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I Know You [Aleksandr & Alice]

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Even though the red head Holy Knight slept an awful lot, she couldn't get past the stage of being tired all the time. The kids woke her up in the middle of the night, she trained or well not really, she tried to get back into shape and apart from that, she tried to get a focus on her magic again and thus she was if she wasn't napping with the kids, trying to get the groceries and so on, working on her body again. Now she was getting closer to the original hourglass figure that she had, and it sure looked alright in some clothing but she knew better, the lines on her stomach and so on gave the indication and she was sometimes so hungry and not in the mood to walk or anything. She definitely couldn't wait for the sunnier days.

She was actually considering to go out and do other things but at this point sat down in the hotel in which she hired and apartment with Kon to have a home away from home. Maybe she should just return to the silence and peaceful setting of Orchidia, but she had an appointment next week in the bridal store to have her second fitting and well it wasn't entirely bad to stay here, her friends were here after all. The bar of this hotel was nice, the dark colours and thus not too bright light were a nice replacement for not being in Orchidia at all. If only she wouldn't fall asleep because of the dimlight, than she was good. She was holding a cup of warm tea in her hands and had her eyes closed, yeah definitely not going to happen.

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr wouldn't exactly describe waking up as his favorite part of the day. Quite the contrary actually, his favorite part of the day was when he was sleeping...which technically should mean he didn't quite love it when he was awake. He stretched his body and kept turning around in the bed until it was certain to him that he could not go back to sleep. In a rage, he got out of the bed, and slipped on some water spilled on the floor. He fell back into the bed and his lower back got a light bruise from the edge of the bed."AH, MOTHERFUCKER! WHO FUCKING DID THIS SHIT!" He screamed. Well, no one else lived there with him. He had turnt in the bed while sleeping and knocked the glass down with his hand, all without waking up. Shit, he was lucky it wasn't glass or he would be running around with shards of glass up his foot, screaming in agony, waking up the whole damn hotel.

He crawled over to the other side of the bed and rolled down and made his way into the bathroom. Under an hour, he walked out of there, mostly refreshed and got dressed in the 'most basic clothes' he could find. White shirt, sneakers and jeans. It would seem like he was a trend-follower, except that this type of clothing had long been out of fashion where he came from. He was coincidentally staying at the same hotel as Alice, unknowingly however. Well, one of fate's great coincidences. He hurried down the stairs and made his way into the hotel bar, and sat down next to Alice without noticing or even caring much to. He was getting more self-centered by the minute. "Can I have some beer please? In a mug." The bartender passed him his drink and Aleksandr passed him the money in return. He looked over towards Alice and shook his head in disbelief 'Do I know her from somewhere? Uh, I'm not gonna ask.'He wasn't very good at remembering faces of people that he hadn't had that much interaction with.


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There were many things more that made her tired, as she gave her self a strict diet to eat more healthier and a little bit more especially as it also had effect on her children. She wasn't entirely sure if it worked and she might have to see a doctor but she didn't like doctors after everything that happened in the last six months, her labour being the least of the worries but still. But there was nothing to consider but herself at this point as the others were asleep and she was downstairs. She had her breakfast, and was now trying to decide if she would want another cup of tea, a very strange thing to think about while having a half full cup in your hands and your eyes closed.

Her eyes shot open when she heard a thud of someone taking a seat next to her and she turned around. The guy next to her, about her age looked strangely familiar. Perhaps she was just tired and seeing things but she could have sworn that she had seen his face before. She took a sip of the now lukewarm tea and felt a shiver going down her spine, perhaps she was making things up, she had meet a lot of people lately and also a few faces that she couldn't recognize and yet have met before, like Varian. As she had been honest to him, she could be honest to this man and she placed her tea cup back on the counter. Who by the way did order beer in the morning, "Excuse me, have we met before? I'm Alice, Alice Baskerville."

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Aleksandr Sokolov
The blonde woman put her tea on the counter and asked him if she knew him and also introduced herself. 'Alice? Well shit. Fucking can't recognize my own brother's gal.' He thought to himself. He opened his mouth in awe "Yes, you do. I'm Aleksandr, Kon's brother? Been a long time." He chuckled half-way through the sentence. He had already finished his beer. People said you shouldn't drink beer in the morning but he didn't really care what 'they' said. After a few seconds of silence, he spoke out "How you been? How's uh...Kon? Sorry I couldn't keep in touch." He said and turned around in his seat and leaned back against the counter. Shit, he had to catch up with them. He had been ignoring his family and social life for quite a while now, not exactly on purpose but he just couldn't help it.

