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Drowning Despair(open)

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#1Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:57 pm

Chloé Leclair
It was probably already over midnight. Not that Chloé could care about such things right now. The place she was at looked like a typical bad guy bar. Not a place just anyone should enter. the majority of the people here were rough and looked like they could rip your arm of just by looking at you. In stark contrast to the girl sitting lonely in the corner of the room. She wasn't crying, she was just drinking cheap ale. Quite a lot, in fact.

Of course, the men had tried to hit on her, however Chloé really was not in the mood, and she had a few up already. A direct punch with her magic seemed to keep even the people of this bar in check. Of course, she only aimed to wound, not to kill. She had killed enough people for one day.

Today she had on of those jobs she wondered why anyone would even consider them a good idea. Should be simple, kill everyone in one house. Just everyone in one house. First everything went fine, until the final room. She just wanted to forget the whole affair. A boy was hiding under the bed, he must have been around 12 years old. Why would anyone want to hurt a 12 year old kid? She could get why someone want someone dead, but to just murderer the children too was just unnecessary in her eyes. Of course, she wasn't planning on doing the job in the first place. But Lyse had to go and force her, again. Even as drunk as she was, she was still just drinking and not giving anything about the others around her.

#2Jolyne Atreides 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:58 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne did not often go to the bar scene but tonight as she was completing her nocturnal walk she decided to go in. Inside she found exactly what she expected in most of the patrons except for one, one patron seemed to be keeping to herself lost in some dark thoughts. If Jolyne had to guess though she must have violently repulsed someone there who propositioned her, as now there was a group forming close to her talking in angry tones and stealing glances her way. The Atreides had seen this kind of thing before and she did not enjoy it, in her culture revenge by numbers was only allowed over death and the crowd not being dispersed assured Jolyne that there had been no murder that night there.

Jolyne also noticed that the only sober person aside from her was the bartender who she shot a look at before pointing at the group and flashing her Rune Knight medallion. In response to this the man nodded enthusiastically with a smile that only could mean those same men had caused trouble in this establishment before.

Mind if I buy you a drink?” Jolyne asked placing her bruised right hand on the smaller girl's right shoulder as she sat down next to her in the corner. “I hope it wasn’t one of your exes that hit on you early, you see those guys” at this Jolyne gestured to a pile of still breathing bodies that had been gently laid under a table “they wanted me to apologize on their behalf for being such dickbags.” Her face was open and bright not only had it been a while since Jolyne had drank but it was also her policy to join someone who was by themselves.

#3Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:05 am

Chloé Leclair
Looking forward with empty eyes, Chloé had drunk more than what one would expect of a girl her age. She didn't notice the large group of people forming and probably wouldn't have cared if they did try to attack her.

A hand on her shoulder brought the thinking Chloé back to reality. When she looked in the direction she could see a woman a bit older than her, offering the young girl another drink. It felt a little weird, especially when she just punched another guy out under similar circumstances, but she now she had a few more pints she didn't really want to hurt such a beautiful woman.

"Sure" She said, as the woman didn't seem to have any intentions, unlike those men earlier. She couldn't help but gaze at the people who were knocked out while she was lost in her memories. Even if they were still alive the fact someone would knock so many people out just for her was enough to make her smile shyly. The woman's last comment just made Chloé giggle.

"N... no, I don't know that man, but he umm... just kept being annoying." She says as she tries to look at the right woman, seeing more than one of them was pretty annoying. Given her current state however, it was to be expected. She would still finish her drink in short sips. Not in a hurry and not really knowing anything to talk about. Especially because she didn't really want to talk about today, or rather couldn't. If anything she wanted to keep drinking and hope she completely forgets this horrible day the follow morning.

#4Jolyne Atreides 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:05 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne smiled at the girl’s laughter in response, it was much more delightful than the previous interaction she had. Those guys were rather belligerent, which only meant it changed to fun for Jolyne after the insults began. While beating up the group had been fun, this would have more depth she hoped.

