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Translate the Note [Kyo & Naomi]

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#1Naomi Hisoka 

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Naomi Hisoka
There really wasn’t much time left before the ceremony. The Neko couple should have probably not left Orchidia, but the curiosity got the better of the cats. There had been rumours regarding the sudden appearance of a large group of demons in Crocus recently. This sounded very similar to what had occurred back in Kelna and the auburn-furred feline couldn’t sleep peacefully until she reached Crocus and gathered more information. She didn’t particularly ask Kyo to follow her, but she knew he would do it. Frankly, at this point, she would be a little sad if he didn’t.

For a city that had been through hell in the near past, Crocus recovered rather quickly. She wasn’t too surprised though; it was the capital after all. The period of awe was long gone since the moody Neko had been travelling across the land with her partner for nearly five years now. “You think you could charm a few of those Knights into giving up some information?” she asked, angling her long ears to point towards the bunch of pot-bellied Rune Knights sitting under the tree, guffawing. Clearly, these men were shirking duty; maybe they were also dumb enough to divulge information they shouldn’t.

If Kyo agreed and approached the Rune Knights, Naomi will stay where she was and wait for him to return. Meanwhile, while she waited, a short blonde human girl approached her. “Uh oh!” he muttered, but managed to crack a small smile, albeit unnaturally. Well, at least she tried, for the blonde girl didn’t bother to express anything.


#2Kyo Hisoka 

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Kyo Hisoka
There were sometimes, that Kyo was convinced that Naomi's bloodlust was going to lead her down a path of destruction and despair. He had been against the idea of traveling to Crocus, but he kept his reservations to himself. Kyo didn't find the need to discourage Naomi, instead he decided to just tag along, this was her quest and she was his life. It mattered to him that she knew he'd do whatever it took to grant her the peace she needed. But still, while he empathized, he just wished that she wouldn't wear herself thin this way.

On the flip-side, any leads would be like a cherry on top of the icing. They'd already decided to conduct the wedding ceremony in the Orchidia flower festival, if before they embarked on the journey together, she needed one last proof of his support, he'd be more than willing to offer that, just like he intended on, for the rest of his life. 'Oh, of course I could, love.' he said simply, flashing her a smile and a wink as though it was evidence of his charm.

He quickly dashed to the knights, and tossed a coin casually as he approached them. Of course, he had lesser luck with them than he would have had with the ladies. But the regarded him with a certain amount of admiring scrutiny, probably assumed he was rich. Unfortunately, there wasn't much they were willing to offer. Bringing up demons in a conversation was unsavory apparently. He shook his head and swiftly made his way back to his lover, flashing an apologetic smile.


#3Naomi Hisoka 

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Naomi Hisoka
The blonde girl walked straight up to Naomi and began talking. There was no awkward introduction or a friendly hello; straight to business. The Neko couldn’t complain. She liked people who were efficient. But the fact that the girl had absolutely no emotion irked her a bit. She was in half a mood to pounce away and go to Kyo, but decided against it, realizing how much of an overreaction that would be. What if the girl just wanted to ask for directions? However, that wasn’t the case. It would seem she was looking for someone to help her with runic translations.

Usually, Naomi would have just said no. But her fascination for ruins and the runes within made her contemplate for a bit. Meanwhile, she saw Kyo walk back and give her his adorable apologetic smile. The Knights were dead-end, as she expected. Maybe… This girl knows something. “Alright! I’ll do it. What do I get in return?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. “Jewels!” Luciel replied nonchalantly. “Nah… Got enough of those. How about you tell me what you know about the recent demon attack?” she prodded. Before the blonde girl could deny it, she added, “And we’ll run two errands for you, including this.”

Luciel stared right into the glistening amber eyes of Naomi. Despite the lack of emotion, the long pause made it obvious that she was taking the trade into consideration. After almost ten seconds, the girl finally nodded. “Alright! Translate this and get back to me. I’ll tell you what I know,” she said, handing the paper to her and walking away. Naomi turned towards Kyo and winked. At least this trip wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.


#4Kyo Hisoka 

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Kyo Hisoka
Naomi had already started a conversation with a young blonde girl and this had Kyo curious. His fluffy ears twitched in her direction to try catch the words of the conversation. The first word he heard with clarity was jewels, following which the rest of the situation tumbled into clarity. He raised his eyebrows. She was right, they had enough jewels to sustain themselves, he already knew what she'd bargain for. The neko's ears twitched some more as his intended offered to run not one, but two errands for some information on the attack that happened. The blonde was quick to leap on the offer and state a job description. Now they had to go figure out what some strange letters on a paper meant? This was ridiculous, there was no guarantee she'd even keep her end of the deal.

He had promised himself he wouldn't intervene, but he let slip a sound. Something akin to a groan, or a moan in his throat. Realizing that he'd broken the promise he made to himself, he worked on trying to cover it up. The neko tried to mask the sound as a mere attempt to clear his throat... But doing it so suddenly caused him to sputtering which in turn made him cough... and of course, it was all quite dramatic, considering his flair for theatrics. 'Er... Sorry.' he said as he unfolded himself. The blonde regarded him with a wary eye before continuing her conversation with his fiance. 'Is he dying?' she asked, flatly, Kyo looked most horrified, but before he had the chance to say anything, the blonde added 'because if he's not, you should head to the library.' Her demeanor was off putting to say the least, he was an artist, expressions were key. For him to read and imitate, this girl was so... he shuddered and waited for Naomi to make a move, maybe she'd just deny it?


