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What Matters [Snow|Closed]

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Faye swept a lock of bubblegum hair back. From behind the flutter of an open newspaper, a pair of aquamarine eyes swept across the busy market streets. Curiosity flashed across them and her thin eyebrows came down ever so faintly in a frown that wasn’t a frown. On the outside, Faye’s countenance was as stiff cold as it always was, just as unreadable and indifferent. She sat on a stone bench half covered in snow. A pretty little doll held one end of the newspaper on her right after a pause brought her face up to meet Faye.

“Faye, you have been doing this for a couple of days already. Just what are you expecting?” Faye tilted her face down upon hearing Hana’s sweet, childish voice. She said nothing but the doll was already huffing. “Sigh, you never listen to me anyway,” it said and turned away again, going back to people watching with Faye.

The clock on a nearby flower shop read 1 in the afternoon. However, the day was somewhat dark and extremely cold. It had snowed last night and the streets were covered with a thin layer of ice. But none of it seemed to impact the everyday life in Orchidia. The market was especially filled with all sorts of people busy with their wares. Sound of common livelihood and chatter of women crowded to a side comforted her greatly. Hana grabbed another lock of Faye’s hair and started twisting it around in her wooden hands.

Two days have already passed ever since Faye arrived in Orchidia. She was travelling around again just like many other members of Blue Pegasus. Everyone seemed so busy these days and no one had time to gather back in the guild anymore. Some were out on missions, some were just plain missing with no news, and some were like her, casually wandering around different parts of Fiore.

Her eyes focused on a bird, then a woman, and then a child; no-one was interesting. No one ignited her imagination and Hana’s smile dropped to a frown, mirroring Faye’s feelings. “You aren’t gonna have any luck today either, it seems.”


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Orchidia was the last town she had departed from, and now, it was the first place she found herself returning to. During the time she vanished, Snowflake had lost touch with almost everything; the world, her friends and her guild. She felt guilty leaving without a trace, not even a word to her guild mates. She was probably undeserving of the master position of the guild, but for now, she didn’t want it—she didn’t want anything else, other than to collect the pieces and find herself once again. But, what was it that attracted her to this mundane little town?

Whatever sort of business that the young woman had chanced upon there were to be completely incidental, like many of the other eventful things that persisted to trail her uneventful appearance. 2 years flew by within a blink of an eye and so many things occurred, she could hardly keep track. First off, her body was no longer a host to a demon. A part of her was in dismal that the demon that lingered within her was gone. It wasn’t dear to her—not the least, but the demon was with her through everything that happened, despite how it may have been against its will. Nonetheless, having it gone; it was probably for the best, for herself. Her trusted companion and the blade gifted to her was gone. Snowflake couldn’t keep Drago, she couldn’t be responsible of someone else as well when she could barely look after herself. The dragon respected her decisions and regretfully, they had to bid farewell over the cliffs and mountains. For now, the whereabouts of her previous companion was unknown, and maybe, just maybe, fate might bring them together again.

And, the breakup.

Out of all the things, it was one that affected her the most and broke her character. The poised, calm and collected persona of herself was tainted, though not completely. She was still the Snowflake she knew, but much stronger. Those were the things she thought about as she edged through the dense flow of people that littered the streets of Orchidia. The snow fallen yesterday crunched underneath her wedged boots, the air frozen lace on her skin, delicate and cold, like winter waves on sallow sand. The sky was washed with grey, watery light illuminating thin patches to brilliance. In some moments, she gazes down to her boots over the frozen sidewalk, perfect concrete slabs, flat and square, and in others transfixed to the interplay of cloud and sun above.

Despite the years that passed, Orchidia was the same as ever; the roads were still the same, the buildings patched with ice and thaw. Wintry trees stand as ballet dancers poised to show the world their grace, strength showing in how they remain so still in the seasonal gusts. She noticed these things as she swept her gaze over her surroundings. Her icy blue eyes hidden behind the hood of her cloak and her hands fixed inside the pockets, she trudged through the snow. It was slippery underneath her, so much that she’d have to assert some strength in her legs so as not to lose balance. She saw a glimpse of pink within the corner of her eyes just across herself, and her mind would wander off immediately. A short gasp escaped her lips as her legs slipped beneath her, her eyes spreading wide from the sheer of shock. Everything was in slow-motion, until her bum came into contact with the hard ground floor.