He hadn't had breakfast yet and he was getting a little hungry. When he was hungry, he got short-tempered which wasn't a good thing. "Uh, have you had breakfast? Wanna get some? Might be better to catch up over food than well, tea and beer." He laughed a little awkwardly, tilted his head to the right and raised his eyebrows as he finished that statment and waited for an answer, which was hopefully yes.


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It was good Alice had placed down the tea cup as she stared mouth agape towards Aleksandr. Last time she had seen him was in Magnolia months ago. In the streets and later at a banquet she had organised with Kon for the Rune Knights that were in Magnolia at that time. After that, nothing, she had not even asked Kon if he had heard anything but it surely had been a while and such a long time ago that Alice wouldn't even recognize him anymore. She didn't know what to say, she was so surprised that they had sort of found each other again, accidentally, miraculously? That she didn't know where to start or what to say.

As the silence ticked on in the seconds, Aleksandr was the first to speak and by his question, she noticed that he had not seen Kon either. "I'm so glad to see you. I'm doing quite well as.." She wanted to say as is Kon, he was doing alright, right now, but there had been some issues before, was it up to her to tell Aleksandr or was that Kon? She would hold off in that conversation and simply smiled, "As is Kon."

She couldn't help but grin as he suggested to get breakfast, god the brothers did look alike.. "Sure let's go do that." She finished her tea as quick as possible and stood up, "There is a nice little place not far from here." She had a lot to tell him and Alice was already trying to figure out what would be the best way to approach it, as well as not trying to be too curious where he had been for the months that they had not heard a word from him. She would guide him towards the little bakery that also served as a cafe for breakfast and lunch. Sitting down and simply looking at Aleksandr, "So much has happened."

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Alice had paused slightly before saying 'As is Kon.' Maybe something had been wrong. So many possibilties. One of the perks of being the 'distant' member of the family was that you didn't have to take part in anything because most of the time you didn't know anything. The reason for the pause wasn't obvious to him, but something else was; he had to meet his brother too, sooner or later. They met each other awfully less for brothers. He couldn't blame Kon, though. It was largely his own fault that he had been inactive throughtout the past few months. Actually, he couldn't blame anybody at all. It was all him.

Alice agreed with his breakfast idea and even suggest a place where they could go to eat, which was good. "Let's go then." He smiled and got up and followed Alice for most of the way. The people were going on with their usual, boring work. Well, that's how life was around here. Boring. His wasn't awfully adventurous either. He wouldn't really love it if he did have an adventurous life, anyway. He sat down in front of Alice at their table and leaned back a little. She told him how so much had happened, well of course it had. He had to miss everything that ever happened to the important people in his life. Some of the only people in his life. He grinned and said "Well, I'm all ears."


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As they sat down in the little backery that served breakfast and lunch, Alice couldn't help but say that so much has happened. She didn't mean it to say as a punishment, because even if she had seen Aleksandr only two times before and had enjoyed their time, it was not that she had a close bond but she wondered what Kon would feel or say to her when she would be able to tell him that Aleksandr was back and in the same town as they were. After her blurt out, he replied that he was all ears and she wondered where she should start. Back than they had not spoken about Lacie, so she would leave that out and leave that to Kon to tell about that and she also didn't know if Kon had actually told Aleksandr the truth about the Holy Knights or was that after they lost contact..

Well there were only a few things that she could tell with certaincy, and yet it made her blush very badly, "Ehm well after you left or well after we lost contact, ehm Kon and I.." what did she want to say; got really close? Back than she was already his girlfriend. "Well you are an uncle now." Was the best approach she could find in her mind, and it was already a terrible one. The blush on her cheeks had not disappeared yet. What more could she say about it, she felt terribly embarrassed and she didn't even know why as she liked Anton and Tanya and loved them obviously very much but.. actually no but, "I gave birth to twins about a month ago." She should be proud as she was and she was happy so, she tried to tell herself that and let go of the embarrassed feeling, "And actually it's very good to see you, I don't know if you have time but we are getting married in the summer in Orchidia, it would be wonderful if you could be there."

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr leaned back a little more on his seat and started listening very carefully to everything Alice had to say. He genuinely had some interest in the events of the past few months and was morbidly curious about them. While knowing everything might be a punishment, knowing nothing is no party either. Let's hope the content of the 'happenings' wasn't too touchy or too big because then he would be very angered at himself for not knowing anything about it. He waited, seeming patient but not, for Alice to tell him what had happened. Inside, a battle was going on, with him struggling, trying not to be overly curious, but he was, on the surface, he was trying to keep his cool. He wasn't too successful, though. Occasional hand taps on the table, sudden posture changes and body movements would reveal to the observant that he was getting very impatient.