Yeah, I won’t go into how entitled some people get, but hey are you okay?” Jolyne asked before turning around and signaling the bartender for just one of the drinks she had pre-ordered. Jolyne was clued onto the other woman being too drunk as her eyes darted from where Jolyne was to a bit to the left of her as one only did when they were not seeing straight. Either she had hit her head or she had drank too much for her small frame. “I’m Jolyne, those guys may not be the only ones to approach you tonight should we go elsewhere after I ask your name?” while Jolyne did not wish to be forceful she was actually concerned that being in such a place would attract a bit too much attention for them to have a care free night. While a night of fighting might be fun it would not be appropriate nor would it be the right time if any of the rifts would open soon.

In any case the best course of action would be to move to a different bar at the very least though she did wonder if her companion would be capable or willing to go to another place with her. “I could buy you something to eat at this nice restaurant I found, I hate to be rude but I think someone your size needs food to help even out when you are drinking” Jolyne’s tone was polite and she kept her smile from being too big as she closed her eyes to show a sign of trust among the Atreides tribe.

#5Theo Kaguya 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:31 pm

Theo Kaguya
It was another night which meant helping knights back to their homes which had just slowly become another job for him, this time they had to be in casual attire if they didn't want to reprimand for well doing drunk knights do. Seeing as the knights like to bar hop this would be the last stop for the night seeing as they hit four before this one. During all the times that he has done this, they have only managed to switch his drinks out twice so he has made it a point not to drink anything the whole night.

As they got into the bar one if the knights put Theo in a headlock they started drinking "Okay guys lets not have a repeat of last week kay?" a request that fell upon death ears but what else was to be expected from off duty Knights. After finishing their first drinks they went about for around of darts that actually went rather well. After getting a few more drinks in they thought it be fun to hit on all the girls they could see which meant he had to partake in this little task as well. He took notice of two girls sitting together Oh no I can't let them get mixed up in this drunken mess he thought making his way over to them "Umm excuse me Mada's could I have a moment of time?" assuming they did agree to have him he would smile at them and wave.

#6Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:49 am

Chloé Leclair
Chloé was unsure how to answer this question. If she told the truth she would probably also have to tell her what happened. On the other side, it was obvious she wasn't alright. She had to think of something.

"Just going through a hard time... It'll go better soon. Don't worry about me." She said with a smile while not really believe it would get better, but she had to give the impression it would. Lyse had her fun again so it would be a little before she get any other funny ideas... hopefully.

"oh... My name is Chloé. um... alright." She said confirmed. She did came her to be alone, but it seemed that wasn't going to happen. Still she'd probably be fine.

"I euh... wonder where you'll find a restaurant at this hour! Well... alright! She said a little enthusiastically. The alcohol started to do it's thing. Just that moment a young man approached their table. Asking to join them. She wasn't to sure she wanted to deal with a guy right now, but he didn't seem to mean any harm, unlike the gents earlier.

"Eu... we were just leaving! But... I think you can join us?" Chloé offered. It seemed that the short conversation had brought her out of her little episode.

She tried to get up from her place as soon as stood up and fell aside towards Jolyne as she tried to stand up. Maybe all these beers were a bit too much for the whole evening.

#7Jolyne Atreides 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:33 am

Jolyne Atreides

"I'm going to worry about you Chloe, I'm adopting you as my friend" with this Jolyne went to snag Chloe's hand and squeeze it while stating this and staring into her eyes so the truth could show through them. Jolyne did not often adopt friends and certainly never this soon but she felt as though this was how it needed to be. To dance with fate was to be subject to it's whims at times and it seemed another was to join.

"Theo! Of course you can join us you rascal! Hey check it" Jolyne got up and lifted up her shirt revealing her toned stomach with a light tracing of abs which had been covered by the soft Florian cuisine.With her left hand she was pointing at where she was shot. "No scar even, isn't it cool?" just then Jolyne realized what she was doing and put her shirt back down slowly and awkwardly trying to hide the blush that was slowly overtaking her face.

