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Song in the trees (open)

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Song in the trees (open) Empty Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:34 am

Requiem hummed to herself as she walked down the trail through the woods. Unlike most days recently, this was a very nice one. Bright sun, a soft breeze, and best of all, no bugs. She smiled as she watched a pair of birds build their nest before they fluttered off after another. It reminded her of her time back home, when she would simply wander off for hours and just be.

The thought brought a tear to her eye that she quickly wiped away. No, I'm not a Holy Knight yet. I can't go back. Also, it was no longer her home. Just the place where her father was buried. Requiem walked quietly through the trees, somehow not getting her dress tangled up in the bushes as she made her way to a cliff that gave her a beautiful view of the area. Here, the wind was stronger, and since she had left her hair loose, it billowed in the wind while she raised her arms. She would only stay for about an hour before heading back towards Orchidia. Still, she wanted to enjoy the view for as long as she could, the wind making a soft song in her imagination.

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Some one else seemed to be roaming, some one much more clueless and absent minded to the things around him, that and he had not done much lately so he kind of missed the outside, He almost considered himself a bit ghostly and pale mixed with being a bit stir crazy he just knew he needed to go outside.

So far even if he did not try to avoid anyone he managed to some how so far, maybe it was just him and not noticing, That and not having interacted with many people still.

He lost track of whatever trail he was on because he was enjoying his walk, Even just as he normally seemed too. Maybe just trying to trick his mind he was doing other things he normally did were something new could work on his thoughts.

He would not notice some one else around during these paths but humming another song entirely that he remembered hearing at one point that made him delighted, much like the many happy memories of being around his family. None of this hopefully would make him seem too weird but Waylon was Judging himself as well like he tended to do sometimes.

Eventually at one point he felt his scarf was bit loose, wanting to fix that he started to untie the Dark blue scarf and it seemed almost like a normal situation Waylon was always in It blew free from his hands and off his neck as well and flew in somewhere he was unsure of. As such he would go looking for it, unsure if he had landed or was still in the air from the wind he was unsure but he was still going to look for it for a good while, or what his thoughts where until he found it in one piece or none at all.


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Requiem opened her eyes in and turned just in time to see something fly towards her. Out of reflex, the young woman snatched it as it came close. A quick investigation revealed that she had grabbed a scarf, Not the strangest thing I've found in the woods. She grinned as she looked around before following the wind into the trees, her eyes scanning the area. A breaking twig made her stop and her head snapped in the direction of the sound where she saw a deer. Neko and beast looked at each other for a minute before the animal snorted and walked away.

Requiem smiled, and then continued on her search for signs of the owner of the scsrf. By her estimate, they couldn't be that far. Her ears twitched and tickled in the wind as more birds flew among the budding flowers and trees without a care. Requiem started singing softly,

"Gently, gently, my sweet lark
Sweetly, sweetly, my little lark
The night holds no fears, and the day drys all tears
All will be well in the end.

She smiled at the memories of her father singing to her whenever she had nightmares. Maybe this scarf was important to someone.

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At least one thing he was, not the type to give up on one things he valued currently, plus he was out and about after just sticking in one area for a while, which was a plus. So maybe maybe this moment of being the way he was sometimes he would not realize how his luck could be, He could easily get another which was not something he had in mind, That as well as he just really liked that one.

"Oh I see it now."Waylon said in his slightly absent minded manner but he seemed to be talking to himself, So he figured anyway that was his clueless mind sometimes while he was chasing it. It was before whoever it was grabbing the scarf. But he was chasing the goal.

So when realize some one else got his scarf there was a moment that he realized some one else around which he did not mind it was nice. So while he was just about there and caught up Waylon then tripped over his own feet just before this lady and landed on the ground.

At least it was not face first so that was a plus but he did fall that was it, but he could maybe play this off but Waylon did kind of just rush and run and that was about it, but he was yet to get up yet but he landed on his butt. So far this was all normal of him he did not seem embarrassed about it, But on the plus side he found his scarf which made him much happier. But his clothing might be fairly dirty now which he could shake off but it was still rather embarrassing because Waylon was a bit worried about that kind of in his mind but tried not to show it.