Alice slowly revealed what events had taken place over the few months and her blushing made him giggle. "Why so shy?" he said, half-tittering and poured some water into his glass from the big jug on the table. He leaned back again and drank the whole glass. Then, Alice revealed the real deal. He was an uncle. It was good that he had finished the water in his mouth before she said that or else he would have spit the water right out, maybe on her face, not intentionally, however. He sat straight right up and exclaimed "What!? Man! Shit, I'm a very bad brother. I don't even know if my brother's got kids or not." his face fell in disappointment as he finished his statement. Apparently, she had given birth to twins a month ago. "You've been busy." he chuckled. "Wow, I was an uncle without my knowledge of the fact, crazy." he said and sighed. She then told him that she and Kon are getting married this summer and it would be wonderful if he could come. Well, of course, he was. He won't miss out on this for the world. "I am very free, I would love to come, and I'm going to come."


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Suddenly she felt a bit embarrassed about how to start, so it took her a while and even though his face didn't show the restlessness, his body language did and that's how she bursted out that he was an uncle. Wonderful way to start. The 'why so shy' had not worked as well. She wasn't even embarrassed by the happenings, surely it had not been planned but things happened and she wouldn't change it at this point. It had a big impact on her life as well as on Kon's but at the moment everything seemed to be going fine. It was an adjustment they seemed to be able to handle well enough.

She gave a small smile to Aleksandr, she didn't mind his reaction, it didn't seem to mean it in a bad way and she almost felt bad that they had not tried to find him or well not her, she had no idea if Kon tried behind her back. She felt her cheeks flare up when he said that she had been busy. "It surely was a surprise but yes, Tanya and Anton." She said with the now happy beam that it was at least said, "We didn't tell many people so ehm.." She didn't want him to be disappointed in himself, things could happen but he was here now right?!

She couldn't stop smiling when Aleksandr said he would come to the wedding, this was great news and she couldn't wait to tell Konstantin. "That are the biggest things that happened." Because she wasn't the right person to start about the holy knights, "Do you, do you perhaps remember Lacie?" She remembered Alek had called her Lacie at their first meeting, and she wanted to make sure that Alek had not seen Lacie in the time of absense, Lacie was a danger and she had a warrant on her head.

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Aleksandr Sokolov
"Those are very cute names." Aleksandr said, and smiled. He actually did like these names and wasn't just saying out of 'formality.' He would have loved if any of the kids were named after him, but of course he wasn't worthy of Godfather because he hadn't done anything for his brother or his family worth noting or remembering. He wasn't too close with them either. Well, he could only hope there would come a time in the future where he and Kon's family were finally close, like siblings should be. Sigh. He was here now, and he wasn't gonna let go of his family now, or at least try not to.

While he totally didn't get why they didn't tell many people, he at the same time it wasn't his business to question it. They weren't his kids. He could somewhat understand why they would want to, though. Maybe privacy reasons, or societal ones. He didn't have much of a clue about the topic and simply said "I think I can understand." and nodded his head. They had been sitting in the bakery for some time and hadn't ordered anything, and he was getting hungry. The waitress was passing their table "Excuse me." he said in a voice just enough for the waitress to hear, but still relatively low. "Can I help you, sir?" the waitress replied in a polite, neutral tone, with a faint smile on her face. "Yeah, I'd like to order. Give me a cup of Coffee. Lotsa' cream, but not too much sugar. And give me the uh, Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut please?" the waitress said "Okay, Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut and Coffee?" and Alek replied "Yes." The waitress then turned to Alice, as Aleksandr hadn't said anything about what she's gonna order, nor did he have any intention to. He wasn't aware of her tastes, and didn't know her well enough.

Alice had said that these are the biggest things that happened. "Oh nice, I thought I missed out on some more things." He said in a very low voice and chuckled. The she asked him if he remembered Lacie, well shit yeah, of course he did. "Yeah I do, something happen?" He said and yawned. Lacie was probably the only interesting person he had met while down in what, Orchidia? He couldn't really remember. So ironic. Had he met Alice there too or was it Crocus? Oh god why was he being so dumb.


