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Strings of Fate [Akira]

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#1Xandra Queen † 

Strings of Fate [Akira] Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:40 pm

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The chill morning swept past as the bustling streets of the market remained as busy as ever. Swarms of humans and mages alike roamed the maze comprising of stalls on either the left or the right side. Her emerald gaze glided over the hoard of people that gathered individually in front of these stalls that sold many different products, ranging from magic items to common things for everyday use.

Within the sight before her, she also managed to make note of the multiple guards that patrolled the area. Their attempts to indulge into the crowd had not gone unnoticed but the polished white uniform along with the stiff posture made them stand out more that they had thought. A small chuckle escaped her lips as she realized that everyone had noticed but simply played along, perhaps due to sheer gratitude. The guards were, after all, keeping the market safe. It was thanks to them that rates of theft had drastically reduced over the past couple of years and it was obvious that citizens and shopkeepers were very enthralled by that change. With a determined sigh, she rubbed her cold pale hands together, ready to start her scavenger hunt for her favorite items; all of which happened to be edible.

Swiveling through the crowd, Xandra managed to reach her first destination which happened to be a small stall that sold warm potato chips, freshly fried in an environment filled with constant laughs following potato jokes made by workers. It was way before their peak time, allowing the female to take advantage of the lack of crowd and get herself some warm, delightful chips. Already imagining the taste, her mouth broke into a smile as she clasped her hands together, waiting for her order. Once it was ready, a friendly looking older man wearing a funny chef's hat handed it to her with a smile.

"Oh, are you a rune knight?"

The pink haired mage was rather surprised at the fact that he knew, but immediately realized how. With a small smile, followed by a warm acknowledgement, she tried to leave after paying but her status had earned her a free snack. "You don't have to pay for that. Thanks to you knights, we don't have to worry about anyone stealing from us."

Perhaps it was the dense awkwardness that she felt for being thanked for something she played no part in but she found her smile faltering as she gave a polite nod before turning back into the crowd. Snaking her empty hand around her neck, underneath the pink hair that was tamed into a high ponytail, she unclasped the hook of her Rune Knight pendant and slipped it into the pocket of her black jeans. Contrary to popular belief, the female didn't particularly enjoy being recognized everywhere for her occupation.

She had thought that perhaps now, she would be much happier working for the council but the unchanging internal corruption made it a bit difficult. Xandra much rather preferred not being a knight when she didn't have to be. Plus, the benefits of remained unknown far outweighed those of being known. Although she wouldn't get free food, she could always get people to reveal information to her, unaware of who she truly is. It's perfect for undercover operations, which Xandra found herself enjoying quite a lot.

Shaking that aside, the female shoved the free chips that she had received into her mouth as her eyes scanned around, perhaps looking for some item that may soon take her liking, or even a person who appears to be suspicious. Just because she didn't always like being recognized for her title didn't mean she didn't like her job. She loved it in fact, finding herself curious of even the tiniest bit of wrongdoings across the town; curious enough to poke her nose into it.  

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#2Akira Shimada 

Strings of Fate [Akira] Empty Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:23 pm

Akira Shimada

All these years, I've been searching
For who I'm supposed to be
All this time I've been wasting
'Cause I was right in front of me

Her fragmented reflection glanced back at her through the many ornate mirrors the vendor had proudly put on display. She squinted as the sun reflected off her Divinitas and then into her eyes. Not much had changed, but even the small alterations in her features coerced her gaze to linger. She regretted the seemingly vain pause she took, instantly, when she noticed the stall owner's grey-green eyes peering at her from behind one of the frames. It didn't take him long to shower her with compliments and force her into a conversation when caught her staring. No doubt, he hoped that she'd fall prey to his praise and make a purchase to further indulge her apparent vanity.