Turning from the two she continued "Anyways I know this cool place, they serve drinks and this thing I used to call red water straws but apparently it's called spaghooti" her voice tried to hide her embarrassment poorly. She had just shoved her stomach in her new friend's face and almost flashed one of her fellow Rune Knights, maybe she had drank too much before getting here. What was the saying about logs and eyes, with your neighbor? Either way Jolyne started to make her way out of the bar with the others hopefully following her.

It would not take long to get to the restaurant and Jolyne Atreides would lead them there.

#8Theo Kaguya 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:05 pm

Theo Kaguya
Theo hadn't realized that Jolyen one of the girls at the table she began to lift up her shirt he looked at the table to avoid looking at her "Oh Ms. Jolyen its good know you made a full recovery." he had no clue as to how she even came to have such a mark on her. His memory hadn't been the best lately but with all the work that's been pushed on to him, the stress was bond to do something to him. The two ladies seemed to had been drinking a bit Didn't think Jolyne was a drinker at all he thought sitting down with them.

Chloe seemed like she may have had one too many drinks for the night and that was just from looking at the way she was acting but then again if the roles were reversed he be the same "Ms. Jolyne are you going to drink more?" he scanned the room to see the knights he walked in with actually acting like humans and talking to women. He imaged what would happen if his sister was with him and immediately found that it would not end well for him or anyone but mostly him.

#9Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:00 am

Chloé Leclair
"Th... thank you... She didn't really knew what else to say about that. She knew she should try to push the woman away and she knew it was selfish of her to accept it just like that and that it either will turn out in nothing or badly. But the combination of desire and alcohol were stronger then her already jaded sense of right and wrong right now. She had no real bad intentions, even though she knew it wouldn't end well.

She saw Jolyne raise her shirt to the man she called Theo. There she saw the wound he mentioned and... a rune knight medallion. Of course... she finally managed to get close to someone she maybe, just maybe trust and saw that hope melt like snow before the sun. She didn't knew if the man was a rune knight as well. Well, it probably wasn't that weird to ask about.

"Oh, you know each other?" She asked both, neither one in particular, looking from Jolyne to Theo. There was not a trace of her true intent, but again, said intend wasn't ill meant towards either of them. Though she could feel a certain envy towards them for having a life she could not have.

"Spaghooti, sounds fishy... Well only one way to find out!" She said much more cheerful than she actually felt. She couldn't let them suffer for her own shortcomings, and maybe for once she could have a normal evening even though it already was a little late for that. She stood up and followed Jolyne towards the restaurant.

#10Jolyne Atreides 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:19 am

Jolyne Atreides

"Thank ya, those little guys had a bit of bite to 'em" Jolyne giggled in response before answering Chloe's question "Yeah we are both charged with keeping the peace in this country so we know each other through work, don't worry though I'm off duty and even on I only chase murders, slavers, the really bad scum." Jolyne spoke freely truly unaware of whom she was speaking to, this was because she did not care the truth was an important core self concept to Jolyne, lying while in her nature was not common.

"Spaghooti is not normally served with fish but I think they may be able to do that for you miss Chloe" at this she turned around and bowed to Chloe with a flourish before smoothly transitioning to looking Theo directly in the eyes "Yes but only two, a girl must know her limits my good sir" this time her tone was extremely playful and she stuck her tongue out a bit. Jolyne was truly having fun on this night and as they went out into the night air she took a deep breath before suddenly darting to the nearest lamp post and spinning around it.

"You guys will love Maztafizonni's for sure, authentic Florian cuisine with a flair from the capital. Being from Deserette myself I simply cannot get enough of this stuff" Jolyne bubbled before letting go of the lamp post and motioning for the others to follow her as she strolled down the street a couple of blocks before reaching their destination. It was a building that still retained their lights at this hour and the happy noise could be heard from the outside.

