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Pink Clouds (Kaiser)

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The pier was in a state of excitement. This weekend, a festival would be held. While it wasn't huge or anything, this would mean the pier was filled with a bunch of food, games and even some rides. A company that did these kind of things was the one that came by and setup. The rides were half mechanical, half magical in the sense that magic energy was their source for running.

And here was Zane, here alone. Many people were with friends, family, their lovers, perhaps even their coworkers. But here he was, all by himself. It was sad, really... but he was always known for his ability to stay positive no matter what the situation. Even if he was somewhat awkward in his delivery a lot, he knew for a fact that if he simply kept his head high things would work out.

So that's why he was going to find someone to meet, so him and his new friend might be able to hang out together. He thought to himself, before noticing he may be able to impress people by the carnival games.

Walking down, there were various different booths in which games ran. Each one had a small jewel fee, but was fairly hard so that the prizes didn't go by too fast. Luckily, Zane had a good hand for these types of games, and was certain he could win fast. He stood by a pole, leaning against it, as he would scout the area for people having trouble getting whatever prize they would want.


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In the west of Fiore was a town that looked like something Kaiser had only seen in magazines and postcards. It looked like a hill covered in white blocks, which is exactly what it was. The buildings looked like little blocks with holes in them from afar and kind of glowed in broad daylight. Kaiser arrived a few days ago on a boat from Hargeon Town, with plans to tour Astera over the weekend. She was alone, but she preferred to be on her own when she was exploring. Less distractions.

While she was out and about, there so happened to be a mini festival at the pier and from a distance, she could see a whole lot of people gathered in that area. She knew it was going to be crowded and noisy and smelly, probably, but why not, right? She had some cash in hand and all the time in the world.

Heading to the pier, she noticed a variety of game and food booths. ‘What a great opportunity to taste the local food,’ she thought. First things first, she needed to fill her tummy. The only thing she had since morning was coffee, so all the luring smells coming from the food booths made her stomach grumble in complaint. Rushing towards one of the booths, she dug around in her little satchel for some money. While waiting in line, she looked around to see what she would do after stuffing her face.

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Zane had decided not to wait any longer. There wasn't really anyone his age around currently that was all alone. So instead, he saw a pair of twin boys trying really hard to get a plushie from a ring throwing game. It looked like they sold plushes that were based off dogs, cats and rabbits. The cat ones didn't seem as popular, though, judging by how many there were still on the rack. The twins seemed to have a bit of trouble, as he watched them go through several attempts, frustration on their face. Nobody else was at the booth. Zane thought he would have a go.

"Hey there guys, which one you trying to get?" He asked, as he would hand over the fee to the cashier, getting enough for just one ring. Keep in mind, the boys had went through probably 10 rings by now. "We want the rabbit, our sister really likes them!" one explained. What a nice pair of brothers. Zane, now even more motivated to score a win, would concentrate. He squinted his eyes, throwing it once. You see, Zane was a master at these kind of games, as long as they took moreso skill than luck. With one try, the ring wrapped around the elusive bottle, as the twins watched in amazement. When asked for a prize, Zane quickly pointed to the bunny.

"Here you go, boys. Hope your sister likes him, eh?" He asked, smiling, as the boys hurriedly took the stuffy and ran off, waving happily back at Zane, thanking them as they went off. By now, a few people in the crowd noticed how well Zane was with not only the game, but making the kids happy. He certainly did notice some people looking. Perhaps he could help someone else with getting a plush?


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The extra happy mood made Kaiser cringe a little. All the shouting and cheering, kids laughing and running around. Maybe the fact that she was here alone made it kind of...less tolerable. However, she kept her head clear and finished the noodle dish she ordered. Naturally, she had the spiciest one. Noticing that people were actually starting to queue up for the games, she made the payment for her meal and hurried towards the game booths. Her first game would be the one where you have to throw darts towards a wall of balloons and pop as many as you can. The prizes were just random stuffed toys, so she wasn’t interested in winning anything. She just wanted to play.

The game booth that Kaiser chose was right next to a ring throwing booth. Since she was the only one at that particular booth, she paid for the game and was given five darts. Her first shot was successful, which gave her a confident boost for the second shot, and missed. Now, even though the prizes weren’t interesting to her, she was the type of person who liked winning. Her third and fourth shots were successful as well, but she missed the last shot. “Ugh,” she said, but the person at the booth clapped for her and brought her a small stuffed toy. At that moment, she caught sight of a bigger, much fluffier stuffed cat toy. “I’ll take that!” she said immediately, pointing at it and handing the smaller toy back to the man.