When he had her hooked, he proceeded to shift focus to his wares. In great elaborations, which Akira found exceedingly cumbersome to listen to, he explained the qualities of his mirrors. Some had enchantments, some had precious gems embedded into their frames... With a sigh, Akira pointed towards one lying at the very back, in a box that looked discarded. He looked rather disappointed with her choice and implored her to reconsider. The more he insisted the more adamantly she stuck by the worn looking object she'd picked. She asked him to keep it aside for her and that she'd return for it later.

As she strolled on, her idle fingers caressed the fabrics of the clothes hung out by some of the stalls, ever so often she'd stop by to offer some garments a more thorough evaluation, she knew she was on the lookout for something very specific, she just couldn't put it into words, but it had to be special and perfect. Spoiled by choices, making one felt exhausting. Her digits ran through her tresses, assessing the sleek, silky strands as she sighed and decided to give up on her imprecise mission for the time being. A tidbit of a conversation had piqued her interest, it was particular the mention of the Knights that begged for her attention.

Now that she had distanced herself from the organisation temporarily, they seemed to have earned the favor of the people. This just had to be her luck. She chuckled mirthlessly and found herself drawing closer to the stall that sold the potatoes. Her gaze rested on the Knight being addressed by the vendor, with child-like curiosity, she cocked her head and assessed the pink haired woman. Those brightly colored strands had to be the most intriguing feature. Akira would've remembered that color had they run into each other before... Her eyebrows knitted closer as she concentrated, wondering how she'd missed such a woman. Maybe if she didn't know her, there was a chance that the opposite was true too. It was wishful thinking, considering that the young girl longed for a stranger's company. A fresh start, without judgement and without the plague of the past or the burden of the future.

The Joyan chewed on her lips she was left flummoxed when the lady decided to pocket the pendant that identified her as a Knight, especially after it had just earned her a free snack. Akira didn't have her own pendant on display, considering her operation, but with the orb floating above her head, she was already quite the beacon. A fair few folks, knew her already, or thought they did. Some believed things about her that weren't exactly true and some truly knew her more than she'd like. As the two scanned the surroundings, their gazes locked. Words weren't necessary, the Shimada conveyed her intrigue by simply not breaking eye contact. She unabashedly stared into those emerald orbs, pinning the woman with an unusually penetrative gaze.

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#3Xandra Queen † 

Strings of Fate [Akira] Empty Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:11 am

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The cumbersome pathetic fallacy of the vicinity was oddly intriguing.The way the sun dawned brightly through the narrow opening which allowed the sea of travelers and citizens to walk underneath the sky while large beige pieces of cloth loomed over the vendors to protect them from the heat. Farther from where she stood, she noticed the sky fading into a dull grey as it stretched out over the poorer areas of the market. With pursed lips, she looked around, noticing the smiles on peoples faces as enchanted objects gained their attention. Standing amidst the crowd made her an easy target for vendors who hunted for preys in this vast ocean of beings in order to sell their products that they claimed were imported from outside Fiore.

Her liking for the market place soon dwindled as she was surrounded by a shoving mass of shoppers and voices of advertising resonated through her ears. It no longer felt peaceful but rather, annoying, Her nose scrunched up in annoyance as her emerald gaze waltzed around, looking for her nearest escape. It was then that an orb caught her eye. However, much to her surprise, it wasn't laying on a vendor's shelf but rather, on a girls head. Her emerald gaze traveled down, only to meet the unknown yet familiar girl's exquisite eyes. There was rather intriguing about her, more so than the weather, that caused the Bellan woman to uphold eye contact. Usually, she would've either done so to intimidate her opposition or in other cases, would have merely ignored it and left.

However, this time, it was different. As she looked at the young girl, perhaps a bit younger than herself, she couldn't help but get a stinging feeling of familiarization strike her. It was as if she had been struck by a sword but wouldn't decipher where she had been hit. A flood of uncertainty coarsed through her as she struggled to remember only to give up soon after. After some deliberation followed by a sigh, she found herself walking towards the young girl. As she swerved past the crowd, her eyes remained locked at the girl who perhaps got a few more glances along her way due to the golden orb that loomed over her head.

