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Magnloia to Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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Magnloia to Orchidia [Foot Travel] Empty Wed May 09, 2018 4:15 pm

Kicking the dirt from her pants caused Roxanne to frown at that state of herself. She had become a lazy drunk with no ambition. She robbed from others just to fuel her own alcoholic addiction. How did it turn out like this? Didn't she had a goal in mind? Didn't she want to be someone? A name that shook fear and respect in the eyes of others? Look at her now, waking up in an dirty back alleyway with a empty bottle in her hand while smelling like dog shit. She was a god damn terrible mess. What made this even worse was she was a lycan. A powerful, magnificent, beauty of a species and she was wasting away doing nothing with herself. She was tired of living like shit, she was tired of herself mostly. How she acted, what she had become, It was time for a change....

Getting up off of the ground she wiped what dirt she could off of her filthy clothes. Checking her pockets she counted a few jewels, enough to get her a room but also enough to get her drunk, just not both. Roxanne smirked to herself, did she really just have a thought like that? After all that went through her empty little head? Stuffing the jewels back into her pocket she began to head to the nearest inn and purchased a room. Upon doing so she would overhear something about a festival in Orchidia. With much interest she stored that bit of info in her brain and headed up to her room.

With a sigh of relief Roxanne would strip her dirty clothes off and take a much needed shower. She had to be in there for about an hour or so before coming back out all squeaky clean. The real problem would be getting new clothes. Wrapping a towel around her she would go out of her room and quickly knock on her neighbors door. Not hearing anything she would lock pick her way in, steal what clothes she could find quickly that looked to fit her and then make a speedy retreat from her room.  She didn't have time to stick around, it would take a few days to get to orchidia anyway and since she really only needed the room to get clean she would head out of town and be on her way to the festival. At least she could probably make some decent cash there then she would be able too here.

- exit -

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