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Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:44 pm

Daiko Flayme
Wouldn’t Orchidia have been completely covered in woods and vegetation by now? After having missed the old town for so long, thinking about its greenish smell and environment during travels through large metropolises and exotic landscapes, one would think that time had an effect on every town. Perhaps he was exaggerating; if he expected any change, it would take more than that… perhaps a century would do well, a sum of years that Daiko didn’t have time to live through.

Every step stuck to the moss beneath his feet, leaving soft footsteps behind him which grew out by time. At the very least, time had an effect on him; his hair looked softer, and a wild horsetail had grown out from the back of his head that reached down to his shoulders. His wear consisted of a grey, thin west. Green t-shirt underneath, light pants and spiked shoes, along with his necklace. About that… he hadn’t changed much in appearance. It was partly due to a lack in development in the height region, only having grown an inch or two. Turning his face up to the cold, shy winter sun, the wizard eyed the flying silhouette of his beloved companion roaming her natural habitat - the sky.

Stretching out an arm, he was too used to have Coda resting on it that he never questioned the possibility of his human arm being able to withstand the grab of a raptor’s ferocious claws. Even the claws of a perching own would easily drill through flesh, but it was as if Coda knowingly prevented to put too much force into her perching grab to spare Daiko of any injuries. He gently ran a finger up from her neck to her chin, adored by her almost purring clicking sound and upraised head, taking in the delight of being petted like a tamed cat.

He also carried around a bag on his back. It received no attention from him at the moment as Daiko was more interested in getting to the outer forest areas on the other side of the town. The headquarters of his guild hailed from this forest of a town, and he desired to stay close for a while until his journey restarted. Therefore, when he received a request from his Guildmaster about restarting special training in Orchidia, it was actually kind of fitting.

What wasn’t fitting, though, was the removal of his gear… dick move, Guildmaster. It was likely to ultimately test the Lamia Scale Wizards’ absolute capabilities on their very own, relying on power that came from their own limbs only, not relying on external tools. According to the request, Daiko was going to ‘survive’ in the deepest parts of these woods near Orchidia… the new Guildmaster was already softer than Aguero in Daiko’s opinion. Either that, or it was simply because that the present one knew little of Daiko’s affinities with forests and- ah, forget it. Something would pop up in the future and bonk that thought in the head with a sledgehammer, so why would he start thinking like that?

Instead, he should have faith that this would help him in the long run… that was the meaning of training. And he was a strong Lamia Scale Wizard to the core of his heart, and so he feared not to elevate on that.

“Although, he doesn’t specifically mention that I can’t use other living creatures’ helps…” Daiko mumbled with Coda, “Be my eyes, darling. We’ll make it through, no doubt.” Coda would make a growling noise with her beak before screeching happily, shaking her wings in delight more than excitement for what was following up tonight.

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#2Káilètte † 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:16 pm

Kia wondered why she was staying in Orchidia for so long. After her awakening from her Coma she couldn't get herself to leave here. Was there someone she was waiting for here? Like a loyal dog waiting for their deceased owner? It felt like so as she hasn't caught sight of someone that flickered any lights. Chin up, eyes forward and continuous faith to her Holy Prince and whomever else had her heart as she had things to do for the people around her. That is what she'd like to do, but her Guild Master wished for her to accompany another member of Lamia scale. Her long blonde hair danced left and right against her shoulder blades as she walked towards the meeting place.

The Master of yours thinks you're weak. Let's show him and finish his tasks.

The Guild Master most likely wants teamwork so he asked you to do the tasks with another.

Maybe the boy is cute.  

She wasn't sure who the person may be, but the one thing she did know was she didn't have to worry about looking like crap. She was wearing a maroon turtle neck sweater dress with a brown leather jacket. Her legs were covered by smooth black leggings that snugged against her skin and form. Kia's feet had patterned stripped socks and wore Fringed boots. As she usually does daily, she also wore a necklace with a cross on it with layers of small thin chains connected to it.

