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Pop Pop Pop [Kaiser] [red/closed]

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Pop Pop Pop [Kaiser] [red/closed] HkN4H1a

Amaris shuffled through the streets of the holy capital – it was cold, and night time was almost here. She’d gotten back from a few particular jobs near the border to Crocus and was moving to settle down at an inn, or a similar establishment, to rest for the following days. There were barely any people left outside and most humans made it a point to disappear into the safety of their homes come nightfall. As a creature of the night (more or less) there was no need for her to behave in such ways, but she did feel relieved when she noticed there weren’t many others around. She was worn out from her journey and lately werewolf transformation had been more tiring than usual.

Amaris had chosen a rather calm and quiet neighbourhood to reside in within Crocus – the wealthy, noisy people lived pretty much on the other side of the town and she felt as though she could rest easily here. The atmosphere was different, however, almost eerie but the female wolf paid it no heed. Instead, she pulled out a cigarette and went for a relaxing smoke.

Fiore was refusing to grow on her; the country was fine, she supposed, but the strong presence of magic and the influence of the corrupt magic council and their rune knights really bothered her. So much that Amaris thought about returning to Minstrel. It had been a few years since her last visit and she would never be able to return to her hometown due to the fact that the citizens would recognize her and know what she was, but there were always other cities. She knew her way around Minstrel and she would probably be happier there - if happiness was something she could truly obtain anyways.


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Perched soundlessly on the top of a dead lamp post in the middle of a deserted street was a lone vampire, craving the relaxation and relief from a cigarette. She had a full pack the night before, but she burned through it all while drinking her sufferings away. It was a lonely night, but only for a few minutes more...after which a purple-haired lady materialized in the street. Kaiser didn’t like the bright, busy city roads with rows of street vendors selling their goods and blocking the way for pedestrians. Instead, she preferred to chill in these quiet, empty ones where the streetlamps were either flickering hopelessly or didn’t work at all. No one could see or hear her as long as she stayed perfectly still, and that was one of those things she could do without error.

Her only company in the dark night brought out a cigarette and as soon as the tip lit up, so did Kaiser’s sanguine eyes. It was perfect timing, as she was dying for a cigarette. The universe was doing her a favor tonight, and she wasn’t going to let that opportunity slip away so easily. The lady walked closer and closer towards the lamp she was resting on, and at some point would pass right by it. The vampire waited patiently for the right moment and once it was time, she pounced on the poor woman and reached directly for her neck with her sharp fangs, pulling her hair on the opposite side to tilt her head so that her fangs sank into the right spot with no trouble. Kaiser would begin feeding, draining her victim’s body of her precious lifeblood.

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Pop Pop Pop [Kaiser] [red/closed] HkN4H1a

Amaris didn’t hear her coming. She barely made a sound at all and her scent blended in the world around them. Amaris had only encountered a single vampire during her lifetime and it seemed as though the creatures of the night had a lot of things in common, yet they didn’t particularly like each other. Vampires were ridiculously strong – that much she knew – and during a fight it wouldn’t be enough for her to simply rely on her physical, humanoid form alone. On top of that they were quite crafty with magic as well.

None of that mattered, however, because when Amaris was attacked, it all happened way too fast for her to act upon it. It was probably her own fault for being so lost in thoughts too. Swiftly, something appeared behind her and before she could turn to see who it was, firm hands had grabbed her and a wave of unspeakable pain erupted from her neck, pulsating across her entire body. Amaris twitched and began to stumble forward, pushing her elbows back while trying to free herself from the other woman. “Let me go, you stupid–,” she would gasp while trying to wiggle herself from the vampire’s grasp.


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The target’s futile attempts to free herself from Kaiser’s firm grasp prompted the vampire to finish her up fast. She was trying to satisfy a different hunger tonight, one that wasn’t fulfilled by blood. Kaiser sucked up the last drop and because she was in a hurry, she didn’t even bother savoring the taste. She almost stopped to let out a laugh when the girl called her ‘stupid’. It was cute. But she couldn’t stop, for she was afraid that the cigarette would burn out on its own. The moment she attacked the girl, the cigarette flew straight out of her hand and onto the dry asphalt, the tip of it still glowing.

Kaiser made sure she didn’t leave the girl barely alive or something. She snapped her neck after her body went limp from the loss of blood and dropped her corpse in the middle of the street. Up until now, no one else showed up, and so the vampire picked up the cigarette and wiped some blood off her lips first before she took a long satisfying drag from it. Finally. She had been longing for this feeling. What’s even better? She killed someone for this, so she was going to relish each and every hit she took from this cigarette on her way back to her hotel.

[ EXIT ]

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