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All in a Day's Work (Quest | Jolyne)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

All in a Day's Work (Quest | Jolyne) Empty Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:56 am

Jolyne Atreides

It seemed as though she would be helping good ol detective Dex again today, Jolyne did not mind it and instead found it quite humorous that she was going to go over the ropes with someone she ‘saved’ from a peaceful ghost. This town was ultimately wacky, rather innocent in her eyes for now even if annoying at times.

Her first task was to find a specific coffee shop, not exactly a hard thing to do but it required the basic tools of detective work. If someone could not find a place of business they had no hope in finding a person or subtle clues, so perhaps this was a way of vetting people. Of course it was more likely not thought about as much by Dex as Jolyne was now, she had a bad habbit of over-thinking things. Regardless of the case she now found herself in front of the place and spied Dex sipping on a cup of coffee. Opening up the glass door she waved to the man and made her way over to the booth as he waved back.

He gave her a brief inspection but Jolyne could see that the man did not expect to find anything on a person who had helped him out before, this brought her opinion of his character up. After this Dex seemed to slip back into a ‘cool detective pose’ as he sat in the booth as started to use an odd format of the Florian language when speaking with her. As far as Jolyne Atreides could garner this was about some kind of murder, but she did not know what babes or babycakes meant nor did she ever figure out what a leadfoot or gringo was. The slang Dex had decided to use today would no doubt be more confusing than this murder plot Jolyne thought to herself a bit guiltily even though it had probably had hints of truth to it.

“So you think there was a murder and you want me to help?” Jolyne asked quizically, trying earnestly to hide a smile from forming on her face.

“Yeah doll, you got it pretty quick for a lady seeeee” Dex said as he flipped a coin continually with his left hand and then tried to light a cigar with only his right.

“Need help?”

“No I got it seeeee” Dex said chewing on the cigar and then he lit it and inhaled far too much(one should not inhale a cigar in the first place after all), this resulted in a cacophony of coughing that Jolyne found quite entertaining.

“Shall we get going then after you pay your tab?”

“I got it covered babycakes, just trust in Dex Detective babydoll”

If he wasn’t having so much fun I’d ask him to stop referring to me as a toy infant Jolyne thought to herself heroically holding back laughting in an effort that should award her some form of medal.
Perhaps something in a platinum or a good silver perhaps?


#2Jolyne Atreides 

All in a Day's Work (Quest | Jolyne) Empty Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:37 am

Jolyne Atreides

They had begun investigating a trail that they later found out was left by a dog that had gotten free from it’s chain and enjoyed an adventurous day. While Dex had thought this was some hurried trail left by a murderer the clues along the way such as partially eaten food lead Jolyne to a different conclusion. After this there was an old man who was acting ‘too normal and calm’, another hour was wasted watching him. From there it was off to the park to harass children as Dex questioned each one about where they were at times Jolyne was not even sure they were birthed yet. Needless to say these three ‘leads’ did not bring them to a path of knowledge. Still Jolyne was not yet discouraging having withheld her words on their dog chase, having gone over the top in sneaking around the old man who no doubt was wondering what the fully grown woman was doing and finally in standing menacingly behind the smaller man and punching her open palm as he questioned the children. This did much to bring Dex to trust Jolyne and as she hoped he seemed to be calming down in regards to accusing random people of murder just to see their responses. That had not been a fun opening to their investigation.

Now however it was beginning to get dark and Jolyne was beginning to feel a bit frustrated as it was abundantly clear that no murder had happened.

As such when he began accusing others again she blurted something out;

“This is piss poor investigation and you know it”

Jolyne regretted those words, she regretted them for the full two hours she spent searching for the man who she had sent crying into the night alone. She was starting to get worried for Dex, it was a moment of frustrated weakness and she should not have been so cruel. What if the demonic incursion happened and he was outside of the city limits with nobody to protect him. It was just innocent misguidedness that had moved Dex and Jolyne just had to be a bitch about it.

She found him by the river they had seen the spirit at, though much further downstream and closer to the town proper. He was no longer crying but now attempting to skip rocks across the water but Jolyne thought that he was not using smooth enough stones.

“I’m sorry Dex” Jolyne said with sorrow evident in her tone.

The response was measured and controlled, as such it caught her off guard as Dex said “You shouldn’t be, you were right and I needed to be told that. Thank you Jolyne, you’re actually a true friend. I am sorry for running away.”

“No please don’t apologize for your emotions” Jolyne stammered now feeling extremely awkward as she was not expecting this in the least but was extremely pleased at the personal growth that Dex had that night. It seemed that she could still bring about positivity even in some moments of weakness, though she still needed to strive not to have them.


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