine liquid call to her. It took no time for her to uncap it and empty the contents into her throat. She felt it course through her veins, like an energy drink times twenty, and awakened her vampiric senses. She felt alive.

Inhaling heavily, the nightwalker smiled. “I have to say I’m...very impressed,” she began, “...and to answer your question...it’s because I’m a vampire. I live off of this shit.” With a side glance, Daryl understood to pay the woman and so he placed a wad of cash in front of her. “No one has ever completed this task. Tell me...how could you of all people accomplish this?” It was hard to ignore the fact that she was quite curious.

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Cherries & Knives [Kaiser] U8W6XVS

Nuala’s perceptive gaze shifted back and forth between the two people at the table; for one, her client who seemed to be in a clear position of power and her assistant who was very obviously human – and terrified of her. He began cursing in a language she did not understand, but recognized as Bosco was a country she had been to a few times before. The Boscosi were harsh, but efficient people and she could respect that. This one, however, seemed entirely misplaced and overworked in his position. Nuala watched them, but decided not to say anything in response and wait for the woman’s reaction to her item instead.

She seemed at disbelief – Nuala could tell as much by looking at her – but rather than saying something, her client did something unexpected: she downed the entire bottle almost immediately, leaving not even a drop. Entirely flabbergasted by this gesture, the Voidling’s lips parted and she merely gasped at her client, who by the way seemed utterly satisfied with herself and the Potion of Blood she had received. The stench of the potion itself was disgusting to Nuala, but Voidlings didn’t feed on blood, gore or the dead. Nothing like that, actually; Nuala did well with normal human food, although she didn’t get hungry quite as often anymore.

“Cheers I guess?”

The client then identified herself as a Vampire, although Nuala had figured as much by now. Truth be told, she was almost a little relieved – blood drinking humans were definitely something she wasn’t prepared for. Daryl, the Boscosi man, placed a significant amount of cash in front of Nuala before hurrying away. The Voidling swiftly began counting the cash she had received as payment and much to her satisfaction there was nothing wrong with the amount or the quality of the notes. “Thank you.” Nuala was taking a closer look upon her now, but truth be told the vampires hid their identities well and it was hard to distinguish them from mankind.

The next question surprised her. “I figured that’s why you hired me anyways,” she spoke with a low voice, “I’m the best at what I do. Someone who knows this must have given out my name to you as a recommendation. My rates are high, but I leave no traces and I am reliable. My name is Nuala and you are welcome to hire me again, should you require more assistance in receiving...items of similar rarity.”

The Voidling placed her money away and leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs and finally relaxing a little bit. Now that that was out of the way, she could attempt to forge a proper business relationship with this vampire. Nuala didn’t know much about their breed, but rumor has it they usually came from power, prestige and wealth – and knowing someone like that could certainly prove useful.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?”


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Kaiser nodded along as the thief explained the reason for her expertise. Maybe she was right. The vampire did recall taking a few recommendations for some of her more dangerous and difficult tasks. She didn’t normally trust people so easily, but this...this was a huge gain. “Nuala is a very unique name. Let me make a wild guess...you’re not Fiorian?” she smiled knowingly. Observing that his employer wanted the guest to hang around, Daryl left to bring them both some alcoholic drinks. Hopefully Nuala didn’t refuse. Once he returned, Kaiser picked up the champagne flute that was placed in front of her and raised it for a toast. An excellent choice for the occasion, she thought.

“To more successful theft, unending riches and lifelong friendship.” Nuala. After making the toast, she would sip from her flute and set it down on the table. She would remember that name like it was imprinted in her brain, and entrust her with any future work that involved theft, perhaps even more.

The way that Nuala checked each bank note to make sure none of them were faulty or fake put a relieved smile on Kaiser’s face. The idea of having someone so meticulous under her wing eased her mind. At this point Kaiser herself was being extra attentive in scrutinizing the girl. Of course she had already noticed the marks on her face since first glance, but that was nothing compared to other things she had seen before. Dealing in the underground gave her many a chance to meet creatures of all kinds with appearances that were...shocking. In all honesty, Nuala’s face marks were cute and kind of gave her the ‘I’m adorable, but I’ll bite’ look. Before answering her question, she took another—longer—sip of the bubbly alcohol.

“Not at the moment, no. But if you don’t have anything planned for the night, do you want to join me in having some more drinks? You know vampires don’t really sleep so we get pretty lonely later in the night when there’s no one to keep us company.” Kaiser made a slightly sad face to emphasize the ‘lonely’ bit and then gave her a wink.

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Cherries & Knives [Kaiser] U8W6XVS

The Voidling’s satin mantle slid off her shoulders effortlessly as she eased herself into the comfortable bench – the lounge truly was a more exquisite and luxurious place. She had a perfect view onto the band that was playing and all the surrounding poker tables. Underneath Nuala’s cloak, she wore simple clothing; a loose white dress shirt that was unbuttoned at the neck and a pair of tight, black pants and thigh high boots that complimented her shape while remaining easy to move around in. Nuala’s human skin, albeit her preference for simple looks, could be quite alluring after all.

The dark-haired woman crossed her legs and when the vampire (who hadn’t introduced herself yet) commented on her foreign origin, she quickly whipped her head around and placed her attention back to her client. “I’m from Savannah,” she admitted a bit reluctantly. Nuala rarely spoke about her ancestry and never about her age. “I have been travelling the world for a few years, but I seem to like Fiore the best. It’s easy to find work here.” Nuala could only assume that the vampire was quite old and knowledgeable herself – and she had a keen eye, that was for sure. With a wicked smile on her lips, Nuala raised her glass as well and clinked it against Kaiser’s. “To us.”