As she continued on her little walk, she started to believe the possibilities of her partner being the boy she met earlier in the Church. Her prayers were hopefully heard by the Holy one himself. 'May you always be with me.'. Her hand slowly parted her bangs away from her right eye and behind her earlobe. The bright golden eyes gazed at the beauty that Orchidia had to show, even if it was winter. Soon the dead nature will bloom back into its' beautiful state and bring in people that aren't from around here. Ignoring the small sounds of the [i]crunching[/] snow, she studied her surroundings.

Kia stopped with a small gasp escaping her fine lips once her sight caught the boy she met before. First her eyes scanned his attire, 'What is he wearing? It's like some nerd attire without glasses.' voiced 'The First'. 'Looks fine to me.' Voiced the 'Second'. 'I mean, a nerd can be cute.' Thought 'The Third'. Her own thoughts were blank as she didn't know what to think of him. The outfit, to her didn't matter much, but did he just call his bird 'darling'?. Her eyebrow arched and crossed her arms against her bosoms. ''Greetings, Daiko. I assume you're my 'Partner'.'' she stated in her sweet angelic tone. Her smile was a positive one as she felt quite optimistic about this.


#3Daiko Flayme 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:50 am

Daiko Flayme
Okay, okay… so to do well in the forest, he should probably try and gain results. Yeah, surviving in a forest was easy-peasy, but returning with experience and strength was sought by the guild. It was training, and training usually brought results in the long run. Whoever trained expecting results immediately were a tad wrong, and he learned that during his own training sessions. Aguero had even given him advice on how to stay fit and not decrease one’s condition… and how to tolerate several punches to the face. Oh boy.

Coda didn’t need equipment for the most time - her greatest defense was her flight mechanism. As a bird - surprisingly ironic when Daiko thought it out - they can fly… so that means that Coda could escape most threats of the woods with the exception of flying demons, griffins, ghosts and other flying creatures that wanted to get a taste of her. Why couldn’t Daiko fly yet?! He had tried his very best to develop a Fire Spell that let him erect wings from his shoulder-blades, so he could fulfil the dream of kids and adults alike and roam the heavens with his birdy companion. And yet, here he was, still walking on the earth like that human he was.

He was way more adept at climbing and jumping between A and B. As an alternative to flying, that wasn’t that bad - it was rather the efficient opportunity for ground- walking creatures to seek higher platforms through the art of parkour or whatever the old hag from the booth further down the road called it. Back when his mother was around, she held nothing back in showing little Daiko how to climb up on a tree, then on vines, then on boulders and walls of hills, then on other buildings. She was a role model in practically everything that Daiko excelled at for the moment… except magic.

That was his field.

Either way, he was ready. Set, prepared, experienced and full of energy. And he wasn’t going to enter the forest just yet - he still had to wait for his partner. The cold bothered him a lot, though - he should try and go for an aurochs and skin it up for some nice cloak to protect himself against the weather. Snow and ice were irritating factors that played a role in his wizard life, especially since he rarely did well against wizards and monsters utilizing those elements.

It was also the first time that he had been in Orchidia while it was snowing. That was something of importance to note, but there she was; his partner, and surprisingly the same woman from the church downtown. “Oh, hey…!” he greeted joyfully, “It’s you, blondie!” At least, this soothed his excitement for the test, since he had gotten to know this fellow Lamia Scale Wizard.

Who would’ve known that she was a wizard in the same guild as him? He felt that he was a magnet for people and friends of any other guild than his own… excluding a few, of course. It was just out of the experience that he had throughout the years as a wizard, nothing against his guildmates or anything.

“So we’ll be partnered up with each other in this test… I see we’re both unarmed and all,” he noted, “Coda, you go up and look out for us above.” He released Coda and let her soar up to the air, circulating around the two Lamia Scale Wizards with soft, eagle-like shrieks. “Let’s go,” he spoke up, entering the forest confidently. He was ready to make a bonfire, slay predators, prepare food, build tents, everything that a Savannan like him hailed from. It was also time to see what his buxom lady was capable of - looks could always be deceiving. What irresistible softness in her curvature could be accompanied by metal-spiked harshness in her survival skills.