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#5Naomi Hisoka 

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Naomi Hisoka
Naomi rolled her eyes when she heard Kyo begin coughing. This was a routine; he always exaggerated his hiccups, coughs, etc. Everything is a performance for the guy and he wasn’t even apologetic about it. The latter part, she found extremely cute. Of course, she would never tell him that. So, she patiently waited for him to finish coughing before continuing the conversation. “You okay?” she asked at the end of it. Before he could answer, however, the blonde girl asked if he was dying. It was now time for Naomi to overreact, although not deliberately.

“Of course he is not!” she retorted in a high-pitched tone. She turned towards Kyo to give him the I-told-you-not-to-do-this look. The Neko was mostly upset with the stranger more than him, but she found a reason to vent that anger at him with the glare. Shaking her head, she turned to the girl with the eye-patch and spoke bluntly, no longer finding the need to keep her tone soft. “Yeah! Okay. And you better keep your end of the deal. Where do we find you?” she asked. “Go to Mercurius and ask for Luciel,” the blonde replied as she walked away from them.

Once Luciel was out of sight, Naomi took a deep breath; her shoulders slumped and her muscles loosened as the anger subdued. Smiling softly at her fiancé, she put her paw on his golden ears and ruffled it. “I’m sorry! I wasn’t angry at you…” she trailed off, as she began walking towards the library. The girl knew she didn’t need to explain further; of course he knew why and who she was angry at.


#6Kyo Hisoka 

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Kyo Hisoka
He kept his clawed palm firmly pressed to his chest as he tried to catch his breath after all the coughing. Slowly he drew in long breaths and exhaled carefully to avoid plummeting into the same routine again. 'I'm fine.' he said with a grim face and a raspy tone, as though he'd just been in an arduous battle. The expression Kyo wore for the eye-patched woman was priceless, the horror mingled with the shock as he drew himself tall and exaggerated how offended he was. Naomi's sharp words rescued him from this slander of possible death by coughing.

Naomi seemed to have read his mind about the concerns he had. He still reckoned that just the veiled threat wasn't enough. The blonde really had nothing to lose, she seemed to be a resident of this town, whereas the nekos were newcomers, if she really wanted she could vanish and there was nothing the two of them could do about it. Nonetheless, once again he reserved judgement. He just hoped having to locate this woman didn't become another quest that his fiance undertook, her obsessive wrath could be scary indeed and difficult even for him to blunt.

The blonde left the duo to their own devices, Kyo wrapped his arm around his lover's waist as she apologized. 'Oh shush... I know baby, I know.' he responded swiftly pecking her forehead with his lips as he walked in step with her towards this library. He hoped that this was at least worth her time, reading had always been her thing... She liked collecting knowledge about ancient things, he was more of a listener...


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#7Naomi Hisoka 

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Naomi Hisoka
The girl gave them a name and a location. She could be lying for all she knew, but if she did lie, she wouldn’t be getting the translation in return. So, the sceptical Neko decided to believe her. As usual, her cold demeanour melted away when Kyo wrapped his hand around her and planted a kiss on her forehead. Her expression softened immediately and the excitement of learning more about the runic languages took over. There was the eager pep in her walk that she reserved just for such occasions, as they walked towards the library.

Naomi knew libraries weren’t the most favourite location for Kyo. The place was too silent for the man; neither could he listen to anyone nor could he make others listen to him. So, she knew she had to end this little errand as quickly as possible. “I won’t make you wait long! Be patient, will you?” she asked, smirking at him as she cat walked backwards slowly towards the entrance of the library.

The Neko kept her promise. Having spent many hours in the library, she was an expert at navigating the tall rows and finding the exact book that she needed. Once she got the dictionary, it was just a matter of few minutes before she got the translations done. Disappointingly, the list of things that she had to translate was nothing of significance; it seemed to be a really old grocery list. Sighing softly, she pocketed the paper with the translation and was one her way to put the dictionary back in its place. Knowing Kyo, she was sure he would already gotten impatient and found a reason to come in searching for her.


#8Kyo Hisoka 

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Kyo Hisoka
'Better not!' he exclaimed with a wink and clutched his heart like it was in pain from being forced to part with his love. He liked to be the sort of guy who gave her space though, this was her thing. The library's dimmer lighting made it seem like his woman had just walked into the maw of darkness, he shook his head and with it all the strange things his vivid imagination cooked up. With a spring in his step, much like his neko partner. With a skip and a hop, he walked the block around the library, striking a conversation with vendors and then a bunch of kids that were playing in the garden nearby. Unlike Naomi's obsession, he didn't bring up the topic of demons, he did hope that they decided to shed some light on the subject themselves. He did ask about the recent happenings in the town, most people perhaps sought to forget the blow they'd received on that fateful day. Some spoke of the new regime, but nothing that held Kyo's flitting interest for too long.

Not too long after the he'd left Naomi's side, he noticed that cold-faced blonde woman heading towards the library too. Man, she must be in a rush. he thought as he invariably followed her inside. She probably didn't hear him coming, but he overheard the conversation she had with the librarian before leaving. A deep frown etched itself into his forehead, but he avoided confrontation. The woman basically had no other use for the cat-like folks... She simply left a small pouch of jewels with the librarian for their troubles. He sighed and ventured deeper into the study area after collecting the money... Tentatively he approached his partner, he knew he was going to have to deal with a bucket load of annoyance now, he couldn't blame her... Maybe he should have warned her after all.

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