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Crocus to Orchidia [footwalk]

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Crocus to Orchidia [footwalk] Empty Wed May 02, 2018 1:01 am

The last time she travelled this distance, she was pregnant but now things changed and that also meant a lot more luggage than she would have liked. At least they were going to their home. But the baby clothing, her clothing, food and on and on the amount of items went but she just wanted to make sure her children were alright. Even if she had been a little more okay with being out and about with the children she was still slightly afraid something would happen or that she would forget something. A dimensional pocket would have been easy by now.

But that didn't matter now at this point it wasn't that far to travel to go home and that definitely was a good thing. Apart from the items and belongings for her children, she would have to take her wedding dress with her and also afraid something would happen to that. She had locked the zipper bag in case someone... Wouldn't pay attention and open it to see what was in it. Rather not curse her own wedding even if it was stupid to believe that.

She was glad the weather was good. That sure made it easier and soon enough she got used to walking and it felt nice to be able to move and be outside. Alice was glad to see Orchidia in view, the manor and hear about the festival. It sure sounded like fun.

Arrival in Orchidia.

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