“I’m sorry but you can’t miss a single shot if you want to win that one,” was the disappointing reply, which caused Kaiser to gave the man a menacing look.

“Well, fine then!” she said, slamming her prize on the counter and furiously digging through her purse for more money. She wasn’t going to stop until she got that giant fluffy pussy.

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Zane had just finished up helping out another kid, before in the corner of the eye he spotted a woman closer to his age trying to pop some balloons with darts. She definitely did seem a little bit frustrated, but also intent to win. Zane decided to move on over as nonchalantly as he could, paying up the price for the darts. He wasn't that good at looking cool in front of girls, but he would make a considerable effort this time. "Having a bit of trouble?" he asked, throwing the first dot as it popped a balloon perfectly. Taking note of what her reaction might be for a second, Zane threw another dart as it hit its target perfectly.

Zane always wondered if he would be better at using long range magic considering how naturally good his aim was. But he didn't have much time to think on that decision, he had to win this fine girl something, right? A third dart was thrown, and a fourth soon after. Both hit their target.

The last balloon was smaller than the rest, most likely to prevent people from getting the big prizes to easily. "When I win, the nice lady can have whichever one she chooses, alright?" he asked the man behind the counter, who scoffed a little bit, but agreeing otherwise. He probably took Zane as trying too hard to pick up girls here, which was actually only like, half wrong. Throwing his final dart, Zane would pierce into the tiny balloon, popping it, as he would smile towards the woman and nod at the prizes. "Well, go right ahead. If it were me, I would pick the cat one. I've always liked them."


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Huffing and puffing due to frustration, the determined sorceress dropped some cash on the counter. Just as she was about to start another round, someone else cut in before her. “Hey..I didn’t say I was done…” she said. You could tell that she was annoying from her voice and facial expression, though a moment later she decided she would see how well this stranger could throw darts and if he impressed her, she might even pay him to get the fluffy cat toy for her. The first shot was successful, so was the second...and the third. At this point you could see the amused look on her face that was only slightly noticeable. “Impressive,” was her comment for the first three shots. Now to see if he could make the remaining two.

Surprisingly the blonde stranger offered his prize to Kaiser, if he popped the last balloon, which was harder to pop than the rest. “Nice lady, huh?” she laughed, and shrugged, as if to say, ‘Sure. Whatever. I’ll take it.’ When she saw that he had successfully popped the last balloon, she couldn’t help but grin. Finally! She could get her nasty hands on the stuffed cat. “Yes, that one!” she pointed at the cat. Despite all the excitement and cheering, she heard the blondie say he was also a fan of cats. “That’s right. Cats are the best,” she nodded, now carrying the giant cat toy, eyes twinkling. “Where are ya headed to, by the way? Wanna grab a drink or something? As a ‘thank you’ for this,” she said, lifting the stuffed animal up a bit to show him what she was talking about.

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The woman's reactions overjoyed Zane a little bit. He was especially amused by her change from a colder woman at first, until she eventually warmed up to him, seemingly happier than he was by the end. That being said, what came after perhaps would help Zane finally win the last leg in this intense race of joy. The woman had asked for drinks with him, exactly what he was looking for. To clarify, he actually wasn't looking for a woman in particular, just someone that wasn't a kid. And this lady seemed to be the first to fit the bill. Despite some of her child-like traits, such as an intense love for cats that seemed to be coming forward, he could tell not only by her voice but also her body that she was no kid. Well, Zane wasn't actually looking THAT much. But he had a good feeling. No, really, his eyes did not wander! He was a pure, innocent young lad... probably.

But regardless, pure innocent young lads probably wouldn't drink much, yet Zane nodded and agreed to go along with the woman to wherever she may have chosen them to drink at. "I'd be more than happy to." he said, lifting his arm forward to signal her to go forward. "You lead the way, I don't know much about this town just yet." He was being honest in that sentiment. After all, he had just got here the night before. He thought that perhaps they could go to the sailor's pub at the inn he was staying in, but... he had a feeling that wasn't the place you would want to take a lady. Though perhaps the culture was different in this part of Fiore?

"I'm Christian Zane by the way, but everyone kinda just calls me Zane. I guess it's easier on the tongue, eh?" He said, chuckling to himself at the odd nickname he had been given, if you could even consider it that way. "What about you?"