#11Theo Kaguya 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:46 am

Theo Kaguya
It was clear that Chole and Jolyne were more than at their limits but were still able to function in some way which was good in some way but then again but then again he wouldn't be awake given the number of drinks they had. "Yes it was rather tough from what I remember but we made it through alright." Theo took a second to try and think back to what she was talking about it would be better if he didn't force any memories to come so he asked Chole a question of his own "What do you do for work Ms. Chole'?" it was only fair that he knew what she did for a living even though even if it the answer wasn't a coherent answer, after all, he wasn't the type to judge others for their life choices  

Listening to Jolyne describe the food or was it a drink that he mentioned wither way he tried to follow along with it but found the two girls to be funny when drunk. It seemed like he and Jolyne had some similar philosophies when it comes to criminals but then again they wouldn't be Rune Knights if they didn't have a mindset like that. It seems like I've switched, groups but the job is still the same he thought letting out a sign. "Ms. Jolyne are you sure its safe for you to be walking so fast?" he asked following behind her as they reached their destination.

#12Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:24 pm

Chloé Leclair
"That's good. Someone has to keep Fiore safe..." She said without a doubt, while trying to suppress the memories from her job earlier today. A knot formed in Chloé's stomach as she knew she was just the kind of person Jolyne hunted.

"Me? I am a guildless mage." That was a lie, yet technically it was true as well. dark guilds were illegal, thus they were not registered as a legal guild and thus from a legal point of view those members were guildless. Even if it was technically true there was no way she could not see it as lie herself, one she had repeated many times before. Anyway lying to them was probably the least worrisome crime she had committed today.

"No, if there is normally no fish in it I don't need it." She corrected her own misunderstanding. She didn't know the dish and eating it with something else before the real thing would cloud her judgement. When Jolyne rushed of towards the lamppost Chloé got a sudden urge to join her. She also failed to see why she shouldn't follow up on her urge, so she did. Grabbing the lamppost bellow where Jolyne was holding it and turning around it roughly from the opposite from the older woman. Her skirt fluttering with her movement.

"That was fun!" She said after she wiggled back towards the group, shortly after Jolyne had stopped spinning. In hindsight that was totally useless, but she doesn't care at all.

"I can smell it from here!" Chloé said satisfied as they approached the establishment. She was surprised it was still open at this hour. But it seemed to be such a great place to eat.

#13Jolyne Atreides 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:08 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne was certain it was not safe to walk that fast but she decided to prove her point before explaining it. Unless the sober man perceived her as a threat and reacted she would scoop the smaller man up off of his feet with aggression and twirl him around while giving her answer "The point is that it isn't safe Miiiiister Theo, this is not safe either, but I had fun" Jolyne drug the I on mister out in an endearing but still slightly mocking tone while she would set him back down extremely gently before bopping his head and shifting her focus to Chloe, the girl being a guildless mage meant only one thing would be going through Jolyne's mind.

"That was fun, why don't you join us in the Rune Knights instead of scraping by on odd jobs?" the entirely innocent question was asked as they entered into the restaurant.

Inside the place was filled with stuff on the walls and people stuffed into tables and booths, waiters and waitresses were buzzing around serving food and drinks and Jolyne held her hand up with three fingers prompting the host to appear and lead them into a booth near the window. Jolyne would immediate go into left side and pick up a menu before looking through it.

Berlacoli's Pasteria
Main Dishes

Soup of the Day - Minestra di pasta con pesce
With Garlic Bread and choice of side | 90J

Pizza Alla Napoletana | 100J
Pizza Capricciosa | 110J
Pizza Pugliese | 110J

*meals featured below include choice of side

Fettuccine Alfredo | 70J
Linguini with Clam sauce | 80J
Pasta al Pesto | 80J
Lasagne | 100J

Risotto | 60J
Risotto al Gorgonzola | 80J

Buridda | 70J
Acqua Pazza | 80J
Anguilla Marinata | 110J

Bresaola | 80J
Rosticciana | 90J
Osso Buco | 100J
Scaloppine | 120J

Caponata | 70J


Montepulciano d'Abruzzo | 50J
Fiano di Avellino | 50J
Lambrusco |50J

Water | 0J
Milk | 30J
Apple Juice | 40J

Coffee | 20J
Decaffeinated Coffee | 30J

#14Theo Kaguya 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:35 pm

Theo Kaguya
Theo wasn't sure if Jol was mocking him or not but he didn't want to make matters worse but before he knew it Jolyen picked scoop him up off of his feet with aggression and started to twirl him around "Wow Ms. Jo-" he tried to talk but realized that she wouldn't listen to him. By the time that she finished with him, she sat him back down gently before bopping him this left him confused as to what just happened. Jol was so different than what he could remember of her it was like the drinks had highlighted the best parts of her in some way or maybe this was just how she was off duty?

