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Dahlia to Oak [foot travel]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Dahlia to Oak [foot travel] Empty on Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:23 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
It had really been quite a rough couple of days, Caspian simply rested and began to catch his breath as he waited word from Alistor. However he hadn't gotten word from the Vampire in a while, so he decided to head toward Oak. There he heard of some supernatural forces circling the joint and believed he could be of assistance after dealing with a few inhuman and unholy creatures, the mage simply assumed he was best for the job. The blond watched the thunder cackle and illuminate the darkened clouds, he huffed as he continued to walk before bursting into a sprint. He needed to get stronger, something worse than these beasts was surely coming and this is where he would need to prove himself, he locked his gaze onto Oak ahead in the distance after quite a bit of running. Deep pants, one after the other as he pushed his body to go further. He began to pick up the pace as he neared his destination, he heard the wails and screams for help as the dark clouds circled over the town. He felt a shiver go down his spine as he neared Oak, finally reaching it, he gulped. Time to do some missions.

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