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The ticking pulse of the clock was starting to grate on her nerves. Faye already had an insanely difficult time sitting still but it was her greatest pleasure to watch others. That day, to her dismay, was not going all too well. Her nature enjoyed observing even the indistinct rise and fall of one’s chest, to take note of the very finest things. For example, her eyes locked on a small boy right across the street. He was well dressed in complete winter attire with a hat showcasing the elegant she-serpent of lamia scale; the boy obviously had a thing for it; and whenever he intended to turn to a particular direction, his toes habitually pointed to it first. The girl next to him stole glances at him within certain intervals and then looked down impatiently at the snow covered street. He held something small, thin, and round which he shifted within his fingers every now and then. When a women older than thirty passed by, his eyes followed them for a brief period of time. To conclude, the two were waiting for someone, presumably the boy’s mother. They most likely got separated in the middle of shopping and now he was waiting at the spot they were most likely to reunite in.

Faye pulled her fingers in ever so slightly and Hana’s wooden hands flew to her cheeks. “Oh, they look so cute,” she chirped, swaying her lifeless head from side to side. But after a slight pause, Faye’s eyes slowly left them and so did Hana’s. There was nothing interesting –challenging- about the two kids. They were too obvious; she could read them like a book left open on the streets. No amount of cuteness or signs of distress was going to get Faye involved in the two.

Rather, just as she turned her head, she noticed someone else. A woman, probably as tall as Faye, walked slowly over the fallen snow. The young puppeteer could easily guess she was a woman from her physic alone even with the hoodie she was wearing to hide her face. Glassy aquamarine eyes followed even the slow movements of the approaching figure. Whoever it was, they seemed to be deep in thought for Faye could bet on even her top tier puppets that she was not exactly watching where she was going. “Oh,” Hana stirred beside her. “If she isn’t careful, she is gonna…”


“Oh shit,” Hana flailed her arms in all sorts of direction as something flickered and died in Faye’s eyes. Despite the cold indifference in her countenance, Faye stood up and went over. She stopped short of the woman on the ground and extended a thin, pale hand. “Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you hurt? Is your back injured? Does it hurt? What’s your name? Why can’t I see your face? What color is your eyes? Can I get your contact info?” Hana sprung into a flurry of questions, all the while Faye’s expression stayed as stiff and frozen as ever, although if one looked ever so closely, there was a strange glimmer in her eyes.


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The frothy haired woman laid still on the patch of snow for a brief moment—it was as if she was stricken by the fact that she slipped over the icy concrete floor and fell flat. The snow was cold against her back, and while she laid, she would glance upwards into the endless sky, silently cursing under her breath for embarrassing herself among the swirls and eddies of townsfolk. Idly, she reached a hand over her buttocks, making sure her bones were still intact, but then she wasn’t that apprehensive about receiving any injuries, for she did have a bit of meat in the area. Jokes aside, after she was quickly cured of the pain, she staggered back on her feet. ”Ow,” she murmured, her breath steaming before her pale lips like a banner in the cold air.

The pink-haired woman that she’d noticed a moment ago paced towards her. Up close, she could finally witness how she looked like; the pink hair flowing behind her reminded the slayer of the beautiful cherry blossoms she’d see in the spring, and her turquoise hues looked as if she was staring into an ocean. She was stunning—no doubt—as the snowy beauty instinctively reached for the hand that was extended towards her and pulled her back up to her feet. As she allowed herself into the grasp of another, the other maiden would witness the white Blue Pegasus insignia engraved on her hand. ”Thanks,” whispered the female, her voice being nothing but a silver of a husky contralto. Puffs of snow lingered on her cloak and her messy blob of silver hair, whilst she dusted them off with her hand in an attempt to tidy herself.

Her lips parted to say something subsequent to the situation albeit, she was not permitted of the words to pass her lips and was forced to shut her mouth closed the instant she was bombarded with a series of questions by the other female. She blinked once, twice to recollect what was spoken and her mind would slowly register the words into her mind as if it was being printed out onto a paper by a typewriter. ”Yes, I’m alright. Thank you for your concern.” Her speech was polite yet stern, her humourless eyes gazing right through hers as if the chasm of life had drained out of her irises. It was like staring at the dead eyes of a corpse, lifeless. The emotions had left the beautiful eyes, and what replaced was a blank, empty pit of obscureness. Her eyebrows were raised ever so slightly, confused as to why she was being asked such intrusive questions, but she cared no further.

”I’m Snowflake. You may call me Snow.”

The beaut lifted her crown slightly, meeting the gaze of sapphire, fused with colours of diversity and it’d reveal her visage from behind the hood to be more visible in the sunlight; her silver strands brushing against her pale cheeks and her protruding rose lips. ”And yours?”


