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Heart of a warrior!!! [Reqi]

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Heart of a warrior!!! [Reqi] Empty on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:57 pm

Fenrir looked up at the fading Crocus sky, a beautiful curtain of pale orange sweeping across the sky as the powdery blue hies began to cease. Just looking up at the sky warmed his heart and filled him with hope. Perhaps it was hope for a better tomorrow or hope that'd allow him to find what he desired, either way the changing sky made him ecstatic to figure out what tomorrow held. Tomorrow was always a new day, a new day to be somebody, a new day to meet someone new and a new day to better himself. That's why he was so excited, maybe the idea of another new day made him happy because he got to see it.

At the moment he was sitting atop of a small clearing just outside of the capital city, a quiet place he had found for himself to sit down and watch the clouds whenever he was feeling down. Oddly enough thanks to all of the people he met he hadn't been all that sad lately, in fact he was always smiling. Rather it was with Asmo, Alisa, Espy, anyone, he was always smiling because he had good friends that cared about him. Heck even that bald guy was making for a companion...

With his usual goofy grin on his face he laid back in the grass and continued to watch as sunset passed him by. He'd need to get back to the HQ sooner or later, hopefully later.


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Requiem headed towards the city as the sky changed into a beautiful painting. She could see a star or two even. Her ears twitched as she walked along with Jaeger in her jacket, his head right under hers. The creature perked up and scampered out of his favorite place and glided away, "Jaeger! Wait!" She cried out as she raced after her companion. Her ears caught what she assumed had gotten the Momo's attention and she found herself nearing a clearing.

The sky had started getting darker by now but it wasn't dark as she saw someone vaguely familiar. It took Requiem a few heartbeats to realize that the face belonged to Baron. She excitedly walked up to him l, "Nyah! I didn't expect to see you again so soon!" She smiled catlike at him as Jaeger chittered and chirped while scampering about. She sat next to him and twitched her ears as she started asking her...friend?...about himself, "Whatever you been up to? How have you been? Did you join the Rune Knights?" Her mind was racing and for some reason her heart was too. It must've been from the excitement of meeting someone she already knew. One thing that seemed odd to her was his hair which seemed to defy gravity somehow.


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There was a small commotion from the side of his breezy little hill, he looked over to notice a woman exotic in hair and eye color. Her peculiar combination of traits had peeked his interest as soon as he spotted her, the only other person he had seen with similar traits being the Rune knight in training he had met not long ago. Fenrir would tilt his head and watch as her glider flew well away from her towards the hill side. The Saiyan wouldn't budge, he'd only smile as she approached him. Then, the unthinkable. He noticed her ears and gasped, they were like... A cat's! How did she go about that? Magic maybe?

When she approached him he was a bit confused by her familiarity, there was something familiar about her, but... There was no way he could have known her, or well, perhaps he had met her before he had woken up in the Rune Knight's infirmary? That'd explain his lack of remembering her entirely, but no matter he'd smile at her as if she was a long lost friend. "Hello there!" he smiled a bright, toothy grin as his eyes immediately locked on her ears before drifting back down to her.

"It's good to see you, and I've been training a lot, got a new magic and uh, I've been okay, aaand Yes I'm a Rune Knight." he placed a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down.

"How have you been? Everything going well?" it pained him he couldn't remember much, the knock on his head seemingly cleared his mind, it was out of his control that he had received amnesia, of course he didn't know that and hopefully she wouldn't notice.


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Having sat next to him, Requiem smiled and blushed a bit, "I've been...well. And things have improved in the last couple days" She looked towards the city, "relatively speaking anyway." She leaned her head on his shoulder as her tailed twitched back and forth, "my missions in Oak went without much difficulty. And there was a neko shaman who turned me into this" She wiggled her ears and smiled brightly before pursing her lips, "or was she a preistess, or an oracle? I don't think she ever really answered that question." She looked up at the sky, "it feels surreal, finding someone I know in another place. I've never been good at making friends so this is nice. We...we are friends, right?" She asked with a hint of uncertainty. It wouldn't be the first time she had mistaken something for friendship before and probably not the last. Jaeger came back to place his "treasures" on the ground between them and sorted the objects out. Requiem blushed again as she tried to come up with the words she wanted to ask, "um....so, Baron....do you think that maybe if...um. If we both get the same day off maybe we could um....." She trailed off.and muttered into her jacket turning bright red.


