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IV. Blaze Staff

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IV. Blaze Staff  Empty Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:01 pm

Name: Blaze Staff

Slot: Weapon

Type: Staff

Handling: One-Handed

Class: Unique

Quantity: Limited

Element: Fire

Damage: +30 Strength

Durability: 1x S-Rank

Description: This eternally burning torch is actually a powerful staff that was once used by a mad man who proclaimed himself as a God-King and burned anyone who disagreed with him into a crisp. The paranoid and lunatic mage went around the country accusing innocents as conspirators and chanting ‘burn them all’ as he started uncontrollable fires. It took an entire platoon to subdue the mage and take the staff away from him, after which, the mage claimed he has no memory of what he did. Many believe the staff to be a host of a wicked demon who manipulates the wielder to do horrible things.

Details: The staff is 2 meters long.

Requirements: None


  • Intelligence: +30


  • Spell Cooldown Reduction: Fire-type D-rank, C-rank, B-rank and A-rank spells cast through the staff receive a 1 post cooldown reduction.


  • Name: Firestorm
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 200
    Requirements: Blaze Staff
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Fire
    Range: 4 Meters
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user holds the Blaze staff up and swirls it over their head to cast this spell. When cast, a 4-m diameter and equally tall ring of fire forms around the user, with a 1-m diameter safe-spot in the centre where the user is. The Firestorm deals A-rank fire-type magical damage to everything it touches. When the user moves, the Firestorm moves with them; however, the user cannot run or lunge while sustaining this. The user must continue swirling the staff over their head to sustain the spell and no other spell can be cast through the staff while this is active.


IV. Blaze Staff  Empty Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:28 pm

Reselling my axe here to make room to buy this staff.

IV. Blaze Staff  FIXCi2K
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IV. Blaze Staff  Empty Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:19 pm


Yumi has purchased the Blaze Staff for 1,000,000J.

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