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Train with me [Quest: Alice]

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Train with me [Quest: Alice] Empty Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:11 pm

She already felt horrible for the lack of sleep that she got and it was only for a couple of days. The surprise that she wasn’t pregnant from one little lady but from a boy as well, she still didn’t get how the doctors has missed that but she didn’t complain. She could only complain about one or actually two things. Kon had not been here and she didn’t know who to blame for that, the world turned around everyone, not only her so that made sense that something could have come up. She had not spoken to him and thus she had no idea what was going on and if it was just a security issue or if he was badly hurt. Her body hurt from going to Baska back and forth so quickly but she had some issues to go through and she had even forget to ask Gerard about the twins. She didn’t want to tell him, she disliked him so much that he didn’t even need to know. She seriously hoped to never see him again. With that she had fallen asleep on top of her bed, not even using a blanket, her hair in disray, the girl pulling on it. Which reminded her of the second issue, she had not even had a name for the twins. She called her peach, but that wasn’t what she wanted, she had given the nickname when she was pregnant and the woman in Nanuq had told her it was a girl, poor boy had not been spotted until far too late. She had Jupiter and Hecate going around to quickly get a second bed and thank god they had enough rooms and she didn’t want to wake the others during the middle of the night but she was so tired. So after feeding both babies, she had fallen asleep on her bed. No blanket, no change, just as if she was knocked out.

The sleep was not that much peaceful, too much was going on in her head and she woke up startled and looked around, she didn’t hear any cries and just looked as if she lost any thoughts on where she was. She fixed her hair again and walked downstairs to see her companions talking in human form, ”I need fresh air.” The babies were asleep at this point and she felt the hurt over her body, she just needed to take a breather before sitting down, who cared if she had a little ache in her body. She wanted to get rid of the stomach as well. She decided to see if there was a little job she could do and perhaps get some groceries, she couldn’t still eat a lot of things and neither was allowed to have coffee and it felt a little more frustrating than when she was pregnant. Her body still wasn’t only hers but on one hand she could easily deal with it now. It felt a bit more hurtful to be alone.

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Train with me [Quest: Alice] Empty Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:19 pm

She looked up at the sky and wondered if she would be able to travel to Crocus, not only out of her own health concern but also that of the twin, it was very cold outside because of the winter of course and she didn’t want to risk anything. She thought about it while walking towards the board, scanning for more information about short quests. She grabbed a letter on there that was about a girl that wanted to join the Rune Knights, which was a very interesting concept for the former lieutenant. She made her way to the direction that was written on the letter and spotted the girl quite easily, she immediately stepped forward and asked if she was the page that reacted to her letter. Alice looked up at her and decided not to say anything and simply nodded about it, she wondered why Seheda was so focused on ranks, hallelujah. She explained her situation without asking another word from Alice, not even an introduction and she asked her to help support her in the training.

She wanted her to dash around the forest and Alice who wasn’t the quickest yet thanks to the previous weight that she had and the symptoms of her labour. She still had to be a bit slower though thanks to not showing off to this Seheda girl. While Alice focused on the pain that her body immediately threw at her, Seheda kept on talking about why she wanted to be in combat school so much. While Alice jumped over a log, she heard Seheda let out a little scream and fall face forward, the trial had gone so well but now she fell and Alice took a deep breath and turned to help Seheda get up, she looked at her red face. ”It’s okay, let’s quit. It would never work out anyway.” And Alice shook her head, ”Don’t give up on your determination, everyone needs to start somewhere, some a little lower than others.” which was basically what happened to her, immediately starting off as knight because of her power and weapon speciality, something she had missed now greatly but she was doing okay. ”You have to start somewhere too, don’t give up Seheda, I might have not be honest to you.” So she introduced her as her former rank had done, she said she didn’t work for the Rune Knights now because of the children that she had but that she would definitely not want Seheda giving up on her dream. The girl seemed to be a bit better now and handed Alice the jewels for training, not listening that Alice didn’t need or want them. So the red head simply pocketed them for groceries. She should go do that and head back to sit down as her body was aching. She suggested that Seheda would start with things she was good at, to not get her down. Which seemed to have worked as the girl sped off to do something else. Well it was something.

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