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Requiem twitched her ears as she heard someone coming. She turned just in time to see a man do a flying...flipping...roll... it was oddly acrobatic for a clumsy fall, right in front of her. The young woman stepped back and then kneeled next to him, "um... are you ok?" She had heard that humans were clumsy, but this seemed rediculous even for them. She tilted her head as she looked at him. Requiem got back to her feet and held a hand out to help the young man up. If she got dirty, she wouldn't mind mutch. How did one fall and not land on their face like that?

She realized she had been staring and shook her head with a small blush. She hadn't meant to be rude. Requiem would give hi lm a cautious once over before smiling, "not many people come out to places like this. Beautiful isn't it?" She wondered if the scarf was his. Most likely possiblility. Not many people would be wandering the woods either. For commoners it was too dangerous in places like this so Requiem figured the person was an adventurer.

"Oh, is this scarf yours? I caught it right before it went off the cliff."

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He seemed to play it off like it was normal, Which it was for him."Haven't fell like this in a while."Which was also true."Guess eventually something happens again like that."Most likely did not help the currently image that Waylon was a bit of an odd man."At least it was a harmless fall."Taking the hand that was offered to stand up, So far at least there was not some one laughing at him, That was kind of interesting about it, However it was entertaining and refreshing in his mind. Or proofing even more he needed to be around more things and people.

So far Waylon seemed to be in good luck."Yes It is what I was looking, Even if more of a material object and not that costly I would go far not to lose my scarf." Maybe Waylon was just hanging on to things that could cause him to get hurt if he was not careful, Then again Waylon would mention how far he might have gone to get his scarf, Which might not be too bright of him, Which could be viewed very different ways, But he was a simple and happy person.

"If it has gone somewhere off the cliff, I might have even got as far as searching for it and finding my way down that cliff."
He even sounds determine that he would have done that as well, silly to think it was all over one simple scarf.

"I am sure I would be fine out in this vast woods, I have done it before. If too worrying I am most likely sure my sister would take a bit of time off from her work with The Rune Knights to fine me if that was something truly worrying."
He sounded like he was a bit more talking to himself with in a slightly mention because he pictured it for some reason, Rather then just him sounds rude or assuming about it."Even if I would dislike that, Anyway I am trailing on pointlessly."He also mentioned like he knew he was being odd about it.

It showed he was trying to be a bit more aware."I do thank you the hand up, As well as catching my scarf, I should most likely never wonder where it would have went  if you did not catch it."He did not take it back right away after all he knew it was was rude to take it out or some one else hands and she had not really seem to offered it to him So he would ask."May I have my scarf?" He said rather politely and with a friendly smile on his face as well.


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Requiem did her best to suppress her laughter as she nodded and returned the scarf. This guy was certainly something different from what she was generally used to as a mage, Knight and adventurer. She did a little curtsy, "Well, I'm glad to have helped. I'm sure your sister would be glad you didn't have to scale a cliff or journey to the ends of the woods for your scarf."

This funny man had an air about him that made her think of the younger kids back at her village. Curious, innocent, silly, Requiem smiled and tilted her head before her eyes widened in remembrance, "Ah, where are my manners? I'm Requiem, future Holy Knight and master fish slayer." She had a bright smile as she bowed towards him.

She found herself wondering for a moment if this was all an act on his behalf. Her paranoid upbringing rearing it's ugly head for a few seconds before she pushed it back down with minor frustration. Not everything was suspicious. She hoped none of it showed on her face, considering how much she hated the thoughts that occasionally came across her mind. She smiled, wearing the mask she had gone to great pains to create for herself.

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It seemed Waylon would be in company that was a lot more interesting to him in the manner of politeness and action rather then,But he seemed to be more delighted then any other feeling most of all."Future Rune Knight? I wonder what is holding you back?"He did not intend to be too nosey about it but he did wonder maybe in some manner would try to help but Waylon would not the best help as some one else that would actually be a Rune Knight.

