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Temporary Aquarist [Quest: Alice]

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Temporary Aquarist [Quest: Alice] Empty Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:53 pm

As they stood on the docks, Alice informed Hecate about the task that Raina had offered her this afternoon. It was a job about keeping an eye on the aquarium that she had and to feed the fish, because she had a meeting this evening. So Alice suggested to pick up some food and head to Raina right now before they would be too late and even though Hecate seemed to be sad, she agreed to go and do something like that. So the two of them left the docks and their little restaurants and shops behind to go back to the town. While they walked towards that part, Alice tried to talk as much to Hecate as she could without sounding ridiculous, which she sure as hell did. So she rambled on about that they would leave soon with the three of them, perhaps four of them and so on and that for now they would just have a girl night and that it would be loads of fun. She looked around as soon as they reached the town’s square. There were a lot of little things where they could order food. However Alice let Hecate decide what they would eat as she didn’t want to push her friend to something she didn’t want to. Perhaps she could, but she felt that it would be mean and finally Hecate decided to go for some tai food. Her lack of decision making, Alice blamed to her thoughts lingering on Jupiter all the time, she would have done the same if it was her situation, which it wasn’t. She knew perfectly well at this point where her fiancé was and she only was bothered about not having send a letter that she would be later because of a missing companion. Perhaps she could do that in the warehouse from Raina as Hecate would be hopefully a bit distracted.

They both ordered a little box of food and some drinks and took it with them on their way to Raina her lab, Alice only had to make sure about one thing, that Hecate was really okay about doing this, she had gone on a quest hoping Jupiter would show up again but that didn’t happen and if her friend wanted to sit at their hotel room to wait for Jupiter, than Alice could imagine. So before they could knock on the door, Alice took Hecate her hand and asked her and said to her friend that she had to be honest with her. A wry smile appeared on Hecate her lips but she said she would be fine and she better kept her mind off things so Alice agreed and knocked on the door to spot Raina quickly. They were right on time and got a quick walkthrough the lab and aquarium to what they would have to do and she could leave. The two of them waved her goodbye, put their food on the table that was there, that was thank god empty.

Wordcount: 502/1000

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Temporary Aquarist [Quest: Alice] Empty Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:53 pm

They would first look around the aquarium, with the many sorts of fish that Alice couldn’t even name but Hecate seemed to know a few, they basically had lived off fish as they had lived in Hargeon and she told heroic stories about Jupiter sometimes stealing fish from the fisherman to be able to feed her, and while it did sound cute, Alice tried not to judge on the stealing part. They were beasts at that point, not able to turn into human that happened when they were with her and they seemed to be okay with that, okay with handling groceries and paying for them... and she lost her track of thought so she turned back to listen to Hecate and suggest to sit down and stare at the aquarium as that was what they were paid to do while eating from their Thai food. Hecate agreed and the two of them took the chair and table a little away from the spot too far too the left to sit down and watch. She wasn’t sure if it was an easy job but it sure as hell did calm her down a little, running around all day and so on, she looked forward to being reunited and able to calm down for the rest of the day and days for that matter. As Hecate kept her eyes on the aquarium, even while eating, Alice simply focused on the food. She was done with running about and after this would head to the hotel and sleep, for she was able to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night and that sure as hell felt fantastic. She yawned even when she thought about it. Once they finished food, she wrote down everything Hecate said about the observation about the fish, she was rather specific but she couldn’t write, never learned it, though she could read and that made it okay as Alice had to write down what she said. Once Hecate agreed with the notes and they cleaned up their mess and put the table back, Alice went to feed the fish. There were clear instructions with how much and how and that made it a lot easier than Alice had expected at the first instance and it was rather satisfying.

Now that the two were done they talked a little about nothing, waiting for Raina to return. Once she did, Hecate handed over the detailed logs that she had basically made and Raina read them and thanked them before paying them and Alice stood up to leave, she was glad that it was over and she hoped that the answers would be there in their hotel room, another note perhaps? She didn’t know what she expected, but everything except really Jupiter and the fight that occurred, but she could see in both her companions faces that they were rather happy to be together again and she let them be for a minute, sitting down in the bar of the hotel.

Wordcount: 1003/1000

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