T-That was how it usually was with these women, right…?

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#4Káilètte † 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:24 am

Kai looked at the boy in a patient manner, hands behind her back and right toe downward against the patterned paths. The wind was getting a little chilly as she could feel it softly striking her cheek and her hair blowing in the direction of the current. The boy finally noticed as their eyes met from the several feet distance they were both standing. She bowed her head a little and made a cheerful smile, ''It's good to see you again.''. She walked a few feet towards him to offer her hand. Once shaken, if her hand was taken, Kai stood up straight and walked a foot ahead of him towards the distance of the woods. She smiled as she took lead to where they are needed to be.''I suppose he didn't say exactly where in the woods. Just deep enough to not know where we're going and stay there for the night.'' she stated a common fact, but a necessary one.

Great, let's go freeze to death with nothing.

Glad we know how to survive in the woods anyways!~

We get company. :)

She made a sweet smile, shook her head and chuckled as she could hear these voices, these opinions. As soon as the boy was ready she would start walking either beside him as a partner or in front of him as a leader. It was up to him in the end. Once at the starting line Kai stopped to face the boy. Her golden eyes looked at him with a gentle look and lovely smile. ''Are you ready to freeze to death?''. She was joking of course, but who said a woman of Faith couldn't joke.

With him knowing it was time Kai moved forward into the darkened forest covered in white snow. Her boots made the crunching sound as they seeped into the packed snow. Her heart pained as she continued forward. Has she been here before? It gave her an off feeling, but she believed nothing ill-mannered will happen. 'Where should we stop at?'. Her eyes wandered left, right and forward while in thought of where to go. Technically, they could go anywhere at this point in woods. During the walk she licked her lips by the tip of her tongue to moisture her mouth. The air felt simply dry in such a wet atmosphere.

Some people could wonder how something with moisture could be so dry. Skin that is oily can also be dry, it's interesting to her, but not necessary to know. They seem to be getting quite far away and such long distance away from Orchidia. The weather seems to be calm in the mean-time. Out of no where in a medium circled space she stopped. Swiftly she twisted her body enough to look directly at bird boy and chuckled. ''Alright, we'll set up here as our 'Base' Destination.'' she spoke with determination to survive and sweetness.

Happily she clapped her hands together with a gaze into his eyes. ''Let's get started!''. Her eyes wandered about, '' We'll need... obviously sticks and a few large logs. Stones is a good thing to have....''. She was listing down while she technically really wasn't thinking. Anyone who is use to surviving outside knows these common 'tools'. Quickly, she popped her finger into her mouth and out. Lifting it up in the air she could feel the wind's direction. ''Alright, we need to build a little hut with the roof blocking the southwest to block the wind from hitting inside the 'doorway'.'' she instructed.

You're going to cause this kid to die with these instructions before getting even started.

Simple instructions aren't going to kill 'em.


She softly took a deep breather, causing small puffs of smoke-like hair escaping her breath due to the air being cold. Her throat was getting dry as well which meant they're going to need some source of water. Her eyes looked away and then at the boy. ''Do you mind doing the wood-work? I'll take care of water source and building.''. It seemed simple enough for him. Finally, she started to think of how she'd build the fort while waiting for an answer.



#5Daiko Flayme 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:47 am

Daiko Flayme
He generously shook Kái’s hand in response. Still a weird name, though… of course, he of all people would say that. His name was inspired by a vegetable! What kind of unironically sane person would name their child after a vegetable? Coda, on the other hand, had no thoughts behind her name; it was simply a cool name that Daiko felt suited the ladybird’s awesomeness. Whether or not it meant something or pointed to some weird phenomenon worried him little.