Perhaps in a place brimming with unfamiliar faces, some companionship would provide to be entertaining and maybe, even less exhausting. All she could do was guess that perhaps the girl too, needed some company like the pink-haired mage. It took her a few seconds to get past the mob of those who shoved past her upon hearing a voice echo 'sale' behind her. In a desperate attempt to keep her snack from falling and attempting to retain her gaze with the strange girl in hopes that she would not get away, the female quickened her pace before she finally arrived in front of the girl. Having made that desperation look rather effortless brought a small smile to her face as she looked at the girl's face. She couldn't exactly put her finger on where she had seen the girl before but she could always find out all over again.

Holding up her little plate of potatoes, she slightly extended it towards the girl, "Would you like some? They're pretty good."

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#4Akira Shimada 

Strings of Fate [Akira] Empty Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:57 pm

Akira Shimada

Oh, it's a crooked old tradition
By a masterful magician
But in the all this trouble I've met
I haven't got one single regret, no

There was something so sharp and yet so soft about the features of the woman who had piqued the Shimada's interest. Quite taken by that shade of hair and the depth of those ocean coloured eyes, the young Joyan found herself smirking when she was sized up in turn. Cocking her head slightly, she stood rather still, amidst the blur and bustle of movement around her and allowed for this counter gauge. As their scanning gazes locked, Akir was reminded of a time when a prying gaze like this would have left her paranoid and anxious. Now, she mocked herself for being so easily flustered back then. The training with Adragna sure had its advantages and it had helped her overcome quite a few of her self-made mental hurdles.

There was a time that Akira would have felt the stab of jealousy at the effortless splendour of the woman she'd locked eyes with, but the petite Joyan had long since learned to find comfort in her own skin. The Shimada was amused to read the hint of confusion flit across the woman's face. While its source was a mystery, it was a sight to behold nonetheless. Like many other expressions, no doubt, this one too, had etched itself flamboyantly. It was only when she noticed the woman boldly stride towards her, that her confidence dwindled, like a tall tree sways in a strong gust of wind. She teetered, a foot stepping backwards, in a slightly guarded stance. Little did she know the woman wasn't the looming threat, but the greedy souls who had their eyes on all the valuable gold objects they had spotted on the Shimada.

Those fools could hardly be deemed a threat either, with her growing power, she had enough tools to punish them for their indiscretions, almost instantly. So she warily watched the approaching Knight instead. Her relationship with her allegedly former employers had been forced to go through a fairly public upheaval recently, she was not expecting any serious repercussions, but was prepared for them nonetheless. The sceptic in her mind coloured the moment with that tired wariness. Yet, oddly, it didn't succeed in wiping the slightly shy smirk that had fixed itself across her rosebud lips. She waited with an impatience that she didn't betray.

For just the briefest of moments, as the woman neared the Joyan, the crowd swallowed her potential companion whole. The Shimada was surprised to feel a strange flutter when their eye contact was forced to break, it was a rather unpleasant sensation. It was as though she'd had a taste of something exotic and before she had a chance to sink her teeth into it, it'd been snatched from her. A slight decrease in width of her smirk followed, as her gaze searched for the bright shade that suddenly felt like an anchor in the sea of people.  

Finally, it was a bag of potatoes that re-emerged from the swarm first, followed by the miraculously pristine form of the woman... and she was a lot closer to Akira now. The gentle thrust of the plate in her direction, was followed by a verbal offer, so unassuming, so devoid of anything complicated. There seemed to be no ulterior motives or insidious intentions layering the simple interaction, and that made it feel like a fresh breeze that Aki didn't even know she was craving.