"Why carry that thought into the future, Be the Rune Knight you wish to be along with that mighty fish slayer."
Waylon seemed to be more encouraging or trying to be in the best way he could for just meeting some one."I like eating fish from time to time, But I would not be a fish slayer. I've caught it and cooked it various times."Much like most this he learned when he traveled a lot of place at least once. It was interesting travels when he did them but since she mentioned fish it was him carrying on the subject.

He then finally realized he did not put his scarf back on but he slowly did seemed to tie it neatly and almost like it was second nature of him to do so."But makes me wonder what fish is favored but the fish slayer the most." Partly out of wonder, Partly because he was trying to still open up and be normal and finally to learn more about Requiem.

He also almost pulled off the same thing. Even catching himself out with it."Oh right...It is nice to meet you, I am Waylon Karlinius, Currently a member of Fairy Tail, before hand I traveled the world to learn varying way of tea from what kinds and how it is made." Keeping in his mind any other of his family members would have tore into him and he knew that he should have known and done that right away.


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Requiem laughed lightly, "sorry, I misspoke, I meant Holy Knight. I'm already a Rune Knight." She showed her badge as she spoke, "my father was a Holy Knight and I aim to follow his footsteps. But first I have to prove myself worthy of being a holy knight. To myself at the very least." She added the last sentence softly to herself as she watched him put his scarf back on. It looked almost like an art form to her, and certainly appeared to be second nature to him.

Once the topic turned to fish slaying, Requiem smiled brightly, "ah, but the best fish is that which is caught and cooked by your own hand. Although trout is certainly the best of them all." She giggled a bit at the absurdity of her statement while she smoothed her dress.

Once Waylon had introduced himself,  Requiem did a curtsy, "so which tea is your favorite thus far? I've heard the leaves from Joya are among the best." She leaned in conspiratorially, "is that true?" She asked in a stage whisper with a big smile. She felt her tension ease away. This guy didn't seem bad at all. If anything, he seemed like a puppy.

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He did not mind the sense of pride at least what he thought it was from her thought of it."Well that is a wonderful goal, One day I hope you achieve it."Waylon mentioned with a humble and happy way, even smiling slightly about it."I wish I could say that way. My father just wants all of his kids to achieve their own happiness in life and that is it, Aspire to what you wish to and be happy, Even to my brother and sister."Simple life for a rather simple minded person.

"But that aside, It is always nice to have some one else with the same view, Makes me wonder I could cook fish good enough for the Fish Slayer, depending on kinds I could get my hands on Trout is just as lovely, Even if I had made mistakes cooking it before."
He viewed more of out of his own interest, that and Waylon seemed to enjoy such things in life."Most of the tea I have had from Joyan has been better than most, most of this lands tea anyway. I could also I am bias to Joyan green tea with a bit of mint and honey in it."It was one of his favorites but it showed anyway and he seemed  might not need to mention it.

"But I may need to test that all over again, Once I get my hands on such teas again. Since It been a fair bit of time."Easy to assume and think Waylon would just do it for the sake of drinking tea. But he had other interest."It would be costly but I would do it."Waylon did sound like almost he would be looking into doing that way more another day and not this current time.

"Joyan tea is hard for me to get my hands on, But made worth the effort."He then kind of smiled to himself."But I always found putting the effort in had always worked well for me in the end."given that he was also about to mention."Even if most of that time I had not had a lot of people end up trying things I make, I will find someone who may eventually."also sounding hopeful with that, Like some one would be interested in such things in life as him.


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Requiem's mind wandered off briefly when Waylon mentioned his family. Her father had told her before that the people from before he adopted her weren't family despite their claims, but she couldn't quite shake the feeling at night when things felt dark. She leaned up against a tree with a smile, "maybe one day they'll invent a magic that can send Joyan tea all over the world in minutes." A brief image of a female flickered through her mind, hazy but oddly comforting, "So, how long have you been around here? Any cool fun stuff happening?"

