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#1Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki threw a scathing look at the bunch of Knights who sat around a table playing cards. They had a sneer on their faces, which she didn't like. They whispered among themselves and their smirks widened as she walked towards them. She'd seen them around a lot, the administrative workers, the ones who were rather fond of their desk jobs, who pushed papers and agendas from behind the scenes. None of them had probably stepped into any battles or risky situations, but they got to choose who did. The bunch definitely had it in for Akira, a deep seated grudge... They knew of her darkness magic, that was probably the first thing in the pile of tools Aki had provided, with which they carved their dislike for her. They decided she was the one for a job she definitely didn't want and in fact was the worst person for. It involved gatecrashing a party, to gather information because the host was a suspected slaver. Maybe it was envy thanks to her sudden promotion. It wasn't even official yet, she was asked to go to Era for it, maybe this was a delaying tactic as well, since as a seated she'd be their superior.

Additionally, maybe word had spread, that she wasn't as shaken by the new king's ways as she should have been, maybe they knew of her deep rooted dislike for the status quo, her rebellious nature, both of which were much in sync with the emperor, who wasn't too popular among the Knights. They had suffered the maximum casualties from the attack after all, though the Grimoire Heart leader had tried his best to keep that to a minimum, there were always sacrifices, the Knights were sour about it being them. While she too, had been conflicted about her loyalty, Aki had made the mistake of being vocal about her agreement with the abolishing of the establishment of slavery and now she was being tested... Aki could speculate to pin point the reason for their hatred, but it wouldn't matter, what did matter, was that they had it in for her...

These people definitely had a part to play in the choice she made, to live in Batra's inn instead of the barracks provided to the Knights. She wasn't sure if she had it in her to fight them, or to give them the satisfaction of denying her duty and turning away from her beliefs when it came to the tough stuff. From the expectant look in their eyes, Aki gleaned, that is what they wanted and were hoping for as she approached the slackers. They wanted to see her idealism crumble under the weight of her own avoidance. She cleared her throat to gain their attention as they suddenly pretended to be rather engrossed in their game. They ignored her and she rolled her eyes as they forced her to verbally interrupt their gathering. 'Er... Excuse me...' she started.

'Oh you're excused, dear.' one piped up, in an annoyingly saccharine tone. She rolled her eyes and held up the paper that had the directives of the job. She sighed and swallowed her pride. 'It says here that I am assigned to this job alongside a certain Xandra Queen.' she simply went on. They had gone out of their way to press her buttons, she was sure there was malice in purposely assigning her with a stranger and without any of her teammates. It was common knowledge that Aki relied on Tsuru to deal with social interactions... 'So?' another Knight said, in a dull tone. Her meaning should have been plain, but alas, they wanted to prolong her agony. 'Where can I find her?' she asked sharply. Her tone betrayed impatience as did the tapping of her feet and the way her free hand found its place on her waist. 'If you can't handle even that much, I doubt you can do this job...' the first one said again, prompting the others to laugh. Thoroughly annoyed, she just turned and walked away, once out of their sight, and in the corridor, she slumped against the wall, sighing deeply. If only this Xandra woman would just appear... maybe her luck would turn... If she truly was assigned to the same task, maybe she too was looking for Akira?

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#2Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
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The prolonged act of tranquility was slowly tearing apart as the sounds of her feet colliding against the shiny marble ground echoed only to drown within the rising commotion of harsh laughter. As the heels of her brown boots slammed against the ground, ringing through the wide empty corridor, she halted her steps before the widely opened wooden doors behind which sat a bunch of men, circling around a round table.

They were too engrossed in their own jokes and joy to notice her presence. Passing the paper that was in her right hand onto her other hand, she knocked the open door once to gain their attention. The Knight was aware of the behavior of the administrative officers, who laid within the center of the system's corruption itself, being protected by the clueless Knights and moving them around like lifeless pawns. She hated that, every inch of their existence. Every breath that they drew reminded her that the very reason she became a Rune Knight was go get rid of people like them. Perhaps she had been fooled into believing that the rise of the new emperor may bring about the changes that she wished to but alas, that showed no signs of occuring.

