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Distraction (Quest: Jolyne)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Distraction (Quest: Jolyne) Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:07 pm

Jolyne Atreides

An odd request this one, but it seemed as though she may be a good fit for this job Jolyne thought to herself as she reviewed the missions parameters. It seemed as though she simply needed to provide an old man who had lost his wife with more entertainment then he would have from breaking into some snooty event. It sounded extremely simplistic to Jolyne and she wondered how the being who recorded her actions could stretch this into a whole mission, but luckily these stories do not always require conflict given their length.

Instead this was to be something of a delightful romp and Jolyne hoped that she could spread some of her positivity to the old man named Leis today. If she could do that she would be taking yet another step on her Golden path and fulfilling her destiny of making the world a better place, even just by a tiny bit. Whenever this happened it brought Jolyne hope and thus she thought about it as the hours passed as she waited for the man confined to a wheelchair to arrive.

It was not a short wait, nor a long one, he seemed to sneak up on her somehow. Jolyne had not heard him before it was possible to see him, which caught her by quite a bit of surprise as she was not used to that being the case at all.

“Boring nobility business here but I have heard that you can summon Satan by sacrificing goats on the outskirts of town due to it’s location as a leyline of his dark majesty” Jolyne used the knowledge of the old man’s ramblings to hopefully entice him away from what she was contractually obligated to guide him away from. Luckily for her the fish struck at the bait.

“Oh ho ho, is that true tall lady?” Leis asked his left eye squinted as he leaned forward and looked her up and down before continuing quickly “Ah no matter, it will be more interesting even if you are lying”.

Jolyne was slightly flattered at the hidden compliment and took on a cocky smile “Well I do hope your arms do not give out on the way old one, tell me about yourself”.

Over the course of the next hour they walked and wheeled while talking and made their way out of the town proper and further into the ruins that were becoming more and more removed from their brethren spreading out like butter over bread. They talked of many things and often the old man would grow lucid and talk of his wife with sorrowful tones, these times were when Jolyne was able to bond with the man the most and when she learned the most about him.

The rest was mainly nonsense or perhaps Fiorian superstition, Jolyne could not know as she had grown up in the sands and this land and culture was still new to her. Still it was not exactly consistent when it came from his lips and that alone caused doubt to spread in Jolyne.


#2Jolyne Atreides 

Distraction (Quest: Jolyne) Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:07 pm

Jolyne Atreides

While at first she thought the quest givers may had not known what they were talking about, now she was rather convinced that loss had driven this poor man a tad bit insane.

She bought them food then at a stand that she had early purchased from and met with a fellow Rune Knight. It was a small thing but Jolyne knew that the small things built up throughout life and could easily spread positivity throughout. This and the time spent talking back and forth she hoped would help the old man known as Leis, though she wondered if she should also go punish those children whom had stolen his first wheelchair. The Fiorians could often be rather soft when it came to punishment she found but perhaps that was a better way. Violence could be a cycle and while it was a good deterrent for crime in her mind Jolyne was beginning to think that perhaps it was not always the best answer for every case that she would come across. Still sometimes violence would be the only way to deter other violence. It was still beyond the Atreides how peace could stop an invading army, even through economic starvation.

After they ate and spoke a bit more Leis asked Jolyne to bring him back to his house, at this point she fell behind him and started pushing him home despite the man’s initial rebuff.

“You already let me buy you food, you cannot deny a nicety so soon after accepting one according to my people’s laws” Jolyne gave a catlike smile to the old man who simply began chuckling in response and allowed her to wheel him home.

They continued talking along the way and this time it seemed like his periods of lucidity were not only more often, but this time sometimes they were even filled with positivity. This warmed the heart of the Mage and as they arrived at his house they thanked each other. When asked why Jolyne would thank him, she simply replied for the joy he brought her and left heading back to the castle.

She thought on the man while she traveled back to meet her employer, it was good that in towns like these the unfortunate were thought about by others. While it was not ideal that there were those who wished to harm them, Jolyne found solace in the fact that the good would outweigh the bad.

Arriving back at the castle she received her payment and was soon on her way less interesting in the man whom she could tell was putting on a show of being strong. That was something that annoyed her in this world, while she did not mind people who were confident in their own abilities she could not abide those who over inflated it and lied.

Even with the last interaction it occured to the girl from the sands that today was a good day indeed, that made Jolyne's outlook on the future even brighter.


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