She took a sip, noted that it was delicious, and immediately took another, longer one. As a thief, Nuala rarely received chance to indulge in these type of celebrations and to be frank, the best part of her clients were nowhere this forthcoming and appreciative of her services either. Perhaps that was the difference between humans and non-humans; vampires were ruthless and violent, but unlike the majority of people she had met, this one was open and blunt with her feelings. And Nuala enjoyed that.

“I have nothing else planned for the night and if you have more of this delicious..sparkly wine to offer, I will gladly stay.” There was something very simple about non-human races: the fact that more often than not, they operated either on emotion or hunger. So long as they were not bored and not hungry, they wouldn’t become vicious. Nuala assumed this one in particular to be similar; Kaiser was well fed and obviously easily entertained and so the clever thief would use this opportunity to learn more about the ominous vampire race and the person that sat in front of her.

Leaning back into her bench, Nuala watched the champagne sparkle in its glass for a bit, before she looked up at the vampire. “So, who are you exactly? And are there more of...your kind around? Here in Crocus?”


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“Savannah...I’ve never met someone from Savannah,” she noted. Kaiser was glad to see that her companion for the night visibly relaxed. She wouldn’t want her to be unnecessarily alert. Daryl disappeared for the most part of the night, only returning to refill their flutes. Later on in the night, he would spike Kaiser’s with some enchanted blood to keep her from wanting to go out to feed. That would ruin the delightful evening that she was having with Nuala. “Oh there’s plenty more from where that came from...these people will get me anything  I want,” she said, in reference to the ‘sparkly wine’. Kaiser wasn’t really the kind of person who likes to boast about things like people giving special treatment to her because of her achievements, but sometimes it just rolled off her tongue when she was explaining something to someone.

Kaiser was all about making connections and tonight she was doing exactly that. Being a successful and powerful woman herself, she loved to see other women succeed in their careers or whatever they did, and Nuala was one such woman, propelling the vampire to want to keep her in her close circle. It was a strange and definitely new feeling, but a good one nonetheless. She had a vision, one that she couldn’t accomplish on her own, although that was how she preferred to operate most of the time. Hearing Nuala’s question about her kind made her scrunch up her face a bit, because she wasn’t exactly ‘friends’ with the other vampires in the area. In fact, she just realised that she had never even met another vampire before. She assumed that most of them would be intimidated by her, but she never really attempted to find out if that was really the case or not.

“Good question...I have never really met another vampire throughout my lifetime as one. And to answer your question of ‘who’ I am...I guess you could say I’m one of those underground professional gamblers who are rich enough to host gambling houses but not really interested in settling in one place. I also take and give jobs, which is the reason we’re meeting,” she smiled before taking another sweet sip.

The vampire leaned back in her cushioned seat, taking a deep breath before sitting back up straight. What she said next were things she herself was unsure of, even though Kaiser had never been unsure of the things she said ever before, “Would you be interested in  being a part of...something like a business later on. I have plans but...I have yet to flesh it out and bring on more members. With your talents...I’m sure you’ll be a great addition.” The words she spoke were stitched together in haste to convey the vague idea that she had in mind. “I hope you will be in close contact for when my plans come to fruition,” she smiled. For the rest of the night, they would continue getting to know more about each other and laughing off about things that women found amusing, share the latest gossip of Fiore and just get wasted as fuck. It was probably one of the best nights the vampire had in awhile. Her favorite part was when they totally trashed the casino after losing some and Daryl had to clean up their mess...

[ EXIT ]

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The sparkly wine, the cozy atmosphere and the amicable vampyre made for a rather pleasant evening. Nuala hadn’t expected Kaiser to be so welcoming of her presence; she’d worked for a majority of men throughout her years in Fiore and its bordering countries, rarely women, and for the most part they were only interested in her ability to finish a job – and that’s it. Nuala had gotten used to the sterile nature of her work place and partnerships and never questioned it. This one was different and throughout the night, the Voidling couldn’t help but notice how incredibly difficult to read this woman was; Kaiser was hedonistic, entirely bent on pleasure and quite bossy on top of that.

She appeared to be the kind of person that would make life unpleasant for anyone who crossed her – and the people who worked for her all seemed to be well aware of that as they proceeded to do her every bidding without question. And in spite of everything, she looked to be entirely unbothered and unimpressed by that. Whether or not she had a particular goal in life or something she wanted to achieve desperately, Nuala couldn’t tell. Kaiser definitely didn’t appear to be desperate for anything or anyone and the woman wondered if that was what it meant to be on top of the food chain.

“That’s strange, I thought there would be more of your kind around,” she responded, then took another sip from her delicious drink. “But then again, I haven’t exactly met anyone who’s like me either.” She shrugged it off as her gaze drifted across the premises. Kaiser spoke of creating some sort of business – what exactly that would be, Nuala didn’t know yet, but she certainly was interested. “I do actually. I’m tired of taking jobs from and for random people who show no appreciation whatsoever for my talents.” The Voidling sighed and leaned back into the fluffy pillows. As the night went on, Nuala learned that she had completely overestimated her alcohol tolerance and underestimated the female vampyre; by sunrise, the casino was an entire mess and she could have sworn she’d smelled blood somewhere on Kaiser’s clothes, but none of that mattered because for the first time in a very long time it seemed that Nuala had made a friend.


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