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Eating good [Open 1/Green]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

Eating good [Open 1/Green] Empty Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:13 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Fiore,was exactly how Hikaru remembered it. As he walked through Orchidia, Hikaru could see people looking at different stands, searching for various goods. He couldn't help but crack a smile as he walked through the town. There was one thing Hikaru had wanted since he had been in Bosco. He wanted to have some Fiorian style food. Specifically a pastry that a local shop in Orchidia made. He hadn't had a genuine snack from Fiore since he had left the country. Hikaru was excited to return to the place he had once called home.

Moreover, he wanted to meet up with his sister, Lee-Ann. She herself was in the Rune Knights and was probably curious where her brother had been. However, he was pursuing a confidential mission and he was not allowed to tell her, nor anyone where he had been and what he had been doing in the other country. However, Hikaru had not reported to the council yet, other than sending a few encrypted letters that he had hoped had not been intercepted. Hikaru wasn't one to not report immediately, but currently he was following a lead in Orchidia in regards to the mission he had just been assigned to for the previous two years.

It was different to be in another place. His pink hair and light blue eyes gazed ahead as he could see the stand he was looking for. There was a relatively short line as he approached the stand. The smell of fried pastry and baked goods never ceased to smell so good, regardless of how bad it was for ones body. Hikaru was simply shocked that not many people were in line waiting, but maybe it was because it was winter. The people in line were  bundled up and it seemed as if these warm treats would be their only saving grace. Hikaru rubbed his black winter gloves together and manuevered his scarf to slightly cover his face. He had a white dress shirt on, black pants and a khaki trench coat. Hikaru watched as one by one, the line got shorter and he got closer to his pastries.

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#2Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

It was cold, far too much moonchill for Jolyne's liking for certain, but such was the nature of this season known as 'Win-tar'. It was quite the culture-no climate shock to the Atreides and she was almost certain at first that moonbite would take her whole body. She was wrong and had adjusted slightly in the last year but without the help of extra layers she was certain that would not be the case at all.

It was still too cold for her taste.

There was something that could reheat her on her long journey however, she had learned that rather quickly, that thing was hot food and it seemed there was a Pastry stand further ahead. While one would have to wait for a line, patience was beaten into Atreides at a young age so that would be no problem for Joylne. While she had not seen the stand at first, the smell had cut above the general scent of humanity massed together as it was in this settlement. The din of the line allowed Jolyne to hone in on where this stand could be and soon she say it with her physical eyes.

This brought about a revelation. It seemed that, unless she was mistaken from her quick study of the Knights since joining, there was a high ranking fellow member of the Guild in line. The salmon hair and blue eyes lead Jolyne into thinking she was correct but still she hesitated from engaging in conversation until he had ascended in line a few more spots. With only one person ahead of him Jolyne called out from two spots behind "Fine day to you sir, would you have time after eating for answering the question of a guild novice?"

#3Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru stared ahead of the line looking to see how many individuals were left. There was only one before he got to the first spot in line. As he stood behind the man in front of him Hikaru heardA voice echoed from behind him.

It was the voice of a female, and she was asking questions about being a guild novice. Hikaru looked behind him to see who she was talking to but based on appearance no one seemed to respond to what she said, so it was safe to assume they weren't in guilds.

Hikaru's blue eyes turned towards her, figuring she was talking to him. The way she spoke was extremely elegantly. "Fine Sir". That itself was enough to make Hikaru think this women came from a decent upbringing and was possibly someone he would be interested in speaking to. She was asking questions about being a Guild Novice, but realistically he couldn't give much advice since he was a page as well. However, maybe he did know enough about the Rune Knights, since he was one of the strongest Pages around. Hikaru answered quite quickly and kindly.

"Of course ma'm! Give me one second." As Hikaru spoke to her he turned his head to see the man at the stand was darting his eyes at Hikaru. He seemed irritated. Even though Hikaru had been in line much longer, the man looked like he was trying to simply beat this rush hour and looked like he was waiting for Hikaru to have already said his order. "My apologizes, Can I have a cannoli please." Hikaru said with a smile .

The man nodded and seemed to already have one made as he gave Hikaru one. Hikaru would then pay the man, and would then stand off to the side waiting for the female to order. From the side he was in speaking distance to her since the man directly behind him had already gotten his order and left. He assumed she was a Rune knight, based on whom she was. Maybe she was a bosconian spy, who came to burn Hikaru. Since he came back from his mission he had been sort of paranoid of them finding out he's alive and coming after him.

"So what brings you to Orchidia?"