The Guildmaster didn’t specify much, but why would they need more details than what they had now? They just had to be inside a forest, and Orchidia Town was slowly becoming a forest itself. No matter what location they chose, it would likely fall under the category. Daiko already had ideas of where they should go; somewhere… well, Orchidia was a town that laid low compared to the sea level, and despite the massive amount of shrubbery, the lack of hills and shafts made it impossible to find a low, deep cave or somewhere with a constant temperature. Caves were preferred to live in, given that most had a comfortable temperature when venturing deep in.

They would likely fend off that impossibility by providing themselves with fire. Didn’t that ring a bell? Fire? Daiko? Fire Magic? It was sweet and perfect to gain warmth, since fire was known to burn people… so they should be wary of its blitzes and flares, and Daiko should make sure not to burn the entire forest down - even though that was difficult at this point, even as an accident.

Upon hearing Kái’s joking question, Daiko’s hair flared up in orange flames. He wasn’t going to freeze much. “Are you?” he jokingly asked back to her, exchanging a comedic smile to her as he suddenly found himself in a small, open area. This was… these areas were usually the leftovers of intended tree-chopping companies that just died out as soon as they started. Hell, there was an axe left on one of the trees nearby, even.

It was reasonable for the Fire Wizard to start going for the logs and woods by Kái’s command. They needed material that could burn; oh boy, he liked watching wood burn and warm him up. Beat the cold off with waves upon waves of comfort; long, giant arms of heat embracing the two Lamia Scale Wizards - it was a blissful thougth. He nodded in response to Kái’s question and grabbed the axe nearby, roughly pulling it off the log with one arm and venturing towards a smaller tree. It was about choosing the smaller trees, and hopefully only one, since he had to think about the ecosystem and how vulnerable the smaller trees would be if they were laid barren in the midst of an empty area with no large trees to protect them.

Metal hitting wood could be heard in the woods as Daiko began his work by cutting down the entire log. He would have to make it fall, then divide the sizes of each log until he had enough for one bonfire. About five pieces of log would be enough… then he also needed stone.

Daiko soon returned to the area where he and Kái split up, carrying five logs and an armful of rocks to make the circle around the bonfire. They would prevent the fire from spreading in case of shit luck.

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#6Káilètte † 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:07 pm

Kai saw the boy collecting sticks, logs and ... where the hell did he get the Axe? She shook her head and turned away to collect large quantities of snow. At first she rolled snowballs into at least a few meters against each other. Next she patted them down into the right shape it needed to be. After that she dug her way through while creating it's shape into an igloo. Once that was done, she saw extra sticks and used them for the outside to block the wind from the opposite side of where the door was. The door was about two feet wide and height, enough room for them both. Her golden eyes wandered as she then stretched. Kai knew that she will have to next fill the inside with wood due to the fire and snow. If the damp wood is hit by the heat, the snow won't get warm and it won't melt. It was more like stacking or perhaps it was something else. She didn't know much of it at this point, but it's better than doing nothing and dying.

She licked her lips once more and dragged in the wood for a fire inside, but before making the fire, she went to collect clean piles of snow for moisture. ''Alright, we have this done, but now we need food.''. Kai knew they will have to hunt their own food, but perhaps the boy will be best for this task. ''Can you find food while I start creating water from the snow and heat? Perhaps if you find a squirrel or rabbit I can make a simple stew.'' she instructed and giggled. The wind started to suddenly get stronger which made her eyes look up. ''We better hurry before the wind gets worse and perhaps the weather...'' she whispers, but enough for him to hear it.



#7Daiko Flayme 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:46 am

Daiko Flayme
Alright, the area had been readied for a bonfire by Kai. The igloo was surprisingly well-built by one person, not gonna lie. It appeared that the only thing left to do was to find the food - meat. Now, what type of meat was Daiko up for today… he would have to figure out just what kinds of creatures that remained in the forest during winter, because when he thought about it, most animals migrated to southern areas to escape the cold. He would have to scratch ‘birds’ off the menu, because they were more than likely to migrate… and by doing that, Coda tilted her head in curiosity, slightly oblivious to the Fire Wizard’s thinking.

