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Magnolia to Era [Travel]

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#1Ri Brighte 

Magnolia to Era [Travel] Empty Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:36 am

Ri Brighte


Old habits die hard, especially in the case of the stubborn Ri Brighte. When the clock beside his bed started ringing, he quickly raised a fist and slammed it on the side of the night table, effectively making the clock fall on the ground, but not stop. With an annoyed sigh, the mage pushed himself up and looked over to the thing still screaming on the ground. Now it was even worse, as apparently the fall had caused some of its internal components to jumble together- creating one of the worst screeches he had ever heard. The morning was going splendidly, it seemed, as he stood from the bed and slammed his foot on the clock. One, two-

A sudden, loud yell wakes up the rest of the inn, and most of the birds sat on the roof. Ri quickly lifts his foot and starts hopping around, yelling curses and trying his hardest to not put his foot down. The innkeeper rushed to his room, slammed the door open and looked over the mage. The sight he was met with only confused him more, and suffice to say, Ri didn’t leave that room that day without paying for both the physical damages and the mental ones.

Picking up his backpack, he left the inn with a smile and a wave of his hand. Unfortunately for him, the patrons didn’t see the situation as lightly as he did.

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