As she offered Chole a role with the knights he couldn't object to the idea of having a new comrade but at the same time, the knights might not be a good fit for her either yet again this was not his place to speak on such things. Their destination had an odd smell to it through the place its self-had some charm to it given that they were packed "Ms. Jolyne how did you find this place?" he asked looking around in amazement. Oh man, Bell would love this place I gotta write to her later he thought playing out the scene in his head.

#15Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:36 am

Chloé Leclair
That question was everything Chloé wanted right there. But she couldn't take them up on their offer right now, maybe never. Even considering more, Chloé thought she'd be a terrible Rune Knight. She just couldn't be forceful or persuasive with people and her only real ability was depending on a monster hiding inside her that joined a criminal organization in Chloé's name. Of course, being a member of both Red Hades and the Rune Knights was impossible, no matter how much she wanted to change sides.

"Umm... I'll think about it..." She said somewhat distantly while looking around the restaurant. She liked it's atmosphere, it looked like a nice place and most of the things seemed to be very cheap in stark contrast to how it looked inside. She could smell the food even before she entered, but right now it took her everything to not just jump on a random table and start eating. Of course. She didn't know this kind of food very well, but judging from the smell it probably was very good. After following the host to their table she sat down straight across Jolyne. Maybe she would return here someday, when she actually could join the Rune Knights. Even if she wasn't cut out for the job it sounded such a fun place to work. She took the card on the table and looked through it some more.

#16Jolyne Atreides 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:32 pm

Jolyne Atreides

"I came here starving after having only some pastries to eat when I first arrived in Orchidia, turns out that was a bit before the event here so I had some time to get used to the place" Jolyne replied to Theo with a smile as they went to their booth.

Looking at Chloe Jolyne wondered if she was nervous about hiding something, or nervous about being with new people? Either way she could be in some sort of bad situation that she could not get out of, if that was the case then Jolyne would certainly have to help. It was simply against her nature to allow someone to suffer while she was around, and with that in mind she decided to subtly check and see if she could figure out the source of Chloe's nerves after having so many drinks.

"Hey no worries, I bet you're a bit of a bad girl and don't wanna clip your wings like us lame-os. I get it, just makes me feel so uncool." Jolyne whined as she fake sighed placing her head in her hand and looking out the window with a bit of a smile before swiveling to look at Chloe with her tongue sticking out "Kidding, someone as nervous as you could never do any sort of crime." Jolyne delivered that line with a wink before shifting her attention to Theo with a question "What drinks should we start with, the waitress will be here soon"

As if Jolyne had summoned her a waitress soon approached the table and would soon ask for their choice in drinks.

#17Theo Kaguya 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:35 pm

Theo Kaguya
It was fun to be with Jolyen off duty he hardly ever spent time with anyone that he worked with unless they needed him to pick them up from the bar so this was a much-needed change of atmosphere that could work out for the better for everyone. Hope the guys are okay with getting home on their own tonight something that he could deal with later if there was a need to but if anything Jolyne could set them straight. "Actually crimes are often committed by those that you wouldn't suspect," he said not really getting that she was just making a joke "Not that I think you would do such a thing, Ms. Chole, its just something I learned," he added looking down at his hands.

Maybe it was time for him to relax for a night and have some fun but then again if he did that who would be the one to help them back to their homes? Jolyne asked what they should have but given his background with drinks, he had no clue what to suggested or even get fo himself. "Beer...I'll have some beer." Theo had made his choice without even thinking about it and as he never liked to change his order he would have to take whatever was given to him.