Hikaru said to her from the side of the window of the outdoor the Pastry stand.

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#4Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

The man, Hikaru, if Jolyne was correct affirmed her question with a positive answer. She nodded with a smile before his eyes shifted away from her and had continued to order. This allowed her to drift and think what she was going to order, she had not the slightest clue in full honesty as Jolyne was getting used to the cuisine and language around here. It presented a challenge but that was what kept Jolyne going in life so she kept her ears peeled and banked off an old technique.


That was what she would order, this Ca-no-lee looked good when Hikaru got it so now it was the simple trick of mimicking tone and Jolyne would reap her food. Naturally she would also have to give mineral circles to the man as well since Fiore had an odd bartering system in which these too-many-times forged 'coins' or even worse the sheets of paper they would use as well. Jolyne refused to use these as that theft of this bargaining system was too much. She had plenty of pieces of paper and could get them for far less. However as a show of good faith and as a citizen she would use these 'jewels' that were at least worth more than paper, even though the system stated they were not. What mattered to Jolyne is if the system collapsed at least the more coin-like jewels would be more useful than colored pulp-paper.

"A can-o-lees my good man" Jolyne stated confidently unaware of her mistake as she held out the correct amount of jewels for the food. The man operating the cart gave her a long and odd look before taking her food and handing her a cannoli which the Atreides then ate whole regardless of the burns it would give to her mouth as she knew from experience it would not damage her throat and would bring the heat about even faster than trying to pace oneself while eating. She then joined Hikaru off to the side and answered his question in a hushed and serious tone;

"To say such would surely be a breach of rules with so many others about, did you not hear about the rifts? Before you answer let us seclude ourselves a bit more" Jolyne would then await for the stronger mage to take initiative, she did not enjoy stepping on toes or else should would have led them away to a place where she could speak in length about the predictions concerning demons and her general lack of specificity in orders rather than just helping out. Either way she was just happy to bump into another Knight on her way.

#5Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru waited for her to reach the front of the line. Hikaru watched as she made her order, and the S added to the end of it signaled that she said it wrong. Hikaru didn't say anything figuring it was rude. He assumed maybe she had heard it wrong one time and had pronounced it every time. Hikaru couldn't count how many times he had encountered someone singing incorrect and song lyrics simply because the word sounded similar. All Hikaru could do was offer a smile as she paid waiting. Hikaru watched as she ate it whole, and it caught him off guard. However, he didn't really comment on it much and simply figured different people had different cultures. However, he savored his warm treat eating it at a simple pace. The way he was eating it allowed him to take his time and savor all the flavors that his mouth felt as he dug his teeth into the soft warm pastry. Hikaru heard the female talk about "The Rifts."

To be honest, he hadn't heard about them, however he assumed it was top secret. He got on edge however when she mentioned to go to a secluded area to talk about it. He thought it might be a bosconian who followed him and was now planning on ambushing him. Hikaru was paranoid after the mission he had just done, but since it was top secret he wasn't sure if this was just someone who was trying to befriend him. He attempted his best to seem as if he was not on edge when he spoke. He figured what would be best was to find an area that was not too populated but there were enough people around to where he could not be ambushed. Hikaru began to walk with her. Maybe he would get a feel for her personality and who she was before he found out her motive. "Let's just find a bench I suppose that's not populated." Hikaru said responding to her so they could find a place to speak.

"Also, how rude of me." Hikaru said as he extended his arm. out to her as he stopped after taking two feet. His tone when he said that sounded as if he had just forgot something extremely important. "The name is Hikaru. Hikaru Nakamura. and I guess you're an aspiring mage yourself. What's your name?" Hikaru said asking her. He had so many questions for her but he just wanted to get the basics and formalities out of the way. He was hoping she'd elaborate on him calling her an aspiring mage. Hikaru couldn't quite read this women. His main question was, was she a bosconian spy. However, no one in their right mind would answer that, so he would have to find out her identity through an indirect approach. He had spent 2 years working for the Bosconian Military. If she was a spy he'd find out one way or another.

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#6Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

While Jolyne was in a happy mood she was not unobservant and while his tone hid it she noticed that he became nervous. Her best guess was that it was about being secluded, why though she could not guess. Either way she would have to do her best to reassure him, and also make sure she did not further put him on edge. As Hikaru spoke Jolyne’s guess would get further validity as he suggested a park bench, she thought then to just state she did not wish to break guild orders as surely that would not be a breach of contract in and of itself, but Hikaru stopped suddenly.