She returned a grin before extending her hands to accept the offer brazenly. But just then, she felt a sudden shove and her hand overshot, spilling the delectable potatoes. Seething, she wheeled around to find the culprit, but he or she was already lost in the mob. She instantly checked for her weapon, which luckily was still fastened to the inside of her garb... but a small sack full of her Jewels had just gone missing. Her eyes widened and a ferocity marred her face. 'I think I've just been robbed... the bloody audacity.' she hissed. Then steeling herself against the injustice, she realised it wasn't worth it to waste the precious resource of time on a handful of jewels. However, she was curious to see whether this piqued the fellow Knight's sense of justice or not. Sheepishly and slightly apologetically, she peeked back at the woman. 'I'd offer to replace that, but I don't have any money on me anymore.'

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#5Xandra Queen † 

Strings of Fate [Akira] Empty Wed May 22, 2019 3:57 pm

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The emerald orbs glistened with excitement and amusement as they landed upon a young girl who radiated a unique familiarity that the knight was unable to place her fingers on. It was as if the girl stood within her grasp but she couldn't reach her. The swarm of people, that pushed and pulled at each other selfishly in order to reach their desired destination with no regard for anyone but themselves, drowned her. For a brief moment, the two women broke eye contact. It was truly exhilarating when she thought about how her smile fell upon losing sight of the girl. However, as her arm glided through the crowd, followed by her body, the lost smile soon returned upon the woman's face once she managed to land in front of the a girl. Her heart merely fluttered in excitement at the mysterious aura that the individual before her displayed.

Soon after the words fearlessly flew out of her mouth as her eyes fixated themselves on the girl, blurring away the surroundings, her eyes slightly widened in surprise as the girl staggered forward. Xandra's eyes immediately darted behind the girl as she felt her grip loosen which resulted in a waste of a perfectly good snack. While the local delicacy that she munched on mere moments ago collided against the ground, her gaze landed on a cloaked figure squirming through the crowd and making it's escape.

Surprisingly, the knight stood still, returning her gaze to the girl. Perhaps it was curiosity that led her to simply want to observe what the girl said. So she listened. Her eyes scanned the girl's face who seemed rather distraught, as if she was in disbelief that someone dared to steal from her. However, much to the Bellan's expectations, the girl reacted rather calmly. There was something threatening in her words which made the pink-haired mage realize that they weren't simply empty words.

Her eyes widened further as she let out a small laugh. "You seem rather calm for someone who just got robbed." It was entertaining. There was something wholesome about the girl that stood in front of her. She seemed so real and yet hidden behind a mass of layers. Her demeanor and her actions however, were not hidden behind a facade. It was truly amusing.

Her eyes lit up with curiosity as she anticipated the girl's course of action. To say that she was surprised was an understatement. The woman had expected a raged yet calm reaction, much like the calm before the storm. After hearing just a few words from the mouth, the Bellan would not be surprised if the girl was someone who hunted down anyone that dared cross her. But her course of action was to offer an alternative for her destroy snacks.

Her face fell into a grin as she studied the girl, "Don't worry about it. I got it for free anyways." Her eyebrows knitted together as she tilted her head slightly, "Aren't you going to chase behind that person?" It was sheer curiosity as she wondered why the girl would let go of the robber that took all her money. Regardless of the answer she would receive, the female would continue to study the young girl, "We can always get another snack. It's my treat, don't worry." Glancing up at the orb hanging above her head, she gave a friendly chuckle. She pointed at the orb, "It's not everyday that I meet someone who effortlessly grabs attention like this. It's rather entertaining."

"Oh how rude of me." The knight spoke once she realized that they had missed an integral part of their encounter. Something told her that she would see much more of this young girl in the future. Her face rested in a smile effortlessly as her pointed hand lowered and turned into an extended arm for a shake, "I'm Xandra."