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Kaiser’s smile widened when she heard him say that he was ‘more than happy to’ grab a drink. Normally anyone who wasn’t familiar with her smile would think that she was making a wicked face at them because that’s how she looked when she smiled—wicked. At the mention of not knowing this town much, she frowned a little. “Aw shit. I was gonna ask you to take me to the best strawberry milkshake place in town! But no worries. We’ll ask around,” she said. Overhearing their conversation, the man behind the counter of the booth gave them directions to a milkshake place he knew. Kaiser said her thanks and started walking further from the booth. “Come on then, Zane,” she said to her new ‘friend’, who was just introducing himself.

“I’m Kaiser Bo, but everyone just calls me Miss Bo, because no one I know in this country is close enough to address me by my first name. Everyone who is, just calls me Cherry. So you can call me whatever you want,” she said. The reason she was being all warm and friendly towards this particular person was probably because of the fact that he just got her a giant stuffed cat. Carrying it around grabbed a lot of attention from the other people at the pier. To most of them, the two would seem like a couple or something. “So, are you also a mage?” There. Kaiser didn’t like being the first person to pop the question but everyone was staring at them and she wanted to distract herself from all the attention she was getting by conversation. She wasn’t nervous or anything. It was just annoying.

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Having been given directions to a place not so far from here, Zane made his way along the pier with the woman who's name he had now heard was Kaiser Bo, but usually just Bo or Cherry. Zane always thought that being different wasn't a bad thing, so he took the road less traveled in this case. "Well, I'm glad to meet you, Kaiser." By this time, Zane too had noticed the people looking on at them as they walked by. It was probably safe to assume they looked like a couple, or at least that they were on a date. That kinda made Zane's heart rate quicken, but he soon got it under control. That is to say Kaiser did as he asked him a question to break the awkwardness amidst all of these passing stares.

"Actually, I am. A member of the Fairy Tail guild. Though.. I haven't been very good at keeping in contact recently." he said, sighing. "I'm sure they don't mind, but...
I'm not really sure what I want to fight for, you know? Not sure what I'd like to do. I guess I'll have to figure that out as I go along."
he said, smiling to himself. He knew that even in his absence, his fellow Fairy Tail mages would probably have him back with open arms. They would get it. For now, he had to find his purpose. And maybe this girl could help him with that, even if indirectly. "What about you? You certainly seem like a mage. You even look straight out of Blue Pegasus." He said, somewhat nervously dropping a compliment on her out of seemingly nowhere. Then again, perhaps she didn't know what he meant by that remark?


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No one really called her by her first name in this country so of course this was new. Kaiser didn’t make much mind of it and instead focused on not going the wrong way. Both of them were new to this town so she didn’t want to fuck it up. Back to the conversation they were having, Kaiser chuckled when she heard that he was a Fairy. “You’re from that guild?” She couldn’t help it. “I think you’re thinking too far ahead. Just focus on the ‘now’. As for me, I’m fighting for myself. I don’t believe in any of the things the guilds here are ‘fighting for’ or even what the council and rune knights are preaching. I’m just doing my thing.”

With a shrug, she made a left at a street corner and continued leading the way. The exciting noises from the pier slowly faded in the background and now they were in the ever rising streets of Astera. “Thanks for the compliment, though,” she said, referring to him saying that she looked like she was from the Blue Pegasus guild.

“Even though I’m not a part of any guild, I am a mage as well. I’m not from Fiore either, if you didn’t already notice from my accent,” she said. Her accent wasn’t very noticeable to begin with because after all, she had spent some time in Fiore and had learnt to speak the common tongue with ease. “Where I’m from, it’s not very common to be a user of magic, which is also one of the reasons I ended up here. This whole country is filled with magic. Even the cars are fueled with magic,” she laughed.

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Kaiser's words gave Zane a bit of relief. He knew what she said already, but the fact that it came from a mind other than his own gave Zane a lot of assurance, clearing his doubt on the matter. He nodded in return, a very appreciative look on his face. It seemed the girl had gotten the bit about blue pegasus as well.

At the revelation of her being foreign, Zane was admittedly a little surprised. That being said, he did notice the small bit of her accent in her voice now, something he probably wouldn't be able to stop noticing from now on, whether he wanted to or not. Fiore was indeed a pretty magic-filled place, but admittedly Zane knew almost nothing about the other countries in the world. He was no doubt ignorant of the rest of the world, something that should of bothered him a lot, but only ended up bothering him a little.