Jolyne grasped the extended hand with her own “I see you Hikaru” Jolyne replied in the ritual of welcoming from her people. She had thought to introduce herself at the secluded place but realized with the man’s suspicion now was indeed much better. “I am Jolyne of House Artreides, first and last in line for the tribal seat. I did not wish to break orders and discuss guild secrets in public. I would like to call myself a scientist but I cast spells of the nature variety sir. What shadow befalls you? May I help?

While she had a chipper tone throughout, she suddenly squinted her right eye and looked over Hikaru's left shoulder at the last sentence however. ‘What shadow befalls you’ was an ancestral question asking what thing, emotional or physical was bothering a person. While she did not know Hikaru well, he was a fellow night and she had sworn to protect her brothers and sisters of the guild. Thus she overstepped her bounds and asked why he was bothered when cultural politeness demanded longer of a line of communication before asking such things.

She would continue to follow the man at his side in order to reduce his anxiety even more, perhaps she was over-anticipating it like she was oft to do but it was her way.

#7Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru listened to the women speak. She said she was from a tribal region, so Hikaru was now interested in her. However she reassured him by her background story that she was indeed harmless from what he could see. Hikaru saw she said she did not want to speak out in public about the secrets of the rune Knights. Hikaru figured this was either her being loyal or her being someone who could be pose a threat. However, up to this point she really seemed to have a story that checks. Being part of a tribe could be the reason she didn't quite know how to say the word Cannoli. Moreover she said she was a scientist and was curious how she could help him.

Hikaru figured as much she asked how could she help him. Hikaru looked around one more time to clear his suspicions but everything looked normal, maybe he was just being paranoid. "You'll have to excuse me i'm just being paranoid that's all." Hikaru said as he continued to walk. However, he would need to justify his actions. He felt the answer he gave her wasn't sufficient enough and he wanted to clear any bad vibes he gave her since they met. Since she had asked Hikaru what was worrying him and how she could help he figured he woudl give her some information. However his mission was top secret so to that extent he could not tell her too much without being scolded and berated by his superiors. "I was sent on a mission. reconnaissance mission actually. I'm not sure if i've been compromised or burned so every new face I meet, I tend to vet them. However that is all I can tell you. Regardless, you wanted to speak to me about a few questions you had?"

Hikaru asked about her questions because he wanted to change the subject he didn't want to dwell on the mission because he did not want to let this women become a liability nor did he want her to be put in danger dimply by knowing what he did. Hikaru offered a smile as he waited for any questions she had.

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#8Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne's eyes widened in understanding, he probably had thought that she could possible be someone going after him. Hikaru must have been in quite the slick place to think of that, she had heard oft of face-slipping and people who would attempt to be others but she was lucky enough to grow up in a culture that had frowned upon it. Though perhaps that was just her tribe and the surrounding tribes, she had honestly not been outside of her tiny world much until a few years ago.

"It is completely understandable, my approach would certainly mirror someone who would try to get close enough, though I would imagine they would strike by now" Jolyne paused and then gained a terrified expression as she asked Hikaru genuinely "Wait do you think that is what they are banking upon and would use it against you? Oh no, this is more complicated than I thought..."

Then after the distraction brought her far enough Jolyne jolted out of it "Ah sorry sir, my question was if you have met a demon before? I have not met these creatures but I was told to come here in case they arrived as predicted." Jolyne spoke a tad bit less animated then as she tried to fall back into a 'proper procedure'.

#9Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru listened to the women who seemed to understand where he was coming from. He was very happy that she was kind about it and had not been mean. Hikaru couldn't help but like this women because some people would feel offended or even the accusation would warrant some people to fight but she wasn't. Hikaru figured she was not from around there based on the way she spoke, so properly and elegantly. It was that or she was simply a fancy women that was brought up in a wealthy enviornment where proper language was something that was highly applauded.

Hikaru listened to her ask him a question and he was curious as to what she had meant. He was curious if she had known the concepts of a spy. "Are you from around here?" Hikaru asked after she asked that. He said it in a nice tone but one that was surely questioning her. He was not aiming ot insult her but he was simply asking because extortion was something so famous.

