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Train With Me [Quest: Amen'ra and Jolyne]

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Train With Me [Quest: Amen'ra and Jolyne] Empty Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:11 pm


Amen'ra wasn't exactly used to being on quests with other mages, mainly because of his desire to gain power and rank within the Holy knights, but today he would make an exception. There happened to be a mission that fit his own tastes for the moment best and he wouldn't hesitate to take it up, especially now that he was already on his way to the meeting spot. Partner in tow no doubt, walking beside him like his right hand woman.

Not that he minded in the slightest, he wasn't here to judge... He was here to train.

Moving at the same pace of his partner, Amen'ra merely stared forward while walking. Black sweat pants, black boots, a black hoodie and a gray fur coat draped his muscular form. Forming to his figure to allow for better movement and way more comfort than the armor he'd found himself used to wearing. Although wearing a fur out in the Orchidia forest wasn't exactly the wisest choice, he was sure he would manage.

Or of course get shot and mistaken for some type of wolf or something of the sort. Oh the lawsuit that would follow such an accident, he could see it now.

"I'm Amen'ra. Sorry if i'm short on words, I tend to try and stay focused on missions."

Amen'ra spoke to the girl, eyes moving to evaluate her and finding that he liked what he saw. She was no weak woman by any means, her physique was hard and her gaze was even more so; like someone who'd survived in a harsh climate. No one could fake that kind of aura, not even the best of swindlers.

Moving his eyes back in front of himself as they continued to walk, the man didn't mind that he was sinking slightly into the snow that covered the ground. To him it was nothing more than impromptu weights for their training, hell if anything he preferred to work in harder conditions. Much like his companion he found it was much better in improving the functions of ones body and their magic in most cases.

He didn't plan on running laps around the rim of a volcano or lifting weights at the bottom of a pool any time soon. Maybe sometime in the future but for now he was more so focused on what was in store for the two of them, a light session of training with the woman and their employer. She looked like she could handle it, so he would do his best to handle the situation with the utmost of care.

"I see her up ahead, just a bit further."

The woman's silhouette could be seen in the distance now, not too far from the duo but enough so that Amen'ra simply focused on her image as he stepped through the forest edge. Each step getting his more and more ready to mentally take on the task at hand. This would be a good time for him to think.


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#2Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Train With Me [Quest: Amen'ra and Jolyne] Latest?cb=20170425220448

Jolyne Atreides had a positive outlook towards the pairing this quest was bringing her upon, while she was still considered new to Fiore she knew that there was a wedge between the Church and the Rune Knights. Participating in this quest and not upsetting her partner in it would make great strides towards the two groups reconciling Jolyne naively thought. This was a side effect of her overall cheery worldview though hopefully it would not be quite as damaging as past ones had been.

On this day it was quite cold, the desert dweller was quite bundled instead of wearing her normal garb and wore an extremely long scarf that was wrapped several times around the bottom of her face. This prevented her from smelling her surroundings but from what she had heard about the frozen water sand smell would not travel far at that cold a temperature anyways.

Upon meeting her partner she froze up, how could this man wear so little in such a hell of moonbite? Jolyne had wore three sets of pants for this journey, two sets of coats, two undershirts but due to her lack of understanding of heat loss she did not cover her head mistaking the use of such as moisture loss prevention. This must mean he was a mighty warrior who could handle himself the woman decided nodding to herself before being roused from her inner thoughts by Amen'ra's introductory words.

"It is fine to be short in such weather, I am called by Jolyne of the Atreides tribe. Focus is not a thing to apologize for either" she rebuffed catching his gaze and steeling her as her tribe required upon first meeting another in order to show that you were also a strong warrior. The Shahs of the desert were numerous and varied as the grains of sand in the place itself, and her families culture had hardly left her.

The crunch of the snow underfoot struck a cadence as the two walked in silence for a bit after, the trees thickening around them as they traveled further into the wood. Hopefully the rewards of this training session would be two fold for Jolyne and she could increase her resistance to this climate, the opposite of the one she was birthed into kicking and screaming. The moonbite was fierce here and she had often heard tales of those stuck out at certain nights in the desert who had lost digits from their body, the thought concerned her as that could bring about weakness. However, by her logic, if she could build up an immunity this would no longer be a concern at all.

Once more her companion stirred her from this inner world of hers.

Amen'ra had noticed the female far before Jolyne would, as to be expected as she was looking down at her feet this whole time, a simpler part of her mind entertaining itself with the footprints her and the Holy Knight left behind whilst her core had been thinking.

"Oh good, I was beginning to think this would become a bit more than a vaccination dosage of Moonbite" Jolyne replied in her rosy tone as she shifted her focus back towards the man and flashed him a toothless smile causing her cheeks to squint her eyes closed while she did so.