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Alice couldn't help but smile when he said that. She had no one to name the children after, not knowing her father and not even remotely thinking about her sister or her mother and the other aunts that she had. With Selena missing, well.. she rather not thought about that. So they picked Kon's family line and names that would be more common for them and she actually didn't mind at all, she also couldn't wait to finally believe in a family line, no matter the history, but belonging somewhere instead of going around with her fake surname Baskerville. As she said that they didn't tell many people, she looked shortly at the table and again realized it wasn't up to her to tell him about the Holy Knights if they could tell him at all, so she could only elaborate a little, "The Council weren't too happy about me leaving because of the pregnancy." she said shortly, "Which is a reason we kept it quiet." And with the fall of the emperor and the events before with Grimoire Heart, it might be smarter like this.

She had completely forgotten that they were in a backery and the bubble did burst when Alek asked a waitress and watched them shortly before the waitress turned to her, "A tea and the lemon poppyseed muffin please." she said, to which the waitress repeated the whole order and took off to prepare it. She turned the topic back to the update of their lives and she decided to at least try and tell as much as she could about her sister. She felt an immediate wave of regret and guilt wash over her when she thought about it again but tried to let it go, again. "She is a wanted person now. I bumped into her about a year ago in Crocus, where she confessed to planning to kill me or well more or less. After that she was put in prison or well locked up in the hospital wing there for her health. Someone let her go and she.." Alice turned her golden eyes away from Aleksandr and looked at the table, "She was in the same inn as Kon and I in Baska and she attacked him while he was wounded. Thanks to her magic.. thanks to.. he lost his left eye." Perhaps it was better to tell, it was her sister and she didn't want Aleksandr to focus on it or be surprised when Kon would be here or when they would meet.

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksanfr had half-expected what Alice next said to him, the council would never want to lose a good soldier to anything, even temporarily. What he couldn't assume was that she would just plain leave the council because of the children. What he thought was maybe she had taken sick leave or something, if anything like that existed in the Magic Council. He did half-understand why they kept it quiet though, safety reasons probably. "Oh, I see." he replied, stretching out the pause between the 'Oh' and 'I'. He leaned back in his chair while Alice ordered tea and a muffin. It seemed like Alice had gotten swayed by emotions to an extent that she forgot to order. Of course, this all was heavy for Aleks too, but he didn't get carried away that much.

Then he watched and heard Alice unload information about Lacie, and he kept quiet through all of it. When she was finished, he blinked and raised his eyebrows, in shock. "Wow...I never thought she was capable of all of this. Through our brief encounter, I never assumed she was this kind of a person. But...it's a good thing...you told me about all of this. I guess I shouldn't have judged her like that when I didn't really her know her any well. Damn, she attacked Kon too, wow." He sighed. He was overcome by many emotions - grief, disapointment and pity being only some of them. By the time he was finished saying what he had said, his hands were on the table, and he was sitting straight up. "Well, that escalated quickly. From happy to sad real fast. Wow, life." He said and looked around. After all of  that, he just sat there a little awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

When the conversation had ended, he simply said "Well, I gotta split. It was nice to see you. We'll meet again in Orchidia I guess." He said and paid his bill. He exited the bakery.


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She felt the need to explain everything to him, perhaps it was due to him not being around because she was sure if he was, she would have told him at that exact point too. But still, the conversation had turned out rather happy, she should just forget about the Rune Knights at this point. The former lieutenant was still asked to show help and guide people from time to time but that didn't change anything yet to the situation.

When she finally made a decision that Alek would need to know about Lacie, she didn't know where to start or where to stop, so a waterfall of information came from her mouth and she felt a bit releaved by telling all. She didn't like talking about her sister, but she felt that Aleksandr needed to know, not only was there a warrant on Lacie her head, there was so much going out with them together, as in her and Kon that Alek had all the rights to know about his brother. She shook her head slightly, she had not thought Lacie capable as well, "She surely did change last I saw her in Era. Where she was weak and frail, she didn't show anything like that anymore." She muttered, more to herself and the realization something must have happened, the question was only what.

She felt a bit guilty from going from one extreme to the next, "As much as that is true," and it felt for her the same as she still felt tads guilty towards her fiance, "It's better to keep my mind on the positive things, also because a wedding has a lot of things to arrange." she said with a small grin. Not long after that their order arrived and she wasn't sure what else to tell to Aleksandr, but it was perhaps a selfish way to think like that, "So what happened to you if I may ask?"

The conversation would go on longer than finishing breakfast but it was nice to catch up. She told Alek that they would leave soon to orchidia and that he should definitely come there too to meet Kon.


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