Without wasting another moment, she walked in, disrupting their conversation about some girl that they seemed to be mocking, using her voice. "Do you know anyone named Akira Shimada?" Eyes turned her way, only for their mouths to snicker as they went back to talking amongst themselves and blatantly ignoring her very presence. The blonde could feel the irritation seep through her blood as she heaved a sigh. She would've much rather preferred to avoid this but their arrogance was getting on her nerves. Closing the distance between herself and the wooden table, her hand slammed down on the table with a flat white paper sandwiched between her palm and the wooden table which was decked with cards.

Eyes snapped towards her, widening in surprise as her monotonous tone made way, "I asked if you know who Akira Shimada is?" Lilac eyes blankly stared into various widened irises that simply nodded. "Where is she?" One of them quickly regained their composure with a small cough as he stood up, rising to a height equivalent to her own tall figure. "Miss.Queen, how dare you behave this way? You should respect the administrative workers here. We're the reason you were able to get to the position that you are, after all." A smug smile made it's way onto his face. Ironically, instead of snapping, the female simply scratched her neck. "I would appreciate it if you didn't take credit for my hard work. All you people do is laze around. The only possible way you can be useful to me is by answering my questions so if you really wish to have something to show off about, why don't you tell me where she is?"

Xandra was already tired by simply dealing with them, having to deal with doing a job with someone else would exhaust her. She had already spoken far more than she would have preferred to but the blonde wasn't one to slack off at work. Regardless of what it was that she would have to do, she'd much rather do it diligently. The unchanging poker face which confused many changed as she raised her eyebrow. The man seemed to have given up on arguing with her and simply sighed, "She...just left." Sending an unimpressed look his way, she turned on her heels and walked right out the door only to hear a distant angry grunt from behind her.

As she strolled a few feet forward, once away from the office, her eyes landed upon a young girl slumped against the wall. Glancing upon the paper in her hands, she looked back up, "Are you Akira Shimada?" Perhaps due to her slightly youthful back, the blonde hesitated, especially considering the level of the task they were assigned but she simply hoped that this girl would be someone she would much rather get along with. After all, catching a slaver wasn't an easy task. Any internal conflict might just make it worse. "My name is Xandra Queen."
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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The dark haired mage, stood slumped for a good few seconds, trying to recover from the helpless anguish she felt against the system. The paper she held in her hands, was rather crumpled now, as her fingers curled around it, her hands balled in fury, betraying all the frustration she had carried around for ages. Had she not hardened her heart, perhaps tears would have stung her eyes... Given enough time, maybe they would well-up after all. Just having her fate in the hands of people, who clearly didn't take their jobs seriously and were looking for opportunities to weigh her down, was taking its toll on her. Often, the girl only understood the gravity of the situation, when she got a chance to reflect on it, which meant, that she felt progressively worse after such a confrontation transpired...

She was stolen away from all the negativity brewing inside her pensive mind, when she heard the thuds of boots echoing in the corridor she'd just vacated. The footsteps grew closer till they scuffled to a stop. The conversation which followed was difficult to decipher word by word, as it echoed so much in the large halls, words were impossible to discern. What Akira did gather, was the general tone of the dialogue. It was as fuelled and layered by annoyance and disappointment as hers was. Were there others that the administrators sought to injure? Her eyebrows quirked and she found herself tiptoeing towards the corner she had just turned, to get a better look at the scene.

The blonde engaged in the swift but disconcerting conversation with the bunch of lazy Knights, possessed a rather domineering quality about her. Perhaps the clustered Knights sought to tear down anyone they deemed a threat. Watching the woman go through the same treatment she'd received not moments ago, only facilitated in accentuating the irk Aki felt. When her words, which were now audible, made it apparent that she was looking for Akira. It didn't take long for the sixteen year old to put two and two together, the woman had to be the Xandra she was looking for. The lunar mage, swiftly rushed away from the corner, padded foot. The last thing she wanted, was to be caught eavesdropping or something, some people were sensitive about things like that... She would be, given the sourness of the interaction. Her face was a little red with guilt already... Eavesdropping was definitely one of her vices, maybe it'd help them with their mission though...

