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Crocus to Hargeon

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Crocus to Hargeon Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:54 pm

The whole issue at the moment was that there were things that didn't connect the dots, the fact that no one ever told her that she was pregnant with twins, it might have started in Nanuq but she had stayed for a month in Hargeon, were there no regular checkups as well as the fact, who where the two guys that kept pushing her, swearing her to a secrecy about her state or well her pregnancy. As well as forcing her to learn a new magic within a ridiculous amount of time else she would be fired, she wanted to know who those two were and where she would find them in the ranks of the Rune Knights or the council, because answers at this point were necessary. She had no idea how she would get them, but it wouldn't help staying in Crocus when everything happened in Hargeon and thus after discussing it with the people at home, she would be able to leave the apartment in Crocus and take as little as she need to her to Hargeon, she planned to spend a day there and return, with the trip of three days, it must take about a week before she would be back and she had to make sure everything would be fine for her children and..

She should stop thinking in that way but instead focus on the answers, what happened in Hargeon, how had she survived Theseus as well as the twins being still there. She shook her head and said goodbye and took Jupiter and Hecate with her, her fateful female companion could use a break and some fresh air as well. The trip would do good to the tree of them and Jupiter wanted some answers as well. Hecate seemed to shrug it off as everything seemed to be fine now and she didn't want to make things more difficult than they were already where and she understood that fine but that didn't mean she could deal with it. She simply took hold of the backpack, turned one time back before letting her feet carry her out of Crocus, back to the south towards Hargeon. A route she had taken before and she wished the train station was a logical thing but it didn't work, she didn't know what else to say or think about but how she wanted this to be over with as soon as possible. That only would happen if she would figure out answers, she wasn't sure if they were there and thus how she would react if she didn't get any.

First things first; arrive, her plan was first to go to the hospital, ask some things to the guy that had been her personal caretaker, she wasn't sure if Jupiter and Hecate wanted to go somewhere as they came from Hargeon, or well that's when they turned into her companions and looked at them now, it was not even that long ago but sure a lot of things had changed. But the walk to Hargeon was nice to catch up with Hecate and even Jupiter seemed to be willing to talk more than usual.

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