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It was kind of uh, what was the word? Alisa used it a few times at the club but he could barely recollect... She was very 'cute', ah yes that was it. Fenrir couldn't place a finger on it but the way she was acting reminded him of Michi, shy, but not so much that she could barely speak. In fact she was rather forward laying her head on his shoulder furthering the theory that she had known him before he blacked out those weeks ago. Not to disappoint when she placed her head on his shoulder he'd wrap his arm around her as he listened to her speak. She seemed to be doing well despite him not being able to pin why she was making his mind race so.

Regardless of his own confusion he'd offer her a kind smile, the arm wrapped around her gently playing with one of her ears as she seemed to get flustered. His eyes were half lidded and his smile became laxed as he massaged her ear as gently as he could. "Of course we're friends," he'd nod as he looked at her brightened cheeks.

Though soon, she would call him something strange. For a moment confusion would flash on his face, the name 'Baron' triggering images of the green and purple monstrosity that had once plagued his dreams. He did not know how to respond to his name, why did she call him that? He was Fenrir...

"Hm? Well if you keep acting all shy you won't be able to tell me what you want to do when we're off~" he chuckled, "I'll help ya get the words out." without much hesitance the arm that wrapped around her acted in accordance with his free hand fingers wriggling swiftly as they worked down to her sides. If they were friends surely he could tease her right? Well no matter the answer he'd tickle her sides to try and get the words out of her.


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Requiem smiled when Baron said they were friends. She purred a bit as he played with her ears and her mind started going....places....yeah.....she ended that train of thought and focused back to the present. She suddenly felt him tickling her and started doing a cross between a laugh and a purr, "Nyah haha! Do you wanna hah go for dinner or something?" If it were any possible for her to get redder, she did. She hadn't meant to be so forward about it but now it was too late, she had committed.

"I was thinking that we could, you know, know each oth et better since it's been a few months and you're the first friend I had made on my own." She smiled shyly and curled up against him looking at the sky. Requiem couldn't help but feel that something was amiss somewhere. She wanted to believe it was paranoia but her time before she was adopted had also honed her ability to, we'll if not sense, then to be aware that things weren't quite right, "Did something happen after you left Oak? Other than the attack by Grimoire Heart I mean."


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Her laughing was a much needed aid to his now eased mind. He needed the distraction from Super Saiya bliss. He was training up his mind and body so much he forgot what it meant to relax. At the mention of dinner he'd stop tickling her and nodded, "That sounds awesome~ Dinner with you two would be great or maybe just the two of us even." he'd look at the city, those massive walls seemed so small from where he was, he felt like he could take them out without even trying, but that was just over confidence peeking.

"After I left Oak? Uh..." he scratched the back of his head, Oak sounded familiar but... There was no way he'd forget such a place, nor would he forget spending time with her there. From what he knew Oak was rough but if the two of them were there... It must have been alright then.

He'd go back to massaging her eats, eyes closing as he took a deep breath, "I can't say I remember... much? I woke up here in Crocus not too long before the war and uh I got some magic and i can transform into a wolf too! But that's about it.

"But enough about my mushy mind, how about we talk about dinner some more? I'd love to take you out for Ramen and maybe some time together train-" he caught his tongue, "I catching up at the gardens. Man I'm so glad to see you."


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Requiem frowned for a moment, he had somehow lost his memories? To her, it seemed like a fate worse than death to not have a past, an identity. Still, he seemed like the same person just with a big blank in his head. Once again purring as her ears were getting massaged, Requiem smiled, "That sounds wonderful." She glanced towards the city and then again at the sky. Stars started appearing as the daylight faded. She wondered if they could stay out and stargaze on such a clear, lovely night. However. She had duties tomorrow and Baron probably had to work or train as well. She checked her mental calander and Jagger climbed into her jacket again and simply watched.