“On it...!” he replied to Kai as he went out into the forest. If he recalled correctly, there was a small body of water with lots of amphibians deeper in the woods, and such a large gathering of small animals attracted big animals. His stomach began growling heavily, because merely thinking about getting his hands on some sweet deer meat intoxicated him.

The body of water turned out to be a massive swamp, and deer usually stood off those areas. They could get their hoofs stuck in the mud and turn into easy prey. However, upon searching around the moss, Daiko did spot a raccoon. It was sneaking up on a shored collection of frog eggs, but upon spotting the feisty eyes of Daiko, it began running off. Unfortunately, its escape was but naught…

Daiko would return to the finished igloo with a dead raccoon hanging down on his hand. Because of the haste and fear of the weather turning worse, he did hurry up and resulted the raccoon corpse rather fresh and newly killed without any infecting insects or parasites interfering. “I… guess you could try and make a meal out of this one. Hehe...!” he commented to Kai as he entered the igloo.

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#8Káilètte † 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:45 am

Her eyes watched Daiko while he then looked at her doing her own thing. She chuckled till he agreed to finally go out to hunt for the food he can scrounge for in this weather. She hoped for at least something where she didn't have to skin it since they weren't even allowed to have knives. With that she had an idea of making her own sharp object. ''Well, I suppose I'll use my survival skills to work. Not everyone has spells to use willy-nilly.'' she giggled at her little word. While Daiko was gone Kai went to find a perfect flat-bed stone and another large stone to create a sharp flat-bed knife. That was the easy part for her at least as she had to then go inside the igloo and pattern the sticks carefully so one side was uneven. The last thing she wanted was the flames to get high on one side and burn the igloo of sticks and ice.

She was making her own home of snow as if she was some queen of her own fantasy. The snow was falling so peaceful as the wind was slowing down again. It was a great feeling as she was then using a single stick to make a small fire by motioning her hands enough to make the branch twirl. Slowly smoke was forming and then a spark. Soon enough flames slowly appeared enough so she can make a food holder. In the forests, usually there are things laying around. One of those things appeared to be a pot. A pot was really useful when stranded or trying to survive in thee words. The handle was put so it hanged from the holder made of twigs and twine made from plants left over. Afterwards, she then heard Daiko stepping closer to the igloo. ''Daiko?'' she questioned to make sure it was him.

Once he answered, Kai slowly crawled out of the igloo home with a small hole in the roof so the heat can escape somewhere. Her golden eyes saw how he had some raccoon for dinner which it didn't bother her. ''Alright, let's see what I can do.'' she spoke after standing up straight and grabbed the Raccoon by the legs. Her eyes mirror'd what she was seeing as she scanned the animal to make sure nothing seemed wrong with it. After that she went to the closest tree to hang it by its' feet. ''First we skin it, clean it and then cut the meat from the very bones.''. Her voice made damn sure to make it known she was determined to succeed this mission. It was all business and the matter of life and death.

Kai reached the handmade knife from stone to start from the legs, to it's behind and then so forth. Slowly she 'peeled' the skin downward like some sort of sweater it was wearing. It was a nasty sight, but it had to be done. ''Would you so kindly go watch the fire and the water in the pot while I finish this?'' she asked kindly. With that after he left, she hung up the skin on a low branch. Next Kai started to cut off bits of what she could and pieces of the Raccoon that didn't have tiny bones in it. Softly she bit her lower lip as she was concentrating. Curves, arms and so forth were all done as she used the skin as a meat holder. Quickly the wind picked up at of no where making her almost by out of balance. Her body motioned towards where the wind was moving to. 'I better get in the igloo quick.' she thought as she crawled inside. Once she was inside it was obvious her hair was all over the place because of the weather now getting worse.

