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Checkmate [Quest]

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#1Serafeyna Carroll 

Checkmate [Quest] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:13 am

Serafeyna Carroll
Sera double checked her directions on the map. She still didn't know Hargeon super well yet, but she believed the park was... this way? Right, sweet. She followed the path for a while until she came to an open area with several benches and tables, many of which were set up for playing chess. Now, where was Bart, hm...

That guy looked too tall to fit the description, and that one too old... That boy, maybe? "Excuse me. Are you Bart Decker?" she asked.

"Ah, yes! And judging by that mark you must be Serafeyna, right?" Her Guild tattoo was easily visible under the hem of her short and frilly skirt, and Sera nodded.

"Just Sera is fine." He mispronounced her full name anyway. Bart extended a hand for a handshake, and Sera took it before sitting down across from him. "So, you're really in such need of good chess partners as to go to a guild, huh?"

Bart nodded. "You'd be surprised. I find wizards are often the studious type, though, so it's more fun to play with them than your average joe."

Sera thought about her roommate and longtime friend and had to exercise a fair amount of self control not to laugh. Instead, she simply explained, "I know a few wizards who are more natural talents than studious, to be honest."

"Sure, but they're not likely to take my quest," Bart dismissed with a shrug. Sera supposed that much was true. Mia could be a bit of a meat head, but she knew her limits well and was pretty adept at choosing her battles. Even if that was sometimes too many battles, hehe. "But let's get started, shall we?"

"Of course." Sera helped Bart set the board, and he made the first move. Hmm, if he was starting like that... Sera had no clue, she didn't play chess enough to know real strategies or anything, she just responded in the moment heh.

For a few turns, they played in silence, but Sera was starting to feel a little understimulated and finally tried making some small talk. "So... Your parents must be really proud of you being such a chess prodigy, huh?" He looked a bit younger than her so she felt it a safe assumption he still lived at home.

But Bart frowned, to her dismay. "You would think so, but they kind of expect it..." he admitted. "If not chess, they'd be on my case to be a stand-out at something brainy, so at most this just kind of keeps them satisfied."

Sera winced. "Oh ow." She debated a moment, then offered, "I can relate, though. My dad always expected a lot from me, too. Following my own dreams always made him so mad. He wanted me to go to business school or... I dunno, marry into nobility or something." She made a disgusted face.


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#2Serafeyna Carroll 

Checkmate [Quest] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:36 am

Serafeyna Carroll
Bart snorted lightly. "Marry nobility?" Oh shit, that was a good move, Sera better pay more attention to the game.

"Yeah, he worked for Caelese nobility a lot and always wanted to be part of the elite, so I was one potential ticket. Fortunately he never pushed that goal as hard as others, but I could tell he always kind of hoped." At least this was one thing she could laugh about now.

"I guess at least mom and dad aren't asking anything like that of me," Bart said thankfully. "But it still sucks having so much pressure to succeed." Sera nodded with a little 'mm-hm'; she did understand and hadn't meant to overshadow his plight at all. "Heaven forbid I get a B on an assignment at school."

"I feel that," she chimed in. "Mom got him to be a little more lenient toward the end of my schooling, but for a long time I'd get majorly screamed at for a less than stellar grade."

Bart frowned. "Screamed at?"

Sera winced, but then hand-waved it off. "Oh well. Yeah. But anyway, check!"

The distraction worked, and Bart's attention shifted fully back to the game. "Nice move. However~" He took out the piece putting him in check, and Sera winced. Damn, she'd been so overconfident she didn't even see that. Oh well, there were still a lot of pieces on the board.

Bart soon grew bored of the silence too, it seemed, or else decided he had really been enjoying the chance to vent, as he jumped back in with, "Then there's my brothers. I have two, both a lot older than me, and both really accomplished. Mom and dad are so proud of them, it's hard not to feel kind of... competitive, you know?"

it was Sera's turn to frown now, though, and she shook her head slowly. "Sorry, can't say I do. I don't have any siblings, but I always wanted them." Mia almost counted now, but not quite, for a number of reasons, heh. "Even with sibling rivalry, I'd love to have even one sibling."

"Not if they were like mine," Bart grumbled. Sera pursed her lips, debating fighting him on this. If she'd had another sibling, maybe dad would have had another target and spared her and mom his wrath a little more. That alone made the idea desirable, even if morbid in natu-- "Check, though."

Oh shoot! "Uh." Sera managed to move out of check, but then with the next move--


"What!?" She looked around the board, and sure enough. "I..." Well damn. "Sorry. I thought I was better than this.. Maybe a rematch?"

Bart laughed weakly. "Nah. Here, you can still take the payment. I just wanted someone interesting to talk to, really. Thanks for relating with me." What??? Well, Sera guessed she couldn't complain.

"Happy to help then."


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