Life wasn't perfect, the part of the world they had found themselves in was recovering from a devastating attack, but for a brief moment, Requiem imagined that everything was fine. She wasn't an experimental weapon by a crazy murder cult, the man next to her hadn't suffered whatever happened to make him forget anything, the city hadn't been attacked. She blinked again and the world that could've been was lost to her. She looked at Baron, "barring any emergencies, I'm off next Saturday, how about you?"


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All seemed right with the world as he sat next to this woman, it appeared he had made yet another friend on his long road to recovery. He was unaware that he was recovering from horrific trauma, but it didn't matter he did, in fact, have a new friend! "Next Saturday? We can hang out now silly! We can get dinner and everything; we don't have to hold off, primarily since we haven't spoken in a while. He'd stare at the city again; the lights were beginning to come on the place was glowing with life now. Fenrir smiled at her and rubbed her back.

"If I can ask, what did we do the last time we were together? Did we train or something?" given how familiar she was with him they must have done something grand in the way of training. This was their time to remember, and nothing could interrupt them. Even if they had work to do, they could take time out and enjoy each other some more. She was a beautiful woman; maybe he did one of those 'dates' with her. Then again whoever he was before must have been decent right? Mainly if they knew someone like her.


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Requiem smiled, "that's right, we can do that now can't we?" She started purring again as Baron rubbed her back and her tail twitched side to side. His question though made her frown for a moment, "last time we had spoken was at your place." She started blushing, "n-nothing inappropriate happened, I had gotten a bit I'll and you took care of me." She was unsure as to the feeling in her chest as she spoke. True, she had a hazy memory most of the time, but she knew for a fact he had been a perfect gentleman towards her. She bit her lip before continuing, "We had just met that day. Jaeger straight up liked you and they say animals are a good judge of character." Of course now she was starting to turn into a blushing, stuttering mess. Her father had explained the rough basics of...womanhood...at least to the best of his ability. She still didn't quite understand some of the things that came with being a woman but this feeling of safety and acceptance that Baron had about him made her want to learn more about it so she could maybe...she wasn't sure what she wanted with him. Only that there was this strange feeling she hadn't felt before.


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He'd cross his legs soon and stare out into space once again. He had found himself doing that a lot at the moment, she seemed to be a bit flustered, maybe she was cold? In retort he'd put an arm around her and pull her closer, he had to keep his friends warm! And if she really was someone from before his blackout he wanted to make sure she was good and warm today! He'd feel awful if she caught a chill. "I wouldn't mind if something did happen.." he assured her as he pointed to the city, "Ya know, we could probably get alot of good eats out there."

He'd stare down at her, "Though, are you sure we didn't do anything? The way we're cuddling I'd think we must have had quite a time when we first met." he was mostly joking, but he wouldn't have minded, obviously he was a different person but he couldn't shake his desire to get to know this woman more. "Are you two going to the barracks? We could get you a room and then hang out some more, who knows maybe we really will do 'something' this time." his inner Asmo was showing a bit too much..


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Blushing at Baron's insinuation, Requiem glanced up, "well, I suppose we could go looking for something to do." while fairly naive about more intimate things, spending time around Delilah did at least give her an idea of innuendo. At least it sounded like it could be innuendo. She suddenly realized she had a chance to act childish, "if you lost your memories, then you must've forgotten our favorite thing." She spoke in what she hoped was a flirty voice as she quickly tried to recall everything Delilah had explained about sex, drugs and rock&roll. Or was it heavy metal? Something that involved fireworks and magic shootouts that much was certain.

She watched the sky for a moment, leaning into the warm embrace of her friend. Thanks to her enhanced hearing, Requiem could hear his steady heartbeat pulsing. It made her feel far safer than she had felt in years. Memories of her father came to mind as she snuggled in closer.

A small, thin child curled up against a large man as he brushed her hair and held her close. The man reached for a towel and gently wiped grime off her face and arms. The warm cloth soft against her as he tenderly cleaned scabs and scars.

