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Practical Uses [Quest: Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

Practical Uses [Quest: Sorcha] Empty Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:01 am

Sorcha Donovan
The soothing feeling of the herbs in this bath were amazing. She wanted to have a list of things that were in this bath because she could make it herself but she was half assured that Bella wouldn’t give it because than more people could try it at home and not come to her bathhouse anymore. She would want to make a concoction of it but she was sure that she would come here because she didn’t have a bath. She decided not to ask for that was rude and just come a bit more often here. She managed to get herself out of the bath after what felt like a long time and must have been around thirty minutes to an hour. She stretched herself out and felt no sore muscles anymore, which was definitely a relieve. She took her towel, dried herself off again for a second time today and dressed up to get out of the private bath room. She made sure her hair was still dry as she had rolled it up in a bun on top of her head and when she was ready she got out of the room and thanked Bella for the bath and said she would be back, which seemed to please the woman. Once she hit the street again she thought about what time it was and since it was heading towards dinner time she thought that it might not be smart to visit Barras right now, he might wanted to finish off his work for today and not be disturbed about a visitor. She could always visit him tomorrow as long as she stayed in Magnolia.

So she decided to walk towards the quest board but stopped in the middle of her route towards there when she realized that there wouldn’t be much more quests now as about four hours ago. She sighed, this meant she would have to use the approach that she had done before she took the job from Bella and the same as Father Jerad. She would just have to wait to bump into someone and she turned her heel and walked back towards Olly’s bakery, as they were heading to closing time, she doubt that there would be any deliveries but then she at least got a destination. So she turned towards there and looked left and right to see if there were notes near doors for jobs. She actually waited to bump into someone in a matter of speech who would ask her to help out, like at the Kardia Cathedral and at the Bathhouse had happened to her. She wasn’t disappointed by this question of hope in her mind as soon enough she reached another destination that she was acquainted with and was asked to come in and have a short conversation as the man had a job for her. She didn’t mind to help Khalash, he had been the first to offer her a job and had always been friendly to her. So why not.


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Practical Uses [Quest: Sorcha] WpMV1nH

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Sorcha Donovan
Sorcha brushed her long hair out of her face as the wind pushed it in her face when she took the sideway step to enter the magic store and she looked around. Nothing seemed to change and yet everything all at once because it didn’t look the same, the items might be switched from places and there might be new ones that she wouldn’t recognize at this quick glance around. She walked towards the counter where Khalash stood behind and she looked at what was on top of it. He was making or testing shields for the magic council and even though Sorcha had not such a good word for them, she could help Khalash because it was him. He took the shield from the counter and guided her to the back of his shop, somewhere she had not been allowed to but before they really entered the back store, there was a door that made them go into a large empty room that seemed to be some sort of annex. The room was wide enough for them to be able to use the shield and she got it presented towards her and she slid her right forearm into the right handles and held it strong with her right hand, she doubt she would be strong enough to actual fight a man who would have years of training and dedication but it was to test the shield, she must be able to hold on.

She could see the fire ball that he made and threw towards her, pointing at the shield but she made sure that the shield would indeed protect her from the possible fire damage. Once the heat of the spell was gone and thus the spell in general, she lowered the shield, unclasped it and handed it to Khalash for inspection. He turned to her with now the shield protecting himself and asked her for an attack on the shield and she wondered what would be the smartest to do, her magic wouldn’t fit and she took a dagger that was in the room, as if he expected someone to take a weapon and ran towards him to make a hit on it. Nothing happened, not even a little scratch on it which made Khalash a very happy and giddy man. He took her back to the normal part of the store, which she had not noticed was closed after she entered but it did made sense. So he continued to check the shield another time but it made him happy to see nothing happened and he thanked her, she shrugged said that she didn’t mind helping him and she got the jewels for providing help in this job. She smiled and said she would go now to get some dinner, which was fine to him, he had some other things to do. She would leave quickly as she didn’t want to disturb him anymore and because she was getting hungry from doing jobs all day today.


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Practical Uses [Quest: Sorcha] WpMV1nH

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