''Alright, let's put the meat in the boiling water so it'll kill any bacteria and obviously cooked.''. Giggling she put the meat inside of the pot and finally sat back against the igloo to end up looking at Daiko. ''So far so good...'' she assured him that they had this. Anything to do with survival was easy. She realized she still had the knife in her hand that wasn't holding the back, tossing it to the side. Her eyes closed and let her hands get cold so they'd get cleaned by the snow instead. Kai always had to feel at least decently clean for her to keep going. Feeling dirty made her feel... well dirty! 'I feel so tired.'. Her eyes looked upward towards where the smoke from the fire was escaping - the little roof hole. It was about five inches diameter. Her lips slowly curved into a hopeful smile as she waited for the food to boil and cook.



#9Daiko Flayme 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:15 am

Daiko Flayme
The raccoon got an approval from Kai as she kindly accepted the catch. Delighted, Daiko would crack his neck and look at the newly made igloo that she had constructed in his absence. “That’s one fancy home there,” he commented. He had never tried living in an igloo before, and he had never seen anyone build such a construction out of snow before today. Normally, he would have built a home out of wood, but time was scarce, and they had one night only to survive. Thankfully, they had found a place with little wildlife - both a blessing and a curse - and they could likely get a good night sleep after the meal.

That begged the question; raccoon did taste weird. It wasn’t the most regular meal for Daiko - he was more of an ox and deer man. Raccoon meat had been a part of his menu, though, and he always asked himself how they tasted so weird. A raccoon didn’t have the meaty taste of any other creature that Daiko had slain; it was more… fiber. Almost as if you were eating rough bread. It was good to kill your hunger and fill your stomach like many other fiber products and corn products. He hoped that it wouldn’t bother Kai to eat it, though; he had no idea what her food habits were.

She asked him to go watch the water and the fire inside the igloo, in which Daiko nodded. It was weird… wouldn’t the igloo melt down with a fireplace inside it? After inspecting it from the entrance, Daiko did notice how the smoke escaped a hole at the top of the igloo, releasing black clouds out in the atmosphere. Maybe the hole at the top prevented the worrying thought of his earlier from becoming a reality, because the igloo didn’t appear to be melting down any time soon.

Once Kai entered the igloo with the skinned raccoon meat, Daiko’s mouth watered a bit. Watching the sweet meat slide down into the boiling water was mesmerizing, and he remembered that he was as hungry as a racing horse. Now, they just needed to wait for the ‘luxury meal’ to finish boiling, and their raccoon meat would be ready for devouring.

Unlike Kai, however, he wasn’t tired. That was sufficient to say. “I bet it’ll taste great!” he assured her as he grinded his palms together, an orangish flare escaping his hair, “They usually taste like bread, so no worries there…!”

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#10Káilètte † 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:00 pm

Kai watched Daiko as he was ecstatic about all this while she was tired. She felt winded, but maybe it was because of the weather. The cold made it both easier and harder to breath. The cold was still within the igloo, no doubt about it. It wasn't really going to bother her though as long as the heat from the fire was still here. Thankfully, because of the sticks that collided with the snow the igloo itself wasn't going to melt. The moist in the wood took the first stroke of heat before the outer parts (the snow itself). The meat started to smell like it was obviously cooking, but the smell of burnt ashes of wood could be smelled. Any animal could smell it now so she wasn't going to expect animals to be around unless they were the curious and/or dumb types.

Her stomach growled making her eyes squint in pain. She felt somewhat ill by the fact she was just simply hungry. 'Hopefully the food will cook faster.' she thought and got on her knees, leaned by the pot and looked at the meat. Slowly she arched enough to balance so she could use her right hand to reach a stirring stick. The water and meat stirred by each swirl from the stick. 'A few more minutes it should be good.'. Eating was all she was thinking about currently as she then waited for those few minutes. Next she grabbed a sharp spear-like stick to stab even amounts of meat on two and gave one to Daiko. ''Here you go. This should last us till tomorrow so we can go out and go back home. I shall hope the Holy one is watching over me.'' she spoke quietly as her eyes half-way closed. With that it was time to eat up.

