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Crocus to Orchidia [Walking | Kyo & Naomi]

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#1Naomi Hisoka 

Crocus to Orchidia [Walking | Kyo & Naomi] Empty Tue May 22, 2018 7:43 am

Naomi Hisoka
The Neko duo hadn’t accomplished much with their short trip to the capital. In fact, they were fooled by the little expressionless blonde girl, who got it all her way. Naomi wasn’t happy, obviously. But she didn’t want to stay in that mood for long. They were soon going to be married, after all. However, the young Neko was not a master at controlling her emotions. So, her first action towards forgetting the incident was to leave the city altogether and head back home. Out of sight, out of mind.

The walk to Orchidia wasn’t that tiring; it was less than a day long. Not to mention the well-ridden path was rather busy this time of the year because of the flower festival. While she didn’t enjoy socializing, walking along other happy couples and families was particularly encouraging, considering the phase of life she was about to enter soon.

Crocus’ urbanization slowly faded into flatland rural regions, and within few more hours, the duo was already within the thick forests of Orchidia. The familiar scent and scenery brought joy within the auburn-furred Neko. It reminded her of the first time she opened her eyes within that town; the first time she saw Kyo. For the moment, nothing mattered but him. Her head was filled with ideas of how she could surprise and please him with the upcoming marriage ceremony. It was time she gave him the attention he deserved. She held his hand gently as they stepped into their hometown.


#2Kyo Hisoka 

Crocus to Orchidia [Walking | Kyo & Naomi] Empty Tue May 22, 2018 8:11 am

Kyo Hisoka
It broke Kyo's heart every time something disappointed his love. That blonde woman's insidious tactics had been no exceptions. There were several 'should haves' in the flamboyant neko's mind. He'd deliberated upon the idea of warning his love sooner or perhaps plucking up the aggression he had and channeling it towards actually confronting the cold woman...There were always takeaways and lessons from every encounter, for now he'd just have to be satisfied with that. Obviously, he hadn't dissuaded her when she decided to give up on the capital for the time being. It was probably for the best, the stress really wasn't worth it, especially not given the events that were to follow at the festival.

As the two strolled on the well-trodden path towards Orchidia, he often turned to face her, walking backwards, he'd narrate stories of moments they'd shared together in the past. Then he'd swiftly swivel to walk alongside her again, hand in hand, while pointing at other couples, some older, some younger. He'd remind her of times when their relationship resembled those new and fresh couples and then bring to her notice larger families and whisper how that would one day be their future too. The journey was hopeful and filled with tender instances, that slowly chafed and chipped away at the annoyance the two had collected from their visit to Crocus, till there was none left. Upon arriving, Kyo was quite taken in by the way the clearing between the forest and the fringes of the town had been transformed for the festival, it was truly spectacular.

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