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Serafeyna Carroll

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Serafeyna Carroll


Name: Serafeyna Mirabelle Carroll

Nickname: Sera

Age: 18 - June 21, X769

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pan

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: The outer side of her upper right thigh. It is red.

Face: Lottie Baskerville - Pandora Hearts


Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Weight: 130lbs (59kg)

Hair: Pink, with faint pale blonde highlights

Eyes: Red

Overall: Sera has a lean, somewhat athletic build, muscles trim and toned. She has noticeable but not overly pronounced curves, with breasts bordering between a C and D cup. Her skin is naturally pale, but often lightly tanned from spending time outdoors.

Her hair has a slightly wavy quality and falls to her mid back. It is usually parted to one side, and sometimes pulled up in a bun or ponytail. Her red eyes have a slightly wild quality to them.

Her taste in clothing ranges from tank tops and short shorts to very fancy frilly attire, from short skirts to long ball gowns. She favors red, black, white, and pink clothes. She often wears red roses as accessories, and very often wears a long red cloak.

Extra: Her ears have one piercing each, just standard in the lobes. She has a few small faint scars here and there but none particularly notable.


Personality: Sera is a very upbeat person as a general rule. Bright, flashy, extroverted: a "ray of human sunshine", if you will. And like sunshine, she can brighten your day, dazzle you, be a little painful to be around for too long, and burn you just by existing.

She can be a little oblivious to the people around her at times. She's very rarely purposefully mean or anything, but can come off as pretty abrasive if she's not careful, whether by seeming dismissive or arrogant or what-have-you. And she will sound arrogant at times. She can also just come off as very ditzy, spacey, or otherwise off in her own world, and her memory can be somewhat poor. (Rarely is this worse than when someone thinks she just "didn't care enough" to remember something important, when, no, she really just forgets easily.)

When she both bothers to focus and can actually manage to do so well, though, she really is a very sweet girl, or tries her best to be. She is very bright, with some notable skill in strategies and a lot of book knowledge.. that.. she doesn't always remember well enough to put into effect when under pressure. For instance, she can easily recite every elemental match-up, but when actually in the midst of battle, she may slip up. (generally resulting in adamantly pretending that didn't happen or quietly beating herself up because she knew that, dammit).

She craves praise and attention, and enjoys giving the same to others as well. She can also be maybe a little pushy and overzealous about both. And she tends to be fiercely, impossibly stubborn. "Throw out logic and do the impossible", as a wise man once said. What do you mean that person doesn't want to be friends? That dream is too big to achieve? Nahhh. You've just gotta stay positive and keep trying~!!

She can be more grounded and down to earth when she cares to be, or especially when she's feeling down. But most of the time, it's way more fun to keep her head in the clouds.

Finally, Sera also has a very flirtatious side. She is very very polyamorous and has a lot of trouble distinguishing romantic and platonic feelings, so she tends to lowkey want to kiss and cuddle all her friends to some degree or other, though she won't strive for it if they're not comfortable with it. If she thinks someone might be interested, though, she can be rather sultry when she tries to be, a jarring change from her usual silly self. That said, she can also be flirty and silly at the same time often enough, so perhaps it's not always such a big change after all.


  • Studying: Sera loves learning new things and soaks up knowledge like a sponge.
  • Singing: She is very musically inclined, and while she is a remarkable singer, she is also known to make up random and sometimes off-key bits just for fun in day to day life.
  • Dancing: Sera loves to perform for people.
  • Flirting: Not always in it for any greater purpose, Sera often enjoys flirting just for its own sake.
  • Fairy Tales: Not to be confused with the guild of a similar name, Sera loves tales of fantastic magical things that may or may not be true, tales of long-ago princesses, etc.


  • Conflict: A friendly debate is fine, but she's not big on actual fighting. There's a reason she chose to study support magic rather than something offensive.
  • Criticism: Sera doesn't take critique particularly well, though she'll try to grin and bear it if it seems like it's meant constructively. It still tends to make her curl up and scream on the inside though.
  • Sitting Still: She needs to be doing something constantly, even if it's just reading a book.