#18Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:17 am

Chloé Leclair
"The event? Do you mean the demon invasion?" Chloé asked, even though she knew full well what the woman was speaking about. She didn't really partake in it, but did use it as a distraction for a various amount of not so legal activities. Or at least the fact that the rune knights had better things to deal with then common criminals. Chloé was always somewhat nervous, but knowing she was with rune knights at the table only made it worse. Even if it was unwillingly she did do lot of ruthless work on a daily basis.

"Right..." She smiled shyly at the man after he made clear that he didn't mean to imply that she could commit a crime. He was right on the mark though, but she wouldn't tell him that!

As Joylne mentioned to order drinks Chloé's mind was already made up. She wasn't going to stop her drinking spree just because she was with rune knights and at a fancy restaurant.

"For me too!" She said after the blonde haired boy had ordered beer. She didn't care much for what would happen this night. The only real plus was that Lyse already manifested today, which meant she probably wouldn't do it again so soon... Hopefully.

#19Jolyne Atreides 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:30 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne simply dead stared at Theo, Chloe was drunk so her choice could be excused but here was her fellow comrade in arms embarrassing her in front of all these fancy people. How he could not tell that there was no beer escaped her, this was in their native tongue, it should have been simple to see that there was only wine. An internal panic attack set in as Jolyne say a waiter come to take their drink orders, perhaps this situation could still be salvaged together again. Perhaps it could still work out after all but she would have to think and act fast.

"Montepulciano d'Abruzzo for me and the young man, and a Lambrusco for the lady please" Jolyne said looking the waiter dead in the eyes like a deer caught in the headlights. This was a crucial moment she did not want the others to object to her selection and cause more social awkwardness or else Jolyne may very well sink into the booth that she was sitting in.

If they could get past this hurdle the next one would be selecting food which Jolyne was now dreading and truly wondering if she would have to decide for all three. Would they try to order hamburgers and hot dogs? Jolyne's anxiety was truly beginning to build and her thoughts ran to all crazy sorts of places. If the other two did not stop her answer the waiter would jot it down and thank them before going to fetch their drinks and bringing them to the table.

#20Theo Kaguya 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:39 pm

Theo Kaguya
Theo was so confused was beer not one of the options but then again with the names on the menu being so confusing, it was easy for him to think it was one. Jolyen ordered something for them but the name was beyond him then again most of the menu was written in another language. This would more than likely be a night to remember for TK, "Umm...I-I want to thank both for allowing me to accompany you." it wasn't every day that he could relax and take a break from being the responsible one. He wished his sister was here to enjoy meet everyone Bell when are you coming back? he asked himself resting his head in his palm.

This place was nice but it seemed like the place you come to start off the night rather than possible end it Dear Illumin may your holy light protect my new friends he thought looking about the restaurant until he shifted his gaze to Chole "How did you two meet if you don't me asking? It seemed like your really good friends already." It did seem like they've known each other for more than the night, just how much could drinking bring people together? this was something that he would have to try later on if he got the chance.

#21Chloé Leclair 

Drowning Despair(open) Empty Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:05 am

Chloé Leclair
"That's a pretty weird name for beer... Lambruco.... Is it made from lambs?" Chloé said not entirely sober. Chloé couldn't imagine how a lamb could be turned into beer, but if it was possible that would be pretty great! She completely missed any of Jolyne's worries, but did not fight the order in itself.

"Oh, it's nothing!" Chloé says enthusiastically when Theo thanked the girls. Surely hanging out together wasn't forbidden. Chloé just hated it when guys started to hit on her when she was clearly not in the mood. Or even when she was in the mood, but she could just smile it away then.

"We? Jolyne just found me drinking a little bit before you came in... I think so at least... It can't have been more than half an hour before you came in." Chloé says unsure of herself. How long had it been between meeting Jolyne and Theo? It wasn't that long.

"Hey Jolyne! what about that Spaghooti you told us about, aren't we asking for that?" She continues showing more and more symptoms of drunkenness. She hadn't noticed anything resembling that kind of food on the menu... but it was not like she knew anything that was on the menu so maybe it had another name than what Jolyne told her at first?

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