A gentle smile came to her lips, "you remind me a lot of my father. I don't know if it's a guy thing or if you were raised like a knight." She wrapped her arms around his waist and gently squeezed.


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Their favorite thing... He didn't have a clue what that meant, they must have shared an activity they both like.. or maybe she was teasing his lack of memory? In that case he'd tease her right back, "Oh... I Don't think I did." he smirked as he looked down at her turning so they'd be face to face and their noses were just mere inches apart, "I don't think I forgot at all, I think that I remember out favorite thing being staring into eachother's eyes as the sun sets behind us, your beautiful pink pealrs exhilerating my heart and mind and as get lost in them."

He placed a gentle hand on her cheek, "Then we stare on and on and forget that the day behind us is dwindling down into nothing, but none of it matters because we're together and that is all that matters, us being together. I may remind you of your father and I am glad I do."

He'd lean in closer bypassing her lips to her ear, "You're my friend and I promise I'll protect you with all of my heart." he'd smile as he spoke the words, "I'll never forget you no matter how many knocks on the head I take."


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Requiem felt herself blushing furiously as her blood pounded in her ears and her heart hammered against her ribs. She had meant to tease him, but he was so sincere. And his eyes simply enraptured her as she tried to catch her breath. A storm of thoughts and feeling raged inside her, threatening to overwhelm like a hurricane. She felt like her very being had been stripped to its essence and was exposed for Baron and no one else. She had no idea what was happening to her mind or heart. If he was so inclined, she would've let him have her heart and soul. She knew what love was, but she didn't understand. She wanted so very much to truly understand what was happening as Baron put his mouth by her ear and whispered.

Requiem, killer, weapon, orphan, daughter, mage, knight, friend. Felix and Delilah were more like brother and sister, but this could be more. She placed her hand over his heart, "I promise, I'll do everything I can to help you regain your memories." She may not have known him as well as one would've expected had they watched what has passing between the two, but to her it didn't matter.

Requiem's tail and ears twitched nervously as she struggled to work up the courage to give him a kiss and seal her promise. Several seconds passed before she finally placed her lips on his cheek and then lay her head against his chest, blushing intensely.


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Fenrir warmly smiled and held one of her hands in his own as he gave her an assuring caress of the back of her hand with one of his thumbs, "You don't have to worry about my memories, I don't want to be that person again, trust me. Though I know with you as a friend they may not have been that bad I look forward to being friends with you as who I am now. Fenrir." he'd wrap his arm back around her and looked at the sun finally set, "We won't be able to stay out here long." his eyes closed as he yawned, "How about we check in at the Inn? No barracks, just the three of us."

He counted the little lemur she had with her, though it was probably already asleep, he felt her kiss his cheek and he'd blush lightly before looking back out to sea. This was a big step to finding out who he was, he could asks her about his old self, whoever he was and do his best to avoid being that person again, that evil again. He had killed that part of himself once, he had no fear in doing it again.


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Requiem purred as Baro-Fenrir- rubbed her hand. If this made him happy, then she would support this choice. The sky had gotten darker and the stars shone beautiful like jewels in the dark void of space. For a moment, Requiem imagined her power as one of those gems. She knew better of course, but for now, she wanted to believe that she also deserved some happiness.

Leaning against Fenrir, she smiled as he yawned, "I think turning in would be an agreeable idea." Jaeger had fallen asleep in her jacket. She got up and wiggled her ears, "I hope a good one survived the attack." Images of a castle like interior danced in her head before she smiled cheekily and went "nyah" holding her hands up like cat paws. One very important thing didn't change, Fenrir was easily approachable. She could feel an aura about him that  basically announced to the world (or maybe just herself) that he was a good person and didn't have bad intentions towards anyone he befriended.

She reached out to help him up, "I heard that this man who calls himself the new king passed some heavy laws against slavery. It sounds like he had a personal problem with it." She frowned for a moment. If only something could be done for those who were slaves in all but name, little boys and girls who were forced to do horrible things like Requiem once had, "honestly, I think he's on to something. There's so much that we had to suffer under because we were undesirable. Forgotten." She spoke softly and wiped away a tear from her eyes before turning back with a smile, "anyway, where were we?"