At least they responded to Xandra... the use of her last name, set Aki's deductions in stone. She pointedly kept her gaze turned away from where Xandra was likely to approach no doubt, her cheeks still stained with the fading blush. The fellow mage, unlike Akira, did not bitterly swallow the words that were roused by the lazy Knights. She also didn't mince her words, but delivered them with a contained sense of simplicity. After giving the paper-pushers a piece of her mind, she finally rounded the corner to Akira. The Shimada was acutely aware of the woman's presence, yet waited to be called upon. She could perhaps keep up the pretence of not knowing what just transpired, but Aki was bad at hiding things...

'Yeah... Xandra right? Sorry, couldn't help hearing what happened... Stupid annoying litt-' she stopped herself from releasing a slew of curses and swallowed once again. At least they had that in common already. She looked up at the blonde woman and paused. The girl began chewing her lips nervously as she took a deep breath to compose herself and started over. 'Yes... I'm Akira, we're assigned on a mission together I believe...' she added morosely mumbling and holding out the paper towards the Queen. Her free hand rose to rearrange the silken strands of hair that stubbornly cloaked her vision. Aki went on to offer the blonde a half smile. 'I suppose we're going to have to gatecrash... Unless you have a better idea.' she added, her voice rather drab, the idea of squirming her way into a packed party, was not appealing in the least. Guiltily, she looked down at her rag-tag clothes 'Don't suppose I'd get anywhere like this...' she added glumly, her eyes downcast now as she waited for her new partner to offer her insight.


Perhaps, the Rune Knights didn't expect the ease with which the two girls would accomplish the task. Seeking inspiration from one another, the two Knight gussied up and headed to infiltrate the party. There was enough evidence strewn for them to collect, including accounts of witnesses, which became a task that seemed easier and easier as the night progressed. The party goers were rather loose tongued around the pretty girls... The job was a surprising piece of cake. Not to mention, the two girls who usually avoided crowds, blossomed quite well in the pool of strangers. Able to enjoy the perks of the party, devoid of awkward conversations and silly interaction. The administration had, in fact, offered Akira another frustrated Knight as a companion, seeking to change the system from within. Perhaps unbeknownst to them, the corrupt officials had just begun digging their own graves. Their plan, had surely backfired.


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#4Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
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A scathing look of surprise passed off as her expression as she couldn't help but admire the young girl's tongue before continuing the sentence she left mid-way. "Little pieces of shit? Trust me, I know how you feel." Perhaps she felt more at ease around this girl than she did with others, particularly because simply by looking at her and observing her few choice of words, she could get a rough idea about how similar this girl whom she would soon get to know was to her. After all, the more Knights that threatened to change the system, the higher the rate of success may be. Although she had never though of it in that way before, she realized that perhaps it was best to gather those who had similar ambitions to her, to gather those who were willing to crush this corrupted council and build it anew just like her.

Pushing her hand forth, she wished to form a bond of friendship with this girl who was perhaps only a few years younger that her. Wasting no time, the two women decked up, expressing their beauty through their appearances and threatened to perform the task handed to them with ease. There was no way they, especially the blonde, was willing to be looked down upon. If they looked down on her, she would fiercely raise their eyes up where they would see her true worth. Gatecrashing the party wasn't particularly hard, all it took was some acting, a bit of threatening and when things didn't go their way, a few men had to be knocked down unconscious but luckily, when the wildness of a party and alcoholic beverages kick in, a bit of commotion doesn't make much of a scene.

Perhaps it was because of their similarities that the woman found it easier to work with Akira. These people that were handed to them to take care of were alas no more than small fries that she couldn't be bothered to spend her energy on. A few kicks and punches and mass difference in skill and experience proved to be to their advantage as they took just a few minutes after the start of the chaos to disembowel the party and send these people scattering in different directions. After all, the man who was their true prey fell into their hands and would soon fall into the depths of despair. However, during this journey, she came to realize that perhaps she had made a friend who was a lot similar to her than expected. Hopefully they would prove to be good partners in the future who can show this council that corruption is truly within, who can prove to these ignorant assholes that they messed with the wrong people.
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