The part of her mind honed by years of training and torture screamed out in warning. Someone was nearby with impure intentions towards her or her new friend. Still, she kept up the mask with her ears flicking as if the birds singing nearby drew her attention from time to time.

"Now that I think about it, were you here when the demons came through?" She looked towards the city with a sad look. As much as she wished she could've saved more people, there had simply been toouch going on at the time. Not for the first time would those screams and cries for help haunt her. Nor for the last time.

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Give that kind of motion Waylon seemed to enjoy the thought of that comment."Hopefully I could take you up on that offer eventually and maybe pay it back some how."Which was normal of him to mention in return, If it ever happen he did not know Waylon could only hope for the thought of it made him extremely happy at least it was easy for him to take joy in it.

"I was here for more of a personal manner which is  having a picnic with my mother in a few days, I was here for the festival of flowers when it was starting, I have just kind of stuck around."
Would explain why he was still around since he would mention a few other things of him shortly. He realized he missed the how long part."I have been here for almost a month maybe longer at this point, I should eventually return to Fairy Tail to let them know I am still alive and around."He laughed about it slightly, unsure if he seemed like the fairy tail kind of person but it was interesting that he was a bit more lacks about it, But it showed many people did different things.

Waylon did not realize really how high scope."I have been around since that moment, It is a bit worrying in my view, Some how I have managed to avoid any troubles when I have needed to camp out somewhere, I haven't been attacked."He mentioned but it seemed to worry him a bit more in thought now since he was more of less counting his blessings."It would explain why my sister would be roaming around since she is the type to dive into these situations"He mentioned more of a side note to her but it would continue."Knowing my sister Judina she is most likely doing all she can and overworking herself in some manner to help in these situations, It is worrying sometimes."They both could seem a bit uneasy he felt maybe he could have done more but these moment made this mage far too nervous it would chill him way ice mage could go far beyond.


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Requiem patted his shoulder, "With a brother like you supporting her, I'm sure she'll be able to exceed at whatever she puts her mind to." She looked up at the darkening sky, stars appearing one by one. The beautiful sight caused her to get lost in thought before she turned back to Waylon, "I'll be going to Astoria tomorrow, I've heard that there's a strong possibility of an incursion happening there."

Requiem leaned against the tree she was under, simply watching and enjoying the sight and if she was lucky, she had a new friend now. A small smile played on her lips when she saw a shooting star, "Did you see that! Quick! Make a wish!" The young woman closed her eyes and wished with all her heart. It would be a few more minutes of enjoying the sight above before Requiem yawned, "well, this has been a wonderful. I'm glad I got to meet you." She bowed, "I hope we run into each other again soon."

Her walk back to Orchidia would be uneventful and a quick run through of what she would need for her trip was finished in a few minutes before going to bed, "I wonder, what's it like having siblings that aren't trying to kill you?" She asked the empty room.

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My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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So with that moment Waylon himself did not realize for that moment that a shooting star was going by even having a slight delay when her reaction to it was going on. That was just how Waylon was but was quick to react with a wish in his mind. But he did also feel a bit of worry but also a favor to ask."If you could for a worried brother, Check on Judina if you happen to find her."Then would also mention another thing."Do be safe out on your travel there as well, For I will wish to see you again some day."He said more out of honesty and relief of making a new friend, Last thing Waylon wanted to learn is he made a new friend that was gone so quick, It would leave this lonely man feel even more lonely.

"If you do that favor you are looking for a slightly taller then normal woman, With dark blue hair and blue eyes. With armor that has parts of red cloth on it."
It was the best way he could mention how she looked like. That is even if she had time to do that Waylon would not be mad if she was busy given with how things seem to go.

But with her leaving Waylon could be happy about his this situation went for him. He got his scarf back, He made a friend. All seemed pretty normal and far in his life for the moment and he had no problems with it, Even if he could not help but wonder if everything would be good with her and his sister out on the field here."Even maybe that wish will come true eventually."Which he had in mind while he prepared to head off to where he would stay.


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