  • Proving Herself: Sera wants more than anything to show everyone who's ever doubted her, especially her dad, that she can be great pursuing her passions and not conforming to anyone else's standards.
  • Exploration: Just seeing the world and meeting lots of people is another strong motivator, however.


  • Longterm Failure: As long as she can get back up, she hasn't failed, just had a little misstep along the way. But Sera is terrified of ultimately failing to achieve any of her dreams and finding out her dad was right all along.
  • Being Yelled At: Less a fear and more of a trigger, Sera reacts adversely to being yelled at, especially by older men. The effect is less pronounced in combat situations where hostility is already high than it is in conversational settings where it wasn't as expected.


Magic Name: Galesong

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: Sera uses wind magic to buff friends and damage foes, as well as having some supplementary effects. She sings and dances to activate her spells, though notably the effect range is the same as any other basic spellcaster, not sound range.


History: Sera grew up in Caelum as the only child of a high class merchant family. Her family was moderately wealthy-- not necessarily "rich", per se, but quite well-off; and her father was Pretty Important within the city where they lived, at least according to himself. He consistently tried to put out the image of being even better-off than they really were and did his best to maintain as many connections among the social elite as possible, such that when new jobs or opportunities for advancement arose, he'd always be fresh in their minds.

As such, Sera grew up not just well taken care of, but with the expectation to live up to her father's reputation, both in terms of her personal merits and in knowing how to behave in high society circles. She learned quickly how to keep a pleasant smile through any situation and hide anything that might be perceived as reflecting badly on either her or her family. What she did not learn, however, was how to open up to or connect properly with other people. Her life was a stage, every public appearance a show with a house full of critics. If Sera did slip up too badly, she would be very harshly punished.

The only time she felt like she could really relax and have fun was when she was at home, at least once her studies were done, or when she could sneak off to play in the woods. This resulted in a lot of escapism into fantasy and a lot of self-directed research studying. She developed a love for magic at a young age, since it let her affect the world around her in ways other outlets did not.

Sera didn't have a lot of friends her own age, but there were a few exceptions. In particular, one family her father often worked for had a granddaughter just a little older than her who would come to visit during the summers, and through those summers Sera and Mia became good friends.

She was always envious of how wild and free Mia seemed to be, an attitude that would wind up rubbing off on Sera each summer and make her a bit more daring and adventurous. As the girls got older her father became rather disapproving of their relationship, which only made Sera stick to her more strongly. All year, she would be very careful to hide any rare misbehavior, but when Mia was around, Sera was brave enough to stand up for herself. (This may have had something to do with the fact Mia would kick her dad's ass if he hurt Sera while she was around, which may have happened on one particular occasion.)

When Sera was 17, her dad finally tried talking to Mia's mother and grandparents, saying he didn't want Mia around Sera anymore. Mia's mother responded by inviting her over even more, appalled that anyone would accuse her baby of being a bad influence. And when Sera turned 18, she wound up moving in with Mia in her normal home back in Savannah.

Her father had always told her she needed to find a 'real' job, like he had, but Sera, despite always having done well in her studies, wanted to be a wandering minstrel, singing and dancing across the land. The Kearney family supported her, and her dad could no longer control her, so she decided to stay with them until she could find her feet. This proved more difficult than she'd hoped, until Mia suggested they travel to Fiore and join a Guild. Sera followed eagerly.

During the trip, they debated what Guild to join. Mia had several ideas, but for Sera, the high fashion and glamour of Blue Pegasus made it the only choice. Mia wasn't convinced at first, but the words "hottest babes" made for a compelling argument. In the end, the two of them joined, and both fell in love with the Guild's atmosphere and member base. Sera was so glad to have a new home.

Reference: Yumi - Mia Kearney

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