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Fenrir hadn't spoken, instead he looked at the woman with warmth. He'd walk up to her and scooped her up. It seemed like something he had done before, "How about we get to the Inn now?" he looked at the city, it had gotten darker than he thought it was, "Shit..." he had kept her out for so long. He'd begin walking towards the city once again. There must have been something more to the city now that there was a new king, right. "Well, maybe he does have something against it, but I'm more concerned about where we're gonna sleep." he chuckled, "Do you want to maybe go somewhere else besides the inn? Plenty of places to stay." he was trying his best not to come off as creepy or strange, though given the last few times he was in this situation... Hopefully, she wouldn't mind if he was so forward.

Carrying the woman and her pet he'd yawn and shook his head. He was starting to get sleepy strangely enough, yet something drove him to keep up with his friend. Looking down at her for a moment he'd pause, "Wow... Your eyes are beautiful..."


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The sudden action of being scooped up caused her to let out a small "eep". Her cheeks turned red as she felt his arms and chest. Requiem had never been one to think so much on her looks given that her life never afforded that luxury, but this made her feel so small. And protected. She nuzzled his chest a bit as she got comfortable and smiled at his question, "the inn would be good. I don't know of any other place besides the barracks and I doubt that would make for a romantic evening." She gave him a cheeky grin as she felt Jaeger settle in her jacket, the motion had caused him to adjust and now one of her breasts was being squished. She wanted to move the Momo but she didn't want to cause Fenrir to lose his grip so she just left it.

His comments about her eyes made her blush again after the previous blush had faded. This time even harder. She didn't know why, but it made her happy. Over the years people had complimented her in various ways, but very few made her feel this way. Requiem looked back at him, "Th-thank you." She shyly smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


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Barry would look at the girl with great care as they'd soon arrive at the inn, it was a large building at the center of town, couldn't miss it once it was seen. Luckily, he had gotten a room at the bottom floor to avoid explosions in case he ever started training again. The woman in his arms seemed to be tired and her pet was as well, so he'd make sure to get her in asap. Once he opened the door to the inn with his foot he'd walk down the hall towards his room, it was going to be a bit of maneuvering but in little effort he'd get his door open by sliding his key on in.

SHe'd find this room to be quite nice, two beds and a small kitchen leading to a big bed room. He would lay her on the bed and then head back to the kitchen to get himself a meal. "Get some rest, tomorrow we can hang out somewhere more fun before I head to Magnolia, make me a promise though." he raised one finger.

"Meet me in Orchidia when you get the chance. Do that for me okay?" he'd asks before opening the fridge to get them a bite to eat... Hopefully the night would go better then their last.



Heart of a warrior!!! [Reqi] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:45 am

Requiem felt better than she had in ages. Whether it was from the comforting feeling of being held close or the memories it evoked. She lay on the bed and listened as her friend told her to get some rest and went to the kitchen. Out of habit she had memorized the details of the inn, the rom, everything she could see through her sleep-heavy eyes. Jaeger snore purred softly on her chest as he shifted again and curled up. Absentmindedly scratching his ears, Requiem looked at Baro-Fenrir and smiled sleepily, "alright, it's a date" She looked out the window and saw stars through the ruin of nearby buildings. The last thing she saw was the shining light of the small speck in the expansive void.

Requiem woke up the next morning feeling greatly refreshed and saw that he was gone again. A note on the table simply reminded her that she had promised to see Fenrir in Orchidia when she got the chance. A quick bath and change of clothes did wonders as she exited the inn with Jaeger on her shoulder, "Ms, Requiem?" She turned to see a toad like person in front of her, "yes?"
"Mesage for you." The toad...person...thing....whatever it was scuttled off with its satchel of papers, how did they know I was here? She shrugged and read the message. Apparently, some Rune knights were going to have training in Oak and she was going back to help. A chance to prove herself had literally fallen into her lap and she smiled at Jaeger, "let's go kick butt and take names."


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