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Crocus to dahlia (foot)

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Crocus to dahlia (foot) Empty Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:57 pm

Varian, or Sy. As Vega had called him strollled down the street and out of crocus he had no idea who he was. He was nothing but a stranger in the wind, a mysterious child with no mother. He curled his hands together, he had no idea who he was. For the last forever he had been trying to figure out who he was. He had woken up in a inn room with nothing around him except some clothes and white leather bound book. He packed all of that up and went to crucous for barely a day then came back. Once he had gotten back he met Kazuki, who he hadn’t seen since. Then he went back to crocus and missed most of the attack. He met a much named Odin who helped him out somewhat but not by much. He met Savannah who he had momentarily explored the artisans building with before abruptly leaving. He cracked his knuckles awkwardly before Aleksandr came to his head. He had left the poor kid at the bar after chugging two drinks in just a few seconds, he felt bad. But he was leaving now and it was unlikely they’d meet again now that he was leaving. The last person he had met had been Phoebe. By far she had been the most interesting. Their time at the donuts flau brought up many questions. Both had been uneasy with each other, but intrigued by the other’s power. She had startled him most when her eyes had glowed green and her voice changed dramticallly. Though he had been quite the bully to the poor, jerk of a wizard. Varian’s actions had been rather dispciable. He had beat the man and then walked away and when the man thought he was safe Varian threw a spell over his shoulder and caused quite a bit of pain to the poor child. Varian has felt little remorse. But now with Vega gone he felt sad and lonely, he felt a cold dark hand grasp his heart and brain. They squeezed tightly. Every once in awhile he’d have a terrifying nightmare in which he’d wake up with no memory of the past. The only important decision that had lead him to dahlia was the lich. The lich said they had met in dahlia and Varian was going to do his dandest to find out more about himself.

Crocus to dahlia (foot) ULuOEQW
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