Slowly, she took a bite of it. It was really chewy, evenly cooked though with some water within due to it being cooked in water instead of just wood. The heat in the water will keep moisture within the igloo so it'll be easier to breathe. This is what was needed since she does get stuffy nose. Due to the cold her nose was red, cold as that's the first thing that gets cold for her. Her blonde beautiful hair was all messy from the wind. Kai didn't care though because this was about survival, not looking as neat as possible. Nothing will get in the way of her True Mission, nothing...



#11Daiko Flayme 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:30 pm

Daiko Flayme
Grinding his palms together did fix the lack of warmth issue… also known as the cold. He hated cold weather, and he hated freezing; if the igloo wasn’t doing a good job, then he had half a mind to blow it up and warm himself up with his magic. However, he didn’t know how Kai was doing… maybe she didn’t have any tools to warm herself up with. He should think about her case before doing anything rash - leaving her in the cold could prove a very bad idea, narcissistic and overall idiotic. He wasn’t that dumb.

The smell of cooking raccoon got him hyped up. He was ready to devour that meat like never before; even without cooking it, he was considering eating it… yes, he was able to devour and digest raw meat. It was a tad weird an unexplainable for him, but he had been able to his whole life. Ahh… Kai made a good job cooking it with the boiling water. Usually, people would cook meat with oil, butter, salt and spices, but water could be just as sufficient and perhaps easier and preferable when you were living out in the forest. Likely, Kai wasn’t able to digest raw meat like he was.

Coda suddenly flew into the igloo as soon as she smelled the meat. She was confident in their welcoming hands and smelled food, so unlike other animals, she wouldn’t have done so out of ignorance. She landed on Daiko’s shoulder and looked at the piece of meat handed to him by Kai as he generously accepted it. “Thanks for the meal, Kai,” he thanked her happily. His teeth drilled into the meat as he let Coda have a taste too by using her beak to rip small chunks off of it. Man… it tasted great. He was getting all ravenous in his eating habit, almost looking like a lion mauling its first prey in months. He was far from picky when it came to what type of meat that he ate; any type of meat would help him live longer, and that was the most important fact to him in this case.

At some point, he had eaten enough. Leaning back on the igloo, Daiko slowly closed his eyes and sighed in relief. “Ahhhh… that was a good meal, don’t you think?” he asked out to Coda and Kai. The raptor squawked and cleaned her wings with her beak in response. She looked content with the meal. Either way, Daiko would gather energy by resting a little, waiting for the peace to ensure him a good night’s sleep.

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#12Káilètte † 

Lamias In The Woods [Quest: Daiko & Káilètte] Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:37 pm

She eat the food in small nibbles as her mind prayed for the food itself and the company that was given on this mission. She could've been stuck with some edge lord who only thought of himself instead she got a young man who is kind enough to help. Using their skills in the right way helps this go a little more smoother. Her sweet gentle eyes gazed at the boy as Daiko thanked her for the meal. After she was done she bowed her head, ''Thank you for hunting it.''. The wind started to howl as it was time to then find a warm spot to just sit out the 'blizzard'. In a way it sounded peaceful to her ears due to the fact that she has to have her room cold anyways. Kai has a hard time sleeping in the warm temperatures. The little fire that was there was just enough to feel satisfied between feeling cold and warm.

She yawned before covering her mouth as it was impolite to not do so. She ended up wearing the clothes she did so she could test it out. It was a matter of 'What if I traveled socially in the woods with normal clothing.' instead of being prepared. Soon enough though it was time to fall asleep as there was enough wood to last most of the night. Her eyes closed as her body was against the warm wood due to the wood gathering heat first instead of the snow. Once they woke up it was time to find out the next 'quest'.




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