"I wish it was as simple as using something against me. But no, what i've done. If certain people find out about it I could have a large bounty on my head from some not so nice people." Hikaru said explaing to the women He had to be honest about his situation without revealing too much information. She then had asked if he had met a demon and Hikaru raised an eye brow and he thought about it for quite some time. "I've encountered some people known for killing them, but an actual demon has never approached mr or vice versa. " Hikaru said explaining ot the female. The people he knew who were known for killing them were none other than the famous demon slayers. Their magic was so powerful it was said it could kill a demon which is how it got its name. She seemed to speak about she could find demons heree. This alarmed Hikaru he was curious about this he had never heard a thing about demons. "Where? and by who? I didn't know demons were coming here. This is not good. I'm assuming someone sent you here to stop it correct?" Hikaru said. He didn't know much about this lady but one thing was for sure. Demons were not good.

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#10Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

It was a simple question and to Jolyne it elicited a simple response "No I am from Deserette." She did not say it as if it were something as obvious as the sky being blue but rather that it was as meaningless as saying water was wet. Though it was only due to Jolyne's philiosophy that she thought this way, that a place of birth mattered little about a person.

A large bounty, something that did not elicit a response from Jolyne. Material goods were just as the sands, here for a moment and gone for the next. Jolyne saw the use of currency but did not see a use for having more than was needed, hording or saving was a foreign concept to her and it genuinely baffled her to why anyone would care about having more money than they could spend. It was unfortunate that these people were after Hikaru but now she felt a bit safer for the man as anyone coming after him would be distracted by mentally spending that money when they should be focused on their target.

It was slightly disappointing that the man had not encountered a demon but Jolyne had enjoyed the distraction and the conversation anyways. Sometimes life did not give you exactly what you wanted, but the journey was not useless because of that.

"Top brass sent me, I had assumed at first you were sent too. It would seem this is the reason for me bumping into you then sir" Jolyne chirped now with joy as she did a twirl. "Oh and here, if you trust me go ahead and be of eating this bean it'll heal any injuries you have when you have them up to a certain extent 'cause I'm still new. with that she held her left hand up and a green seal sparked as a green bean fell into existence. Jolyne then handed the bean over to Hikaru with a smile. "I am glad to have met you Hikaru".

#11Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru listened to the female speak about where she was from. It didn't seem like anywhere he had heard of so Hikaru believe it was best to keep conversation to a minimum. He had been in a different country in the past and it could be annoying to some extent when people press on where exactly you are from. Rather Hikaru kept his focus on Jolyne, as she continued to speak about why she was in Orchidia. This would be sure to give Hikaru some clues as to why she was here. Hikaru couldn't help but want to learn more about this. He had been out of the game for so long he hadn't heard of the new missions. He was not even sure who thought he was alive and vice versa.

Hikaru listened to Jolyne talk about how this was why she believed he was there. Hikaru had sadly been there by chance. He had been recovering and took a detour to Orchidia to visit some old friends. Jolyne was kind enough to offer Hikaru a magical healing bean. This was the true test. He was curious as to whether this would be a wise idea or not. Hikaru looked around and the area was crowded enough to where if something happened to him he could have faith that a witness would tell. Moreover, his sister was in town meaning that she would eventually find out if Hikaru was missing or not. Hikaru reached out opening his hand for the bean. With the bean in his hand he raised it as if it was a toast. "To new friendships!" Hikaru said as he swallowed the bean he looked around at himself to see the effects of the bean. Yet there was nothing until he could feel his body beginning to feel fresh. Things that felt broken, or sore began to feel brand new.

"Hmm, glad to know you weren't drugging me." Hikaru said jokingly. "I'm glad i've met you as well Jolyne, it seems like you're quite the ally to have." Hikaru saw the bear appear from thin air so immediately he was curious if this women was a support mage. "So i'm guessing you're a support type mage?" Hikaru said questioning her. He didn't know much about magic to heal others because he was mostly an offensively driven mage. However that did not mean he did not appreciate those who had the power to make their allies strong.

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#12Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

"New friendship and peace for the Realm" Jolyne echoed her face alight with glee, she lived to heal others and set them at ease. Now that she had done both to him, this man could no longer be considered a stranger to Jolyne. "A healer sir, but yes support is what I do best" Jolyne answered the man with a gusto, while she had other spells under her belt healing and support were her forte.

It had begun at a young age, her fascination with helping others, and it had continued to grow throughout the years. However polite as she was the young Atreides woman did know that she was also on a mission and while this new friend next to her was in the same organization she could not dwaddle here forever. Due to this Jolyne saluted Hikaru Nakamura "It has been a pleasure sir but for now I must attend to my mission" Jolyne's tone did get a bit more professional but it was not curt or impolite in the slightest, her bubbly tone still carried through.

Then with a wave Jolyne turned and began to walk towards the forest where she was told to group with some others and look for a rift to open. Hopefully afterwards she would be seeing Hikaru again.


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