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#6Akira Shimada 

Strings of Fate [Akira] Empty Mon May 27, 2019 2:39 am

Akira Shimada

Here's to my future
Here's to my yesterday
Here's to change
Oh, here's to my yesterday

The contrast between her bristling, brief rage and the softened shyness was probably not the best reflection of her otherwise stable moods. When the woman in front chose to initially focus on the latter, Akira scoffed softly. 'I have to be.' she responded softly. The Shimada was going to supplement this with reasons, but she politely waited for further inquiry first. She was usually a girl of few words after all, that was hardly going to change this soon. The Shimada had to admit though, that something about the woman in front of her, made words dance and linger on the tip of her tongue, leashed only by habit. Akira focused instead on the lost fried potatoes, they had been the object that broke the ice between them after all.

Although, to call whatever hung between them ice, was rather cold and perhaps inaccurate. It was more like a buzz of lightening, something quick, something spontaneous and something powerful. Now a static remained, pulling the two of them mentally closer, at minor risk to them both. 'I noticed.' the Shimada mumbled, when the pink-haired woman admitted that the snacks were a gift. At least the woman had the honor to not expect a replacement for something she'd received without cost. The Joyan was unsure of why she thought it necessary to reveal that she'd been watching Xandra for a bit. But, somehow the admission made her act feel less like one a stalker would indulge in. Now, her watchful gaze was less subversive in nature.

'No. I'll end up destroying the entire marketplace, hardly worth it for a handful of coins, don't you think?' the Shimada mused, reveling in the nature of her newfound power, while also betraying her guilt about its overwhelming capability to destroy. She did have the compelling tug to deliver justice, but Akira had long since learned to pick her battles and this one would be irresponsible and beneath her. 'Unless you have another way...' the Shimada mused, whispering now, unsure if her words even reached their target amidst the bustle. Regardless, Akira didn't really care about the money, she did want to curb this thieving entity though. However, with so many graver evils, the delivery of such petty justice had the luxury to take a back seat. Meanwhile the woman reassured her about the snacks and then went onto unabashedly reveal that the intrigue that Akira had shown in her was reflected.

The Shimada would've much preferred that introductions did not plague the interaction. Once she revealed her name, the thrill of anonymity would be snatched from her. It wasn't everyday that she met a Rune Knight who didn't know who she was. She wished to keep it that way for just a little longer. But at the same time, she didn't want to squander an honest moment with fabrication. As expected, the conversation took a turn towards that exchange. The name Xandra instantly rang a bell. Although the woman who had attacked Phantom Lord by the same moniker had been so different than the one who stood before her now... Perhaps a different Xandra? the Shimada wondered.

When her relation with the Rune Knights had been less tenuous, she used to be the sort who kept note of all the worthy, rising Knights. Now that her access was limited to covet meetings, she hardly had the chance to maintain the thorough survey through the ranks. It was the moment of truth. Maybe she was less infamous amidst the Knights than she assumed. Either that, or this woman was feigning her lack of knowledge. The Shimada was skeptical by nature and the latter wasn't implausible. Perhaps, she'd become inconvenient enough for the Rune Knights, to earn a proper target on her back and it wouldn't be the first time they'd sent someone after her. She quelled the rising paranoia and ensured that her face merely grew impassive, but not anxious.

Unfortunately, given the sensitivity of her mission, as much as she wanted to, she couldn't afford to take this risk. Rendezvous with fellow Knights wasn't beneficial to her but more often than not, it could pose a severe problem for the other. Tsuru was a prime example, she didn't want to hamper another Rune Knight's progress by here mere presence. The Knights posed the biggest threat to her, in some ways. She smiled poignantly. 'Nice, to meet you, Xandra. You'll come to find out who I am soon enough... If you truly don't know already.' she responded and took the offer hand in a firm grip, which was still shy of being painful. The squeeze was almost reassuring, it was hopeful, it was a promise that some day she wished to meet this lady with bubblegum-pink hair, under better circumstances. She turned with the intent to disappear into the crowd.  'I'm really am sorry... about the fries.'


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