"Before we get there, why is your faith important to you? I ask not out of a desire to provoke, but from my curiosity" the woman asked with the intensity and purity of a child, her pitch shifting even higher than her normally high speaking pitch. While this could cause a problem, it was not like the Atreides could resist her own base nature.



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Amen'ra nodded to the girl as she spoke, she was bubbly that was for sure and she seemed to be over prepared for the cold weather. If the taller man wasn't mistaken he could tell she was damn near padded to death, with her undergarments bulking through her outerwear. Almost like a child who wanted to wear all of their clothes at once, but again he wasn't here to judge.

Instead he merely listened to her speak and damn near choked on the air when she asked him why his faith was important to him. The question was so out of place for the situation, that was for sure, and so he simply looked at her with eyes that screamed 'I wasn't expecting that'. Of course with a quick clearing of his throat he would recompose himself and scratch the back of his head.

"Well, I suppose my faith is important to me because it fortifies my will. It's difficult to explain but... when is faith ever easy to explain?"

He responded to the woman, not sure if his answer was sufficient, but he also wasn't here to discuss his own believes. With the distance between the trio closed he could properly introduce himself to the girl and she to them, it was fast and easy; but now came the hard part.

Apparently this Seheda wasn't exactly the most nimble of figures and found herself failing to get into the combat academy, so training was on the agenda. Understanding as always, Amen'ra quickly turned and began to stretch fully aware that they were about to be in for a treat. Obstacle courses were one of his favorites if he was being honest, but he wouldn't tell his trainers that... they'd quickly snuff out that optimism.

"Alright, remember to keep your balance and control your breathing."

The man spoke to the mercenary to be before taking off in the direction of the course. There wasn't much set up, maybe some log obstacles and low trees branches and stuff but this wasn't going to be too bad. Dashing through the forest, he was one with the elements in such a state; unaffected by the cold air nipping at his face. Legs moving quickly over the slippery terrain while his upper body dodges tree branches while looking over to the two women.

He wasn't too concerned with their progress and more so cared for their safety as anything could happen if they slipped the wrong way. All the while the woman who'd hired them was more than open about her love for what she wanted to achieve and how she wanted to succeed this time around. Swinging from a branch and somersaulting over an obstacle, Amen'ra would offer her an understanding nod and continue to listen until she was finished after around half an hour... which of course didn't end well.

It happened so fast he was sure he hadn't seen it correctly, Seheda tripping over a log and face planting into the snow and dirt with the speed of a comet. Amen'ra gasped and moved to help her up and her face was red from both the impact and embarrassment, to which he held back laughter. Seheda decided to end the training there and reward the two mages and with a smile he would bid the women farewell and wish them luck in their future endeavors.



she wants to
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#4Jolyne Atreides 

Train With Me [Quest: Amen'ra and Jolyne] Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:48 pm

Jolyne Atreides

An expected answer, but the point was not the answer itself but rather seeing the type of person. Faith was a cheat sheet in that way, most people with faith held it as a core tenant of their persona so the answer of why would lead you to know who you were dealing with.

It was a good answer.

Jolyne was certain she could work with an individual who cared about their willpower and furthermore viewed their faith as a complex rather than simple subject. While on the surface it may appear disappointing, it was one of the answers Jolyne had hoped for.

"It is only easy to explain when it is not explained by those who are faithful I find" her voice going a bit dull and dark as her smile became meloncholic, then it shifted back and her face lit up once more "I am glad you find it hard to explain"

Almost immediately Jolyne's attention shifted to the upcoming quest, an obstacle course, this would be interesting, especially with the extra layers preventing her joints from a full range of movement. Challenge however was just one more thing to be overcome and thus she would receive benefit from this detriment and so she remained positive throughout.  

"Keep your toes forward" Jolyne added to Amen'Ra's advice to the woman noting that some people ran with their toes outward or inward and thus tripped themselves up often.

They would run through the course for a half hour, and as they began Jolyne was almost brought back to the sands of her childhood where she would sprint across the dunes. The Atreides ran conservatively and timed her actions to save the most energy while keeping pace with both of her comrades. Thanks to her upbringing she had fallen into this old habit, her body moving like an unthinking machine or force of nature just moving through the path of least resistance. She noted this was opposite of her companion who was swinging around like an overjoyed Lemur, this brought a smile to her face as she giggled softly beneath her scarf, positivity was much too contagious for Jolyne.

This smile would unexpectedly be wrenched from her however as their client took a tumble just like her nan did down the stairs all those years ago. Luckily Seheda was fine unlike her grandmother and Jolyne Atreides bid farewell to both of her running companions, it had indeed been a good day.



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