"Well, I dunno about other places, but Fiore's really embraced magic. Even if only a fraction of us can actually use it, those who can't seem to enjoy the fact that it's being utilized in innovative ways. Though... sometimes I worry we're relying on those new ways too much." Though Zane was no longer an elf, he did still hold some elf-like mannerisms, including the stubbornness for technology. "I mean, I don't know what a lot of the younger folks would do if magic just stopped being available." To stop his perhaps old-timer sounding rant, the place serving milkshakes would come into view, only a few steps to the side. Zane took this as a chance to soft-reset the conversation.

"But, that's perhaps too deep a worry. I'm much more interested in the milkshake."


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Kaiser made note of what Zane said, suspecting that he wasn’t very fond of the advancements in magical technology. It’s true that some people preferred the old ways, and relying too much on tech was indeed not a good idea for the long run because she could see things going wrong in the future if people lost control and couldn’t stop tech from taking over everything. “I understand your viewpoint,” she said. “Though I don’t think magic will just disappear like that.” She didn’t want to get into the boring topic of ‘magic as an energy source’ that was already brewing in her mind. Forcing herself to keep her mouth shut about it, she noticed that they were already at their destination, luckily.

Pushing the entrance door caused a series of bells to ring, probably installed to announce the arrival of new customers every time. The waiters welcomed them with a greeting that they had practiced to say to anyone entering their shop. Bouncing towards a booth that was in the far corner, Kaiser sat on the side of the table that wasn’t facing any windows, dropping the giant stuffed cat next to her. It was her habit to sit this way because she didn’t like people seeing her when she was eating or drinking. As soon as the waiter came to their booth to take orders, without even bothering to look at the menu, Kaiser asked for a strawberry milkshake. Carrying a huge plushie around was definitely getting them attention, but Kaiser had already gotten used to it.

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Things had gotten quiet since that conversation about technology. Did he lay it on too thick? Zane too would decide to order a strawberry milkshake. Even if it was a bit childish, he wouldn't mind to have something that tasted so good. Zane had actually forgotten he was 28, especially considering his former elf genes had made him retain some of his youthfulness, for now at least. It seemed like ageing only started after he turned into a human, and he had a few years of safety thanks to his elf heritage keeping him young looking for so long.

Zane couldn't help but look at the way she ate. It did seem somewhat odd, but Zane wasn't one to judge. Still, he took note of some stares. Perhaps people thought they were some kind of couple? She seemed too childish for that, though not to an extreme degree. Zane shuddered at the thought they could be considered brother and sister. It wasn't a bad thing, but he found that perhaps he wouldn't want to ruin his chances of ever being with this woman THAT quickly. Assessing the situation, Zane quickly decided in his mind that everyone thought they were a couple, in a weird burst of self-comfort that seemed to delude him enough to calm him down.

"Have you thought of joining a guild yet, Kaiser?" he asked, as the milkshakes arrived, Zane taking a sip from the straw of his own. "Of course, I don't wanna lay it on too thick, but Fairy Tail is always accepting. Everyone at the guild is pretty friendly, too." Zane would certainly prefer her going to Fairy Tail than Blue Pegasus. He had nothing against the people there, but he always found the idea of a guild for good looking people stupid. Perhaps he was just jealous. "There's also Lamia Scale, I guess. But I mean, you could also argue there's no need to rush joining a guild. Fiore's a big place, sometimes you have to look for opportunities that aren't always in the obvious places, right?"


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Kaiser fidgeted in her seat, tapping the tabletop with her nicely manicured fingernails. The topic of technology was still going in her head and she didn’t know what else to say to break the tension that was slowly building up between the two now. Thankfully, Zane came to the rescue, asking if Kaiser was thinking about joining any guilds, while promoting the guild he belonged to—Fairy Tail. She let out a soft chuckle at his attempt to recruit her.

“Thanks, but no thanks, Zane. Like I said, I don’t follow the way of the guilds. Maybe that’s because none of them stand out to me,” she said. She was kind of repeating herself because she had already said this to him. Friendly guildmates isn’t enough to convince me to join a guild. Why would I decide to wear the tattoo of a guild and represent it, just because the members are friendly to me, right?” The way Zane said it made it seem to Kaiser as though people didn’t think too much before joining a guild, as if it was a trend or something you’re expected to do if you’re part of the fraction of the population that can use magic.

Soon their milkshakes arrived and Kaiser took a long, brain-freezing sip from her cup, squeezing her eyes shut as if that would help stop the brain freeze. “Oh, this is good,” she said and stirred her milkshake with the striped straw and taking sips. “So have you completely figured out what your magic can do? I’m struggling with that at the moment.”