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‘Blue Pegasus?’ Faye caught sight of the familiar winged insignia. What a small world. She had bumped into someone from her own guild. Faye had no recollection of her. Possibility of forgetting such a person was almost nonexistent so it was most likely that this person was absent around the time Faye joined. Either that or she became a part of it after Faye. Or perhaps, was she on one of those very long missions? Maybe she had been travelling around much like Faye without visiting the guild. Mages were very strange like that. They joined guilds for money and jobs, promising to abide by its rules and regulations, but they also had a mind of their own; free and unrestrained. They did whatever they wanted as long as it didn’t cross –some not even cared- the council’s lines. To an extent, Faye was similar.

But the insignia wasn’t what truly surprised her. Instead, it was the almost lifeless eyes that stared up at her. Sapphire against aquamarine. She felt their gazes linger on each other for a while. Both were gauging, measuring, observing, trying to figure the other out. Faye especially felt a chill at the cold eyes although her own were not any different and mirrored Snowflake’s in their spiritless brilliance. Snowy eyes, silver hair, pale skin, she was the very image of winter coming alive. Where had she heard this description before? Faye remembered someone extremely famous back in the guild with the same features. But she couldn’t remember at all.

Faye Lacroix. You may call her Faye as well,” She finally let Hana speak. “I’m Hana,” The doll introduced herself as well. “We noticed you are from Blue Pegasus,” She raised a stiff hand towards the other girl’s wrist, “So are we,” and finally finished. “I don’t think we have ever met back in the guild though. Perhaps you were out on a long quest?” Hana voiced Faye’s questions, sounding as pleasant and welcoming as always. They seemed to have finally caught hold of someone interesting.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The loud neigh of horses behind awoke her from her reverie with a jolt, the thundering of hooves split the silence as a lone stallion galloped through the bleak landscape. The landscape before her didn’t seem merciless at first glance; in truth, the kingdom had a fairly comforting scenery, if not for the sense of restlessness here and there over the town.

”Faye,” she repeated, cerulean pools crossing over the gaze of sky blue as she registered the name into her brain along with a list of few others that she’d met recently. As much as she was a perfectionist, Snowflake was still a human with flaws, who tends to forget things easily and one of her faults is to actually listen to the names whenever she asks for one—though not this time. ”Faye and Hana,” she shifts her gaze back and forth between the girl and the doll.

It wasn’t as fascinating as it used to be when she was a child upon seeing a doll talk, considering how advanced the magic world has become these days, where non-living beings and dragons speak, and where animals could take the form of a human. Albeit, it was rather strange for a girl who was most likely around the same age as hers to be walking around with a wooden doll, though without any intentions of her to be judgemental. Perhaps it held a sentimental meaning to her.

Her brows archedelightfullighted surprise when she was informed of Faye and her doll being also a member of Blue Pegasus. ”Ah, I suppose this must be fate for us to meet then,” spoke the female, nodding in approval. Though the icy beauty may not be particularly idealistic nor had any strong convictions, she did believe in such things at destiny, fortune and faith. ”A long quest, huh?” she took a moment to ponder the thought. Perhaps if she had been on one, it might have stopped her from feeling miserable. It seemed as if the tragic event had caused her to stray away from her purpose of life, and her character for she was no longer the strong and resilient Snowflake like she had known before.  

”I was just travelling,” she lied. Part of it was a lie, the rest was just explanatory and she doubted Faye would be any curious to know about the details. ”I, once, used to be a master of the guild, though no longer—obviously. Perhaps you might’ve seen me before.” She enjoyed the conversation they were having; it was a simple introductory, but something about Faye told her that she could be a good comrade of hers. ”Anyhow, how’re you enjoying being a Pegasus member so far?”


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It seemed Faye had come across a very special snowflake –all puns intended- when the brilliant woman mentioned being the Guild Master of Blue Pegasus once. Immediately, Faye knew who she was. At least, she remembered the stories she heard over at the guild about a powerful ice mage. For some reason or another she had left the guild before Faye even joined and thus completely missed the opportunity of coming across her earlier. Nevertheless –perhaps because they found a common link- Faye felt a strange closeness towards her.

“That is amazing! I can’t believe I’m talking to the former Guild Master of our guild. We are curious why you left the position but we won’t ask. You must have your reasons,” Hana relayed while Faye nodded her head solemnly. “Being a Blue Pegasus member is very nice. We find ourselves traveling out quite a lot so we are not always at the guild though,” they replied, walking back to where they sat now that Snow was standing up alright.

Faye felt very curious of the snowy haired woman but she was tipping between making her comfortable and bombing her with questions as she previously had. The lively sound of people around the market was rising again with more people passing through the area. Hidden behind dark clouds, Faye reckoned the sun must be directly above them now.

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