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Zane would feel a little embarrassed at her takedown of his suggestion of joining his guild, but he didn't let it phase him for more than a few seconds. He was definitely used to that kind of thing, especially women, especially at restaurants, especially after just meeting them. Zane wondered that perhaps whatever fate controlled his life was recycling ideas due to not having anything more interesting, then noted her other question. "Well, I used to be magicless not too long ago. Let's just say some... strange things happened to me, and I still haven't truly gotten used to having magic. Certainly not something I've embraced. Plus, I would've preferred my body to let me have an element like fire or nature as opposed to wind..." he noted, sighing. Geez, it certainly seemed like he complained a lot. He wondered if the girl in front of him was any good with magic. "Honestly, I can only imagine you're way better than me at magic. Probably stronger, too." he sipped up the last of his milkshake. Tasty. "I just like to explore, honestly. I know nothing about other countries, but I've been to a hell of a lot of places in Fiore. Astera was pretty much one of the only placed I haven't been yet."

Zane thought to himself. This girl in front of him was a bit odd, but she seemed to be at least intelligent. The two of them seemed to get along fine. He wanted to ask her to travel together, but perhaps that was too bold. She might see it as some way of him trying to get into her pants, which, no offense to her, wasn't on his mind right now. He thought of this as an opportunity. "If you plan on traveling Fiore, I'd be happy to go with you. Even if I already know a lot, some new things can only be found with a second perspective."


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Kaiser was very interested to know about other people’s experiences with magic. She didn’t usually get the opportunity to ask, because she didn’t have many friends and she couldn’t just go around asking random people how they happened to have magic and how they have managed to handle it, or if they have been able to at all. Now that she had the perfect opportunity, she was going to make use of it. “Really? I was born with it I guess, but it only started to show when I was a toddler. I was in Joya around that time, and no one acknowledged the fact that I was a mage, even though they knew about it.” She took a long sip and stirred her drink more. “That’s funny. I never thought of having another element.”

Before coming to Fiore, she never really had plans to travel around and explore, but now she wanted to see the world. She was curious about everything. “Sure, I would like that actually. It’d be nice to have someone to keep me company rather than traveling alone. I’ve been to a lot of places too, but there must definitely be things I haven’t seen that you have, and vice versa,” she said. Just thinking about it made her feel excited. She knew that it wasn’t a good idea to trust a stranger immediately, but she was able to take care of herself anyway and if Zane tried anything funny, she was capable of handling him. “So, where have you planned to go after Astera? And what are you doing here anyway?”

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Zane was pleased to hear that she accepted his request. After all, it was nice to have someone to explore Fiore with. Even the most familiar of scenery could change drastically in one's eyes with another person's input. Zane nodded, finishing up his milkshake. He took a small piece of paper out of his pocket, scribbling something down on it with a pen. It was the hotel he was staying at, he figured it would be pretty much the best way to reach him should she need him. He wanted to stay in Astera a bit longer, but he was sure they could go off and seek new horizons after.

"This is my hotel, just ask for Christian and you can reach me whenever you're ready to leave. I think I'll hang around Astera a few more days, though." he would sit up, as he left a bit of change on the table. "That should cover most of the milkshake. It was nice meeting you, Kaiser. I hope that we see each other again soon. Would be nice!" smiling and waving as he walked away, Zane put his hands in his pockets in search of the next place he would hit. Fiore was full of wonders, after all. Spending too much time in one place was boring.



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After Zane gave her a note with his hotel’s name on it, she stared at it and then put it in her pocket, smiling awkwardly and nodding at him. “I see, thanks for that. I don’t know when I’ll come to find you, but I guess I’ll see you later. Thanks for this, too,” said Kaiser, raising up the stuffed cat toy. He left some money for the milkshake too before taking off. The pale sorceress finished her milkshake right after he left, and brought out some money to pay for hers as well. Calling for a waiter, she left the money on the table and headed out as well, back to her inn.

Kaiser wasn’t exactly the type to go looking for people, or making friends. It was usually the other way around. So will she ever meet this Christian Zane person again? The only person who has ever addressed her by her first name. Well there had been others, but definitely not someone she had just met. Maybe it was a cultural difference.

Carrying the giant cat plushie, Kaiser walked from the milkshake shop to her inn, since it wasn’t so far, apparently. Depending on what happens in the near future, she may or may not see Christian Zane again.


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